Monday, August 20, 2012

Golden Dawn FAQ: Imperator's Vlog 1: "Publishing Our Alpha Omega Rituals"


  1. Here we go again. It appears that the McGD Witch Hunt team is bound and determined to undermine any and all peace and harmony in the Golden Dawn community!

    In reply to our Peace and Harmony Pow Wow initiative, the defamation and misrepresentation against our order.

    Of course, Peregrin led the way with "loving" comments about the members of our order, followed by anonymous sock puppet "Dirk" who wrote:

    "Griffin and his "We are the one and only real GD/Pagan Great Rite, >that has been joined successively by the dead of past centuries in unbroken retrogression until now it embraces all the generations of man on the hither side of Adam and is drumming up distinguished recruits among the pre-Creational inhabitants of Chaos and Formless Void<" ™ and ® business agenda, is making a mockery out of the whole contemporary Neo-Golden Dawn and Neo-pagan scene."

    1. I have also said over and over that The Great Rite and the Alpha Omega are compoletely seperate and unrelated traditions.

      The 1% and their sock/meat puppets insist on conflating them for obvious propaganda reasons.

    2. And no one ever said that the Sacred Forest of Nemi Pagan tradition holds the exclusive anything to anything. Just more misrepresentation from the socks of the 1% still desperately trying to stir strife.

  2. Makes it pretty clear who is DESPERATELY trying to stir strife in the Golden Dawn community, does it not?

    Our order wants peace and harmony. Clearly Peregrin and his sock and meat puppets, as well as his hidden masters, do not!

    "The whole world is watching!"

  3. By the way. Just in case there is someone reading the above hate dripping rant that has not been around to hear that nonsense refuted a hundred times already, our order does not at all claim to the the only legitimate Golden Dawn.

    As we have said all along, we are only one among numerous traditional Golden Dawn groups, and we have as much right to exist in peace as the reconstructionists do.

    We are, however, under constant attack by Golden Dawn reconstructionists hell bent on destroying our order.

    There have even been death threats against our Imperator. This is how sick this truly is!

    Even in the wake of this twisted nonsense, Peregrin and his sock and meat puppets keep up the misrepresentation and defamation attacks non-stop.

    Shame on you, Peregrin. Time to listen to your GD members who want peace before you end up like Robert Zink!

  4. Peregrin's meat puppet wrote:

    "Despite the obvious sockpuppets and anon sockpuppet Dorothy Dixers on Griffin's blog"

    Here we go again. This is merely Peregrin's old misrepresentation accusing any one of our members who stands up to the bullying of his puppets of being our Imperator.

    How laughable and insulting to each and every AO memebr in the world. We are the largest GD order in the world today. We do not need socks and meet puppets like you, Peregrin!

    We remain thoroughly committed to peace and harmony, but we will nonetheless not allow you to misrepresent our order unchallenged ever again.

  5. Does anyone else find it wierd that we extend an olive branch and Morgan drags up old animosities, then stomps off in a huff, pretending that we are offending him by promoting peace and harmony?

    Go figure!

    1. Storming off in a huff when Peace and Harmony are on the table is a way of maintaining strife in the community.

  6. @ Nemesis

    Don't get discouraged, Nemesis. 99% of the entire Golden Dawn membership in the world wants peace and harmony and are fed up with the constant strife of the last 20 years.

    So far, there is only one Golden Dawn leader and a couple of sock and meat puppets still fanning the flames. Even his students want peace and harmony. He seems completely out of touch and hell bent of strife.

    Morgan's drama is different. He is just having trouble adjusting to a new reality, in my opinion.

    No matter what happens, the HOGD/AO remains committed to promoting peace and harmony in the Golden Dawn community, and will not exclude anyone from the Pow Wow, even Peregrin or the sock/meat puppets still attacking/misrepresenting together with Peregrin's latest comments.

    I urge Peregrin to reign in the sock puppets and meat puppets and to join us in promoting peace and harmony in the GD community. This is, Peregrin, what your students want. They too are fed up with all of the old animosities.

    Sadly, it appears that there is indeed a 1% of GD leaders who desperately want to maintain strife in our community, no matter what the cost. Time for them to listen to reason too.

  7. All of you Alpha Omega creeps should fuck off and die. You are all crazy! You make the Golden Dawn into a joke! Also please do us all a favor and tell Griffin to take his Multiple Personality meds regularly. Throw in a dose for his narcissism disorder. Then maybe all of you Alpha Omega fucktards you won't feel inferior to other GD leaders and be obsessed with the need to constantly attack them.

    1. Why don't you just show up in person?

      Or would that be a little too real for you?

      Anyway, you are most welcome.

  8. @ Anonymous

    I hear how difficult it is for you, Sister, to let go of hatred and to embrace Peace and Love in the Golden Dawn community.

    There is no need for you to hate us. We are just like you, spiritual aspirants working hard to become more than human.

    I invite you to let go of hatred, Sister, and to embrace the new era of Peace and Harmony that is upon us!

  9. Peace is not going to work if your side is the only one that is allowed to talk about the wounds the war has caused.

    1. Yes, I understand we have hurt your credibility, but you have damaged the egregore. Don't you see the difference? We kick sand on your shoes and you chop off our nose! Where's the greater hurt?

