Monday, September 17, 2012

TRUTH: Golden Dawn Lineage and YOU!

by Golden Dawn
Imperator David Griffin
His Holiness Dalai Lama
"All major spiritual traditions carry basically the same message, that is love, compassion and forgiveness. The important thing is they should be part of our daily lives."  
His Holiness Dalai Lama
One of the most contentious subjects of discussion in the Golden Dawn community is the question of Golden Dawn lineage. There are those in the Golden Dawn community who believe that:
"There is no way a piece of paper can give you a lineage. Charters and that sort of rubbish does not give you any special lineage any more than an IOU can buy you your weekend groceries."
Out of respect for diversity, I acknowledge the right to hold this position on lineage, even though it is factually inaccurate. Some in our community still believe lineage is worthless merely because they not not yet have access to oathbound Golden Dawn information beyond that published by Israel Regardie. If these individuals had access to better information, as in the spiritual techniques of the Golden Dawn, Hermetic, and Rosicrucian traditions that still today remain oathbound and secret, they would quickly abandon such a position.

What those who hold such a position fail to consider is that the Golden Dawn has always been, first and foremost, a spiritual tradition, similar in magnitude to the great Tantric, Tibetan, and Zen spiritual traditions in the East.

Thus, written charters and such, although they do serve a legitimate function similar to Dharma transmission in Zen, are only of secondary importance. Far more essential are the spiritual transmissions and accompanying realizations carried with lineage in all of the great spiritual traditions, both East and West, including in the Golden Dawn. To dismiss the importance of spiritual lineage leads to a fundamental misunderstanding of the Golden Dawn.

Zen Buddhism, for example, maintains records of their historical teachers who, according to the traditional history of the school, have passed the Dharma from generation to generation in an unbroken line since the time of the Buddha. Dharma transmission is the formal confirmation by a master of Zen or Chan Buddhism of a student's awakening. This one-to-one transmission is said to trace back over 2,500 years to Gautama Buddha when he gave dharma transmission to his disciple Mahakasyapa, who is regarded as the first patriarch of Zen in India.

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche
Shambhala Buddhist Lineage

What those who dismiss lineage lightly fail to properly consider is that, as one of the great spiritual traditions of the world, the ultimate aim of the Golden Dawn is to help individuals "to become more than human,” which means spiritual development through energetic evolution.
"If those who dismiss lineage lightly had access to the Golden Dawn's advanced spiritual techniques and realizations beyond the material published by Regardie, they would not so lightly dismiss a spiritual lineage as important as the Golden Dawn."
 - Imperator David Griffin

The Spiritual Mission of the 
Alpha Omega

The Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega is not just another Golden Dawn order. Whereas most GD orders, including Mr. Farrell's, offer their students little more than the well known spiritual techniques published long ago by Israel Regardie, the Alpha Omega has a great deal of new, traditional, supplemental and corrective material to offer - including highly effective techniques for spiritual realization and energetic evolution - so far available nowhere else in the Golden Dawn.

To improve the spiritual effectiveness of the Golden Dawn, these lineages were recently transmitted to the Alpha Omega by the Secret Chief's, the Continental European source of origin of the original Golden Dawn tradition.

These lineages are certainly not just paper charters either. The mission of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and our parent order, the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega, is to facilitate the spiritual development and energetic evolution of human kind, by providing the advanced spiritual technology necessary "to become more than human."

In the Alpha Omega, we make advanced spiritual technology of the Golden Dawn, Hermetic, and Rosicrucian lineages available in a variety of contexts. As the HOGD, we provide traditional initiation and training in the Golden Dawn materials published by Israel Regardie, together with supplementeal and corrective spiritual exercises recently released by the Secret Chiefs. As the Alpha Omega, we teach Ritual Magic, alchemy, and a vast array of spiritual techniques that go far beyond the merely Golden Dawn.

The Alpha Omega holds that human life on Earth is but the caterpillar stage of a higher, energetic form of life that human beings are evolving towards. Similar to the "rainbow body" of the Tibetan Dzogchen lineage, the spiritual practices of the Golden Dawn, Hermetic, and Rosicrucian lineages involve the cultivation of a Solar Body of Light.

For the Golden Dawn Adept, the goal of the Opus Magnum is the projection of consciousness into a fully mature Solar Body at the moment of death. This culmination of the Opus Magnum bestows conscious immortality on the SOLAR PLANE - at the speed of light in the universe inside the stars.

