Monday, October 3, 2016

An OTO Author's On-Line Tantrum

You know, over the years I have grown rather fond of my paparazzi.

As they say in Europe:

"You can recognize the greatness of a man by the cacophony of barking dogs nipping at his ankles."

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  1. It's so sad I used to think highly the Thelemite community but today it's leaders are changing the book of the law. Preaching Sin as far as having a political opinion and now bashing anyone in the occult world who considers themselves a patriot. Paul j Rovilli once preached about truth and and against censorship he even protested the oto changing a letter of the book of the law today he preaches why your not a mystic if you think this way or that way I once considered him a mentor until he started posting on why not to vote at all I couldn't keep my mouth shut and he blocked me. Next month I hoe to put in a application into the golden dawn under David griffin a proud patriot who's loyalty lies in the tradition not politics