Thursday, June 7, 2012

Troll vs. Troll

Shameless Satire! ...
... of Golden Dawn Witch Hunt Trolls

by Guest Blogger
by VH Frater A.A.

Welcome all Flame Fans to the Alpha Omega Arena which tonight hosts the first of the Troll vs. Troll World Series, sponsored by Red Rose Enterprises Inc. Your commentators for this bout are Caput Mortuum and Frater AA who has flown directly from White City, London to Nevada especially for this historic first fight. 
Our referee tonight is Daemon est Deus Inversus.

 Over to you!

CM: The atmosphere here is electric as the crowds gather for this eagerly awaited grudge match between Pitbull McTroll fighting out of the SRIA stable, and two times World Champion contender McMirrorTroll who currently claims no affiliation but trains with major McGD licensees.

AA: There are more than 28 000 people here tonight at this great new venue, which will be host to many more events in coming years.  All the usual faces are gathered at the ringside with the promoters of the various stables, and we are all excited at the prospect of finally seeing these two monsters square off in the ring – it has been a long wait!

CM: Yes – after the Mirror got cracked in recent dust ups at minor blog-venues we didn’t know how long that would take to fix, but news on the street is that the glue is holding and we are in for a great fight here tonight!

AA: The crowd are going wild now that the music has started – the Trolls are about to emerge!  Referee for the night is ROAO’s own Daemon est Deus Inversus!

In the Red Corner – from SRIA Nebraska, unbeaten in 15 of the the last 17 bouts, and weighing in at 120kg, the vicious, the unstoppable, the one and only PITBULL!!!

SRIA Pitbull Troll

In the Purple Corner, fighting as an independent out of California, the only Troll to come so close to the World Title on TWO occasions, weighing in at 120lbs, winner of 20 of the last 23 fights, the fast and the furious, the master of slipperiness, the one and only Max McMIRROR!!!

Max McMirrorTroll

Flame fans are in for a treat tonight.  Mc.Mirror has been bragging that this will be over in just a few rounds because Pitbull is too slow and predictable to avoid that trademark jab, but there is no doubting the power behind Pitbull’s offensives!

CM: This one is hard to predict.  I think that whoever gets the best start may soon build a strong points advantage, but both Trolls have delivered unexpected knockout blows before now, so we will be on the edge of our seats with this one. Seconds out! Round ONE!!!

AA: There was a camera flash there from the audience and MirrorTroll reflected it at Pitbull just after the opening bell…  the action is fast and furious as predicted…  Pitbull is wrong footed!

Mirror: “You aren’t strong, you just got ugly when you were young – you make more noise than a jet engine breaking, but you got no substance under all that blubber.  You think you have something to say?  Let’s hear it.  I’ll serve it right back to you so you can wear it!”

Pitbull: “Everyone knows that you’re just a nasty little liar.  You twist words until even YOU don’t know what real means.  You’re so contemptible in your arrogance that I’m wearing these gloves just so I don’t have to dirty my hands on you. Nobody wants to listen to you, so why not just shut up and take your ignorance home with you.  We’re bored with you!”

CM: Pitbull just about pulled that one back.  It looked really dicey there for a moment but composure is returning.  The Pitbull does not expect to be speaking second – EVER!  So this is already a turn up for the books!

Mirror: “We are listening to the most arrogant, the most boring, the most contemptible of all Trolls, who doesn’t even have a home since nobody will have it inside!  Why should we listen to this ignorance?  WE have spoken, and WE are the only ones anyone’s really gonna listen to – this is just a dull-witted mountain of idiot flesh muttering, so where’s the interest in that?”

AA: Ouch!  That was a bit of classic McMirror jabbing there – taking the words and shooting them right back with a new twist…   so far I have the Mirror well ahead on points…

Pitbull: You can do better than that!  You have no argument of your own so you just twist mine.  You are just giving me complements, that’s all! Any right thinking person can see that.  If you had any brains you’d use them, and realize that you’re outclassed here.  I’m being kind.  Go away and I may spare you some dignity.  Keep being in my face and I’ll show you what everyone but you knows, and you’ll be in pieces.  My honesty is more than you can handle.  You’re a weak little excuse for a Troll.  Run home to mommy!”

CM:  That riposte may have evened the score though.  The Mirror needs not to let the Pitbull gather a head of steam or it will be hard to get that jab working again – there won’t be any way to get a word in once the Pitbull’s trademark Drone starts… 

DING! DING!  (Seconds to their Corners...)

