Saturday, September 8, 2012

Love, Not Hate in the Golden Dawn! (Reply to Sincerus Renatus)

by Guest Blogger

VH Frater Caput Mortuum
(assuming the God Form of John Lennon)

GH Frater Sincerus Renatus wrote:
"My sincere hope remains that others are also interested in true peace and harmony in the Golden Dawn together with a Golden Dawn free of the internet circus that has nearly already destroyed the reputation of the Golden Dawn over the past 20 years. 
Perhaps I am being naive again, but I still believe in the Golden Dawn. I hope I can find my way back into even to my original naiveness, in my belief that everything, including the Golden Dawn, is progressing to integration or "Gold". 

I believe in a Golden Dawn where all recognize one another as brothers and sisters.  

I believe in a Golden Dawn free of anonymous blog trolls spewing hatred across the internet. 

I believe in a Golden Dawn community that sets a spiritual example for the rest or the esoteric community, instead of making itself look pathetic because of hatred spread by blog trolls. 

Or am I a fool to believe in a future and Invisible Golden Dawn Fraternity "made without hands?” -Sincerus Renatus

Care et GH Frater Sincerus Renatus,

You are not the naive one, my brother. You speak from nobility of heart. The naive are those who think these trolls are their friends just because they attack HOGD/AO. They assume that the enemy of their enemy is their friend. They are wrong. On multiple counts.

Firstly, the poison trolls are acting to destroy the ENTIRE GD Current, and that includes the very foundation upon which these various Orders and Lodges stand - They are digging a hole under their OWN feet!

Secondly, the news is spreading in a way it never did in the past... that what HOGD/AO is offering is a genuine peace-process. The attempts to undermine this are not working so well for the poison trolls this time. This is the era of the Secret College, and of the OPEN sharing of hitherto hidden teachings that is promised for the Pow Wow.

The world has changed, but the poison trolls are not evolving beings - they are addicted to darkness and spite.

Thirdly, we are not the enemies of ANY true Golden Dawn member, Lodge, or Order. Far from it. It may serve the malign consciousness of a few hate filled trolls to deny this, but it is the truth.

Behind their convenient facades of misrepresentation and propaganda lies a very different reality.

Out of the mouths of Morgan and other cute furry felines and assorted hop toads:
"The matter is too complex to be stated in a few comments!"  -Morgan Eckstein

When we all sit down together at the Pow Wow - and have the courage to look each other in the eye... a VERY different reality will be ours. Guaranteed.

Genuine discourse will banish the fear and give birth to the future all genuine aspirants desire. That is what a Pow Wow offers.

This internet barrel of filth and lies needs to be overturned once and for all - leaving the poison trolls no home. 

Yes, we have VERY different views on how each OUR Golden Dawn should function - GOOD! Then we have lots to learn from our diversity.

If there is one thing that does NOT belong in Golden Dawn, it is the culture of anonymous hate blogs peopled by poisonous guttersnipes peddling their lies and distortions.

That is not healthy debate - it is verbal terrorism. NOBODY who holds GD dear should be supportive of such diseased behaviour. 

It may take a little courage to attend the Pow Wow and work actively for peace, but the prize is well worth the effort... 

- Caput Mortuum

Peace and Love NOW!
Golden Dawn Pow Wow 2013!


  1. I apologize upfront for anything that you decide is offensive in my latest blog post.

  2. Thanks for this words, and also to you Morgan, I hope we finally set peace in the Golden Dawn Tradition.

  3. Trolls are just ignorant people who project their dizzy moral on the bribes of sentence true or flase their ear about us.
    Please Trolls, turn that hatred behaviour into positive questions to complete your lack of knowledge.
    Ask simple unbiased questions, listen carefully dont create your own answear, be kind with yourself, relax.

  4. Morgan, I respect you for engaging and giving communication a chance.

    I will seek out the positive in whatever you have to say, and continue to push myself to respond to you with greater clarity - I do not want to give you the impression that I am ever attacking you, the person behind the words, when I may be strongly disagreeing with some current published viewpoint on your blog.

