Monday, August 29, 2016

The TRUTH About KKK Support for Hillary Clinton and the Body Count That Follows Her (reply to Frater "Blowhard" Barrabbas)

Over on his Talking About Ritual Magick blog, Frater "Blowhard" Barrabbas just wrote a bigoted, ignorantly misinformed, fear mongering, Communist leaning political rant so deluded and inaccurate that it does not deserve a reasoned reply.

Frater "Blowhard" Barrabbas
In fact, it does not even deserve to be read.

For example, who takes the crap they serve as news on mainstream media seriously today, other than Blowhard Barrabbas? Southern Poverty Law Center? Only Blowhard Barrabbas. SPLC is one of the most discredited propaganda mouthpieces of the totalitatrian American left.

Sadly, there are still a couple of innocent, hatchling Witches out there who might mistake the propanganda Blowhard Barrabbas spews as gospel. For their benefit, the above video will set the record straight about the Clintons and the Dixie mafia.

Good luck campaigning for the Clinton crime family, Blowhard Brian!

Why don't you leave political discourse to people better informed than you, and concentrate instead on your Magick hobby?

At least there you know what you are talking about instead of just spouting George Soros' talking points you read on the Daly Kos.

Regarding Blowhard's repeating Clinton's calling all her political opponents "racist," we have a classic case of "the one who smelled it, dealt it.

It is no one other than Clinton who chose former West Virginia Ku Klux Klan "Exalted Cyclops," Robert Byrd as her "mentor" in the Senate.

Hillary Clinton kissing former KKKlan leader, Robert Byrd

Here is a little piece of good advice for Blowhard Barrabbas: "Get your facts straight next time before putting your foot in your mouth like this again."

Don't think that Hillary Clinton's relationship with the KKK ended with Byrd's death. She continues to be supported by prominent KKK members. Why has Hillary not disavowed the massive support she continues to receive from KKK leaders even today?

So, we see that, while she attempts to divide and conquer America by spreading false accusations of racism towards her political rivals, the real racist here is Hillary Clinton.

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  1. It amazes me how far the hypocrisy goes with these politicians today.