Thursday, December 4, 2014

Personal Temples: A Powerful Message From An Anonymous Golden Dawn Brother

by Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®
(EU OHIM reg 000063925)
Imperator David Griffin

When two years ago the European headquartered Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn® decided to encourage people to construct their own personal Temples to practice Golden Dawn Magick, our "Personal Temples" initiative was greeted by a mixed response. There were of course, nay sayers, who proclaimed that the whole thing was a waste of time and there would never be 1,000 new personal temples. The nay sayers had completely missed the point though. The whole reason for encouraging folks to create their own personal Temple was to foster the growth of the practice of Golden Dawn Magick.

Two years later, evern though we still have not reached our goal of putting 1,000 new personal temples on the map, we have nonetheless achieved this objective. The response by our readers has been overwhelming. All in all, many people around the world have lauded this initiative, and we have been swamped by people wanting to publish photos of their temple here on the Golden Dawn Blog.

May 1,000 Points of Light burn ever brighter, as the Magic of Light illuminates more and more people around the globe!

Help us light Temple Fires ...
... of the Magic of Light ...
... all across the globe!

When I received the below email and photo last night from Frater D.D.T.C., I was moved to tears by his message to the Magickal community. There is nothing really I can think of to add to such a simple yet powerful message. Here is what Frater D.D.T.C. has to say:
"I am a previous intiate of an anonymous G.D. temple, and now work solely as a solitary magician with a passion for the arcane philosophy as found in the Golden Dawn tradition of magic...
... I dedicate this altar to the 1,000 Points Initiative in the high, but still possible, hope that we may all see eye to eye as magicians and conquer the desire for disagreement between orders as well as rites. Let us rather take joy in our differences as we honor our matriarchs and patriarchs with the perpetuation of devotion to the ways of magic."
       - Frater D.D.T.C.
The Personal Altar of Frater D.D.T.C.

Personal Temple Fires Are Lighting ...
... All Across the World!

Thank you for sharing, Brother!

The Personal Temples initiative is just one small way the European headquartered Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is striving to serve the needs of the greater Magickal community. If you can think of other ways for us to help, please do let us know! Even the idea for the marvelous Personal Temples initiative came from one of our readers.

We are here to aid in meeting the needs of your magical practice. If you would like to put your personal temple on the map or publish photos of your personal temple here on the Golden Dawn blog, please contact us HERE.

(EU OHIM reg 000063925)
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®
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  1. thanks to the frater D.D.T.C. this is a great an open space for everyone who wants to share and recive we are bringing that light back .. thanks

  2. I seem to see a lot of self seeking of personal desires , I hear no love toward others ,but only love of self. I suppose I am one of the useless eaters who does not deserve life, which the likes of people like you cast spells to deceive and overcome those who love on another. I rebuke you in the name of the Christ,that your spells have no power over me or those who seek peace.

    1. That comment is so fifth grade. "The one who smellt it dealt it!" Haters gonna hate.