Saturday, October 22, 2016

Presidential Meme of the Year

So - Who should lead America into the future?
Boss Hog or Richie Rich?

Who will YOU choose this November 8?


  1. Well I was somewhat undecided until I found out how hard the media was pushing Hillary. Whatever the news says is usually a lie, sad that it's become that way but It's been that way ever since the 60's with Operation Mockingbird. After the gulf of Tonkin incident turns out to be an outright fabrication it's amazing anyone can believe anything we are told. I would have respected them more if they just said hey we want to get the jump on the Communist countries in Asia or hey we want cheap gas and to make a bunch of money on defence contracts in The middle East both things I would have been ok with. Probably not most but when your government lies constantly through the media and you know the news is fake it's hard to not want to vote against Hillary who is being promoted by the propaganda machine as hard as they can, but why?