Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pow Wow & Alpha Omega's Formal Relationships With Other Groups

by Golden Dawn
Imperator David Griffin

A Native American Traditional Pow Wow

Greetings of the Equinox!

It has come to our attention that one or more people within the Golden Dawn community still misunderstand the reasons for the Alpha Omega launching our International Golden Dawn Pow Wow peace initiative. We actually have been quite transparent with our motivations since the beginning.

At the Pow Wow, let's just get together to break bread, share magic, good times and discuss how to best improve relationships and heal old wounds in our Golden Dawn community. We do not need to agree about everything, as there is plenty of room for diversity in our community.

Obtaining any sort of "peer recognition" at Pow Wow is not a priority of the Alpha Omega. We already have recognition as a Traditionalist Golden Dawn Order from the Secret Chiefs of the Third Order, who are the source of origin of the original Golden Dawn.

The Pow Wow is not about negotiating any sort of treaties or establishing any sort of formal relationships. Pow Wow is about breaking bread together, doing Magic together, and celebrating the wonderful things we all have in common in our diverse Golden Dawn community.

With this International Golden Dawn Pow Wow peace initiative, the Alpha Omega leads the attempt in to heal the polarization that has plagued our Golden Dawn community for two decades, and has severely harmed the reputation of the entire Golden Dawn tradition.

As we proved last year with the International Conclave of Golden Dawn Adepti, we are even willing to share supplemental Golden Dawn teachings from our Secret Chiefs with those who are interested in the community.

There have been questions raised about the formal fraternal relations of the Alpha Omega with other initiatic orders and groups. This is unsprprising, considering that the mission of the Alpha Omega is somewhat unique in our community.

What is this mission of the Alpha Omega? In simplest terms:

"We Make Magicians"

Regarding the relationship of the Alpha Omega with the greater esoteric community, clearly some clarification is in order. The Alpha Omega has long established relationships, as well as formal "Amities" with a broad spectrum of Traditionalist Initiatic Orders and Groups.

In the Golden Dawn and Rosicruican communities, we are in formal Amity, for example, with the August Order of the Mystic Rose, as well as with numerous occulted Goldlen Dawn and Rosicrucian orders.

Despite misunderstandings, there exist a wealth of Traditionalist Golden Dawn and Rosicrucian orders, although most of these prefer both their existence and work shrouded in secrecy, as has historically been the case in the Golden Dawn and Rosicruican traditions. As we have clarified in the past, the Alpha Omega is by no means the only Traditionalist Golden Dawn order. Come to the Pow Wow, and you might even meet some of the others!

These formal Amities established by the Alpha Omega are not limited to the Golden Dawn community. They additionally include Traditional Initiatic Orders and Groups in both the Pagan and Rosicrucian communities. This is natural, as we see the initiatic mission of the Alpha Omega not only to serve the Golden Dawn community, but the Rosicruican and the Pagan communities as well.

In the Pagan community, we have established formal "amity" with the Order of the Gnostic Star, as well as numerous "British Traditional Witchcraft" covens and "Traditional Pagan" Clans in Italy.

I hope this helps clarify our reasons for inviting  not just our members, but the Golden Dawn community to the International Golden Dawn Pow Wow in March, 2013. 

It will be a historic event you won't want to miss. 

"See you at the Pow Wow!"

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