Sunday, January 20, 2013

Golden Dawn Dojo Smashes all Records!

"Well worth the flight from Baltimore!" 
- Frater T.E.R.E.

Astrology reveals how celestial forces affect your life. But why not take charge of your destiny rather than merely observe it?

The ancient Sumerian triple science of Astrology, Magick, and Alchemy comes down to you through Egypt, the Hermetic tradition, and the Golden Dawn. This spiritual science empowers you to:
  • Awaken and Balance the Cosmic forces in your energetic body (aura, "Soul") to master your horoscope and your destiny! 
  • Grow your energetic Soul for higher consciousness.
  • Transmute your physical body (lead=Saturn) into a Solar Body of Light into (gold=Sun) -  to become the purely energetic life form all human beings are evolving towards.
  • Survive death, consciously immortal with your Solar body inside the stars!

Golden Dawn Dojo in Las Vegas, Nevada is a shining beacon of light, attracting a diverse crowd of spiritual seekers from all walks of life - some driving hundreds of miles from California and Arizona - and others flying in from Baltimore and Mexico City - all to learn Golden Dawn methods for energetic Soul growth - "face-to-face" at the world's only Golden Dawn Dojo!

Golden Dawn Imperator, David Griffin, author of the much sought after Ritual Magic Manual, presides over Golden Dawn Dojo ongoing instruction and personal training in the Golden Dawn system of Astrology, Magick, and Alchemy.

At Golden Dawn dojo, David coaches and guides anyone interested in Golden Dawn methods for energetic Soul cultivation and awakening in a revolutionary, dojo-style training format. Golden Dawn spiritual exercises involve a series of gentle movements, visualisations and vibrations and do not require any previous training or experience.

Golden Dawn Dojo next meets on Saturday February 2, 2013 at 6:00 PM at Well of the Moon, 2650 S. Decatur Blvd. Suite A02, in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.

Golden Dawn Dojo also meets every day during the upcoming 

The International Conclave of Golden Dawn Magicians  at Isis-Hathor Sanctuary outside Las Vegas will also host Golden Dawn Dojo daily from April 7-13, 2013. You can find complete details about this full week of intensive Golden Dawn training here.

Enrollment for all of the above is open now. Space in Golden Dawn Dojo is limited, but drop-ins are welcome on a space available basis. Please wear loose, comfortable clothes.

Free-will donations gratefully accepted.

Unleash YOUR Soul ...

... with your hosts -
David and Leslie Griffin

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