Tuesday, January 1, 2013

UPDATED! Personal Temples: Alpha Omega's Isis-Hathor Mother Temple Photos!

Happy New Year - 2013!
Isis-Hathor Mother Temple
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega
Isis-Hathor Mother Temple - Portal of the Vault of the Adepti

located at
Shadow Mountain Sanctuary

Las Vegas, Nevada

May you find inspiration from our sharing Isis-Hathor Mother Temple with you!

A warm "thank you" to all of you Golden Dawn Adepts, Initiates, Self-Initiates, and Solitary Practitioners who have shared YOUR Personal Altars and Temples with all of us here on the Golden Dawn Blog!

If you would like to share photos of YOUR Personal Altar or Temple share photos as well, or just add it to the the map, please contact us here.


Frater LUA commented:
"Those pillars are breath taking! Care to share how you guys made them? I have never seen ones so big and professional looking!" 

Why, thank you! I would be happy to share. The Alpha Omega is quite proud of Isis-Hathor's Pillars.

Isis-Hathor Mother Temple (nicknamed "Camelot" by Alpha Omega's College of the Adepti) is an 838 square foot, free-standing Golden Dawn temple. She has a 12 foot high ceiling, so she has plenty of room for proper pillars. Isis-Hathor's pillars are 1 foot in diameter by 8 feet high plus the capitals.

Pillar Construction

The Beginning: Isis-Hathor Temple Construction
Left: Pastos of the Vault of the Adepti
Right: Leslie Griffin (VH Soror DIA) Building Isis-Hathor's Pillars

We took four, 4 foot by 12 inch concrete forms, glued an 18 inch cardboard section 9 inches into the lower section to give the joint more stabliity, then glued the two sections together as shown above.

We then took Moina Mathers' original pillar drawings from Alpha Omega archives. GH Frater Sincerus Renatus, who is quite a talented artist, retouched Moina's drawings, then converted them to scaleable Photoshop files. We later adjusted the files to the correct size to fit Isis-Hathor's pillars, then printed Moina's original drawings out at a professional shop on car-wrap material, then carefully applied the decals.

The result is a set of Moina Mathers' original Alpha Omega pillars in a technologically modern rendition that Moina herself would have been quite proud of!

By the way, the Vault of the Adepti turned out even more stunning!

With love from Isis-Hathor,

Leslie and David Griffin
(VH Sor DIA and GH Fra LeS)

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Think Different.

Alpha Omega
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  1. Es un muy hermoso Templo. Que hermosa imagen ver el altar, los pilares, y al este, bajo la bandera del este, a Isis.



  2. Those pillars are breath taking! Care to share how you guys made them? I have never seen ones so big and professional looking!

    1. I will add your question and my reply to the end of the article

  3. A(Lá)


    153 Vêde a minha aflição e liberta-me,
    Porque não me esqueci de vossa lei.

    Rafael Lacroce


  4. What a beautiful temple! I have seen pics of the vault and its also very beautiful.
    They are selling the ready made clothes to wrap the pillars (clothes with drawings) and also everything else you need to build your Golden Dawn temple at http://www.ritual-magic.org/order-elemental-tools.html

    Hope this helps

    Frater FL

  5. What an amazing job,you and Leslie are so great and lucky to have each other support.I can't wait to make my way to Nevada,any of these days,I am pretty sure next month,if that's okay.
    Beautiful,just beautiful.
    Have a great weekend.

    Soror Luna

  6. Gracias por mostrarnos tan hermoso Templo y por compartirnos como hacer nuestros propios pilares. Cabe hacer mención de que en nuestro caso, nos hemos inspirado también en los pilares del G.H. Frater S.R. para la elaboración de los nuestros.

    Reciban una calurosa felicitación por tan loable esfuerzo en apoyo de toda la comunidad de la Aurora Dorada.

    Fraternalmente en L.V.X.

  7. I've actually hand painted these pillars. It was not a simple undertaking.