Imperator David Griffin
HOGD, AO,  33, 90, 96


  1. Dave
    Lots of us can remember when you were riding Regardie's coattails for all you were worth. Why don't get of your high horse already.

    1. Hi,

      Nice to see you here on the Golden Dawn Blog.

      I can understand that you still feel hurt, but I can not really help it that Cris Monnastre gave Regardie's magical implements to me instead of to you. Rest assured that they are well cared for in the Alpha Omega museum. My wife is an archeologist and knows how to properly care for museum artifacts.

      My remarks above are clearly not an attack on the person of Regardie. It is ideas that collide and not people when we disagree. Regardie clearly did play an essential role in the history of the Golden Dawn.

      I do, however, strongly disagree with any sort of notion that the Golden Dawn begins and ends with Regardie.

      My primary point above is that the material he published was a truncated GD system and that the Golden Dawn did not remain static there.

      For goodness sake, Regardie did not even himself create the material he published. He was only its editor, at best. There is certainly no justification for anyone to try to create a personality cult centered around Regardie.

      More importantly, the Secret Chiefs have enhanced the Golden Dawn fundamentally meanwhile, and the Alpha Omega is willing to share the bounty even with you and your order, so there is no need for your bosses to feel threatened either.

      We really are serious about the Pow Wow. You are also invited. Let us put the past behind us already, set an example together for the others, and heal the polarization in the Golden Dawn community once and for all.

      See you at the Pow Wow!


  2. But that is precisely what a cheque is.. an IOU; and if I am a shareholder at the corner dairy then I expect the store to honour it. One thing I have learnt about magick is, that it is the heights of ignorance to make sweeping statements about anything magical/mystical. Nick's statement has been disproven by Papus and Ruess whom used paper-lineages to connect them quite successfully to various egregores.. as well have many other occultists. Including Mathers and Westcott whom got theirs Golden Dawn warrant in the mail! The fact is that lineage works in many levels.. and the egregore uses different ways to make the connection. Rationality can blind us to the ways of magick.. but at the end of the day, it is not Nick nor I whom decides but the Angel of the Golden Dawn, the living egregore. And from what I can see those with those with Bourke's paper are better than than the majority whom were initiated by those persons lacking in power, whom have disappeared and dried up unfruitfully - whether at the Whare Ra or any other GD temple demised from lack of power and committment. If physical initiation alone was enough, then all the adepts would be enlightened and the Angel of the Golden Dawn would not of needed to find other channels and connections to continue. Another sad truth is, is that no matter how hard you work a system, without legitimate connection to an egregore you can only get so far, just a like an illegal citizen of a country. When one old shaman empowers a mask with his spells and trades that mask to another shaman, then both shamans have a connection to each others magical worlds. Paper lineages from those authorised to give them, are like that masks.. they do a provide a connection. Though of course it is up to the wearer to work the mask, just as it is up to the receiver of the cheque to cash. But it is okay if Nick doesn't wants to disagree, because that means all the easier for people like me to trade other masks and get connections to other magicians magical egregores. I have an idea, since paper lineages are worthless, perhaps Nick would like to put his money where his mouth is and lolly scramble paper lineages from his own Order.. If he is correct, then he has nothing to lose!

  3. There is such a thing as "recognition of prior learning" on the spiritual plane too. I don't think this is ever a matter of JUST a piece of paper... there either IS or there IS NOT a Spiritual TRANSMISSION. [The WHEN of it is the question.]

    That Transmission may well take place by one already empowered individual in Lineage A, exchanging charters with another already empowered individual in Lineage B - in the sense that each one has already done the required WORK...

    I would guess that Papus and Reuss had done that prior Work.

    I agree that no sweeping generalization will ever encompass the full truth of any matter, since we live in a world of relativity - but if ALL that one has is a piece of paper, without a Transmission, and without the prior Work... well, even the Angel of the Egregore will have a hard time jump starting that motor!

    Yet, nothing is impossible, and even the highly improbable jumps out to trip up our best laid rationalizations at times - such is Magic!

    1. Paper charters have their place, but they certainly do not have the same importance as they do in traditions like Freemasonry. This is because the Golden Dawn is one of the great spiritual traditions of the world, and thus, like in Zen, Tantra, and Dzogchen, what is of primary importance are the spiritual exercises that are transmitted with spiritual lineages, and even more important are the resulting states of spiritual realization.