    You have reacted against the impression that responsibility for other people who at times express very similar views is being lumped onto you, and I will particularly watch out for that aura of meaning in my responses - in fact you have a very unique voice and have expressed these views in ways very clearly your own.

    Each one's individuality is deserving of respect!

  5. In contrast to Morgan...

    The poison trolls are a very different kettle of anonymous smelly fish, (sometimes attracting the attention of neighbourhood felines) and producing the typical regurgitation of undigested talking points - which have generally been very fully responded to over the course of this history - AS GENUINE DISCOURSE.

    As such they are attempting a hi-jack of BOTH sides in any expressed viewpoint while denying the validity of all that was already written, by each and all of us on those topics - in fact they aim to noisily negate what was written by drowning out those passionate voices, seeking to elevate themselves as the ones now "having the last word."

    They are as disrespectful of, say Morgan, as they are of those who responded to him - when they drag back an issue already settled between Morgan and HOGD/AO to the extent that it can currently be settled in digital media. They attach their own virulent agenda every time.

    While mature elements within our community can agree to disagree on various points, some of them quite fundamental - these trolls plan to drag those issues out and reignite them... for no other reason than to cause harm to Golden Dawn. They are NOT genuine Golden Dawn members - and if they have in fact joined, then they have done so as spies to better do damage from within.

    We simply refuse to be manipulated by them and their nasty little culture of hate blogs. They mistakenly believe that they can create a rhetoric that might damage our genuine desire for Peace in the GD Community! Silly trolls...

  6. @Morgan,

    For the record, there was never a concerted effort to "trash" all of Farrell's books with 1 star Amazon reviews. That did not happen. I have been on board since almost day one on this, and no one was asked to do this, to my memory and knowledge. If some did rate each and every work of Farrell's as 1 star because of his latest fiasco, that was an individual choice made at the time by the reviewer, and not reflective of any organized effort in that regard.

    My 1 star review of Farrell's most recent book was a genuine review that I INDEPENDENTLY drafted AFTER having paid Farrell for the book AND after having read it in its entirety.

    I was not offended by your recent blog post in the least. I do believe, however, that you are casting a huge net over the Amazon review matter and that your facts about what happened and why are somewhat distorted. I also think that your offensive/defensive posture "because a writer was targeted," and you are a writer, so therefore, you "would be next" is a bit of a non-sequitur.

    It was Farrell's agenda-driven, false presentation of "history" and psychohistory that needed to be addressed, as well as his direct misrepresentation to me, personally, that his book was "simply history" and NOT an argument for a speculative theory that the HOGD/AO is invalid, that prompted my participation and review---NOT the fact that he is a writer. Hell, I have plied my trade as a writer in the past, too. I respect the craft. No, this was about Farrell and his deceptive conduct and veiled agenda.

    Good to see some dialogue, Morgan. Your perspective is always an interesting one to read.

  7. "Hataz gon' hate" like I said before. Once love is found in the hearts of the "trolls" then they will soon see who have been ignorant the whole time and probably become the most humble people that we'll ever meet.

  8. Who can own the all or even true knowledge? We measure -1/0\1 all the while forgetting the eternal present moment, the only absolute, 0, -Et- How can anyone claim to know the all while trying to own the all? What space there exist that separates us from the all but ignorance? Forbid there be void! Forbid there be separation! Even darkness -1 is as true as light 1 but this can only be realised in nothingness 0 eternal being thus -1/0\1 Forbid there be void! Know thy self in knowing not knowledge! Knowing can only know peace!

  9. So every one are still on this troll's attack ..:) i still do not know about all this issue but peace and harmony sound crucial to me and concerning the pow wow 2013 when and where that will take place any one ..?
    i hope all this disruptive conflictual past will soon settle down in more tolerance and understanding of everybody diversity of intellect , chalenge is about choices
    let make the right one ....
    all the best frater & sonor
    Sonor S.:K:.H