Sunday, August 24, 2014

Secrets of Magick that Works


  1. Thank you for this blog and your keeping traditional GD intact. It gives us neophytes a chance at true teaching and guidance.

  2. Mr. Griffin, occasionally I read some of your posts on this blog. I must admit one issue which always grasped my attention is the question whether most of our beliefs (mystical or magical) are just illusions.

    I refer here to two previous excellent posts in this regard: The Inner Planes and Dark Night Mystic or Golden Dawn Magician.

    One particular statement that draws my attention is this one: The LOWER ASTRAL PLANE is the realm of illusion, which is its greatest danger. This is attested to by entire shelves of useless and delusional channeled material in New Age bookstores.

    I actually often wonder how much of what we believe to be mystical or even magical is just an illusion, or some kind of "channeled material". For instance, what about mystical visions and prophecies? Today there are many of these phenomena. And in fact some of them seem to carry indeed prophetic or clairvoyant content. Yet I wonder: if all spirits have clairvoyance ability, how could one tell the difference from a divine manifestation and a demonic (or from the lower plane, new age style) one? Or also if it's just a manifestation from the collective unconscious, feelings, fears, paranoia, etc.?

    And I also often think of some magician's statements like "There is no god in the universe but man." (Jean Dubuis comes to my mind). Isn't that also a kind of gross illusion, a kind of megalomania or spiritual disease as dangerous or pathological as the illusions of the lower planes, whereas the truth is that in our terrestrial condition we're much closer to matter and therefore to animals than to spirits?

    I think it would be interesting to hear your thoughts in these series about how Golden Dawn answers all of these questions. Is there some mainstream movie, such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Hobbit, etc., that is helpful in addressing and clarifying these questions? Thanks.