Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Future of the Golden Dawn

by David Griffin
Assuming the God Form of...
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King
"I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality..."  -Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King
I have a vision of a Golden Dawn unfettered by the animosities of the past - A future where the Golden Dawn is best known for the quality of its teachings, rather than disparagement of its orders, their members, and their leaders.

Sadly, some in our community only write on their websites and blogs "No flame wars or disparaging of others will ever be tolerated," yet nonetheless continue to behave as antagonists. Clearly, such leaders have lost their way.

Others have become entrenched in a quagmire of prejudice against the Fratres, Sorores, and leaders of the Alpha Omega, although they have never met any of us in person.

Others disparage our order and its leaders because, despite lofty words and empty rhetoric, they do not yet fully embrace diversity in the Golden Dawn community. Such leaders remain stuck in a Highlander mentality rooted in the mistaken belief that "There can be only one!" 

Let us endeavor to liberate the Golden Dawn from the conflicts and animosities of the past, and to create instead a future congruent with our highest, most spiritual aspirations.

I have a vision of a Golden Dawn where all Fratres and Sorores, solitaries or initiates, of any order or any temple can sit down together at the table of brother and sister hood - And share in the new magic and teachings coming from the Secret Chiefs.

Let us remain mindful that there are  no "enemies" in our community, only people with different visions of the future. Let us not descend into name calling and personal attacks on the Internet. It is, after all, our visions of the future that collide - and not our persons.

Let us not allow peace in the Golden Dawn community to be derailed by those who hate us, call us names and disparage our order, its members, and its leaders on the Internet.

May we instead find strength in our diversity - and true community in the plurality of our visions.

I see the Golden Dawn not as a competition between rivals, but as a place where sincere seekers can find enlightenment.

I see the Golden Dawn as a school of energetic evolution - bringing spiritual technology from the past into a new Millennium.

Today, many challenges still remain before us. There are old animosities and grudges yet to overcome - And fears to conquer.

But I believe in the Golden Dawn. I believe in the purity in the hearts of all Fratres and Sorores. 

I believe in the power of our love to banish negativity. I believe in the strength of our will to overcome all obstacles, as we meet one another as we truly are in sacred Pow Wow.

The time has come to put the animosities of the past behind us.

Let us stand together for peace in sisterhood and brotherhood, and plant the seeds of a bright and shining future for the Golden Dawn.

International Golden Dawn Pow Wow
March 29 - April 9, 2013
For as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King once said:
"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word."
- Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King 
 Golden Dawn Imperator David Griffin


  1. I hope that it’s wish of overhelming majority in Golden Dawn Community are finally tired of choosing their sides knowing that our common beautiful Hermetic Tradition has nothing to do with all that. I’m absolutely concerned that veritas praevelabit sooner or later, but I guess that this „later” is TODAY. Thank you G.H. Frater L.e.S. for your inspiring words! I hope theese words and others will finally be like hearth where all sincere seekers of Truth will come and unite together towards new era: Golden New Dawn, where tolerance, brotherhood, spirituality and search for mysteries of life will be our topics instead of everything which is opposite.

    Fraternally in L.V.X.,

  2. Indeed, M.S.M.!! Those words of Frater L.e.S. truly got my really excited and happy on the inside. I'm gladly looking forward to this bright shining utopia of the highest love for one another and highest spirituality. :D
    Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be truly proud to see this.
    Preach on, brotha! :D

  3. If peace is to prevail than a lot of inflammatory stuff needs to be taken down.

  4. @ Anonymous

    You are absolutely correct. I believe in the Golden Dawn community. We can overcome this obstacle as well as all others at Pow Wow.

    There must be two dozen blogs, including anonymous attack blogs, where stuff ought to be taken down that was posted attacking our order and its leaders since our order stood up the the bullying in Nick Farrell's latest book last March.

