Tuesday, November 13, 2012

SECRETS REVEALED: Israel Regardie's Golden Dawn Air Dagger

by Golden Dawn Imperator
David Griffin

Israel Regardie  - Frater A.M.A.G. - Ad Majorem Adonai Gloriam

With our 1,000 Points of Light Initiative, the Alpha Omega has implemented a variety of new programs to help Self-Initiates and Solitary Practitioners of Ritual Magic.

In addition to Ritual Magic coaching (in both LIVE Webinars and in person), this initiative includes encouraging people to create their own Personal Altars and Temples.

So far, we have helped you put 102 Personal Temples on the map. We have also published a dozen or so photos of Personal Altars and Temples from around the world, to hopefully inspire you to create your own. 

If you would like to put your Personal Altar or Temple on the map, let us know where you are - either in the comments section below or by email here. If you would like, you can also email us a photo or your Personal Altar or Temple, and we will share it for you here on the Golden Dawn blog.

Today the Alpha Omega leads the way yet once again, by sharing secrets of traditional Golden Dawn magical tools with you.

I was recently asked by a solitary practitioner of Golden Dawn Magic:
"How can I make personal Magical tools - and what books should I should to use to craft them?"
The answer to this question is complicated by how current "how to" books on Golden Dawn tools contain certain inaccuracies, modern variations, omissions, and partial deviation from the rules of the traditional Golden Dawn. There thus exists an urgent need for important correction, modification, and addition to the existing literature.

As a traditionalist Golden Dawn leader, I believe aspiring Golden Dawn magicians should have the possibility to make their magical tools according to the rules of the traditional Golden Dawn. 

Therefore, to provide a traditionalist alternative for aspiring Magicians - and to correct inaccuracies and fill omissions in the training of Golden Dawn Adepts - I am releasing photographs of a few traditionalist artifacts from the Alpha Omega's Golden Dawn Museum - beginning today with Israel Regardie's Air Dagger.

Israel Regardie

When Cris Monnastre first installed me as Imperator of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in 1994, she also gifted me Israel Regardie's magical tools to fully empower my mission.

In light of the 1994 schism, Cris Monnastre was convinced it would fall to me to lead the Golden Dawn into the New Millennium.

Perhaps Cris Monnastre intuitively foresaw that eight years later, in 2002, the Secret Chiefs would reestablish contact with the Golden Dawn community through the Alpha Omega, chosing me to help transmit their teachings and spiritual practices for the higher grades of the Golden Dawn.

Regardie had gifted his Magical tools to Cris Monnastre at the culmination of a protracted magical campaign they completed together. Unaware of the continuing existence of the Secret Chiefs and the Third Order, the Magical couple manifested their intention to resurrect the Golden Dawn in the U.S.A. 

Following the Golden Dawn schism of 1994, Cris Monnastre not only installed me as lawful Imperator of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. She also passed the torch of Israel Regardie's Magical tools to me as well.

Thanks to the kind gift of Cris Monnastre, Israel Regardie's magical implements today hold a place of honor in the Golden Dawn Museum of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega. Thanks to Cris Monnastre's gift, I am also able to share the following essential information about traditional Golden Dawn tools with you.

To begin with - as you can see from the photographs - Israel Regardie's Air Dagger is completely hand crafted, according to rules of the traditional Golden Dawn.

In some cases, practitioners of Golden Dawn magic have only had access to modern variations of traditional Golden Dawn tools. If you are going to craft Golden Dawn Magical implements, however, why not use complete and accurate information to create them correctly according to traditional Golden Dawn rules?

To meet the urgent need for more accurate and compete information ,,,

I am letting the cat out of the bag about Magical tools in the traditional Golden Dawn ...

Israel Regardie's Air Dagger - Sheath On

First of all, please aremember:

The most important thing for aspiring Magicians is to actually practice Magic. As I wrote in the Ritual Magic Manual, if you need to, you can practice Magic using nothing more than your index finger - or just a few items from your kitchen. What matters most is that you practice.