AA: Their trainers are telling them to keep their guards up – and Mc.Mirror looks a bit tired.  Pitbull isn’t even sitting.  Just standing and glowering.  Mc.Mirror’s corner are saying that the only way is to come out jabbing, and keep it coming. 

CM: Mc.Mirror can’t fight this on the Pitbull’s turf – there is no way to match that aggression – it needs speed, finesse, and plenty of points scored through that jab – let’s see if the Mirror can keep it up.  Looking a bit foggy just now… 

Seconds out!  Round TWO!

AA: Pitbull storms over to throw the first punches.

Pitbull: It is obvious that you have nothing meaningful to say, so just take your medicine and let these honest viewers get on with something more useful than just watching you suffer! You’re just a sad little bug waiting to be squished…

Mirror: Reality IS – you are the one with nothing to say… 

Pitbull: Anyone with any sense can tell…

Mirror: Anyone can tell that you need to take your medication or be forcibly committed!

Pitbull: Can tell that you are just a vacuous, empty…

Mirror:  Your head is so empty that that your brain rattles – so give it a rest!

CM: Ooof!  Pitbull is on the ropes!  This is a first!

AA: That jab is really working!

Pitbull: Your futile posturing is meaningless, anyone can clearly see that you are just a squawking midget clamouring for attention! You are a shabby and ridiculous little creature without even a shred of credibility! Your nasty, sordid little jabs are a disgrace...  do keep boring me with them, but you won't achieve a thing.  It’s common knowledge that you lack even basic decency, so keep it coming...  you'll only prove what people of substance all accept, that you have nothing to back up your noise! 

AA:  McMirror’s gone silent.  Looking stunned.  What is McMirror playing at – just standing and staring at the Drone like that.

CM: This is a dangerous move from the Mirror.  The jab is quiet and the guard is down – this could be carnage!

Pitbull:  My skill is in sharp contrast to your bone headed diatribes, you poor, misguided little excuse for a Troll!

You think you have what it takes?  Utter ROT...

AA: In a truly amazing turn of events, McMirror turned sideways as the Pitbull lunged! There was no stopping that trademark momentum – Pitbull has gone straight through the ropes!  Pitbull is out of the ring and being counted!  Pitbull is on the floor outside the ring, and FURIOUS!  The crowd is on its feet.

CM: The abuse is still flying but there’s no microphone down there in the crowd – do you think Pitbull can get back into the ring inside the count?

… EIGHT! … NINE!! … TEN!!!

AA: McMirror was already dancing a jig to the crowd, but Pitbull slid under the ropes on the Ten Count – is the referee going to allow that?

CM: No – it looks like it is all over.  Referee DeDI has stopped the contest and is holding the Mirror’s hand up and declaring it.  This is going to demand a rematch.  They were just getting started!

AA: In 3 minutes 25 seconds of Round Two, on a technical knockout, the winner of the first ever Troll vs. Troll Grudge Match, unbeaten in 21 of the last 24 fights, the still unbroken, McMIRROR, claims the Troll Weight Title!
Max McMirror Claims Troll Weight Title!

CM: Before that rematch there may be a few challengers to deal with though – there’s been a lot of noise coming out of the SlimeTroll camp lately, and we may be seeing that encounter happen before this grudge really gets settled.

AA:  That’s it for Flame Fans for tonight.  Tune in next time to Red Rose Enterprises and the Troll vs. Troll World Series of Flame.

Flame On!


  1. time well spent frater

    1. Believe it or not, most of those words have actually been spoken against AO in a variety of attack blogs and other fora in recent months. Transmuting it into satire and at least getting a good laugh out of it subverts their malicious intent very nicely. The next time you have a Troll on your tail, remember the parody and laugh in its sorry SRIA face! ;-)

  2. The obsession of SRIA and its misrepresentation trolls with the Secret Chiefs of the Golden Dawn continues.

    The SRIA trolls continue to post hundreds of attacks both on the Alpha Omega and on the Secret Chiefs containing the same misrepresentations and disinformation as talking points.

    Now that the Secret Chiefs have appeared on the scene, SRIA is getting more and more desperate by the day. SRIA's Dark Side plans for the Golden Dawn have been thwarted by the intervention of the real Secret Chiefs.