      I do not believe that those who dismiss the importance of lineage do not understand this. They are merely trying to deliberately cloud the issue. It is all sour grapes, which is silly, as we are willing to share the magical and alchemical lineages from the Secret Chiefs with other Golden Dawn orders.

      All of the bickering is silly and meaningless.

  4. It is also very destructive. Why should the aspirants of the West be denied access to these Lineages just because a few leaders are afraid that they will somehow lose face in the process?

    How do we get around that one? They evidently fear that ANY acceptance of these Lineages, by anyone, anywhere, necessarily involves a blow to their own prestige.

    The fact that they themselves are also being invited and offered the same gift does not seem to be enough for them as yet.

    Threats of expulsion levied upon those who wish to attend are all the evidence needed to underline that this fear is very real. This is what paralyses every effort made towards Peace.

    I really don't know what else we can do beyond continually stressing that the welcome extends to them too.

    I'd guess there is also a lot of projection going on here. They are assuming a lot of bad intentions behind the offer of sharing - and none of them want to be the first to break ranks and attend the Pow Wow.

    In fact, if they accept such a gift, they feel that there will then be an indebtedness manufactured out of this... one that they will then struggle to repay. They fear that Alpha Omega will use this as a stick to beat them with in the future.

    The psychology is common enough, even if the circumstances are unusual.

    We need to make sure that GD Peace is NOT seen as a prize that only ALPHA OMEGA is working towards, but one to be owned by the WHOLE COMMUNITY.

    We need to be clear, that if say Morgan, or Zalewski, and other Leaders attend along with many rank and file members of the International Community, then the Peace Process will be THEIRS too... and not just a HOGD/AO creation.

    We may be the first to stand up and push for a real and lasting Peace, but it can only be created by Community OWNERSHIP. This is about common action and common goals to replace the knee-jerk nastiness of decades.

    Those who win this Prize together will ALL be heroic actors in this history, as it can ONLY be written together!

  5. And again.. competeley bull!
    You guys are confusing means and ends. Solar bodies, inner alchemy, energetic evolution of humankind, lineages... jeeeez!
    All this is metaphor, not reality. Tool, not result.
    The magicians job is to utilize metaphor to help others, to break free from metaphor. He uses illusion, to liberate from illusion.. to realize, what's real!
    Until you understand that, you're whole presumptuous teaching is just another case of the blind leading the blind.

    1. @ Anonymous

      I hear that you have a different point of view to my own. I do agree with you on many points though. For example, I agree with you regarding the importance of helping others as well as the importance of metaphor. Our outer order, the HOGD, is a symbolical order like Freemasonry. This is why we provide traditional Golden Dawn initiation with candidates present in full temple rather than "Astral Initiation" or "Self Initiation". It is important for candidates to be present in temple so that the symbols may be properly impressed on their spheres of sensation.

      However, the Alpha Omega is primarily a school of spiritual growth and energetic evolution that primarily uses ritual magic and alchemy as tools. In fact, we are the only Golden Dawn order that teaches ritual magic already in the outer order.

      We also realize that there are many self-initiates and solitary practitioners out there that need assistance as well. This is why I wrote the Ritual Magic Manual and is why we are developing new ways of helping independent practitioners and solitaries as well as those seeking traditional Golden Dawn initiation.

  6. 1. David you and some of your adepts constantly and directly do character assasinations on people from other GD Orders once you have their real names.

    2. If you don't know their names you call them 'anonymouse trolls' because they have a differnt point of view to you.

    3. You want Peace, but persist in anti-Peace style of denigrading others. Trying to associate your photo with M.L.KIng or various Tibetan lamas while Photoshoping others to be Borg, Drones, etc... comes across to me as
    blatant manipulation, I remember the picture of a you in a certain military uniform.

    4. The GD community is at peace with itself, where different GD type Orders share documents, lineages (?Masks - thanks Lenny) and attend each other's workshops and conferences.

    5. The AO is calling the Pow Wow in a disguised way to obtain Peer Approval and Validation from the GD. I suspect it's unlikely to get it (speaking for myself only) as the is no 'Confederation' to confer this on you, but only working in 'Spiritual Fellowship' by actions.