    In fact, Farrell's statement on the first page creating false rumors of a non-existent "contemporary Alpha Omega political and religious personality cult" would the the perfect place to start cleaning up the mess, since standing up to that defamation is what triggered the entire last round of attacks on our order.

    I would like to reiterate that I have no problem at all with Mr. Farrell as a person. He is an otherwise fine author. I merely have a problem with his vision of the future of the Golden Dawn and his thinking about the Alpha Omega.

    I have no doubt that Golden Dawn Reconstructionists have things they would like to see removed from our blogs, websites, fora, etc. as well. We are willing to discuss this and everything else at Pow Wow.

  5. A lot of stuff on this blog shouldbe taken down

    1. @ Anonymous

      I hear you. This is one reason why Pow Wow is so important. There are many things on the websites, blogs and fora of other Golden Dawn orders that HOGD/AO members also feel strongly should be taken down as well.

      Of course, anything such as this must be done on a reciprocal basis.

      I am quite optimistic that this is really a minor issue that can be easily worked out once leaders from the entire Golden Dawn community sit down face to face to discuss matters in person.

      So far no other Golden Dawn order has even expressed an interest in peace. Apparently, they would rather continue their Witch Hunt against the AO, despite that their membership wants peace.

      As a starting point, there must be a willingness to talk in GOOD FAITH from all sides.

      So far, that is not there yet. The peace train has already left the station though and egotistical leaders ignore the wants and needs of their membership at great risk. People tend to vote with their feet when their needs are ignored as the EOGD proved when the entire order abandoned Robert Zink, en masse.

  6. People in the Golden Dawn tend to think that they have to choose sides, either the Traditionalist side, an order like HOGD/AO, or on the other side any of the GD Reconstructionist orders.

    Actually, this is a false distinction. This is not about Reconstructionists vs. Traditionalists.

    The only thing Golden Dawn members really do need to decide, no matter which order they belong to, is whether they want another two decades of endless conflict in the GD community, or whether they want peace and harmony.

    It is high time that Golden Dawn leaders start listening to the needs of their members before it is too late. The HOGD/AO simply does not have the resources to absorb another massive wave of people changing orders, the way we had to when the EOGD collapsed.

  7. Two months ago Preegrin Wildoak complained about his comments being "edited" on this blog. Aletheia pointed out that Blogger does not offer this capability, so he must have made it up.

    As it turns out, there is another possible explanation, although it does not look good for Peregrin. Peregrin must have been using an anonymous sock puppet!

    Thus if his message was disapproved and another anon poster wrote something similar that was approved.

    Thus, it appears that Peregrin has slipped up and outed himself using anonymous sock puppets!

    Interesting, isn't it, especially with the anonymous bloggers attacking our order lately that are already associated with Peregrin.

    Just sayin'

  8. Hmm. I find this hard to believe. On the other hand, maybe you are right. Peregrin used to be one of the most vocal advocates AGAINST the use of anonymous attack blogs in the Golden Dawn community. These days, he is seen routinely posting comments on them. Peregrin has obviously changed his mind about anonymous attack blogs, especially if it is our order they are attacking.

    It appears that Peregrin has lost his way on this issue and now has become a supporter of anonymous attack blogs.

    1. This is, of course, assuming that it is not Peregrin himself who is writing the anonymous attack blogs himself, which is entirely possible, considering all of the above.

      Still, Peregrin deserves the benefit of every doubt. He is an otherwise fine writer and it would be tragic to witness such a fine writer fall to such a guttersnipe level.

