Friday, September 7, 2012

Peace, Not War in the Golden Dawn!

by guest blogger

Sincerus Renatus

Some of you will know that the Order which I represent in Scandinavia, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®, announced a peace initiative at the Vernal Equinox of 2009 - which has become known as the "olive branch" of David Griffin - and invited all parties to follow suit. 

The HOGD/AO long ago came to realize that the kind of internet circus, which all of the major Golden Dawn Orders has been involved in since the middle 1990's, destroys nothing but the overall reputation of the Golden Dawn, not only as a physical body but also as an idea and as a tradition.

I know for a fact, from personal experience, that serious students are frightened away from a golden opportunity of spiritual growth because of this constant mud slinging between factions.

Our peace offering in 2009 was ignored and the attacks on our order and its leaders continued on the Internet. Still determined to foster brotherhood and harmony in the Golden Dawn community, we tried again last Spring. We invited Adepts from the entire Golden Dawn community to our International Conclave of Golden Dawn Adepti in March, 2012. As rumors surfaced of Adepts threatened by Golden Dawn leaders with expulsion if they attended, the attacks on the internet once again greatly intensified.

I know for a fact that all of these peace efforts have been sincere. These are not just empty words. The HOGD/AO has launched peace initiative upon peace initiative to foster peace and harmony in the Golden Dawn community. Recently, we even announced an International Golden Dawn Pow Wow and have again invited the entire Golden Dawn community, this time even the outer order.

The result of this sincere invitation has been intensified attacks upon the reputation of our order and its leaders on the Internet, coupled with the reappearance of defamatory anonymous blogs published by blog trolls. We have seen this all before, 
 over and over, and numerous leaders of the recon GD community have linked to the "anonymous" blogs, so there is little doubt who is really behind them.

In the past, we as a community had to get used to anonymous defamation websites, but the saddest part of the Witch Hunt against the HOGD/AO spilled over to the blogosphere, which I refer to as the "Blog Trolls". So, naive as I am and against better judgement, I thought that I could perhaps reason with one of these guys (why do we always presume that these persons are male?) and embarked on, what I initially though was, a serious debate. I tried to reason with the guy telling him that what he did on his blog was counterproductive towards the entire Golden Dawn community, but to no avail.

I have learnt a hard lesson: Don't deal with anonymous blog trolls, don't feed them with more fuel. I did and I deeply regret that I even gave him serious attention. So now I admonish you all, who are serious in creating peace in the Golden Dawn community.

Anonymous trolls are a blight on the entire Golden Dawn. Those who attack the Alpha Omega using anonymous blog trolls think that they are harming 
only our order with all of the vile defamation in the anonymous blogs. They are severely mistaken. Anonymous attack blogs are severely harming the reputation of the entire Golden Dawn, both as an idea and as a tradition.

You can not reason with Anonymous Blog Trolls. They exist solely to poison and destroy the Golden Dawn by spreading misrepresentations, lies, and defamations. If you try to reason with blog trolls, they just keep repeating the same defamation talking points over and over, because they are engaging in propaganda rather than any legitimate discourse. I have tried to reason with them in the past. Based on that experience, I give you the following advice:

Don’t feed the blog trolls! 

The sad truth is that the sincere Pow Wow peace offer (March 29-April 9, 2013) from our order to all other Golden Dawn orders, has so far been met with nothing but renewed defamation campaigns, and even with the reappearance of the anonymous blogs that have so harmed the reputation of the entire Golden Dawn in the past. This sadly gives the impression that there is no real interest in any peace from any other Golden Dawn Order today except the HOGD/AO. 

But my sincere hope is that others are also interested in true peace and harmony in the Golden Dawn together with a Golden Dawn free of the internet circus that has nearly already destroyed the reputation of the Golden Dawn over the past 20 years.

Perhaps I am being naive again, but I still believe in the Golden Dawn. I hope I can find my way back into even to my original naiveness, in my belief that everything, including the Golden Dawn, is progressing to integration or "Gold". 

I believe in a Golden Dawn where all recognize one another as brothers and sisters. 

I believe in a Golden Dawn free of anonymous blog trolls spewing hatred across the internet.

I believe in a Golden Dawn community that sets a spiritual example for the rest or the esoteric community, instead of making itself look pathetic because of hatred spread by blog trolls.

Or am I a fool to believe in a future and Invisible Golden Dawn Fraternity "made without hands”?



  1. G.H. Frater S.R.

    Thanks for this words, we all need them and I don't think you're a naive, since I believe in a Golden Dawn in peace.

    As I said in some post before, the initiatives of peace won't make us compromise our right to defense our Order.