  3. SRIA Misrepresentation Troll, Morgan Eckstein wrote:

    Secret Chief (Zealot's Dictionary)
    Secret Chief: 1: A person who secretly cooks and is ashamed that of the fact that they cannot spell the word “chef” properly. 2. An entity, typically in the form of strong spirits and an Ouija board, occasionally in the form of a lunatic sitting outside the local Quik-Mart, who is willing to tell you all the secrets of the universe in exchange for complete silence and obedience. A Secret Chief will authorize any misbehavior of their favorite student as long as they are not required to appear in court to prove their existence. 3. A cat.

    1. The above is typical SRIA Troll nonsense. ComicTroll Morgan McEckstein presents three possibilities, each that have nothing to do at all with the truth. In reality, the Secret Chiefs of the Third Order of the Golden Dawn are an extremely secretive group of high Adepts in Continental Europe who have been the guardians of the Egyptian and the Chaldeaen mysteries, particularly the ancient sciences of Hermetic magic and alchemy. These Secret Chiefs have veiled and reveiled the mysteries numerous times over the Centuries, each time in the symbols and terms which best fit the psyche and the understanding of individuals living at that point in time. This will become quite apparent once we begin publishing the new series of communiquees from the Secret Chiefs here on The Golden Dawn Blog, in the series entitled "The Secret Chiefs Unveiled" ...

      ... Coming Soon!

    2. Nice attempt at humour from MaybeMorgan - but he lost it at the end.

      The Third Order has already proved its existence to the satisfaction of growing numbers of Adepti from across the wider GD Community, both at the Conclave and in the Secret College.

      As for the behaviour of the AO Imperator in defending this Order from misrepresentation, defamation, libel, lies and slime like this little innuendo... he is one, but the troops are many... nor does my voice require "authorization" from anyone, so quit these tired attempts to label me and others as sock-puppets.

      The voice of our Imperator has not by any means been the most prevalent over the months. He has more important Work to focus on.

    3. In the case of McMorgan, I'm just learning compassion and it works like "Icy/Hot"; at first, it enrages me to the point of have the ability to project myself to his blog and shut it down, but then, I understand that someone like him what else can say? he's just a puppet with talking points and no real arguments to bring to the table; and it just reflects pity.

    4. The material that has come out so far has left no doubt whatsoever regarding the skills and veracity of the Third Order. The proof is in the results.

  4. SRIA Disinformation Troll, Pat Zalewsi wrote:

    Re: Mather's Secret Chiefs
    One day the material in orders such as the Asiatic brethren will be published or placed on the net and we will see what all the fuss is about. But frankly I am more concerned about GD development at present in whole range of systems.A good area to look at is the GD tarot and how it interacts with the rest of the GD corpus. Olen's adherence to the Convoluted Forces paper is certainly on the right track to link things together. I have been slowly working on the dragon formula for years and interacting it with various GD strata in second and even third order within my own view of the GD universe. When you analyse a GD 6=5 in theory you are looking at part of the Babe of the Abyss level at Daath. Depending on what people have in this ritual it should be constructed with this in mind.This is where you go much deeper into the GD philosophy.
    One of the things that could be down at an initial level is to break the Portal down into something allied to what I did in the alchemy book which explains the darkside of the Portal ritual and why things are so placed. Admittedly its my view only and out of the box, but it is at least a stab in the right direction. This is the area that temples need to look at more as they develop their grades structures in the 6=5 and up.

    1. Does anyone else notice how nervous the SRIA and their McGD trolls are about the reappearance of the Secret Chiefs?

      This is evidenced by the sheer number of posts attempting to discredit them coming from the blogs and fora of SRIA's disinformation squad.

      Above McZalewksi falsely posits the Secret Chiefs as trying to graft the Asiatic Brethren order onto the GD. Where on Earth did McZ get such an bizarre idea? This one is reaching even for McZ!

      Then as an alternative to the straw man McZ himself just fabricated, he posits his own brand of "do it yourself" reconstructionsm.

      The Second and Third order curricula of the Alpha Omega coming from the Secret Chiefs are magical and alchemical and involve actual SPIRITUAL PRACTICES.

      They are certainly not the sort of mental masturbation of intellectual analysis on symbols that McZ. is trying to peddle as a "do it yourself" alternative to the Secret Chiefs.

      McZ wrote:

      "One of the things that could be down at an initial level is to break the Portal down into something allied to what I did in the alchemy book which explains the darkside of the Portal ritual..."