Aspiring Golden Dawn Magicians will, however, eventually want to craft your own Golden Dawn Magical tools. 

Here are a couple of inside tips ...

There are good reasons why each Magician should make their own Magical tools from start to finish. One reason is that you fill them with your energy from inside out and top to bottom.

Every day in the Alpha Omega, practitioners of Ritual Magic come to us needing to spend months - if not years - correcting errors and bad habits they picked up in their Magical training along the way.

Sure there are on-line shops peddling Golden Dawn tools and trinkets. - But if you are going to bother to have Golden Dawn implements, why not craft according to traditional rules?

I recommend you create your Air Dagger yourself - from scratch - the way Israel Regardie did - and as have traditional Golden Dawn Adepts since the beginning.

So how do you create a TRADITIONAL Golden Dawn Air Dagger?

First and foremost - I suggest you craft it yourself - using Israel Regardie's Magical tool as a model.

Israel Regardie's Air Dagger - Unsheathed

Basic material for a traditional Golden Dawn Air Dagger

Here are more SECRETS of traditional Golden Dawn Tools REVEALED:
  1. The blade is home-made from a metal file. It is hammered flat, then filed into the correct length and shape.
  2. The tail of the file runs through the center of the entire length of the upper handle, which is made of two pieces of wood, carved out so that the rump of the blade fits snugly within.
  3. The two pieces are glued together. 
  4. The top cone is carved of wood with the tip of the blade rump crimped over at the top with pliers to hold the blade snugly inside in the upper handle.
  5. The hand guard is made of four pieces of wood held together with glue and nails.
  6. The center two pieces of the hand guard are cut out out so the upper handle fits snugly inside.
  7. The scabbard is made of two pieces of wood hollowed out so that the blade is held snugly between.
  8. The two scabbard pieces are held tightly together with braided brass wire.
Finally, below you will find the all the correct Qabalistic Names and their Rosicrucian Sigils you need to fully empower your traditional Golden Dawn Air Dagger.

Please note that the Hebrew name of the river of Eden, Chiddikel, has been misspelled over and over throughout modern Golden Dawn literature, including in books on crafting Magical tools. The correct, traditional Hebrew spelling of Chiddikel, together with its correct Rosicrucian Sigil, appears below.

The Names and Sigils are to be painted on the hilt and the guard of the dagger in the complementary color violet against a yellow background. 

If you are serious about becoming a Magician, you will find no better school of Ritual Magic than the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega.

Click here to learn more about our outer order, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Alpha Omega ...
Making Magicians - Since 1888!


  1. Hi Will you. Publish thé tree other one fire ,Water and earth ?

  2. @ Kruptos

    Over time, yes, together with a number of other artifacts from the Golden Dawn Museum as well!

  3. Imperator you are the best!!
    I love how practical you are about things and yes I will suggest everyone to be patient and he will reveal things at the right time
    This is a big deal for sure.my question is I been practicing the LBRP with a dagger,of course not one that looks like this.but I use the dagger to trace the pentagrams in the air and to move from side to side.always on my right hand,is that okay?when I learned they said to just point and visualize fire and concentrate your energy while tracing but that can be done with your fingers or with a dagger,I use a dagger.is this okay?what you think?
    All the light

  4. Thanks Imperator,this is amazing.
    And yes we should be patient and wait for more things that will be revealed in time.
    My question is when I perfom the LBRP which is everyday I use a dagger,of course it does not look like this,for the tracing in the air and to concentrate better while moving from east north west south I find it better to point my energy using a dagger than my fingers.I know that people do both,and always on my right hand.is this okay?what you think?should I refine and try to create a dagger or keep using the one I have? Thanks so much

  5. @ Hermetic Moon
    What matters most in the beginning is that you practice. You can even use your index finger!

  6. Dear imperator,
    Hi i was wondering if you would have examples of sun and moon sword sigils and if any swords have been produced in the past?

  7. Dear imperator,
    Merry meet, i was wondering if you have sun and moon sword sigils and if any swords have been produced in the past.
    Many thanks

  8. Thanks for this Imperator Griffin!!

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