Sunday, July 6, 2014

Core Golden Dawn 7: How Our Word View is Influenced by the Golden Dawn System of Magick


with Alpha Omega Imperator
David Griffin

Lesson Seven:

"How should the Golden Dawn System of Magic ...
... affect my view of the world?"

The Golden Dawn does not influence the world view of the aspirant, but rather gives the Magician an entirely new vision and understanding. This occurs through direct, personal experience and verification of the Inner, Spiritual Planes, and through contact with other non-corporeal forms of intelligence.

The existence of inner laws that are not at all unlike the laws of commonly known physics, lead to verify that material human life as we know it is but a profound illusion which is self-constructed by means of the five senses. Therefore the previous, limited view of the world, is transformed through enlarged vision, including all of the planes of creation, rather than merely the physical one - All of this with personal proof gained through direct experience obtained using the magical practices, etc.

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