Sunday, September 30, 2012

"FREE! World-Wide Webinars" (1,000 Points of Light, Phase 2)

by Golden Dawn Imperator
David Griffin

In in the Alpha Omega, our primary mission has always been to give Western individuals the tools they need for their energetic evolution and spiritual growth.

There are Self-Initiates. There are Solitary Practitioners of Ritual Magic There are Golden Dawn initiates in orders that will not help them with their Ritual Magic practice while they are in the outer order. There are Thelemites who would like to practice the Ritual Magic of "Liber O." There are Pagans who would like to deepen their magical practice learning other ways to invoke the forces of the Elements, Planets and Zodiac.

What do all of these Individual Practitioners of Ritual Magic have in common? Except for the Ritual Magic Manual I published in 1999, they have all have been pretty much left to their own resources when it comes to the Magic of Light.

This changed forever recently, when the Alpha Omega last week the A.O. unveiled Phase I of our "1,000 Points of Light" initiative, encouraging the creation of Personal Temples by magicians all around the world.

Today, the Alpha Omega takes the lead once again in assisting Independent and Solitary Magicians with their practice of the Magic of Light. Until now, only members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (Alpha Omega) have had much access to guidance in their magical practice from advanced Golden Dawn Adepts.

All of this changes - as of NOW!

Today the HOGD and the Alpha Omega unveil Phase II of our "1,000 Points of Light" initiative. Creating a personal temple is not enough. You also could use feedback, guidance, and corrections in your practice of the Magic of Light. The Alpha Omega is now stepping forward to better meet your needs in this arena as well.

At the suggestion of our College of the Adepti, I am making myself available to answer your questions and assist you to improve your Independent Practice of Ritual Magic in a series of FREE Webinars.

"As a practicing Pagan, I discovered the Ritual Magic of the Golden Dawn through David Griffin's Ritual Magic Manual. In my opinion, the RMM is nothing less than the Golden Dawn's Book of Shadows. 
I highly recommend this unique FREE Magic Webinar with Imperator David Griffin,  today's foremost expert in the Ritual Magic of the Golden Dawn." 
-V.H. Soror D.I.A. (5=6)

I am keenly aware that not all magicians speak fluent English. Luckily, I happen to speak eight languages. Therefore, over the course of 8 weeks this Autumn, the Alpha Omega will host a series of FREE! Webinars in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Swedish, French, and Dutch.

1,000 Points of Light, Phase II:
FREE! World-Wide Webinars
in Ritual Magic

I would greatly appreciate it if you would help us spread the word, especially those of you who blog in Spanish, Portugues, German, Italian, Swedish, French, or Dutch.

Here is the initial Webinar schedule.

All Webinars will be in chat format here on the Blog Chat of The Golden Dawn Blog. Each Webinar is scheduled on a Saturday at 12:00 PM here in Nevada. All times are are given below in either Pacific Daylight Time or Pacific Standard time as indicated. All you need to do is check a time zone conversion site, then show up here at the times given below!
English, 10/27/12, 12:00 PM PDT 
Español, 11/3/12, 12:00 PM PDT 
Portugues, 11/10/12, 12:00 PM PST 
Deutsch, 11/24/12, 12:00 PM PST 
We would like to assist as many Self-Initates and solitary practitioners as possible with these Webinars, no matter what language you speak or where you are in the world!

It is my sincere hope that this small public service will help the Golden Dawn to unfold into its full potential as a spiritual force for good in the 21st Century!

Remember - Here in the Alpha Omega:

"We Make Magicians!"

This is just one more small way the Alpha Omega is fulfilling its Golden Dawn mission in trying to better serve the magical needs of the greater esoteric community.

You will not want to miss these unique Webinars!

And the World-Wide Webinars are just Phase II of our 1,000 Points of Light initiative.

Keep watching the Golden Dawn Blog, as we continue to unveil even more valuable resources for Individual Practitioners of Ritual Magic.

