Monday, June 18, 2012

"What is the Alpha Omega?", Episode 1 of ASK THE SECRET CHIEFS

New Series!

as revealed by

Frater Lux e Tenebris

In this new series, the Secret Chiefs answer sincere questions directly from the public. If you have a question, please post it in the comments section. All questions are reviewed by the Council of 12 Magi, and one will be selected to be answered in each episode of this new series!

Episode 1

"What is the Alpha Omega?"

Everyone knows actually very little about this order that has been called by the name "Alpha Omega," revealed only timidly at the beginning of last century, yet that has other names hidden in the flow of time. 

When this order was revealed for the first time, it was intended to lightly suggest the other mysteries related to it.

I hope that some might have understood from the meaning of these two letters, AO, posed as an abbreviation for the name of the order, Alpha Omega. 

Everyone supposed that it referred to the Apocalypse of John and the beginning and the end of time. Everyone supposed that it referred to the word of Jesus Christ, as Alpha Omega.

Rites of Isis: Moina and S.L. MacGregor Mathers

But no one understood the true scope and true meaning of these words. These Greek words reflect rather upon the message and mission of this order, as they should also have done also in the Rites of Isis of S.L. MacGregor Mathers and his wife, Moina, had they not failed in their purpose. Mathers and his wife were too attached to the Christian symbolism in the Golden Dawn, which therefore colored anything they did or would ever do.

But the actual message is different, and alludes to the actual mysteries, upon which the ediface of Christianity itself was erected; extremely ancient mysteries that shortly after Mathers, would explode in the so-called Pagan Renaissance. 

Indeed, the Golden Dawn itself is but a revestiment of ancient Pagan mysteries in primarily Christian and Rosicrucian symbols, given a Freemasonic ritual structure, as suitable to be easily understood in 19th century England. 

These are the same ancient Pagan mysteries encoded in the rites and symbols of nascient Christianity itself, that they should not perish with the rise of the aggressive new religion.

The Alpha Omega, however, has always rested upon a solid foundation of Pagan mysteries, although it does not reject the Christian symbolism of the Golden Dawn. 

Thus the AO inevitably incorporates also the mysteries of King Arthur and the Saga of the Grail. Dion Fortune intuited this and, in fact, in her literary works makes clear the direction in which she pursued her initiatic life.

The mysteries of the saga of King Arthur and the Kights of the Round Table are the background and introduction to the true esoteric mysteries transmitted in the practices of the AO.

If one wishes to understand the true initiatic path of the Alpha Omega, these mysteries must be thoroughly mastered.

One must consider the preliminary practices of magic and the magic of human development similar to the Golden Dawn and to many other initiatic schools, before proceeding onward, after having mastered such practices.

Let us consider the Arthurian mysteries and the appeal to Pagan knowledge in Europe before Christ. From the union and mingling of these two mysteries, the ancient Pagan mysteries and the modern ones reformulated in Christian symbolism, we can enter into a true understanding of the mysteries of the Alpha Omega.

The AO is ecumenical and nonsectarian, because it incorporates multiple mysteries and symbol systems and is not merely framed in those of sectarian Christianity alone, which was deviated over the centuries and millennia from the minds of that religion to be a vehicle of slavery to dogmas at times absurd. 

We see this reflected in the Golden Dawn today in the myriad Christian oriented "Golden Dawn" orders, which, unlike the ecumenical Alpha Omega, stubbornly insist on maintaining sectarian polarisation and conflict in the Golden Dawn community. Indeed, such dogmatic sectarianism, imported from Christianity, has proven the bane of the Golden Dawn for decades.

Alpha Omega, on the other hand, is a symbol that connects the masculine and feminine, which is already enough to make us hated by Christian movements for the mere fact that in their creed the sacred feminine does not exist, except in the function of the Virgin Mary, denying all other aspects - indeed for centuries actually diabolizing the sacred feminine.

The Golden Dawn, whose mysteries have been completely profaned through publication, has today descended into sectarian chaos, like a tree torn out of the fertile Earth, slowly dying with its roots exposed to the to the otherwise nourishing rays of the Sun.

I can in such a public arena not say much of the mysteries of the Alpha Omega, for this order still remains internally pure and pristine, with its AO mysteries unprofaned, and its roots shrouded in secrecy, drawing nourishment deep inside the fertile Earth. 