      Sorry, McZ, the GD is quite fine as it is and does not need any Dark Side rituals. You and the other Sith Lords of SRIA will never turn the Golden Dawn to the Dark Side!

      The GD Knights of AO will always remain vigilant, forming an impenetrable line against the Dark Side, in that place where the shadows flee away, banished by the Golden light of Dawn!

  5. SRIA Misrepresentation Troll, Joseph Kalikun wrote:

    there is a reference to the "Thesaurus Thesaurorum roseae and Aureæ Crucis",which another GD Order feels that the recent English translation and publication is a profaning of its secret teachings. By this claim (although recently denied) it seems to imply a conection with the GURC. There appear to be a number of published versions also in German and Italian also in various libraries and museum collections as been discussed on Adam McLeans Alchemy Academy Archive 2003 forum when first published in German as Thesaurus Thesaurum Fraternitate Rosae et Aureae Crucis Testamento consignatus et in Arcanam Foederis repositus Suae Scholae Tyronibus et Alumnis Fratribus Anno MDLXXX.

    1. We have refuted the misrepresentation in the above post already over and over.

      In truth, the Alpha Omega is against the profanation of the rituals and mysteries of ANY traditional order. The reason for this is that we have a deep and abiding love and respect for the sanctity of ALL traditional initiatic mysteries.

      This is something that the McGD reconstructionists completely fail to understand.

    2. And that is a very important point!
      They fail to understand that silence is a magical virtue that keeps intact the egregore of the mysteries.

      Iam utterly disgusted by the open source mentality that is displayed by some of the so-called chiefs.
      This is a sign that they failed to understand one of the very first principles of succesful magical work.

      Its seems that their initiations were dry and devoid of any real L.V.X.!

      Fr P.

    3. This guy Kalikun has really shot himself in the foot with this one. He is spreading deliberate lies here. Where have any A.O. representative said that the 'Thesaurus Thesaurorum' constitutes parts of our secret Second Order curriculum? He simply twist our words beyond recongnition.

      There is nothing secret about the TT. Our Second Order curriculum won't be found in any library in any parts of the the world, neither public or private, with the exception of the library of the Third Order, which is not the same as the Golden Rosicrucians.

      The reconstructionists fail to see that the Gold und Rosenkreutz were only a outer vehicle of the Third Order, in the same manner as the First and Second Orders of the Golden Dawn are. The Gold und Rosenkreutzes are a parallell tradition which is kindred to that of the Golden Dawn. It isn't hierarchically higher than the Golden Dawn.

      Notice the similarities between the latin names of the Gold und Rosenkreutz and Golden Dawn's Second Order; Fraternitas Roseae and Aureae Crucis (R et A.C.) and Ordo Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis (R.R. et A.C.) respectively.

      Clearly, this is a proof that the Golden Dawn constitutes a later reformation compared to the 111 year earlier one of the Golden Rosicrucians, doesn't?


  6. SRIA Misrepresentation Troll, Morgan Eckstein wrote:

    Here is the logic that is being followed here. Their upper echelon guards ALL the esoteric streams that nourish the lodge system, therefore they own ALL the esoteric traditions and ALL of the teachings and rituals of those systems. Hence publication of ANY occult matterial is obviously robbing their upper echelon of the ability to ensure that only the worthy is exposed to mysteries of the esoteric traditions.

    The middle and lower echelons do not have to possess any connection to an esoteric system in order to be robbed by a publication of a system's mysteries, for it is only the guardship of ALL esoteric traditions by the upper echelon that matters; after all, the worthy will eventually be admitted to the upper echelon. By this logic, all writers, historians and rival occult leaders/teachers are thieves of the darkest sort.

    1. Hmm. The above post is proof that the attacks on the Alpha Omega and the Secret Chiefs. Here we see Eckstein using a variation of the same thematic "talking point" used by Kalikun above. One is on a Yahoo forum and the other on a blog.

      Clearly, their SRIA handles are trying to spread this attack to as large an audience as possible and this time got caught again.

      Since this blog article uses the same talking point as above, I can refute it by merely quoting my above response.

      "We have refuted the misrepresentation in the above post already over and over.

      In truth, the Alpha Omega is against the profanation of the rituals and mysteries of ANY traditional order. The reason for this is that we have a deep and abiding love and respect for the sanctity of ALL traditional initiatic mysteries.

      This is something that the McGD reconstructionists completely fail to understand."

    2. "Here we go, here we go, here we go"... yes, it IS the old joke about the earwig football team.

