Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Personal Temple in Tennessee

by Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®
(EU OHIM reg 000063925)
Imperator David Griffin

Our Personal Temples initiative continues to bear much fruit. Every week we help more and more Magicians put their temple on the map, who in turn inspire others to create their own personal temple.

May 1,000 Points of Light burn ever brighter, as the Magic of Light illuminates more and more people around the globe!

Help us light Temple Fires ...
... of the Magic of Light ...
... all across the globe!

Here is what J. Dicax from Tennessee has to say:
"I have been practicing magick for about 4 years and studying it much longer. It hasn't been an easy journey not having any teachers to guide me. So I spent the last four years grabbing from here and from there, not following any established route or attaching myself to a certain current. 
I would say I have achieved a basic level of success in my work, but I also feel never attaching myself to a current or experiencing the elemental initiations has really held me back spiritually. So here I go back to square one, to do things right. Here is a pic of some of the tools I made for my Neophyte Self-Initiation. If I can do it, anyone can! And if you are going to attach yourself to a current, in my opinion, there is no other option - The Golden Dawn is the way to go...I hope this inspires others to do the same thing and everyone enjoys the picture."
       - J. Dicax
The Personal Altar of J. Dicax

Personal Temple Fires Are Lighting ...
... All Across the World!

Thank you for sharing, Brother!

The Personal Temples initiative is just one small way the European headquartered Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is striving to serve the needs of the greater Magickal community. If you can think of other ways for us to help, please do let us know! Even the idea for the marvelous Personal Temples initiative came from one of our readers.

We are here to aid in meeting the needs of your magical practice. If you would like to put your personal temple on the map or publish photos of your personal temple here on the Golden Dawn blog, please contact us HERE.

(EU OHIM reg 000063925)

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