    6. The AO was closed down by the SC early last century, and that makes the current AO a Reconstructionist/Revivalist Order. Claiming otherwise detracts from the great work that the AO adepts are capable of doing and leaves the AO isolated.

    7. The unveiling of historical documents from Collector's Archives and commenting on them is of great benefit to the GD community in
    understanding it's origins and development.

    8. It is for individual members to decide if they wish to attend your Pow Wow, if my partner suggests I shouldn't have anything to do with the AO Pow Wow, that doesn't mean she is a Secret Chief plotting against the AO,
    but rather prefers I spend the money on groceries and fixing up the home.

    Stop the paranoid thinking and get real.

    9. Attending the Pow Wow (similar to Power Week of another Order)is valid and legitimate activity and a good thing for the AO in it's own right, but it's not a place to sort out the above points as AO appears entrenched in
    its entitled historical beliefs, and there is little likelyhood of changing that. That's what is creating the division.

    10. The Egrogore of the GD community has grown beyond it's original 19th Century Victorian psuedo-Egyptian roots, and the GD community is developing a modern outlook in its Weltanschauung. It recognises its historical origins and practices, but is not rigidly tied down to them, eg. lineages, SC, oath bound material etc... no matter how nostalgic these thing are to some people.

    None of the above are atacking points, but 'rebuttals' to claims that you really want Peace.

    Best wishes


    1. You point out that you (and perhaps others) perceive I conduct ‘character assassinations’ or denigrate people to the status of ‘anonymous trolls.’ I regret defending myself and our beloved Order appears as character assassination. I will certainly have to work on regulating my candor and find less disparaging ways to make my point. For better or worse, my ego is strong enough to take a direct hit and I may be insensitive in my replies attempting to get my point across in as few words as possible. We all do it, unfortunately. For example, in this post, which I accept as sincere and well-meaning, you have called me a ‘character assassinating, name-calling, denigrating, paranoid Reconstructionist. Some might find that highly offensive, I accept it as well-intentioned candor. Everyone in the GD community is deeply committed to their ideal of the Way and we all overstep polite conversation on occasion in this pursuit. I will work on it with all my heart and hope you will be paying attention to let me know if I am making progress.

      You bring up a good point (positive). The SRIA uses silence to avoid criticism. The GD community is often portrayed as a Reconstructionist “good old boys” club, but I think that’s not entirely true. There is a large contingent of our community who are traditionalist and want to keep it that way. Some of us believe that the Golden Dawn is not a dead tradition that needs to be reconstructed. We are very happy that the Secret Chiefs have always been in the background even when all outer orders closed. We are also overjoyed about the new supplemental materials that are being released to our community by the Secret Chiefs. If you want to meet others with this view to contrast it with that of the Reconstructionist, join us at the Pow Wow and I will be happy to introduce you. Additionally, I would love to sit down with you and explain why we find this perspective so important.

    2. Joseph is sure that the Pow Wow will turn into a blood bath. I hope that we can all work together to convince each other - from both sides of the illusory divide, that it need not be so.

      We agree on far more points than is apparent from the sparks we have generated - and can also agree to disagree without losing respect for each other in the process.

    3. Joseph, I would also like to thank you for the tone you have taken in your reply, where you also write:

      "8. It is for individual members to decide if they wish to attend your Pow Wow, if my partner suggests I shouldn't have anything to do with the AO Pow Wow, that doesn't mean she is a Secret Chief plotting against the AO,
      but rather prefers I spend the money on groceries and fixing up the home.

      Stop the paranoid thinking and get real."

      If that is the impression that was formed by our responses then it was clearly a poor attempt at communication - and we must do better.

      Of course MOST who do not choose to attend will make that choice for a variety of personal reasons like the one you cite, but do also please consider the evidence we have to face on a semi-regular basis.

      If we had any tendencies towards paranoia then we would be in a hospital by now! Ha ha.

      1) David & Leslie still cannot return to their home as the threats are considered real and present;

      2) We had communications around Conclave time to say that there were threats of expulsion if anyone attended - and these were somewhat verified later as being decisions taken at a leadership level in some GD Lodges;

      3) We had news that even leaders like Nick Farrell are not ALLOWED to communicate with anyone who is also in communication with David... (Though we had no verification of who was giving Farrell these orders.)

      Now, we do try our best not to fall into paranoia - but there is also the case of "they really ARE out to get you!"

