Thursday, December 13, 2012

SPECIAL: Ritual Magic Manual, from $49 (1999 Price) on Ebay (New, Signed)

This morning on the International Golden Dawn Forum on Yahoo, "cydoc1986" wrote:
"I was curious if David Griffin had any intentions of providing a second print of his RMM for purchase."
J Zulikowski replied:
"I second this notion. Why was the RMM not kept in publication for such a popular text? Since the material seems to be undergoing even more correction, can we expect a 2nd edition sometime in the near future?"
Actually, in 2005 I pulled the Ritual Magic Manual out of print. The reason for this is that the need for the Ritual Magic Manual was replaced by the on-line curriculum of our undergraduate level, First Order, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

It had become apparent that Self-Initiates and Solitary Magicians using the manual were not getting the guidance, feedback, or support they really needed in their practice.

I therefore integrated the contents of the Ritual Magic Manual as e-lessons in our undergraduate level, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn curriculum, where solitary practitioners could get support, guidance and feedback from our College of the Adepti.

I never like to speak in absolutes, but I currently have no plans for a second print edition of the Ritual Magic Manual. The Manual's entire magical curriculum remains available already in our H.O.G.D curriculum along with proper Adept support.

I have in the past awarded electronic copies, in searchable .pdf format, to aspiring Magicians who demonstrate merit by attending one of our Ritual Magic 101 webinars, in-person training sessions, etc. and reserve the right to do so again occasionally in the future.

I do, however, remain concerned about scalpers abusing aspiring Magicians on places like Amazon marketplace, where the least expensive new copy of the Ritual Magic Manual is offered today for a minimum of $999.

This is outrageous and I intend to do something about it.

As a Christmas gift to the Golden Dawn community, I have today listed a NEW, SIGNED deluxe hard-bound copy of the Ritual Magic Manual on Ebay, with bidding beginning at the original 1999 price of $49.

This ought to help drive prices down to something more affordable for aspiring Magicians.

Please note that Ebay pulled the item due to bizarre rules. It has been relisted here.


Golden Dawn Imperator David Griffin

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  1. Wow, this is a great opportunity for all Golden Dawn Magicians.

    I can say this is a great book, a Grimoire, a book not for the shelf, it is a workbook.

    If you reader, have the chance to obtain it, don't hesitate and get your copy.


  2. Hey! Where'd the book go?