      McGD is STUCK in the same old same old... round and round and round on the old track, deluded as usual.

      Have you heard the one about the short memory of the goldfish in its little bowl, "Oh look, a castle!"


      Furthermore, every member of Alpha Omega is de facto connected to an esoteric system, since each Order is connected to the very Mysteries under discussion. It is only McGD that has no knowledge of the inner Mysteria within the Rituals, from the ground up...

      McGD does not, repeat does NOT grasp what an HERMETIC TRADITION is... and this recent post amply demonstrates that for the 20th time.

      McGD "fast foodism" will never enable a student to progress into the Spirituality of Hermeticism. Their knee-jerking over Hermetic Silence is matched by mute ignorance of the realities of High Energy Theurgy, in all its Beauty and in all its Terror for the unprepared.

      It is very interesting that there is even a condemnation here of the need to protect the Mysteries from the "unworthy"... these are the words of one who has no true Mysteries to defend.

      Shall we explain it yet again? Or shall we just write an FAQ and direct them to the points they constantly fail to grasp in their McGD spin?

      Publish away dudes! You will go to your graves with your fingers still clutching at musty old documents. Our Lineage is beyond your grasp... you guys lost the plot decades ago.

    3. Since they utterly failed to describe even the most basic of practices (0=0), perhaps they would at least be able to give us a definition of what the concept "Hermetic Tradition" actually means?

  7. SRIA Misrepresentation Troll, Joseph Kalikun wrote:

    I think you are correct in your logic. It's a variant on the Class system where mobility is strictly controlled by the Upper Echelon. This is indeed the basis of Closed Source proprietary software like Microsoft and Apple. If you are a developer you have to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. Many Esoteric Orders work on similar principles that are based on a vertical hierarchy like Patriarchy and can be quite condescending. They were correct and worked well for their time, but now with the Aeon of Aquarius upon us, be it as Horus or Maat in format, it comes across as more than a little outmoded. I'm not against protecting intellectual property, as long it doesn't stifle growth if other people want to do things differently. I think the Pagan movement is more attuned to this with its 'flattened hierarchy', and authority resting more within the Community as a whole rather than 'High Priest/Kings and High Priestes/Queens' of various Traditions. This is very much portrayed by this forum, where people from various esoteric backgrounds can break bread, drink from the same horn together, and sing a song or two, even if not always in tune. I'll put that down to the excesses of Mead ;-)

    Taking a page from the Martinist Order, when becoming a 'Superior Inconnu', they are offered an option to stay with their own Temple to continue the work, or leave and set up their own system, in a manner they see fit to their particular circumstances. There is no interference from the parent body (Secret Chiefs/Hidden Masters?). The is beautiful symbolism, and truly show a generosity of Spirit. There is only a hint of this when Crowley says the 7=4 needs to write a Thesis on the Universe, in preparation of later creating a New Aeon as a Master of the Temple. Again beautiful symbolism if not taken 'too literally' lest the Generosity of Chesed becomes the Saturnine Devourer of Binah. We all know how Zeus solved this problem...

    1. To J. Kalicun, et al.:

      You write as if you are privy to that which you are not. What is the source of this? Limitless knowledge is useless without wisdom and understanding. To carry on in such a manner is quite revealing.

      Fraternally in L.V.X.,
      Frater N.T.I.K.T.

    2. Healthy organizations depends on secrecy, from the esoteric order, to Coca Cola, to the largest national government. Thus Kalikun's entire argument is absurd.

      McK wrote:

      "I'm not against protecting intellectual property, as long it doesn't stifle growth if other people want to do things differently."

      The Alpha Omega fully embraces diversity in the Golden Dawn community. It is the SRIA controlled McGD reconstructionist orders that refuse to allow the Alpha Omega to coexist in peace.

      They have been attacking the reputation of our order nearly non-stop for two full decades. The above statement made by SRIA Operative McKalikun therefore represents a new height in hypocrisy.

    3. I beg your pardon. FLATTENED HIERARCHY? How dare you! We Pagans have both, Arch Priests and Arch Priestesses overseeing the entirety of a denomination, as well as Ad-Hoc gatherings where authority is based either on who owns the space, who is doing the work, or who exhibits the most skill. Do you understand that? WE HAVE BOTH. I really don’t understand why the Golden Dawn community has such a hang-up with allowing more than one denomination to exist simultaneously without constant attacks and misrepresentations. Even within the Christian faith, where the only salient difference between say, Lutherans and Catholics (at least this is how it appears to a non-initiate) is their obedience to a Pope, the Lutherans don’t spend thousands of man-hours browbeating their membership with reasons why they shouldn’t follow the Pope, they just don’t. Why is it so difficult?

