Thursday, February 21, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: G.D. Secret Chiefs Unveil New Magick for ALL Golden Dawn Practitioners!

A wonderful thing about the Golden Dawn, is that you do not have to believe in the G.D.'s physical Secret Chiefs for Golden Dawn Magick to work. Since the G.D. is not a religion, it does not at all depend on faith. Just like the Secret Chiefs, the proof of the Golden Dawn lies in the effectiveness of its Magick for spiritual growth and liberation!

The Golden Dawn's physical Secret Chiefs continue,  year after year, to newly release more and more traditional Hermetic and Rosicrucian Magick and teachings for the Golden Dawn. The Golden Dawn Magical system consequently continues to grow greater and greater in its power to liberate Magicians from spiritual ignorance and enslavement to matter.

Please do not take my word for this. You really ought to experience the liberation and power of the new Magick for yourself - the way Adepts from various orders across the Golden Dawn community did last year at the 2012 International Conclave of Golden Dawn Adepti. (You can read about the 2012 G.D. Conclave here, here, here, here, here, and here).

This is what one Adept who was at last year's 2012 Golden Dawn Conclave says about the Secret Chief's newly released traditional Golden Dawn Magick:
"Following the 2012 Conclave, I was awed by how much more Magick there is in the Golden Dawn than just the stuff Regardie published. Without the traditional G.D. Magick released by the Secret Chiefs in 2012, the old G.D. Magick feels like trying to play a guitar with only 3 strings!"
- V.H. Frater F.P.
Portland, Oregon

The 2012 G.D. Conclave marked a milestone in modern Golden Dawn history, with the first release of major new G.D. Magick for the Inner Orders of all G.D. groups since the 1930s when Israel Regardie published the Golden Dawn Magick first released in the 19th Century.

Only a dead tree stops giving new fruit year after year. What Regardie published was wonderful G.D. material, but it was just the beginning - and not the complete Golden Dawn Magical system. Contrary to popular misunderstanding, the Golden Dawn is not just a cadaver that dead-ends half the way up the Qabalistic Tree of Life with the beginner's Magick Regardie published in the 1930s.

In the same manner that a living tree gives new fruit year after year, the Golden Dawn's physical Secret Chiefs are again this year newly releasing even more traditional Golden Dawn Magick, this time for the Outer Order, which the Alpha Omega will unveil to the world at the upcoming International Conclave of Golden Dawn Magicians (April 7-13) near Las Vegas, Nevada.

And this year the Alpha Omega is inviting even Self-Initiates and Solitary Practitioners of G.D. Magick - in addition to all Golden Dawn initiates of any grade from any and all Golden Dawn temples and orders! (And yes - we even welcome spies and especially nay-sayers again this year).

You should not take anyone's word about the traditional Golden Dawn Magick being released year after year by the Golden Dawn's physical Secret Chiefs. You should instead come and try out the Magick for yourself at the Conclave!

After all, as a very wise Woman (my Mother) used to say:

"The proof of the pudding is in the eating!"

You can find complete details about the 2013 International Conclave of Golden Dawn Magicians here. You can register for the Conclave by writing us here.

Dozens of Adepts from eight countries shared a full week of great Magick, good food, and travel with wonderful new friends at the 2012 Conclave.

With Outer Order initiates, Self-Initiates, and Solitary Practitioners also coming to the Conclave this year, space is rather limited. There are still a few spots left, so register here now.

Here a few pics from 2012:

Alpha Omega
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