Friday, September 14, 2012

What Promotes Peace or Hatred in the Golden Dawn?

by David Griffin

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
...only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate;
...only love can do that."

-Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King

The greatest strengths of the Golden Dawn community is our diversity and plurality of vision. Although our community has allowed itself to fall into polarization for two long decades, we are all Sisters and Brothers. There are no "enemies" in our community. We do not always agree on everything, but it is ideas that collide, not people.

In recent weeks, anonymous blogs dripping with hate filled lies and misrepresentations have again surfaced in our community, and once again, I have been attacked personally as has been the case over and over for two decades now. This comes on the heels of recent death threats leveled against me and my family.

I have been frequently asked if I take these attacks personally. I do not, because peace in the Golden Dawn is not merely a personal matter. Love is a prerequisite, and peace a moral imperative for the Golden Dawn to fully embody its potential as a  a spiritual force for good in the 21st Century. As Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, who was frequently attacked and misrepresented by hatred and prejudice, once said: "hate can not drive our hate, only love can do that." There  will always be those who hate and lie, but love and truth will always triumph in the end.

Sadly, there are those in our community who once agreed with me about peace and love in the Golden Dawn, that I can barely recognize by their actions any longer. In my last article, I quoted Peregrin Wildoak (from 2009) condemning the use of anonymous hate blogs to attack other Golden Dawn orders. In that article, I also pointed out how inconsistent it appears to observe Peregrin and Morgan Eckstein today promoting or endorsing the same sort of anonymous hate blogs attacking Golden Dawn orders, by linking to them from their personal blogs or publishing comments on them. 

In reply to, Morgan Eckstein today wrote:
"Why don't you make a list of what we are allowed to say, who we are allowed to read, what comments that we are allowed to make and who we are allowed to make comments to, who we are allowed to be friends with, and what our Orders are allowed to do. It will make everyone lives easier if you just spell out the acceptable behavior."
The short answer to Morgan, is:

"Just stop attacking
the members of the Alpha Omega."

Is this really so difficult to understand?

Morgan's statement does raise some other interesting and tough questions though. 

Is Morgan even interested in peace in the Golden Dawn community or only hatred and strife?

What sort of behavior actually does foster peace vs. hatred and strife in the Golden Dawn community?

Do anonymous hate blogs attacking other Golden Dawn orders foster peace or hatred and strife?

Does promoting anonymous hate blogs by linking to them or endorsing them by publishing comments on them further peace or hatred and strife?

If the latter, then why do Morgan Eckstein and Peregrin Wildoak keep promoting them?

Does Morgan really believe he is being told by our order which books he can read as he says above?

Or is Morgan just trying to avoid responsibility for behavior inconsistent with his words and ideals?

Does Morgan really not understand how promoting and endorsing anonymous hate blogs furthers hatred and strife in the Golden Dawn community?

Or is Morgan deliberately trying to scuttle any chance of peace in the Golden Dawn?

If so, why?

And finally...

Are Morgan Eckstein and Peregrin Wildoak acting on their own?

Or are they following someone's instructions to scuttle the peace process by promoting hatred and strife in the Golden Dawn community? 

If so, then who is pulling Morgan Eckstein's and Peregrin Wildoak's strings, and why are these persons in the shadows so terrified of peace in the Golden Dawn?

Even if not, then:

"Where did the old Morgan go?"

This is, after all, the same Morgan Eckstein that not so long ago used to write fine factual articles about Golden Dawn subjects and whose political commentary on the Golden Dawn used to be quite balanced.

I would really like to hear some simple, straight answers from Morgan to these direct questions.

More importantly, I, for one, would like to have the old Morgan back!

"Hatred paralyzes life;
love releases it...
Hatred confuses life;
love harmonizes it...
Hatred darkens life;
love illuminates it!"

- Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King


  1. I have learned to "love the hell out of them"

  2. Dear Fraters and Sorors of the GD

    Peace is built with facts. The AO has shown signs of wanting peace in the community of G.d. Let's continue on this path. Most members of the G.D. we want peace, we can not succumb to a few who do not want to get the noble goal of peace.

    In LVX Extenson.

    Queridos Fratres y Sorores de la GD

    La paz se construye con hechos. La AO ha dado muestras de querer la paz en la comunidad de la GD. Sigamos por este camino. La mayoría de miembros de la GD queremos la paz, no podemos sucumbir a unos pocos que no quieren que consigamos el noble objetivo de la paz.

    LVX In Extenson.


  3. Dear Fraters and Sorors of the GD

    Peace is built with facts. The AO has shown signs of wanting peace in the community of G.D. Let's continue on this path. Most members of the G.D. we want peace, we can not succumb to a few who do not want to get the noble goal of peace.

    In LVX Extenson.

    Queridos Fratres y Sorores de la GD

    La paz se construye con hechos. La AO ha dado muestras de querer la paz en la comunidad de la G.D. Sigamos por este camino. La mayoría de miembros de la G.D. queremos la paz, no podemos sucumbir a unos pocos que no quieren que consigamos el noble objetivo de la paz.

    LVX In Extenson.


  4. Morgan Eckstein wrote:
    "Why don't you make a list of what we are allowed to say,"

    Say whatever you like Morgan, the karma is yours either way. However, as a GD Leader what you say will be judged in that light. If your words are based in lies and directed towards furthering strife and division in our community - then ultimately that is what you will be remembered for. We will respond with corrections as always - where you attack, we will defend our position, and strife will be maintained.

  5. Morgan Eckstein wrote:
    "Why don't you make a list of who we are allowed to read,"

    Read whoever you want to read Morgan. We may have a completely different take on what represents best practice in Hermetic Magic, and disagree with your sources on various fundamental points, but that is because you follow Reconstructionist GD Magic, not the Original Tradition. It is simply DIFFERENT, and will get you to different places with different intentions.

    If someone wants to follow OUR Way though, they will often be ill-served by working from your favoured sources, and we have to retrain them.

    As for reading polemics tarted up as histories masking all out defamations against Alpha Omega behind rote denials - knock yourself out. If that is what makes you guys feel good about yourselves, feel free to read that trash and then pat each other on the back for a job well done in the cause of hatred and division.

    It is your choice to feed your mind and souls with whatever material you like. The implication that our actions in daring to actually stand up for our beloved Order and Founder against these back door attacks amount to our telling you what you should and should not read, is just plain silly.

    Have a good look at the output of YOUR side against RMM before you get up on that high horse Morgan, it is a dangerous ride.

    If you don't like us to defend ourselves, just quit the attacks.

  6. Morgan Eckstein wrote:
    "Why don't you make a list of what comments we are allowed to make"

    Once again: Comment as ye will, BUT you are RESPONSIBLE for your comments and for the effect that they have. You are not JUST speaking as an individual, you are also REPRESENTING a position in the community.

    When your comments are furthering the agenda of hatred and strife, you are responsible for that.

    Why not use your freedom of speech more wisely, in attempts to heal rather than hurt the community?

    Of course we will defend ourselves against your comments wherever they are pushing the anti-AO agenda - but that does not at all imply that we are interested in controlling your comments!

    YOU should be the one applying self-control to your comments and considering the help or the harm that they may carry. It is not our job to become Morgan's Conscience.

    We just want Peace here - why don't you?

  7. Morgan Eckstein wrote:
    "Why don't you make a list of who we are allowed to make comments to,"

    Sigh. That is your choice to make Morgan, not ours. If you hang with the haters, you will become one of them. [Probably some Occult Law tied up in that too.]

    Why not make comments to ALL these hate bloggers and suggest that a peaceful way is better for all concerned, and ask them to come with you to the Pow Wow? Hmmmm?

    When a GD Leader makes comments supporting an anonymous hate blog - IT SETS A BAD EXAMPLE!