And don't forget to tell us where your Personal Temple is to add it to the map above. Or even better - send us a photo of your Personal Temple to share with our readers!

To be continued ...


Imperator David Griffin
HOGD, AO,  33, 90, 96


  1. 1000 points of Light--Personal Temple--Palm Springs, California

  2. You may add my personal temple in NYC, New York to the 1000 Points of Light.

    Acknowledging and assisting the solitary practitioner [Gratis] along the Path of Return confirms that the valediction of Psalm 16:8 "...Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum..." will inevitably be fulfilled as the AO enacts The Hermit's lamp--Tetelestai!

    Pax Profunda et LVX,
    Frater DVP

  3. Le Temple d'Ahathöor de Paris et le Temple de Montpellier de l'Ordre de l'Alpha et de l'Oméga in Galia soutiennent tous les pratiquants solitaires francophones.

  4. Apreciado Frater L.e.S.

    Fraternal saludo.

    Te felicito a tí y a los Jefes de la HOGD AO por esta apertura. Estoy seguro que los seminarios en varios idiomas serán un éxito.

    Dentro de poco publicaré en mi blog la traducción al español de la Fase 2.

    Además, puedes Agregar mi Templo Personal en la ciudad de Barranquilla, Colombia.

    LVX In Extensión


  5. We just got an email about a personal temple in Western Kentucky. This Independent Practitioner wrote:

    "I am located in (Omitted), KY. I think that it may be wise to only publish Western Kentucky because of the hostility in the area toward anything not fundamentalist Christian. I may be slightly paranoid, but it is extremely difficult to put into words the experience of living in the Bible Belt."

    It is sad to witness that such a level of religious intolerance still exists today in the USA.

  6. Excellent ! I wlll be glued to my screen on the 27th. Thank you again for this Mr Griffin this initiative will be truly ground breaking . Also could you please drop a pin in Kingston Upon Hull U.K.


    Frater M.P.E

  7. Excellent ! I wlll be glued to my screen on the 27th. Thank you again for this Mr Griffin this initiative will be truly ground breaking . Also could you please drop a pin in Kingston Upon Hull U.K.


    Frater M.P.E

  8. Sorry that we are taking so long to get your Temple photos published. We have paused to get the news about Phase II of the "1,000 Points of Light" initiative out there.

    We will resume publishing them in a few days! Keep those altar pics coming!

  9. I got my first "hater" a couple of days ago. I posted something on Craiglist basically saying that I'm looking for a study group in my area that studies almost all things dealing with occultism. A day after I posted that, some guy named "Left Right" wrote an e-mail to me saying that I was a low-life satanist and actually gave me a pic of his middle finger. And I was "Okay, nice. Thank you" in a sarcastic manner that is. My mother got a little worried by that, but then she's worried about what I'm getting myself into. I always think that she doesn't need to worry that much.

    1. Is like That sir broth you can not always avoid low minded individuel there is plenty sadly
      Wish you Well drop you pic on thé blog i Will be interested to see member temple
      May thé light be your path
      Sonor kruptos

  10. OK, good, I am in Oceanside, California. I was just renewing my ritual practice when I saw this blog about the 1000 points of light. I have enjoyed the basics and get a bit lost in the lingo that goes around, I am a real soul-filled with devotion at the least hint of developing skills beyond my reason!


  11. Thank you,

    I am in Australia and noticed the blog about the 1000 points of light. I am working with the basics and wish to enhance and improved my knowledge. I thank you for your consideration.

  12. I kindly request that the Imperator make the electronic version of the Ritual Manual available in the library to all actual members of the HOGD. As pointed out, the price of the book is too high, and it would be a great incentive for many seekers to join the order. It would be also a fair opportunity for the members who might not be able to make it to webinar.

  13. Hi
    This is à initiative Well appreciated i look foward

  14. Hi is this à great and Well apreciated initiative i look foward to it
    May thé light be your path
    Sonor kruptos