      These few examples may well represent a tiny percentage of what is happening across the full community, and we hope that they do in fact represent a minority position.

      We did not mean to label ALL of you with our reporting of these specific behaviours.

      It is in any case more important to grasp the WHY of the behaviour than to condemn those who have acted in this way (apart from the violent threats, which should rightly be condemned, by all.)

      Do you think that this can all be explained by "AO appears entrenched in its entitled historical beliefs, and there is little likelyhood of changing that"?

      Myself, I feel sure that there is more to it than that. You say: "That's what is creating the division", but surely a disagreement on those terms does not need to result in such threats of expulsion?

      Maybe you were not really addressing this point in the direction I have now taken it - in which case I would be very interested in hearing your views.

      I do agree that there is also a need for healing and forgiving - Pow Wow isn't next week, it is many months away. Maybe we can all make some progress on this together.

    4. Aletheia

      I would like to share your optimism. As with anyone who has done work with families in Family Therapy will know, intentions alone are not sufficient to prevent underlying rage from exploding on the scene. Such old wounds and resulting new wounds are not easy to heal. Catharsis doesn't necessary lead to resolution, although it may be a portal to it, but only for some.

      Best wishes


    5. Dear Aletheia

      My heart goes out to David and Lesie under this dificult time for them. I'm somewhat puzzelled that they cannot yet return to their ranch, yet the Pow Wow is to be held there.

      Those who who know or have met Nick will affirm that he's not the type of guy to be easily intimidated by threats of expulsion no matter who may have said this to him. Without the background context of the original comment, I would more inclined to drop the matter.

      The problem is that this blog has siezed these comments and applied them globally as if this applied to the whole GD community. That's just plain wrong, it's the paranoid thinking. One is reminded of Mathers wanting the London Adepti to sign allegiance to him underthreat of expulsion.

      Sometimes 'leaders' say the daftest of things, big woppers, I take it with a large pinch of salt, and put it down to some odd transit in their chart, and expect them to 'recover' as soon as posssible;-) If they don't, that's a different matter.

      The reference to 'historical beliefs' was to the AO "We are the only remaining lineal descendant of the original Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, founded by S.L. MacGregor Mathers in England in 1888". Seraphis temple like a number of other temples chartered by Bourke (if coinsidered to be genuine although rightly and still disputed by some) unlike AOMR are not part of the AO, so AO cannot be the only 'alleged' lineage holder like it claims publicly. How are we to get past that one? They don't all have a Jorge to provide free legal servises in court cases in such disputes. They swallow their pride, but the Truth is out there.

      I'm enjoying the changing blog style to civil conversations that has developed recently, lets keep this up between us all, and resist reverting back to what was there before. No more photoshops pictures, or cheesy vblogs, lets separate the Ruach from the Nephesh.

      The Pow Wow begins with NOW.

      In LVX


    6. Josef - The Pow Wow has started... ;-) I agree that civil conversation is what we need to be hearing from now on.

      Personally, I don't think the threats are any reason to change plans for meeting in Nevada. There will be a lot of people around, and that will be a pretty safe arrangement. In the end, it is going to depend on where David & Leslie and family are at with all this as Pow Wow time approaches.

      We can only hope that the matter will get resolved before then.

      You are right that properly relativised statements have not been used nearly often enough by either side in the heat of argument. Nor should we have implied that everyone should be tarred with the same brush.

      We don't know that Nick was actually threatened with any kind of expulsion either, just that he was "ordered"... but as you say, it may also have been a leader having a bad hair day. It happens. Leaders are also human.

      The threats of expulsions against other members who wanted to attend the Conclave were a shock to us, but maybe that was also a useful warning - it showed just how BAD things were getting.

      I doubt very much that the the leaders of other Lodges out there are typically autocratic like that. I'm sure it was very out of character for them. The shear depth of bad blood was shown in that one action, SO clearly...

      It made me realize that our members probably wouldn't even be welcome at conventions and gatherings organised by the other side of the community. That saddened me.

      We had gone from "show us the proof" to "we don't want your stinkin' proof" to "nobody is allowed to view your so-called proof" all in quick succession...

      Ha ha. Like I say, it is hard not to get paranoid around some of this, sometimes.

      We certainly don't need to dwell on any of this though. I am only raising it to relativize my own reactions somewhat. I want to stress that I accept that daft decisions and statements do happen, and can create a dangerously false picture of what is REALLY going on in the hearts of others.

