Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Core Golden Dawn 1: "What is the Purpose of Golden Dawn Magick?"

(EU OHIM reg 000063925)
by Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®
Imperator David Griffin

Lesson One: 

"What is the main purpose or goal...
...of the Golden Dawn System of Magic?"

"What are G.D. Magicians trying to accomplish?"

The main purpose and objective of the Golden Dawn system of Magic is the emergence into full consciousness of the Divine Spark that lies within each of us, which is stifled by contemporary education and by life experience reliant exclusively on the senses. Magicians seek to complete their energetic evolution in their lifetime, described by the Golden Dawn as:

"To become more than human!"

In the beginning, much wisdom can be gained through critical thinking about Magick; posing good questions, reflecting upon them, and at length discovering answers for one's self. Ultimately, Magick is a journey of Self-discovery. although Magickal training provides the skills needed to unleash the dormant powers of the Soul.

I invite you to begin exploring Core Golden Dawn concepts with me by reflecting upon the following questions.

What does it really mean ...

"to be human?"

What does it truly mean ...

"to become more than human?"

(EU OHIM reg 000063925)
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®
Making Magicians - Since 1888

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