  9. David is right on the money with this one. If members of this order and many other orders wants to stop fighting with each other and probably with their selves, then they'll have to let go of their ego and choose. Not from being a reconstructionist or a traditionalists, like what Mr. Griffin said, but decide ultimately if they want endless violence, rage, and conflict amongst each other and hinder further the working of the great goal or if they want peace, love, tranquility and greatly increase the reaching of the great goal. To me, to choose is quite simple needs no explanation, but probably for other people, who has been either swindle by false orders such as EOGD or just wants to cause ruckus because they don't know about this order, their ego is telling them "Don't be sucka! Continue to make your voice heard on the accounts of the misdeeds this order has done to you!" Maybe their ego is saying that or not, I don't know I'm assuming and I haven't been through what these people have gone through so I hope I'm not speaking out of line here and if I am then I'm terribly sorry.
    Also, I hope I made myself clear because I tend to create giant run-on paragraphs. lol

  10. There is a positive aspect to this sad spectacle of hate blogs though. The volume of general sniping against Alpha Omega has gone down so much since the Peace Initiative and Pow Wow were announced, that those who truly wish to fight AGAINST Peace do feel the need to turn to the "anonymous hate blog" tactic.

    I know this next step requires a leap of thought, but the supporters and authors of those blogs (sometimes the same individuals or at least close associates) are at least showing that they DO take the Peace Initiative seriously!

    Right now they just see it as a serious threat, but they know that their members are very much in support of it. They do not wish to alienate their students and so do not dare speak out against it in such an openly spiteful and degraded way.

    This is a step in the right direction. Now we just need to convince them to show the courage and conviction called for in a real Leader - and actually come to the Pow Wow!

    Any of their concerns will be open for face to face debate there, with representation from pretty much ALL the constituencies of GD worldwide.

    What we really need to do here, is to grasp why it is that anyone in the GD Community, most especially any Temple Chief, would crave continuing animosity - and fear Peace. These fears are the actual enemy here - not the individuals who are prey to them.

    Retreat behind anonymous hate blogs is just a failure of leadership, and a missed opportunity.

    1. I do not understand why anyone in their right mind would FEAR peace and love!

      The only people who truly would not want peace would be those who profit from discord - for example if an outside group were attempting a hostile takeover of all Golden Dawn orders, peace would indeed feel threatening to them.

      But since other Golden Dawn leaders profess not to believe this is happening, calling it a conspiracy theory, then there is no logical legitimate reason whatsoever for them to fear or reject peace in the Golden Dawn community.

      Strife can only serve the interests of an elite hiding in the shadows. It certainly does not serve the interests of the Golden Dawn community and its many thousand members and solitaries.

    2. Indeed. Qui Bono? That has ever been the question! There is no conspiracy theory in asking the question, and as you say, there are rather few logical explanations for the Anti-Peace Brigade - and none of them are pretty.

      Time to put an end to all that, TOGETHER, from the grass roots... where-from all lasting Peace tends to arise.

  11. There was a piece of classic Olen Rush hate propaganda posted to Morgan's blog the other day. It was a blast from the past! We have all moved on but the guy is still stuck in "we hate Alpha Omega" mode.

    Sad. Useful though in a way... it really was received as some weirdly anachronistic event, and this severely underlined how far we have all come in the few months that Rush has been inactive.

    I am sorry for your suffering Olen. You call me a Shell? Very well - then let me offer you some advice on your conflicts within the World of Shells.

    I am assuming that you are more than enough of a Kabbalist to already know the details of the method I am about to suggest here, I need publish no Keys.


  12. The 32 Paths of Leviathan, the Vessel of Liberation.

    1) Perform the Tikkun for repairing the Shells of Kether, for the DISUNITY of the Twin Contending Heads is being served by your latest post;

    2) Perform the Tikkun for repairing the Shells of Chesed, for the TYRANNY of leaders who refuse to listen to the needs of their Community is being served by your latest post;

    3) Perform the Tikkun for repairing the Shells of Tiphareth, for the LITIGIOUS and disputatious sniping of the dissatisfied is being served by your latest post;

    4) Perform the Tikkun for repairing the Shells of Hod, for the FALSE ACCUSATIONS of myriad liars is being served in your latest post;

    5) Understand the Reflection in the Shells of Malkuth, that you may perform THAT Tikun, and in the release of Light, be well.

    Be whole Olen, and know that we are all one, undivided, loving, mindful of the harm that false speech may cause. Know that we wish you no harm, even as we stand against your grossest imputations.