    4. Kalikun is so wrapped up in his post-modern reconstructionist paradigm that he cannot see the forset for the trees.

      Yes, there are secrets to be kept, for reasons that clearly are beyond the comprehension of reconstructionist open source evangelists as Kalikun. But there is also a level of openess and publicity. What else do you call my writing on my blog, or the writings of L.e.S. and L.e.T. on this blog, or the Golden Dawn Research Centre, for God's sake?


    5. Dunno
      Tell us why

    6. In addition to S.R.´s answer: One must understand that any given Secret is worthless if you do not know how to apply it. That is why the Rosicrucian movement has, since ancient times, placed much emphasis on Oral Tradition. One does not simply download secret teachings from the Net. It takes more than that to successfully use what you are being given. That is why our Third Order holds on to the concept of personal relation from Teacher to Pupil (and we in the GD do so, too). Alchemical Master R. has in great detail explained the necessary energetic transmission; here on this blog. So, you got all the GD material from the Net, fine. But: Can you read?


  8. DVelho wrote:

    The Asiatic brethren that I know, there's nothing to do with GD.

    1. You are partially mistaken in this assertion. There is an entire stream of Kabbalah in the Golden Dawn which derives from the Sabitain Kabbalah of Sabitai Zvi as filtered through the Asiatic Brethren.

  9. DVelho wrote:
    "Taking a page from the Martinist Order, when becoming a 'Superior Inconnu', they are offered an option to stay with their own Temple to continue the work, or leave and set up their own system"
    That is actually after the S.I. when you get the fourth degree, the SIIL free initiator, or even the Fifth the SIGI. but you do not set up your own system, if you do you are no following the order system.

    1. @ DVelho

      Don't say this to the McGoldenDawn reconstructionists. Their entire house of cards is built on the misguided fantasy of "do it yourself."

      If you can do it yourself, then why even bother with an order.

      Thus their entire reason for existance as orders is negated by the silliness of their entire approach to the Golden Dawn.

    2. Its a sad sign in these modern times that magical systems that are as wonderful as the Golden Dawn are abused by people that play "do it yourself" without having the right keys.

      How tragic when these people even find platforms to show off their "wisdom".
      The blind leading the blind.

      What was it like--- when the virgin set the scales, on the first day at the castle, at the alchemical wedding of Christian Rosencreutz?
      She knew no pardon!


    3. They completely fail to grasp the nature of a "Living Tradition". It's a current, people. A living spark, a source of lustral waters, which requires properly calibrated vehicles to run through.

    4. "DIY initiates". What a funny concept :-)

  10. I'm also a Martinist and DVelho is incorrect; you must keep the Tradition and follow the system when you are a free Initiator. You also take oaths in Martinism and as of today, I don't know a Martinist that is desecrating the oaths taken in the Initiations.

    A real Martinist and a real Adept of any Tradition doesn't go around publishing their material just to "prove something" or "satisfy someone's disbelief".

  11. Alex Summers wrote:
    “Secret Chiefs” is a vexatious topic in the Occult. On the one hand some people claim that they – and only they – are in contact with them. For these people a Secret Chief becomes a badge of exclusivity, a members-only sign to provide a filip to their fragile egos.

    If you read further the post from this person, he ends up by admitting that there might be persons who can be candidates for Secret Chief; therefore his first paragraph, which I cited above, is just a mere talking point, just for the sake of saying something against our stand on the Secret Chiefs.

    One of the base for their talking points against the Secret Chief is that they require proof; and I ask: proof of what? and as I also have said several times before, no Adept in their right mind give "proof" to anyone, you have to deserve it, period. A person can't just approach a Temple or Organization requiring proof of nothing, since there's nothing to probe to anyone just to satisfy mere curiosity. Only the chosen few have the privilege, and how do you earn it? doing the work and committing to the oath you take during Initiation.

    1. Actually, we have provided proof over and over, in the form of the advanced magic and teachings coming from the Secret Chiefs. We invited Adepts from the ENTIRE Golden Dawn community to the Conclave of the Adepti.