    Yes, that is entirely OUR opinion, and is indeed a defence we are making under constant attack from these gutter level sources.

    We happen to think it is pretty much a matter of common sense, not some ideological urge to control Morgan Eckstein's commentary.

    Put it this way:

    Do Anonymous Hate Blogs Promote Peace?

    If the answer is NO, or even "probably not" then why oh why oh why... Morgan and friends, are you promoting them?

    Do Anonymous Hate Blogs Promote Hatred?

    If the answer is YES or even "maybe", then....

    You see - common sense. (Maybe it ain't so common after all.)

    Besides, why be a cowardly hate blogger when you cold just come to the Pow Wow and get it all off your chest eye-to-eye? What is wrong with honourable action these days? Are you guys so frightened that some of your cherished opinions might actually be wrong? Ha ha ha!

  8. Morgan Eckstein today wrote:
    "Why don't you make a list of what who we are allowed to be friends with,"

    It is none of our business and we have never attempted to make it any of our business - unlike sources on your side of the "divide" you are working so well to maintain.

    We don't interfere in personal lives. We are not a political or religious entity. Yet we have been attacked with all manner of imputations trying to link us with hateful examples of both before now.

    We don't care who you drink beer with at weekends.

    Farrell is the one who is TOLD who he may be friends with, AND he takes it! Pots calling kettles black here... [so take this question of yours to Farrell's bosses.]

    If you are a good friend to someone Morgan, then why not try to help them move towards PEACE - it will be so good for them and for the whole community.

    You would be doing them such a great service. If you support them in their hatred, "because we are friends" then you are actually a very poor friend.

    Friends try to help each other, don't they? You are just supporting them in remaining in a twisted mindset that will make them physically ill in the long run, even as it is damaging them right now, as a spiritual sickness.

    You can never do wrong by promoting Peace Morgan... wake up and smell the Roses.

  9. Morgan Eckstein wrote:
    "Why don't you make a list of what our Orders are allowed to do."

    We cannot force your Orders to adopt ethical guidelines. Such guidelines SHOULD be adopted, but it is not for AO to determine what is "allowed"... that should be a community wide effort.

    One of those guidelines was already supported by Farrell and maybe by you at the time - I don't remember. It says that an Order's Secrets should be respected, and not profaned.

    Your friends do not want to live by that where AO is concerned. They prefer to claim that we do not even exist as a valid GD related manifestation... that way they can argue that they are not damaging ANYONE by profanation.

    In effect, they aim to make our members "non-people" with no rights to defend.

    Governments do this to indigenous populations whose mineral wealth they wish to rape and pillage. It is done where land is being simply TAKEN and the inhabitants displaced. You must know the sorry score.

    Here it is attempted by those who hate Alpha Omega, and would see us totally disenfranchised.

    This is another reason why we hold Trademarks - so that our right to exist is legally defensible. That right has been, and continues to be challenged by some of your friends.

    What your Orders are "allowed" to do internally, should be between the Members and the Leaders - so long as the result is legally sound. What they allow THEMSELVES to do externally should be a matter of common Ethical Guidelines - CODE OF ETHICS.

    What the COMMUNITY "allows" in that sense, would be in those common guidelines.

    As for us - we do not allow other Orders to attack us without mounting a robust defence. We do however invite ALL of them, without exception, to participate in a community wide Peace Process.

    GD Members want Peace - Alpha Omega does too. We fail to understand your problems with that.

  10. Morgan Eckstein wrote:
    "It will make everyones' lives easier if you just spell out the acceptable behavior."

    Stop Attacking Alpha Omega. Stop Promoting Hated and Division.

    Start Supporting Peace for the ENTIRE Community - INCLUDING Alpha Omega.

    We have said it a thousand times, and still you demand it as though we have never made ourselves clear on the matter.

    Why are you pretending not to hear the message?
    Why not come and hear it in person at the Pow Wow?

    Make GD Peace, not Witch Hunts!