    The haters, who we already know who they are very clearly, sooner or later will receive what they deserve. They are moved by ill feelings and dishonest sympathy among them, even the outsiders who hate our Order.

    If outsiders of the GD are so friends with the trolls and the so-called leaders, why don't get into their Orders? the answer is simple: even them, hate the Golden Dawn and the stupid so-called leaders buy that cheap sympathy.

    We won't compromise our defense in the name of peace. Just remember part of the 0=0 ceremony: "...unbalanced mercy is but weakness, and would permit evil to exist unchecked...".

    H Frater V.L.

  2. Well said, G.H. Fr. S.R.

    Having participated in many mediations involving heated and deep-seated emotions and issues, I can say that absolute requirements to any settlement of differences is for ALL concerned to demonstrate GOOD FAITH and a solid desire to end the hostilities.

    It cannot be one-sided.

  3. Thank you GH Frater Sincerus Renatus,

    I believe your attitude (hope) is one held since before the Fama and it is good to see that it is still in the ranks of the HOGD. Maybe though, this is exactly why the Order was invisible, its words hidden in plane site with allegories; to stay clear of & confuse the puffers.

    Coming from a Hebraic Roots Christian background, I can tell you that most Christian denominations try to convert just about everyone they meet. Years later, I realized two things: 1) this approach wasn't the example set by the Apostles; they were told to get into the cities, says their peace & leave; if no one welcomed their words, dust off their feet & depart. 2) I realized that after all those years of talking with people, we had not found one convert; the people we found were already on that path...we were just a little further ahead of them. In other words, all you can do is to put the offer out their and those who are ready will take you up on your offer.

    People are on different levels of consciousness. No matter who much you preach from the roof tops, if they are at a lower level (that is more chaotic; attracting & producing conflict, that is) not near yours or they're not ready to 'go up a notch', the essence of your words will fall on deaf ears.

    The key is to put the offer out there (as it has always been through the ages) & continue 'the great work' so as to prepare ourselves for those who are truly on the path & ready when they come.

    Hopefully, in time, the TROLLS will go the way of the dinosaurs. :-)

    Frater P.R.D.

  4. well i am for the peace ! don't know much about this badly minded troll ,but i remember the early 2000 e-group saga on yahoo community who had this hight and low period .
    if any has plan some initiative such as gathering or meeting to enlarge prospect of harmony and peace within the community
    i will be glad t be of support

  5. "Hataz gon' hate" I always say. I've learned that there are certain people that are brought here to purposely rain on your parade, throw you off your game. And for the people who actually wants to fulfil their life's, we usually take these peoples as enigmas trying to test us and try to see how much we can endure before we ultimately break-down.
    It's kind of sad that people will go as far as to hate one another just because they had a bad experience, disagreed with someone or something, or just flat-out don't like that someone. Or something. But it's learning process, I believe that soon they will come to terms on why they hated that person or group, re-evaluate themselves, and forgive themselves either through maturity or some kind of realization.
    Until that time come for those people, "hataz gon' hate."

  6. I greet this wonderful initiative to make peace in our Community! And I hope this initiative will be the last push and there will be no others needed... It’s truly sad that our relatively small Community have felt in exactly the same trap as Church once felt into. And it’s truly sad that there is so many difficulties for us to overcome all obstacles to create true Harmony, where diversity would be our advantage instead of stumbling block against whom our feet are so constantly injured that it’s almost impossible to move forward...

    Let us face the reality- we have one common goal, despite of many diverse Orders and Guilds- to become more than human! This goal is exclusively spiritual by nature, which causes us to seek true Identity and true Unity with our Creator. To be more than human means that we need to transcend our human xenophobic complexes and leave them far far behind. Our common goal are not materialistic, it contains nothing quantitative which we would need to divade or distribute. Reaching that goal there is perfect place for ALL, moreover it means to be ALL in ALL!

    Let us hope that this would be the last time when we will hear about „Blog trolls”, „Hatfield and MacCoy Feuds”, „Dying dinosaurs”, „Witch Hunts”, „McGolden Dawns”, „Flame wars”, „Golden Dawn Nazis”, „KKKs”, „Anonimous Bobs”, „Amazing Zingas”, „Proctologists with Helmet Flashlights” etc. etc. etc. Hopefully under the tag „NN recently wrote” will apear fraternal illuminating discussion instead of pure poison! Let us perform this great miracle: Unity! Let us show that we are far more better than Church Confessions! Let us show true esoteric profundity instead of exoteric vastiness! Let us show that WE own a Light, Life and Love!

    Fra. M.S.M.