This is why, despite decades of persecution by sectarian intrigue, the AO has survived and today remains a healthy and growing organism, rising above the chaos presently eating at the heart of the Golden Dawn.

Again, since the mysteries of the Alpha Omega remain oath-bound and unprofaned, it has only been permitted to me to make such vague hints here as to their true nature. This I have done at the invitation of Frater Lux ex Septentrionis, so as to give renewed hope to those who may have become discouraged with the current sad state of the Golden Dawn, which David Griffin has so masterfully revealed on this wonderful blog.

The Golden Dawn Blog has become a shining example of the freedom of thought and expression made possible by the Blogosphere, giving hope to serious researchers and sincere seekers - who are neither sectarian nor racist - that the TRUTH is not dead beneath heavy and unnecessarily repressive vestiments, whether Christian or those of any other stripe.

This truth continues to survive in secret and is available to all those with a pure heart, who hear the call of chivalry stir within.

To all those Knights and Ladies, still heeding the call of Chivalry in these modern times, I say:

"Take heart! We are here and the ancient mysteries still remain intact. These mysteries remain pure and uncontaminated by the absurd notions of those who seek but to dominate you! To those of you who hear the call to freedom within, knock upon the doors of the Alpha Omega, and if your heart be pure, they shall open wide to receive you."


  1. Need more posts like this. No ridiculousness, no flames and attacks on either side (even if in defense). A well written and concise article.

    Sometimes it honestly feels this blog gets to mudded up by outside forces. I fully support this blog and everyone is allowed to defend themselves...but has just gone too far. I rarely read this blog anymore because now the defenders are slowly becoming more like those who originally defamed them.

    Calm, precise, reflective articles like this bring me back though. Shinning truth to those who need to it and pushing back the darkness of those who would wish this great order harm. Fantastic article and I hope this style becomes the norm. Thank you David, LeT and the entire AO and subsequent outer order (where I reside). :)

    1. Care Sean,

      Thank you. However, I respectfully disagree with your assessment of the current situation. It is quiet now. The sparrows are displaying their marvelous acrobatics and the flowers continue to bloom. Still, I am reminded of the condition in Tibet. The Dalai Lama will not speak a judgemental word against the oppressor 60+ years later. It is their path. The primary individual protest, that I am aware of, is the occasional self-immolation that is viewed as the most loving sacrifice that one could make. It has not come to this, yet.

      I too enjoy our blog. If the defense of our order insures that liberty is realized, then hand me a keyboard, or maybe a match. The situation is larger than me, or even this blog, and we have the internet.

      Darkness is merely the absence of Light. Shine Bright Brother!

      Fraternally in L.V.X.,
      Frater N.T.I.K.T.

    2. Tibet is currently closed due to those occasional self-immolations and Chinese security carries fire extinguishers!

      Interestingly enough these are labelled acts of "terrorism" by the authorities! Ha ha! Propagandists use similar distortions everywhere.

      There is even a LAW against any Tibetan teacher getting re-incarnated inside Chinese territory so nobody can build a movement around some returning Rinpoche.

      Thankfully the Witch Hunt waged against Alpha Omega isn't tied to State Politics, and we are not refugees just yet!

  2. Hi Sean,
    The Alpha Omega is not "attacking" anyone. Excuse me for suggesting you are anonymous troll, but you are using talking points used by anon SRIA/OR+C trolls quite frequently.

    What we are actually doing is thoroughly documenting the magnitude of the Witch Hunt that the SRIA, the OR+C, and their McGD operatives have been waging against the AO for two decades.

    Our strategy to show who the real aggressor is that is stubbonly inflicting their sectarian conflict on the GD community is by cross-posting, refuting, and cataloguing every single attack.

    99% of this Herculean effort is occuring here in the comments section. We only present the really gross stuff, like Donald Michael Kraig defaming the AO on the Llewellyn blog in separate articles.

    Soon, we will be able even to present statistical data on the frequency of use of attalck talking points and refer readers to the correct talking point refutation on a FAQ we are developing, so that the defense of the reputation or our order will not be so time intensive for our Adepts.

    But for you to mischaracterize what is happening as "flame war" is way out of line.

    Thank you for your kind words about this article though.

    Once we have the FAQ and talking point statictics on-line, we won't need to present nearly as much data repeatedly as they repeatedly attack us over and over with the same attack talking points.

