Thursday, February 28, 2013

Astonishing Newsbreaks for Golden Dawn Magicians

by Alpha Omega Imperator
David Griffin

Readers of the Golden Dawn Blog will recall how the Alpha Omega has led the way since 1999 in teaching Ritual Magic to A.O. Initiates already in our H.O.G.D. Outer Order.

The A.O. sees no sense at all in abandoning Outer Order initiates for years without any guidance, training, or support in their practice of the well known Golden Dawn Magick published by Regardie.

The A.O. has taken a lot of heat for this over the years from leaders of other Golden Dawn orders, but I am pleased to announce that our persistence has finally begun to pay off.

This week, Nick Farrell announced that his Magical Order of Aurora Aurea will begin, effective immediately, to also teach G.D. Magick already in his outer order, albeit in a more limited fashion than the A.O. does. This is understandable since, unlike other Golden Dawn orders, the Alpha Omega's primary mission is to make Magicians.

Nick Farrell deserves accolades for his courageous decision to break with the pack, distinguishing the M.O.A.A. as the first Golden Dawn order to follow the A.O.'s lead in making substantial Magical training immediately available to Outer Order initiates, instead of making them wait half a decade for any proper training, feedback, or support. 

At this juncture, it is only a question of time until more and more Golden Dawn orders join with the A.O. and the M.O.A.A. in providing proper Magical training to Outer Order initiates.

Moina  & S.L. McGregor Mathers' "The Rites of Isis"
Alpha Omega Exclusive : Returning Spring 2013!
In yet more astonishing news, other Golden Dawn orders are beginning even to follow the Alpha Omega's lead in providing Ritual Magic training for Golden Dawn Self-Initiates and Solitary Practitioners.  With our 1,000 Points of Light initiative, the Alpha Omega led the way in bringing Self-Initiates and Solitary Practitioners more valuable training resources than ever before, including:
Personal Temples: The Alpha Omega continues to encourage Self-Initiates and Solitary Practiioners to create Personal Altars and Temples. We continue to put them on the map for you here on the Golden Dawn blog, and to publish photos of independent Altars and Temples from around the world for you.
Self-Initiation: The A.O. continues to teach how the goal of Golden Dawn Initiation and Magic is to strengthen the energetic body and to awaken the Elemental, Planetary, Zodiacal, and Sephirothic Magical Forces in the "Sphere of Sensation" of aspiring Magicians. We continue to provide the techniques necessary to accomplish this on your own. 
Magical Tools: The A.O. continues to teach how traditional Golden Dawn Magical Tools are created by publishing photographs of tools of Golden Dawn Adepts, including never before seen photos of Israel Regardie's magical implements from the A.O.'s "Golden Dawn Museum." 
Ritual Magic 101 Coaching Webinars: The A.O. continues to bring solid Ritual Magic teaching and coaching to self-taught Magicians all around the world, in a continuing series of live streaming video and audio, international Webinars.
2012-2013 Golden Dawn World Tour: The Alpha Omega continues to make Ritual Magic instruction and coaching - as well as traditional Golden Dawn initiation - available in more and more countries across the globe.
Ritual Magic 101 Workshops: The Alpha Omega continues to bring magical coaching up close and personal in regular Ritual Magic 101 Workshops.
Ritual  Magic 101 Coaching Dojo: The Alpha Omega continues to offer bi-weekly group Ritual Magic practice - dojo style  - with David Griffin at Golden Dawn Dojo near Las Vegas, Nevada.
Ritual Magic 101 Private Coaching: The Alpha Omega continues to offer private Ritual Magic coaching with Golden Dawn Imperator David Griffin both via Skype and in-person at Golden Dawn Dojo.
GoldenDawn.TV: The Alpha Omega continues to offer free Ritual Magic training videos on the Golden Dawn Channel at Youtube. Watch for the Grand Opening of the GoldenDawn.TV website as well, with astonishing new video training aids.
Golden Dawn Radio:: The Alpha Omega continues to offer free training podcasts on the Golden Dawn Channel at Blog Talk Radio.
Traditional Golden Dawn Initiation: The A.O. continues to offer traditional G.D. initiation in our growing international network of traditional Golden Dawn temples.
Amazingly, vast traditional Golden Dawn Magick newly released by the Secret Chiefs will be taught in Golden Dawn Dojo throughout the week at the upcoming International Conclave of Golden Dawn Magicians, April 7-13, 2013 (You can find complete info here).

The Rites of Nephthys also world premiere during the Conclave in anticipation of the return of S.L. and Moina MacGregor Mathers "The Rites of Isis."

You will not want to miss this International Conclave. It will surely be the No. 1 Golden Dawn event of 2013!

You can still register HERE.

In yet more astonishing news, Aaron Leitch, leader of a well known Mystical Order of the Golden Dawn, this week followed the Alpha Omega's lead in offering a Ritual Magick 101-like Workshop in an ongoing Golden Dawn Dojo-like format.

Frater Leitch has additionally announced he will also begin to teach Ritual Magick using the on-line teaching format introduced with the Alpha Omega's "Ritual Magick 101 Coaching Webinars."

I am extremely pleased that Frater Leitch is following the Alpha Omega's lead in providing on-line Ritual Magick training in Webinar format. There is a great need for Magical training for isolated Solitary Practitioners and Self-Initiates around the world - such a need that it is too great for the Alpha Omega to continue to shoulder the entire burden alone.

I am therefore grateful that leaders of even Mystical Golden Dawn orders like Frater Leitch are stepping up to the plate at last to shoulder their fair share of this burden as well.

Nick Farrell's M.O.A.A. adopting the Alpha Omega's method of teaching Ritual Magick to Outer Order Golden Dawn Initiates, together with Aaron Leitch's jumping on the Alpha Omega's Ritual Magick bandwagon, together represent the most significant shift of fault lines in the Golden Dawn community in many years.

The teaching methods the Alpha Omega has pioneered alone for a decade and a half are at last beginning to be adopted by the wider Golden Dawn community. For G.D. Outer Order members, Self-Initiates, and Solitary Practitioners, this is very good news indeed!

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  1. This is very good news. The community is maturing at last. I am gratified to see these positive changes lining up behind the leadership HOGD/Alpha Omega has given. Rationality is winning over sectarianism, and not one word wasted in fruitless aggression.

    The greater Golden Dawn community is finally beginning to manifest the guidance aspirants the world over so badly need, and this will keep our Orders strong, growing and relevant to the needs of a changing world for years to come.