      The response from the McGoldenDawn leaders who have been demanding proof for years, was to threaten their members with EXPULSION if they came to us and got that proof!

      This is why we created the Secret College of the R.R. et A.C., so that Golden Dawn Adepts from the SRIA controlled orders can come and get advanced training without being expelled by their totalitarian order leaders.

      These clowns demand proof, then threaten their members with expulsion if they get it.

      Dark Side nonsense, it is!

  12. Just as chubby old Pat Z. is running out of steam, here comes Alex S. with a fresh wind coming up like lightning on the outside.

    The baton is passed, and now it is Alex S. who carries the baton for Darkside team SRIA, as SRIA Witch Hunt against the Secret Chiefs, the HOGD, and the AO drones on!

    As I have been documenting here with months of cross-posts on The Golden Dawn Blog now, SRIA Inquisitioners, relay team stile, take turns back and forth in their internet attacks on the Secret Chiefs and the AO.

    Nonetheless, THE TALKING POINTS REMAIN THE SAME, as I will show you yet once again below.

    1. You are absolutely spot on in your analysis. You have also referred to this SRIA "meat puppet" strategy as a "Zerg rush," borrowing a term from contemporary Geek culture.

      SRIA is operating with the mistaken belief that if they only throw enough McGD zombies at us foaming at the mouth spewing SRIA propaganda, that they will eventually wear us down.

      The GD Knights of the AO, however, are far more resilient then SRIA's Darkside McGD zombies!

      May the LVX be with you!

  13. Alex S. wrote:

    “Secret Chiefs” is a vexatious topic in the Occult. On the one hand some people claim that they – and only they – are in contact with them. For these people a Secret Chief becomes a badge of exclusivity, a members-only sign to provide a filip to their fragile egos ...

    1. Here we go again! We have refuted this talking point 38 times already.

      The Alpha Omega has stated over and over that we do not claim any sort of exclusivity regarding our contact with the Secret Chiefs. There are numerous other outer vehicles that they use as well, as we have said time and again.

      It is only that we are the only Golden Dawn order that they are presently in contact with.

      Even this is not due to "exclusivity". We have offered to share the advanced teachings from the Secret Chiefs with other GD orders over and over. We even invited Adepts from the entire GD community to our recent Conclave as well as to participate in our College of the Adepti.

      It is not our fault that the McGD orders prefer to arrogantly behave like horses' asses instead, even threatening their members with expulsion if they come in contact with the advanced magical practice from the Secret Chiefs.

      Exclusivity - my foot!

  14. Alex S. wrote:

    ...As has been pointed out elsewhere, there is good evidence that Macgregor Mathers believed the Archangel Raphael was the Secret Chief of the Golden Dawn.

    1. Here we go again with the SRIA controlled McGoldenDawn consortium and their kakamayme theories of archangels as Secret Chiefs.

      McGD leaders used to say that anyone who believed in Secret Chiefs ought to have their head examined.

      Once we offered proof in the form of acvanced magic and new teachings from the PHYSICAL Secret Chiefs, McGD has changed their story yet AGAIN (they keep moving the goal post), and now they claim that the ArchAngels are the Secret Chiefs.

      How very convenient. With this nonsense, McGD leaders can go on doing stupid things, like threatening their members with expulsion if they actually LEARN SOMETHING NEW from the advanced magic and teachings from the real, physical Secret Chiefs. Such totalitarian nonsense, they justify because the ArchAngel sitting on their shoulder told them to do this.

      How utterly embarassing!

    2. In this case, for once I actually agree with Pat McZ. He is so fond of saying: "If Secret Chiefs do not produce any teachings, then what good are they."

      The physical Secret Chiefs of the Golden Dawn have recently released a vast corpus of additional magic and teachings for the Golden Dawn's Second Order, that we are already sharing with Adepts from across the entire spectrum of the GD community.

      On the other hand, Raphael McArchangel., the imaginary rabbit who is the fantasy Secret Chief of the McGoldenDawn consortium, has produced absolutely NOTHING, except a bunch of New Age channelled nonsense, like you find on entire shelves of New Age bookstores.

  15. To this point, they don't have real arguments and have become just repetitive posers and puppets with the same talking points.

    Just read Alex S. Post and you will realize how he contradicts himself from one paragraph to the next. Are they in their right mind? Do they believe their own nonsense? This guys should evaluate their stance in the Golden Dawn and Rosicrucian Tradition.