  11. Morgan writes:

    "Why don't you make a list of what we are allowed to say, who we are allowed to read, what comments that we are allowed to make and who we are allowed to make comments to, who we are allowed to be friends with, and what our Orders are allowed to do. It will make everyone lives easier if you just spell out the acceptable behavior."

    Really, Morgan?

    Tell you what books to read and whom you may befriend, as well as what you can say? Really?

    You have completely mischaracterized our bid for peace and restraint in your foregoing defensive tantrum--which, like most defensive, blame-shifting tantrums resulting from one's own revealed misconduct, has absolutely no foundation in reality.

    No one is trying to control you Morgan. We want peace and have asked that the anonymous hate blogs and attacks upon our order cease.

    Encouraging and supporting anonymous hate blogs directed at and attacking our order is a clear indication of where you stand, Morgan. That stance does not appear to welcome peace and an end to the strife. You must know that.

  12. Publishing a comment on one of the anonymous hate blogs attacking the HOGD/AO, Olen Rush (Frater A.M.) wrote:

    "Come pay us to attend the Peace conference so we have money to attack you with afterwards..."

    1. The above is a step in the right direction, as it is at least an honest and forthright statement of hatred towards the Brothers and Sisters of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the Alpha Omega and a clear rejection of peace in the Golden Dawn community.

      Such honesty is commendable. Remember, one must first lance and disinfect a wound before it can properly heal.

      There are things I still do not understand, however, and perhaps Olen can clarify for all of the readers here.

      Olen, why is it that such a fine Kabbalist and researcher like yours does not seem to care how anonymous hate blogs harm the reputation of the Golden Dawn as a WHOLE? Why endorse anonymous hate blogs by commenting on them then?

      Why do you remain invested in attacking your Brothers and Sisters in the HOGD and the AO?

      What have any of us ever done to you to make you so full of hatred towards us?

      Have you ever met any of us face to face or is your bitterness towards the members of the AO based on mere prejudice?

      Why is it that embracing diversity, tolerance, and peace in the Golden Dawn community seems so difficult for you?

      These are sincere questions as there are thousands of HOGD/AO Initiates and Adepts around the world who respect your research, yet can not at all understand why you hate them so much to go on attacking them, while rejecting diversity, tolerance, peace, and love in the Golden Dawn community.

    2. Haters Gonna Hate

    3. Wasn't aware they were charging for attendance at the Pow Wow....

    4. I disagree with this. Peace, love, and tolerance can be cultivated.

      America today is very different that it was in the 1960s, in no small part due to the sacrifices of great men like Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King

  13. It is telling, is it not, that there are no anonymous hate blogs in the blogosphere attacking the reconstructionists?

    Honor, courage, and honesty, when applied, prevents dishonorable, cowardly, and dishonest actions.

  14. Zalewski continued of late with his Big Obsession. We have literally HUNDREDS of posts from him fighting us on the Lineage and Secret Chief issue. He must feel particularly vulnerable on this topic given the lies of his that have been exposed in the past.

    He should just come out to the Pow Wow and talk all this out... it would save the entire community further ear-bashings on the same old theme multiply repeated by Zalewski and his supporters.

    Besides, we would ALL heave a sigh of relief to see this old chestnut properly settled - FOR THE SAKE OF THE WHOLE COMMUNITY - how about it Zalewski, are you a Leader, or are you just a trouble stirrer?

    (See following cross-post)

  15. Zalewski writes:

    One of the problems in tracing lineages in Europe in many of the quasi
    masonic/magical groups, is that the heads of some groups met and offered each
    other's associates high lineages with no training or documentation to go with
    them. The reason for this is that a fellow occultist could reap the benefits of
    being thought of as elite and equal to others but had nothing to pass on to
    others, other than charter. Just look what happened to Crowley when he
    publicly fought Mathers on the publication of the Equinox. He had so many
    offices offered to him in keeping with the solidarity of orders in Europe, that
    he doubted he could walk under the weight. They were useless to him for passing
    on any information from those orders. So when you trace a lineage then these
    come into it as being offered to order heads, but it does not give a true
    picture to what they practice. Most of these were dormant and hollow and went
    nowhere. One could put them in the category as honourary grades as opposed to
    practicing grades. We still see this today.