  3. Let me clarify I am not trying to lump you in with some of the more...nefarious people out in the blogosphere. Nor do I think you are going out of your way and attacking anyone.

    I understand in the name of defense against those who wrongly defame you and the order, one must stand tall and proud. So, I apologize if it came across as I was trying to lump you in with them.

    All I was trying to state was that feels a little too much. Sometimes it feels a little too heated from your side. That isn't saying you are in the wrong, personally, given all the guys are in the right by in large and when you make a statement, YOU MAKE IT AND MAKE IT DIRECT. No snide, underhanded bull crap. You state your case, clear and poinant and then stand by. Unlike some people who make unhanded attacks in their books.

    So again, I am not trying to say you are in a "flame war" or started it or are attacking anyone else. It is just sometimes it feels your defense is a little...over the top. Just personal tastes. When it is all said in the done, the facts are presented and stand on their own, and you definitely show the facts. Just wish it came with a little less...flair? (I feel I am not making my point at all. I blame work! lol)

    Finally, I am VERY eager to see these stats and FAQ and such. I'm sure it will rock the GD community even further, but in a good way. A way that brings in the light.

    Thank you David for all you have done. I feel you have taken a lot of heat and bs and instead of exploding and having a teenage myspace freak out (like some other nefarious characters have), you simply present the facts and let them do the speaking. So thank you again and thank you ensuring the Golden Dawn Community, as a whole and not as a single order, can continue to thrive as it should.

    Your Brother In Peace, Love and Spirit,



    P.S. I'll PM you my motto so as to show I am not an anonymous troll. Lord knows there are enough of them and I surely do not want to be lumped in with them. I believe in standing by what I say, not being a coward and hiding behind an anonymous tag.

    1. Appreciate you posting your motto, and glad you can see our purpose and passion in defending the rose.

      The FAQs Fr AA mentions below are already helping us reduce the time all this takes so we can get on with our Work, researches, and publishing interesting new insights.

      As for the heat with which some of our replies come, some things really do need to be put in a sealed container and heat applied for a proper transformation to occur.

      We are glad to provide both the Blossom and the Thorn.

      Thanks for your thoughtful insights!

  4. Hi Sean,

    Isn't it satisfying when the blogosphere calms down for a few days and we can focus exclusively on revealing our wonderful Alpha Omega to the wider community!

    Unfortunately it has been SO relentless over the months since the Conclave unsettled our detractors, that at times this Blog's true purpose has been near submerged in the weight of rebuttal.

    It is indeed a fine line we tread in mounting the kind of defence we need against the Witch Hunters of the last 20 years. We have tried to manage this by ONLY answering and refuting what is specifically written against us.

    The need to continuously repeat ourselves as the same old talking point arise one after another in a tag team of defamation has been very tiring, and very off-putting to the general reader.

    It certainly behoves us to find a way of answering the drone of talking points without becoming tied up in the process, so we are working on compiling a complete FAQ of Talking Points and our Rebuttals, so that in the future we can simply refer the attackers to the relevant part of the FAQ and leave it at that.

    Our resources are so much more happily deployed in providing the kind of article that you mention!

    Myself, I am in mind to write for the Blog on the Mabinogi which I consider a vital source for the various roots of the Arthurian Romances, as it was compiled around the time that Geoffrey of Monmouth was writing in the French speaking borders of Cymru; I believe it preserves some of the same ancient mythic stories he must also have drawn upon.

  5. Yes! Bash Christianity as a whole and paint all Christians with the same brush, that's the ticket, that will show how sane and grounded we are!

    1. There goes another SRIA/OR+C talking point!

      Any time that anyone stands up to your constant bullying and manipulation of the Golden Dawn community, you call it "Christian bashing."

      Well, let me set the record straight yet AGAIN for you, Mr. McTroll.

      The Alpha Omega, unlike you and your SRIA and OR+C masters, is non-sectarian. We are not anti-Pagan, anti-Semitic like you, and nor are we anti-Christian. We admit Christians, Jews, Pagans, Muslims, and yes, even Thelemites on an EQUAL basis.

      We know you hate us for this. But this does not make us "Christian bashers." We are certainly not anti-Christian. The GD mysteries are rife with Christian symbolism and we embrace them fully.