    Be well Olen. Peace upon you and your family. May you suffer no more than you need to suffer in order to awaken, and achieve all that you would then wish for yourself...

    If you find this burden too great, let us know, and we will sit with you and perform the Rituals together, for we are none of us perfect, and together we may grow in the Light!

    1. I would appreciate it, Aletheia, if you would be a bit more gentle with Olen. It is natural that there are strong feelings on both sides going into such a sweeping peace process. I understand how strongly you feel, for example, Aletheia, about the terrible way our order has been treated on the internet since the release of Mr. Farrell's book attacking the Alpha Omega and S.L. MacGregor Mathers. There is little doubt that Olen feels equally as passionate about his perception of wrongs coming in his direction.

      True and lasting peace will require an effort from all sides. Let us pray that cooler heads will hold passion in check. Personally, I look forward to meeting Mr. Rush one day soon. Olen is a fine Adept and excellent researcher, who has contributed significant Qabalistic knowledge to our community.

      Moreover, It has been months since Olen has had any harsh words to say about the Alpha Omega, and this deserves to recognized and appreciated by all of the members of our order.

      Let us not forget the many fine qualities of Mr. Rush merely because of a few words spoken in haste in a moment of passion.

      If peace is ever to prevail in our community, we will all need to look beyond past hurts and our own egos to see the goodness in one another that we all know in our hearts is there.

  13. Care GH Frater L.e.S.,
    Dear Olen,

    Please do not fail to grasp the spirit in which these words are written. They are a genuine invitation to sit together and perform a Rite of Tikkun. This may sound Severe... as Olen would confirm, such Rites must draw upon Severity to bring back Balance - but know this, the words, and the Liberation they promise stem from nothing but Mercy.

    I say again, in all gentleness, we are non of us perfect and TOGETHER we may grow in the Light!

    I would no more exclude Olen from the Pow Wow than I would cut off one of my own limbs!

    I am not the specialist in Kabbalah that Olen is, but I see this entire Peace Process as an act of Rectification of an otherwise unbalanced and deleterious history in which we ALL have played our parts.

    Thus must we all play our parts in bringing about the Correction that is Peace for our Community.

    These are NOT words of condemnation, rather of a love fiercer than the Shells, their disharmony.


  14. Aletheia writes: "Thus must we all play our parts in bringing about the Correction that is Peace for our Community."

    I have been vocal (digitally) in the defense of our Order. In my passion, I no doubt caused some offense to Olen when responding to things he has written in the past. For this, I truly apologize to Olen, as well as to any others whom my words may have offended--yes, even Nick Farrell and Peregrin.

    That being said, I stand by the substance of what I have written, without the sting.

    Olen, may you be well, and may all your pizzas arrive as ordered, fresh, and sans any "extras."

  15. So every one are still on this troll's attack ..:) i still do not know about all this issue but peace and harmony sound crucial to me and concerning the pow wow 2013 when and where that will take place any one ..? i hope all this disruptive conflictual past will soon settle down in more tolerance and understanding of everybody diversity of intellect , chalenge is about choices let make the right one .... all the best frater & sonor Sonor S.:K:.H

  16. Olen, I noted that you spoke out against those who do not use their civil names here. Is it not a shame that the Golden Dawn is representing itself so poorly that many prefer not to be linked to the organisation publicly? GD Leaders must work together to change that unfortunate situation.

    However, there is also a long tradition for such Hermetic anonymity as you know, and some will always prefer to go that route. Why vilify them for that choice? Who are we to tell them what they must choose in this matter?

    (At least nobody here has ever denied their Order affiliations.)

    Besides, until we have commonly accepted method s whereby we can verify who we all are (beyond Amazon purchases that could just as easily be performed through a friend's account) how are ANY of us to be sure?

    How do we really know that you are Olen Rush? I'm not trying to antagonise you here, but at least say Peregrin Wildoak, like many here, is OBVIOUSLY not using a real name!

