Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 International Conclave of Golden Dawn Magicians

"The 2012 Conclave was the premier Golden Dawn event of the year."
- VH Frater A.A. - London, UK

2013 International Conclave 
of Golden Dawn Magicians
Self-Initiates and Solitary Magicians!
April 7-13, 2013 
(April 6 and 14 are arrival and departure days)

Conclave Registration is now open ...
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"Definitely worth the journey."
- VH Soror V.L. - Munich, Germany

Alpha Omega's
Isis-Hathor Mother Temple
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
at Shadow Mountain Sanctuary

just outside Las Vegas, Nevada

Last year's 2012 International Conclave of Golden Dawn Adepti was a smash success, with Adepts flying in from 8 countries. At that first Conclave, we invited only Second Order Adepts to keep attendance to a minimum.

The 2013 International Golden Dawn Conclave will be very different! This time ...

... the Alpha Omega invites not only Inner and Outer Order Golden Dawn members, but also Self-Initiates and Solitary Practitioners of Golden Dawn Magic!

Come and enjoy 10 days of:
  • Magical training, coaching and feedback.
  • Secret Golden Dawn magick for the Outer Order, newly released from the A.O.'s Secret Chiefs!
  • Traditional Golden Dawn initiation (see schedule below)
  • Daily "Ritual Magic 101 Dojo"with David Griffin
  • Lectures on a variety of magical topics.
  • Group meals and shared food. Leslie McQuade Griffin will teach on the importance of nutrition in spiritual development. Also an opportunity to try interesting vegetarian and raw food dishes. 
  • Nearby Sightseeing.
Be sure to register early for this year's unique Conclave. Space is limited and this event will reach capacity quickly!

Don't miss out ...
Register here NOW! 

We are doing our best to keep costs down to make it easy to attend this year's Conclave.

Donations are gratefully accepted to help defer costs. Donations may be made in advance through Paypal to
  • Conclave donation - recommended $49.
  • Initiations, optional workshops and sightseeing excursions during the week.
  • Communal meals here at Isis-Hathor.
  • Isis-Hathor Temple and Conclave facilities improvement donations gladly accepted.
Accommodations range from FREE on-site camping to 5 Star luxury hotels as follows:
  • FREE! campsites are available on the 2 1/2 acre Conclave grounds. The weather will be beautiful! - Average H-82º L-60º. You can buy inexpensive tents and sleeping bags at Walmart in Pahrump, NV if you don't want to bring them with you on the plane.
  • Near the Conclave in Pahrump, NV: Best Western Motel, Gold Nugget Casino Hotel, Saddle West Casino Hotel, and Stay-at-Dahrs bed and breakfast. Book early! These will fill up. There is also one luxury casita for 1-2 persons just blocks away from the Conclave.
  • In Las Vegas there are plenty of 5 Star accommodations, but it is highly recommended to instead stay near the Conclave. The closer you are, the better time you will have. On-site Conclave camping is highly recommended.
Initiation Schedule is as follows. Initiation subject to prior approval. It is not necessary to attend the entire conclave, although this is strongly encouraged.

Su -  4/7 -  Neophyte
Mo - 4/8 -  Zelator
Tu -  4/9 -  Theoricus
We - 4/10 - Practicus
Th - 4/11 - Philosophus
Fr -  4/12 - Portal
Sat - 4/13 - Neophyte
Su - 4/14 - Adeptus Minor

Optional sightseeing excursions:

Grand Canyon
 Death Valley National Park
Tecopa Hot Springs
Las Vegas Night Tour

Space is limited!
Register here NOW!

Here are some photos from last year's International Golden Dawn Conclave, together with some of the nearby sights:

Tecopa Hot Springs with David and Leslie Griffin
Death Valley National Park (Artist's Drive)
Death Valley National Park (Devil's Corn Field)
European Adepts Relax at the Armagosa Opera House
Near Death Valley National Park
A Las Vegas Wedding - Isis-Hathor Style!
Laying Tile for Isis Mother Temple
Isis-Hathor Open
A Few Adepts finish the ceiling of the Vault of the Adepti
Who Says Chivalry Is Just For Men?
The Yeats Sash Returns to Ireland
Soror S. and her Viking Sword
Watch out boys!

See you at the Conclave!
Register here NOW!

Your hosts,
David and Leslie Griffin

Think Different.

Alpha Omega
Because We Make Magicians!


  1. Notável Imperador DAVID GRIFFIN:
    Com sua licença, gostaría de contactar com
    Ilústres brasileiros " GOLDEN DAWN ".
    Estou em tratativas {UNASUL / BRIC´s / PALOP´s
    EMIRATES e G 20 }.
    Marcos Limoli ( Linkedin)

  2. Sounds great, love the temple layout!

  3. Olá Marcos Limoli

    Favor deixar email de contacto.


    Marcos Marcondes

  4. I just sent you an email,would love to attend and help out

  5. Dave....Hi yas :o)
    It's me Morph...*smiles* Ya the crazy druid is still lurking in the shadows. So about how long would the drive be for me from Baton Rouge to you?.I think it would be fun....You gonna have some Rosicrutions there for me to play with as well?
    You got my email hit me back...Oh and reinvite me to your messenger...I really miss our talks......
    Peace: Morph

  6. I live here in Las Vegas and I'd really encourage people to shop around for hotels before immediately buying a room on the strip. There's plenty of other casino hotels that are pretty cheap, away from all of that traffic. Santa Fe, Texas Station, Fiesta, those to name a few. Even the Fremont is cheaper.
    If you go down Durango (which turns into Fort Apache; just keep going south) and take a right on Blue Diamond, Pahrump is just a couple hours drive. Less if you go fast ;)