Monday, December 31, 2012

Magical Astrology 101: Golden Dawn Dojo!

Astrology helps you understand how celestial forces affect your life at birth, now, and in the future. But why not take charge of your destiny instead of merely observe it?

Discovered in ancient Sumeria, Magical and Alchemical Astrology come down through Egypt, the Hermetic tradition, and the Golden Dawn.

Magical and Alchemical Astrology empower you to:
  • Become the Solar, purely energetic life form all humans are evolving towards.
  • Survive death, consciously immortal inside the stars!
  • Complete your Solar evolution in a single incarnation with Magical and Alchemical Astrology.
  • Transmute lead (Saturn) into gold (Sun) - your physical body into a Solar Body of Light - with Alchemical Astrology.
  • Master your horoscope - and your destiny! Awaken and Balance Astrological forces in your energetic body (aura, "Soul) with Magical Astrology. 
Announcing the world's first Magical and Alchemical Astrology dojo!

Join Golden Dawn Imperator, David Griffin, author of the coveted Ritual Magic Manual, for ongoing, face-to-face energy work and training in Magical and Alchemical Astrology.

David will coach and guide anyone interested in Magical Astrology methods for energetic Soul and cultivation and awakening in an ongoing, bi-weekly dojo style training format. These spiritual exercises involve a series of gentle movements, visualisations and vibrations, which do not require any previous training or experience.

This is a unique opportunity, as in-person training in the methods of Magical and Alchemical Astrology is presently offered no where else.

Space is limited. Enrollment is open. Drop-ins welcome. Please wear loose, comfortable clothes.

Golden Dawn Dojo begins Saturday Jan. 5 and every other Saturday thereafter, at 6:00 PM at Well of the Moon, 2650 S. Decatur Blvd. Suite A02, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Free-will donations gratefully accepted.

Unleash YOUR Soul!
Alpha Omega
We Make Magicians!

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