      But we ARE drawing a line in the sand for the SRIA and OR+C fascist Christian extremist nutters like you who have been stirring strife in the GD community for two decades.

      Enough is enough already.

      So please take your racist, anti-Pagan, anti-Semitic brand of "Christians only" Rosicrucianism back to your racist little SRIA, SRICF, and OR+C enclaves with you - and once and for all leave the Alpha Omega alone!

      We are doing just fine without your factist domination ans constant sectarian strife stirring.

    2. you seem to be angry

    3. Actually, I am not angry at all. I am merely quite determined on pointing out what is really happenning here. For two decades, anti-Pagan and anti-Semitic "Christians only" SRIA and OR+C fanatics have attempted to usurp control of the entire Golden Dawn community.

      Anyone who stands up to them and preserves their sovereignty and autonomy, they lambast as "Christian bashers."

      Such insanity has gone on long enough. They will henceforth be held fully accountable for their schemes and misdeeds.

      What part of this do you not understand?

    4. Userp from whom?

    5. Anonymous,

      Your comment "you seem to be angry" is a tactic the most of the detractors use, to emphasize the talking point "I'm holier than you" and "you should take a spiritual approach", to diminish our right to stand up and make things clear, and defend if necessary.

      We just don't allow that anymore, and please, if you respond to my comment, don't come out with nonsense arguments.

    6. Angry? Hello MirorMax Troll - you really have issues with anger don't you?

      Let me explain again to you that the energy of that emotion has an evolutionary role in enabling us to draw a proper boundary against attackers.

      People like you conflate drawing such firm boundaries with "losing it" but you are barking up the wrong tree. Maybe your daddy didn't know how to set proper loving boundaries for you and now you can't abide by firm correctness?

      We are not at all angry, but we are certainly drawing a very firm boundary against SRIA oppressors and manipulators, cultists and liars. The GD community deserves better than your silly diversionary spin and misplaced religiosity.

    7. "Fundie is a fundie is a fundie is a fundie." Bash angry Christians? What is a Christian, really? Lately, Christianity appears to be a baby bottle that replaces pain with insanity. I love Christians! For they know not what they do. To me, it appears to be the perfect vehicle for an otherwise obscured message that could not have survived any other way. It is almost like a virus that has the potential of destroying the host, if they're lucky. To see Fundies pray for what they want, as if they know, I am reminded of something darker. It is what it is, neither wrong nor right.

      Fraternally in L.V.X.,
      Frater N.T.I.K.T.

    8. "Fundie is a fundie is a fundie is a fundie." Bash angry Christians? What is a Christian, really? Lately, Christianity appears to be a baby bottle that replaces pain with insanity. I love Christians! For they know not what they do. To me, it appears to be the perfect vehicle for an otherwise obscured message that could not have survived any other way. It is almost like a virus that has the potential of destroying the host, if they're lucky. To see Fundies pray for what they want, as if they know, I am reminded of something darker. It is what it is, neither wrong nor right.

      Fraternally in L.V.X.,
      Frater N.T.I.K.T.

  6. A blog on the Mabinogi? Please do! That would be such fine read.

  7. Well said VH Fr. AA! It seems silly at this point that David and many other members literally ask the same 5 questions or so and none of the defamers can honestly answer any of them. It is said you have to repeat with multiple links the same retort that they just can't seem to defeat, so instead beat around the bush.

    I think what you said rings true. I think we are also at a point where the rants and lunacy of the defamers will slowly fade into the background as the light shines through and true SPIRITUAL aspirants of the GD system unite.

  8. Thank you Lux e Tenebris and GH Fr L.e.S. for releasing "What is the Alpha Omega?"

    I love the way the deepest roots are so full of simplicity and wonder - almost beyond our powers of description. This seems to me to DRIVE us to mathematical discovery in the effort to encompass these realizations beyond the capacity of common language.

    On the symbolic level the Alpha and the Omega always remind me of the disciplines of navigation by the Stars - where the ANGLE measured requires use of Trigonometry via the properties of TRIANGLES (see the Alpha) and used instruments like the Astrolabe, or the Octant (it is a big letter A!)

    Meanwhile Omega is in the shape of NUIT the Egyptian Star Goddess through whose body Spaceship Earth is moving.

    In the ancient world knowing when and where the next Eclipse would fall was a very powerful and hieratic skill.

