Saturday, June 21, 2014

Awaken the Magick Within!

Are you drawn to Magick?

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn® (EU reg. 000063925) has been making Magicians since 1888. With our help, thousands of people have unveiled their Magickal potential - and we can help unchain the Magick in YOU.

Awaken the magick within. Access the tools of:
  • empowerment
  • manifestation 
  • expansion of consciousness
  • discovery and mastery of Self.

Here is what new Magicians say about our Order of the Alpha Omega curriculum:
"Since beginning of the new Order of the Alpha Omega curriculum, I've noticed a marked difference in my approach to common problems, increased patience, and a serious boost to my intuitive abilities." 
- Soror Liberte, Arkansas

"You get to the practice of magick within the very first few weeks, and following it to the letter you will start achieving results almost instantly." 
- Frater Skabowta, Malta

"Since I'm not close to a temple my tutor has been just as important as the new lessons." 
- Frater TGISSEPR, Texas 
"Even though reviewing a ritual I have used for years, I am with the lessons reexamining my approach and going over things i never payed attention to. This course is as useful for a new magician or someone who was self taught."
- Frater Reflect, Florida 
The Order of the Alpha Omega was founded in 1906 by the great mages, Moina and S.L. MacGregor Mathers, as legitimate heirs of the original European Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (1888). Led today by Leslie and David McQuade Griffin, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn has grown into a world class academy of Magick and international Golden Dawn fraternity.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, with our Order of the Alpha Omega curriculum, brings you today the best of ancient Magick with 21st Century training methods.

Carried to Europe with the Greek and Roman empires, Hermetic Magick arose in Egypt and comes to YOU across Centuries - passed down for Millennia from Hermetic Master to Disciple in an unbroken chain of Adepts.

Our Alpha Omega curriculum gives you all the skills you need to awaken the Magick slumbering within YOU!

You will master energy work, Magickal weapons and psychic defense, astrology, tarot, talismans, geomancy, ancient alphabets, alchemy and the Philosopher's Stone.

Our AΩ curriculum offers bite-sized lessons that ensure you grasp the concepts before moving on by: 
  1. Requiring descriptive summaries of your work, 
  2. Having to request each new lesson only when you feel you are ready to move on, and
  3. Discussions with your tutor validating you have actually learned the material before receiving the next lesson.
The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn also provides traditional, physical initiation in our international network of fully licensed and chartered Temples.

We are still beta testing our new Order of the Alpha Omega curriculum, but we currently have a few openings for the right applicants.

(EU OHIM reg 000063925)
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®
Making Magicians - Since 1888

Click HERE to explore our Outer Order, undergraduate level Magical training program.

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