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Core Golden Dawn 2: Problems G.D. Magicians Solve & Questions We Ask

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by Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®
Imperator David Griffin

Lesson Two:

"As a Golden Dawn Magician, 
what kind of problems do you try to solve?
What kinds of questions do you ask?"

Hermetic Magick and Alchemy arose in ancient Egypt and come to you across Centuries - passed down for Millennia from Hermetic Master to Disciple in an unbroken chain of Adepts. 

The questions you ask as a Golden Dawn Magician are:
  • 1) How can I become more than human?
  • 2) What are the techniques or practices that can unchain my Divine Spark to fully emerge and manifest within me?
  • 3) How should I live and work internally to reach this objective?

As a consequence of these questions, the problems you must resolve as a Golden Dawn Magician are posed by the practice of true and ancient techniques provided by traditional initiatic science.

The first problem involves the reliability of methods, which have been tested over generations of previous practitioners. For example, Kerstin Johnson from Stockholm, Sweden recently wrote: 
"Since working with Golden Dawn Magick, I've noticed a marked difference in my approach to common problems, increased patience, and a serious boost to my intuitive abilities."
A second problem as a Golden Dawn Magician you try to solve involves the ability to learn and practice ancient methods correctly rather than according to your own understanding, which can distort and negate their efficacy.

The third and most important problem you try to solve as a Golden Dawn Magician is how to develop your energetic body. To get the most out of Golden Dawn Magick, you must over time develop your energetic body, integrate it into daily life, and use it frequently, as you do your physical body. As you begin to feel the physically perceptible energy in your astral body grow and strengthen, you will ultimately gain physical confirmation you are on the right path in cultivating your energetic Soul.

(EU OHIM reg 000063925)
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®
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