    1. Actually, what Alex S. does is to repeat the same tired talking points from SRIA and McGD that we have already refuted at least 67 times!

    2. Alex Sumner wrote today: "As has been pointed out elsewhere, there is good evidence that Macgregor Mathers believed the Archangel Raphael was the Secret Chief of the Golden Dawn. To my mind this is entirely plausible: after all, what would you expect with a name like “Golden Dawn?” Also, the idea that Mathers received his teachings as a result of a series of clairvoyant operations involving the Archangel of Tiphereth would be congruent with the views of those who believe that Secret Chiefs are not living adepts."

      The highly speculative hypothesis that L.e.T. was the archangel "Raphael" was originally suggested by the S.R.I.A./O.R+C official R.A. Gilbert. He quoted a letter from Pattison in his 'Golden Dawn Scrapbook':

      "Fra. H. was conducted by an Eagle-headed messenger into the presence of the Angel R + [Raphael] (whom I, S'Rioghail Mo Dhream, know by the motto L[ux] e T[enebris])"

      Now, almost two decades later, it has been accepted by the post-modern reconstructionist camp to be gospel. Isn't that interesting, considering the Christian funie Character of the O.R+C manifesto?

      Isn't it strange that one of the foremost Christian spiritual beings - Raphael - has been elevated to the status of a Secret Chief? This is quite strange considering the fact that the concept of Secret Chiefs has a Pagan origin.

      The true identity of “Angel R+” is Angel Rosy Cross as it is an old Rosicrucian Tradition to abbreviate the words "Rosy Cross" with an "R" and an "+" (cross symbol). Thus it isn't a reference to a Christian or Jewish Arch-angel but rather to the Angel of the Rosicrucian Order. This constritutes an old Rosicrucian traditon which has escaped the reconstructionist "scholars".

      To a Rosicrucian initiate there isn’t much of a contradition between such an "angelic" being and a physical secret chief as it may seem for a non-initiate scholar. A will say no more on this subject.


    3. Being an Englishman, I wonder if Alex is affiliated with the S.R.I.A. or O.R+C? Perhaps he could clarify this for us?


    4. @ SR

      Come on, Brother. Of course Alex belongs to SRIA!

      He is using all of their attack talking points.

      But do you really think Alex will come clean about his SRIA involvement?

      Have you never considered that, with the noteworthy exception of the Supreme Maga of SRIA America and her sergregationist SRIA hubby ...

      ... That not one single person in the entire GD community has ever actually admitted membership in SRIA?

      Now what does that tell you?

      Obviously, SRIA has more than two anti-Semitic OR+C Grand Officers as members!

      Want to know who the SRIA members are in the GD community?

      Just look at who is frothing at the mouth, spewing SRIA's hate filled talking points against the AO and our Secret Chiefs!

      By their fruits you shall know them!

  16. This has once again become a McGD laundry list fest of regurgitated talking points with ZERO new information content. We have been here before, and it is already BORING!

    The McGD/SRIA talking point DROIDS have nothing new to say. Nothing at all to offer. Each one who picks up the baton just gives their own version of the SAME arguments... it is not going to work for them, but they have historically been very slow on the uptake.

    Nobody is going to be fooled by these transparent repetitions of DOGMA - and that is all this is, steaming piles of it congealed around each and every McGD Troll.

    SRIA Dogma Number One:

    The Archangel Raphael wafted down on gossamer wings with choruses of Angels uplifted in praise, and chose the noble Knight Mathers to receive the New Teachings of the Golden Dawn!!!

    It may play to Fundie Christian fantasists like OR+C, with issues about living in the real world, but I prefer Chiefs who can be contacted by phone! [BTW we have witnessed L.e.S. going and doing just that, and then returning with the most amazing insights 20 mins later... this is not an opium dream, this is reality.]

    1. The McGD trolls have no creativity as they are only permitted to do as their Darkside SRIA Masters command. They are terrified to show the least independent thinking as they face the same threat of expulsion, as they issued McGD members who want to learn the advanced magic coming from the Secret Chiefs.

      This is why we created the Secret College. And it is shocking what Secret College members have been telling about what is REALLY going on with SRIA and the McGoldenDawn Consortium.

    2. I could tell you a lot more of the truth about SRIA. I live in England, however, and I am afraid for my family.

  17. You are welcome to write me using this "Contact Us" link. Rest assured that your anonymity will be completely protected, so you need not fear any sort of SRIA reprisal.