    What would be really sneaky would be to pretend to be, no?

    Doesn't Olen Rush have some interesting sounds when spun through a Hebrew filter and matched up for meanings? It may not exactly be Kosher, but:

    O.L.V.N. R.V.Sh = Hemlock Bulletin???

    I don't believe you are intending to poison us with your posts, but still, it is unfortunate.

    Spin it another way and:

    O.L.V.N. R.I.Sh = Poverty Bulletin, Pamphlet, Handout... and here you may imply that you are easing the spiritual poverty of those you write for...

    But MARK well his name... 666!

    Surely you could not have intended that either!

    (The embodiment of S.V.R.Th - Spirit of the Sun - and of the Prideful...)

    As you will by now have noted I do not speak Hebrew, so I can't easily fathom the more embedded puns arising from your choice of name... but one is very easy:

    O is as in Olen,
    R is as in Rush,

    I bet you were aiming at that. The funny thing is, that Tzaddi can be mistakenly written there, and in Ian Rons' extension of Allen Bennett & AC's later 777 he takes this to be:

    ENEMY (properly TzR)...

    Which just goes to show you that "improvements" are not always in all instances BETTER than the originals; much as we Traditionalists often claim!

    There is no substitute for your own work, and you Olen have provided many a subtle insight on the Path to Awakening, whatever you might choose to call it and whoever you may really be on your IDCard; which one may still have adopted later in life... so I guess you will need to demand authorized Birth Certificates with Consular Seals!!!

    You see how crazy this can all get? Wouldn't it be simpler just to MEET the people behind the names and KNOW who you are talking to? At least this one of your concerns would largely be solved by simply attending the Pow Wow!

  17. Congratulations to all who have ever posted here over the decades - I just saw the scale tip beyond the 250 000 mark!

    This is a fine example of our diverse engagement in the Greater GD Community.


  18. Morgan Eckstein and Peregrin Wildoak are today posting comments on the anonymous attack blogs again today.

    By now the entire Golden Dawn community understands who is behind the filth and is stirring constant strife in the Golden Dawn community.

    @ Morgan and Peregrin

    Thanks for outing yourselves boys!

  19. Yo creo que podemos convivir pacíficamente en un ambiente de paz, armonía y cooperación mutua. Lo único que queremos los verdaderos miembros de Alpha et Omega, es buscar nuestro desarrollo humano individual para que la humanidad prospere y se haga realidad el ideal de un nuevo amanecer dorado.

    No hay obstáculos reales para que las otras órdenes pueden convivir con nosotros y entre ellas mismas, e inclusive para poder llegar a crear un ambiente de fraternidad en el que se puedan intercambiar conocimientos y experiencias útiles para todos nosotros...

    Sólo hace falta recordar que el fin último de las tradiciones rosacruces y herméticas, es seguir el sendero del retorno, no acumular poder terrenal, lo cual no tiene ningún sentido pues para eso existen otras organizaciones con otros fines e intereses.

    GH Frater LeS, nosotros te apoyamos y respaldamos en la búsqueda del futuro noble, próspero y sublime que se merece Alfa et Omega y la HOGD.

    Lvx in extension.


  20. Frater CF via Google Translate:

    I think we can live peacefully in an atmosphere of peace, harmony and mutual cooperation. We just want the true members of Alpha et Omega, is to seek our individual human development for humanity flourish and become the ideal of a new golden dawn.

    There are no real obstacles to the other orders can coexist with us and with each other, and even to get to create an atmosphere of fraternity in which they can share knowledge and experiences for all of us ...

    You only need to remember that the ultimate goal of Rosicrucians and Hermetic traditions, is to follow the path of return, not accumulate earthly power, which makes no sense as to why there are other organizations for other purposes and interests.

    GH Frater LES, we will support and back in pursuit of a noble future, prosperous and sublime Alpha et Omega deserves and HOGD.

    Lvx in extension.