    2. @ Morgan

      I am glad you are still here. You have an open mic, brother. Might I suggest, however, that instead of mutually airing hurts of the past, we begin to explore together how we can mend fences and build bridges for the future?

    3. I think we can agree that cyber-stalking on bully blogs loaded with ad hominum attacks on our Imperator is not really adding anything positive to the discussion. And Peregrin leading a chorus of socks and meat puppets spreading misrepresentations is certainly not helping. This is not something from the past, but rather from this morning.

  10. @ Anonymous

    Since not even the Death Threat has derailed the Golden Dawn Peace and Harmony Pow Wow initiative ...

    Do you really think that the sort of cyber-bullying we have witnessed this week will work?

    99% of all Golden Dawn members everywhere want peace and harmony in our community.

    There is no way that the misguided 1% and their socks can stop an idea whose time has come.

  11. Given the changes that have been made by your group, and the changes made by my group, I am not even sure that we are even in the same egregore. I honestly think it is wrong to think of the Golden Dawn community as one big egregore; it seems to me to be several hundred egregore meshed in a bowl (kinda like banana bread)...that sentence made more sense in my head.

    1. On this Morgan, I am in complete agreement. Every GD order, even those with only one temple, has its own, unique egregore. This is why our members were so upset about Nick's books. Publishing the AO rituals had no effect on the GD orders using Stella Matutina rituals. It was, however, a direct assault on the Alpha Omega egregore. Also, Nick's spreading rumors about a "contemporary Alpha Omega political and religious personality cult" was highly offensive to the Alpha Omega, yet irrelevant to the purely Golden Dawn groups.

      What we have not been able until now to get across to our detractors (including you, apparently) is how all of these assaults on the AO are deleterious to the entire Golden Dawn tradition.

    2. We all seem to agree that diversity is a good thing in the Golden Dawn community, although there are many other things that we do disagree on.

      What our members would like to know is why you guys can't just live and let live. Why do your friends need to keep repeating the same old tired misrepresentations about our order that have been refuted hundreds of times already?

      Our refuting this stuff non-stop gives the entire GD a bad name as the larger esoteric community gets the mistaken idea that the GD is only about infighting.

      Why do you guys keep doing this when it is so counter-productive?

      I mean, take today - we have the same sort of "ad hominum" attacks being published all over again by a friend of Peregrin's that Deanna Bonds kept repeating ad nauseum a few months back!

      Same slime, just a different meat puppet. The common denomenator are the inflammatory comments coming in response from Peregrin and a group of sock/meat puppets.

      Don't you guys ever get tired of this?

      Do you realize just how obssessed with our order this stuff makes you guys all look?

  12. Ok, Nemesis--I am just going to step away from this one...because I have absolutely no control over Peregrin or anyone else in the community. I wish you luck in your peace efforts, but me sticking around here is not accomplishing anything at all...other than making me think that the only way peace will happen is if I and several other people just completely disappear.

    1. @ Morgan

      With mistrust running so high, it does not surprise me to observe you like a stray cat sneaking in for a sip of milk then jetting off again to see if it is safe to take another drink.

      Your presence here, Morgan, is an extremely positive development. Instead of talking past one another, we are talking with one another, even if the others are not yet here at the table.

      Of course you have no control over Peregrin or the socks. No one says you do. In fact, you have spoken out against anonymous socks on more than one occasion.

      You have got to understand that our members don't trust you yet either yet though. For crimeny Christmas, our order has been under siege for two DECADES now.

      What else do you expect from our members than mistrust when you consider that?

      And the attacks have had a coordinated look and feel about them, identical talking points, etc, which is why you tend to get limped together with the others.

      Still, let's build bridges and focus on what unites rather than divides us.

    2. @Morgan - it does accomplish something very powerful. It shows it can happen at all.

  13. We don't want you to go away, Morgan. We just want you to stop talking about us. Let us talk about us and you talk about you. That will show us you are serious.

    1. And perhaps you will see that the AO are serious too.

      Won't be easy. Will be worth it.

  14. Hmm. Good point anon. Let's try to keep this positive. Morgan, I am genuinely curious to better understand your vision of the Golden Dawn, your philosophy and approach to the tradition, and your management philosophy. What is it about BIORC that you like most? What is its greatest strength? What makes BIORC unique in the Golden Dawn community? What are some of the innovations you have made that we might find valuable in our order?

  15. Griffin, you are a liar! You and everyone in the AO can go fuck yourselves. Bunch of jackasses.

    1. How does this help? Really?

      We are opening a fragile but real dialogue. There is an approach being made to discuss things in a constructive manner.

      Why this aggression? How does it help?

  16. @ Anonymous

    Why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel about it?

    Some people will say or do anything to make sure there is never peace and harmony in the Golden Dawn community.

    Sorry, we are not letting you derail the Pow Wow. The peace train in the Golden Dawn community has already left the station.

    The trolls can either get on board, get out of the way, or get run over, but there ain't nuthin' stoppin' this train!

