Sunday, September 9, 2012

Peace, not An Eye for an Eye (Reply to Morgan Eckstein)

by David Griffin
assuming the God Form of...
Mahatma Gandhi

"An eye for an eye...
...makes the whole world blind."
- Mahatma Ghandi

Morgan Eckstein wrote:
"I apologize upfront for anything that you decide is offensive in my latest blog post." 
What can I say to this except:

"Apology accepted for all hurt and animosity...
... real or imagined...
...both past and present!"

Let us begin by understanding that we are not "enemies." Instead, you and I are merely people with a different vision of the future (different personal philosophies). If you were to accept our vision today, or if I would accept your vision, we would be friends tomorrow.

I deeply appreciate your words of apology written above. The cultivation of understanding and peace, however, requires not only words, but also actions. For years now, I have not only read your words, but I have also observed your actions.

In the process, even though we disagree about many things, I have nonetheless come to respect and admire you as a principled individual with a coherent personal philosophy. My only criticism is you allow yourself to be moved by passion at times to act in a way inconsistent with your own high standards - For example, your recent promotion of anonymous hate blogs by linking to them from your blog, and publishing comments on the hate blogs themselves.

But you do not need me to tell you this. You already know your philosophy and high standards far better than I do, as well as when you are not always able to fully live up to them. Let us therefore put negativity behind us and endeavor together to move forward to more fully embrace peace and love.

Morgan wrote:
 "I believe that it is better to admit that I am struggling with making peace with the HOGD/AO than to just disappear and never write about Golden Dawn again."
I appreciate your struggle with peace and commend you for your emotional honesty. Letting go of old hurt and animosity is always a challenge.

Let's face reality though.

Even though the internet is a wonderful tool, it is also very impersonal. How can one ever be sure about others, especially about an entire order full of others, that one has never yet even met in person?

If ever there is to be true and lasting peace in our community, it must be rooted in personal experience. I invite you therefore yet again to come and share food, magic, and good times with us at Golden Dawn Pow Wow. 

Why not wait to make up your mind about us until you have met us, looked us in the eye, sat down with us, and yes, even shared with us?

These are things that true and lasting peace is made of.

Golden Dawn Pow Wow 2013
Peace and Love NOW!

"Honest disagreement...
is often a good sign of progress"

-Mahatma Gandhi
Golden Dawn Imperator David Griffin


  1. Fratres et Sorores

    We need to build bridges. "By their deeds you shall know them." Accept and respect differences, and seek approaches from matching points are important steps to build peace.

    Makes war is easier than building peace. But building the peace is more uplifting and rewarding and contributes to the progress of the Golden Dawn and of all Humanity.

    Build peace together with facts.

    Peace in the Golden Dawn.

    In LVX,


  2. UNESCO preambule :"And because wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed"

  3. I right anonymous because I am no one separate from my brother, lest I fall into the danger of judgement where mercy and severity rule. Instead I know truth or correction, only because what is not truth is error and error will be corrected by truth. Who needs mercy who needs punishment? This I say that where truth is there shall my brother be also.

  4. Karma,- is who turns severity into terror, only on he who judges. The only pure foundation is one that is bult on truth and is strengthened by correction of error, there lies its strength not in judging with mercy or severity, but in truth and and the internal correction of error. It's 4+5=9 not 4vs5=9!

  5. Let love be the cause. Let love be the effect. Life-Love-Light-in-Extention.

    1. As was said earlier..."Even though the internet is a wonderful tool, it is also very impersonal. How can one ever be sure about others, especially about an entire order full of others, that one has never yet even met in person?... Now this is food for thought!!! Great words!!!

      Peace, Love and LVX!!!

  6. Now, I respect Morgan Eckstein in this aspect. He actually came out and expressed how he felt with HOGD/AO. If the trolls that attacks HOGD/AO were like Morgan and offer more than senseless bashing, then we could all help each other out in so many more ways. But this isn't a perfect world as of yet and it'll probably take certain people a long more time to realize what they're doing than others, but nonetheless they'll get there.

    1. You are right. Unless he is himself actually writing the hate blogs anonymously, Morgan is just a whole order of evolution above those slimy pit dwellers.

      Like SV said, show us one anonymous hate blog attacking the Reconstructionists... then ask "Qui Bono"!

      We in AO have continued to believe in Morgan's innermost good nature, and would love him to come to the Pow Wow!