      I far prefer to assume that for the most part we are none of us innately negative people. We have a negative history and a lot of baggage to work through - but that is not personal, it is cultural. We can choose to make it personal of course... but we can also take the higher way.

      When tempers fray - as they no doubt will... let's try to resolve issues as they arise and not withdraw from the process.

    7. What was most surprising about this incident to me, was observing the most vociferous critics of S.L. MacGregor Mathers behaving exactly like what they condemn Mathers for!

      Acting like Mathers in one of his absolutely worst autocratic moments.

      As Mathers already proved, it is precisely this sort of autocratic behavior that engenders schisms.

      But then again, we are all human. Perhaps they were merely having a "Mathers moment!"

    8. Dear Josef,

      I am not the best among us when it comes to histories of lineages and charters and claims... I don't know how we would get past the issue you raise. Maybe a first step would be to open lines of communication with all concerned parties? There would be no way to move forwards on this without that happening, and happening in such tones as we are establishing here, so that it does not quickly melt away in angry misunderstandings.

      [BTW Are you the Josef K of The Trial, or the Josef K of The Castle? I hope that endless bureaucracy is not dogging you every day! ;-)]


  7. @Josef (Kalicun?)

    Excellent outlining of points and disputed practices in a meaningful manner.

    This is the stuff of honest dialogue that can lead to a working peace.

    I disagree with some of your bulleted points, such as: "The AO is calling the Pow Wow in a disguised way to obtain Peer Approval and Validation from the GD." I don't believe it is validation from others that is sought here in a disguised fashion. But I do understand that is an honest perception on your part.

    Josef, I respect your work on laying out what you consider to be the nuts and bolts of these issues. More of this, along with resultant good faith dialogue, is the way to go, imo.

    1. Dear SV
      Thank you for your reply. The basis of my reasoning is that many GD type Orders are already in fraternal realtionships with each other. The AO has historically always been outside of this for all sorts of mixed reasons. In these difficult times to be cut off or outside of ones 'tribe' means the risk of not surviving.

      The other GD Orders are generally moving away from Montheistic/Moses with the Tablets of Stone style of thinking. That's probably why the new AO material from the SC is barely greeted with a smile. Some might be curious. Most of us have little interest in the kid in the playground saying that they have 'new trainers/Secret Chiefs'(pun - dry English humour, sorry ;-)). We're now into our Xboxs and Playstaion and writing our own games program in Source Code ;-)

      It's an Esoteric Hacker's paradigm shift.

      Best wishes


  8. Dear David

    Thank you for your measured reply. This is the style of writing that i would expect from all adepts, and although we all at times inadvertently 'cross the line' we nevertheless are expected 'to test the spirit to see if it true' and respond accordingly.

    In pointing out the behaviour of the AO adepts I'm trying to separate the Ruach from the Nephesh in many of the comments on this blog.

    If a Fra or Sor is making a false claim or understanding about their interpretation of another surely it is our task to correct them, but with compassion. It is very rare indeed that we need to draw the Mighty Sword of Geburah to do this, but it appears to me and many outsiders that this is the tool of choice for all public AO dialogues. So you can see why others might be hesitant to come to the Pow Wow. It'll be a 'blood bath' and we all know it.

    Much self-reflection and forgiveness of oneself and others must be done before anyone can break bread. I thank you for your invitation to have a beer, and maybe we can toast each others good health and sing songs together or recite odes in memory of the 'glorious days of the early GD'.

    The AO is in a unique position to turn the tide of its recent history, and Chiefs of many Orders (both within and outside the GD & RC current) are watching carefully how things will pan out. Contrary to AO perception, they aren't after the AO. They just don't like some of your methods. Don't waste this oppertunity on fruitless Nephesh persuits, but be the trailblasers that your Egregore expects to mainifest. Put down the Sword and use the Grail and Orb of the Shekinak to guide your adepts. Others have looked, and seen what maybe.

    Best wishes


  9. I am hearing from a number of different quarters that the AO is suing AMORC over trademark use of the term 'Rosicrucian'.

    What impact will this have on the Pow Wow and the long term direction of the Peace initiative?

    Best wishes


    1. Please see my reply at:

  10. Dismissal of charters, to me, seems to also dismiss talismans etc. because the same idea is expressed. A charter though shouldn't be issued without the accompanying training though.