  17. And btw more than a few of us are richly enjoying these awesome videos. Actually very funny not to mention well made.

    Also noticed the change in tone happening here. Keep it coming!

  18. Haters will hate - don't be discouraged!

  19. I want to come to the Pow Wow! How do I find out more?

    1. Write us using the "contact us" link on the website. We will send you details as they become available.

      Despite the initial aggression this peace initiative appears to have awakened in a couple of misguided trolls, we hope to see the community take full advantage of this marvelous opportunity for peace.

  20. @Morgan is of course correct when he says that ONE side airing a litany of hurt doth not a Peace Process make... everyone needs to be equally engaged and equally heard.

    However, it is first essential to reach the beginning together. If we all get hung up now in all the past hurt and history then we will probably never reach that fundamental state:

    The willingness to really move on, and ultimately leave ALL the negative baggage behind!

    We cannot enter this process with an intention to "get even" or "prove that we were all right and others all wrong" if we are ever going to win the prize of Peace.

    This is not easy. It helps to acknowledge that it will not be easy for ANY of us. We ALL have what seem to be rationally sound and historically verified REASONS for feeling wronged, one way or another.

    So we can also respect the other party's sacrifice in setting the hurt to one side, and expect the same recognition in turn as we approach Pow Wow.

    There is no need for animosity. Nor is there any sense in declaring a premature trust right now! We can move ahead by just placing our trust in the commonality of goals... let that outweigh our natural mistrust.

    Let each one be responsible for themselves. There have been standard talking points repeated like a political machine orchestrated the whole affair... but individuals wrote for themselves, so let's keep this at an individual level.

    Nobody can be responsible for anyone else's actions.

    Let's serve the needs of the 99% and trust in our shared purpose - the need for Peace. The rest we can work through in stages, earning trust as we learn more about the real people and GD Groups that live and breathe behind the storm clouds of rhetoric...

    One thing that has never been doubted, is that there is a great deal of superb GD Work going on across these many groups, and we can all be enriched by sharing our experience!

  21. Alpha Omega has quite a challenge right now. The attacks will most likely not stop. Some will continue to write and blog with the same old same old that we have heard hundreds of times before - and can document; others will froth and hurl the kind of invective that really damages them more than us, but damages our entire community the most.

    We must keep our focus on the Pow Wow, and place Peace at the forefront of our minds as we respond to these attacks.

    There will also be those, who through the rankest of meat puppets will do everything that they can to detail this process.

    We can only trust that the whole community will see through those attempts for what they are, and will join with us in exposing them.

    While we have been at each others' throats our real enemies have rejoiced... whoever and wherever they are, the thought of Peace in the GD Community is anathema to them, and they will try every dirty trick in the book to sabotage this!

    Let's all stand together - even if we do not yet trust each other - and say NO to those anti-peace forces...

  22. Like the guy above said... "Haters will hate."

    We move ahead!

  23. @Morgan,

    Thank you for making the attempt to dialogue. The effort is repspected and I think the beginning of something great.

  24. Pat Zalkewski today wrote:

    "Today, the terminology of alchemy relates to a matrix of change and
    transformation. The change is what you relate it to, and when this is overlayed, the transformation begins as part of the matrix is adhered to. Its certainly a far cry from lab work, when this broad a brush is used."

  25. The above shows just what is wrong with reconstructionists who break all academic rules in the Golden Dawn community. At least among Neo-Pagans, recons attempt to maintain academic faithfulness to traditional concepts and to justify any necessary improvisation with academic substantiation.

    Zalewski and his colleagues, however, throw traditional concepts out the window and redefine things to suit their whims. Traditional initiation becomes "self-initiation" and "Astral-initiation".

    Rosicrucian and Hermetic alchemy are well defined concepts, that have to do with the transmutaion of matter. In the case of hte human body this has to do with the development of the subtle bodies and energetic evolution.

    PAt Zaelwksi throws Hemetic and Rosicrucian alchemy out the window creating a recon alchemy, that he defines in such a general way that it could as well refer to brushing one's teeth.

    So much for traditional Golden Dawn as far as the recons are concerned.

    Sadly, this is what the Golden Dawn has come to. There will likely never be any agreement between traditional Golden Dawn orders and GD reconstructionists. We can, however, agree to disagree, and let peace reign in the community, assuming the good will is finally there from the recon side as well.

  26. Anonymous wrote:

    "cry me a river"

    This is clearly the voice of the 1% that is trying to avoid peace in the Golden Dawn community at any cost.

    How sad, and how pathetic!

  27. Clearly there are those who would stop at NOTHING to maintain strife in the Golden Dawn community!

    The only problem is, their students know better than their leaders, and THEY want peace (as well as the new teachings from the Secret Chiefs!)

  28. Yes, the response to the Pow Wow has been overwhelmingly positive from rank and file Golden Dawn members, although many are still afraid of their leaders in the wake of the Conclave threats of expulsion.

  29. It's a pity you don't have a donate button! I'd certainly donate to this outstanding blog! I guess for now i'll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to new updates and will talk about this blog with my Facebook group. Chat soon!

    1. Come to the Pow-Wow! Looking forward to seeing you there.