    1. Let us recall that there are no "enemies" in the GD community. It is our ideas that collide, not our persons when we disagree.

      The above are just talking points from Pat Zalewksi that I have refuted a hundred times already in the past. Here is one article about the ACTUAL importance of Golden Dawn lineage from last February.

      I can fully understand how Zalewski wants to minimize the actual importance of lineage in a spiritual tradition. This is a really sensitive subject for Mr. Zalewksi, because he does not have any Golden Dawn lineage, and was not initiated as a Neophyte nor as a Minor Adept which now finally readily admits. That is ok, but getting caught misrepresenting one's GD background is very serious for an author.

      I have nothing against Pat personally, but misrepresenting one's past in the Golden Dawn and abandoning all academic standards of discourse in favor of talking points are definitely behaviors that DEFINITELY I disagree with. As spiritual leaders, we have a responsibility to set a good example for others.

  16. Bullocks! Where's the need for "anonymous hate blogs", when the biggest (and only) hate monger in the community is your own petty order?! Mate, from what I read here, you're either unable or unwilling to cope with reality and you're a real sucker when it comes to the illusion game. Pettiest excuse for a magician I've ever seen.

    1. Oh my Goddess! That is quite some rage you have there. I hear clearly how much you detest the brothers and sisters of the Alpha Omega without ever having met us. This is the dictionary definition of "prejudice." I can only suggest that you come to the Pow Wow and get to know who we REALLY are.

      The only thing we post on this blog are refutations of attacks on our order. Once the hate attacks, misrepresentations, etc. end, we will have nothing at all left to refute.

      It really IS that simple!

  17. @anonymous Bullocks,

    This response does not address the issue. Instead, it is nothing more than a personal attack.

    Such a vehement, but essentially empty response only serves to underscore the point mader earlier: there are no anonymous hate blogs, except those directed at the HOGD/AO.

  18. @Anon Try this one on for size - why don't you and all the other hate trolls and anonymous poison bloggers just quit... say for one month. See what happens.

    On this blog the comments section has been forced into use as an avenue for REFUTATION and response to ATTACKS.

    The place would be very different without the likes of you to combat. We would all have more time for other projects including yet more informative posts here.

    You guys are starving the wider GD community of good material by forcing us to tie up our time here - shame on you!

  19. Farrell continued Zalewski's pet Obsession:

    "Then to put a spanner in the works further there were those who got their paws
    on old rituals and made up lineages based on them to give themselves authority.
    Yarker was one such type... the same could be said for Westcott."

    Well it most definitely cannot be said about HOGD/AO or the Third Order - let us just make that VERY clear.

    "If you want to trace some things further you also find that in the 20th century
    (and probably a lot earlier) there were those who were quite insistent on
    pressing charters on people which they had no right to give out. Some of these
    tip up in the most surprising of places."

    You are quite correct here - some people did that.

    "There is no way a piece of paper can give you a lineage. Charters and that sort of rubbish does not give you any special lineage any more than an IOU can buy you your weekend groceries."

    Agreed. The Charter however is not always a manifestation out of the failures of Lineage that you are describing. Charters are ALSO given out of GENUINE Lineages, to individuals who have proven themselves spiritually capable of continuing that Lineage's Work.

    "I think Whare Ra got it right... you have to be a 7=4 and received the link from another 7=4."

    So you still want to claim that this is a Whare Ra innovation do you? Here you are quite wrong. All they did was to adopt the Traditional method.

    This has of course already been written a number of times elsewhere on this blog, but since you insist on promoting these dogmas of yours, it is worthy of yet another refutation.