  9. My reading of Kraig's comment was that as you claim to be the biggest GD order (yet only 27 people subscribe to this blog),

    1. Yegads! The trolls are out in force again today. To begin with Networked Blogs from Facebook is the smallest feed into this blog. There are 211 followers, the largest of any Golden Dawn related blog, and we are still averaging around 28,500 page views in 30 days. I notice that you and your McGD buddies do not even show your stats at all.

      Now why is that? There is no need to be ashamed about it, after all. Is there?

    2. Are you SRIA/McGD trolls always so spiteful, or is it only when you get your asses handed to you like over the past two months?

  10. LOL! Nemesis alone must account for 5,000 of those hits...

    1. Who let these SRIA/OR+C Greek Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn trolls back in here?

      Or do you just write for Llewellyn?

  11. I have posted comments here for awhile, you can go back and check. I bookmarked the page because I don't want a blog myself. So even though I am not subscribed, I still view it and never miss an "episode". So I wouldn't use subscriptions as a valid way to determine viewers. That is why the page views are substantially higher. Nice try though. :)

    1. Many folks who read blogg such as these use rss crawlers, to keep up to date. Counters can be sketchy, we need to differentiate between hits and visitors, of course, but traffic will definetly be higher then whatever subscription service the owners of a blog use.

  12. G.H.Frater L.e.S.
    Fratres et Sorores

    Excellent article as always, G.H.Frater L.e.S.

    Religion should not be a factor in dividing the community of Golden Dawn. Religion cannot be used to continue a fratricidal war.

    In the Neophyte Ritual says, "Secondly, let me advise you never to ridicule or cast criticism or curses upon the form of religion professed by another, for what right have you to desecrate what is sacred in his eyes?"

    The Alpha et Omega (and the Golden Dawn) contains the Wisdom of the Primordial Tradition, which is above all religions. Christianity, Paganism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, etc.., Finds its source in the same source.

    The Alpha et Omega and the Golden Dawn are not a religion. They respect all religions equally. Not discriminate against its members for their religious beliefs.

    My experience has taught me that regardless of the religion of any person, Golden Dawn is the external order of the Alpha et Omega, the person can provide the tools necessary to achieve the conversation with your Divine Genius, "to become more than human ..."



    1. Care Frater L.A.M.,

      It seems to me that we are being infiltrated by a force masquerading as Christianity. Wolves in sheeps clothing. There is no desecration of that which is sacred. It has been hijacked, for millenia. It has worked before. It is how it works. Is our order exempt? Do you believe that our oaths effect how darkness operates? It does. Most of what is known of Christianity today is reconstructed. Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

      I am always reminded of something when a troll posts, because what they spew, is nothing new, they know not what they do, and there I go too, a shooby dooby doo. Now it's the Gnostics and on, and on, and on....It's all sacred, neither wrong nor right.

      Fraternally in L.V.X.,
      Frater N.T.I.K.T.

  13. Care Frater LAM,

    The Alpha Omega admits and advances candidates from all religions on an equal basis. SRIA and ORC do not. They are "Christians only." Our struggle is to prevent them from imposing their segregationist brand of Rosicrucianism on the entire Golden Dawn.

    You appear to have misunderstood something.

  14. Greetings!

    Its nice to see that the Golden Dawn is being exposed. In Fortunes Society of Inner Light, the Graal teachings composed most of the 3rd degree work. Its not that difficult to see that through history there have been individuals and groups that have worked toward the promotion and teaching of Pre Christian Mysteries.

    Hope that AO now will show its true 'colors' and expose what can be shown of the Initiatic Mysteries of the Western Mystery Tradition. This is the ONLY way GD, AO and the Pre and Post Christians will understand each other and walk hand in hand toward a new Aeon
    FL CML

  15. So, I have a question for the secret chiefs if they are willing to answer. I've been noticing a lot of hetero- and homo-sexual tension here ,in America specifically, and I'm just confused by the whole thing. There are some guys that are gay that say they feel they are a "woman trapped in a man's body" and you got woman that are lesbians that are saying the same thing. Then you got bi-sexuals that like both. Now, I have nothing against these type of people at all I'm just merely curious. Plus, it'll help answer my own personal questions that is if the secret chiefs will bless me with the answer. So, overall, I just want to know is there something wrong here like genetic deformity or was suppose to happen to broaden one's view on how to express love to one another?
    Thank-you. :)