Thursday, November 20, 2014

Core Golden Dawn 8: The Viewpoint Fostered by Golden Dawn Magick

with Golden Dawn Imperator
David Griffin
Lesson Eight:
"What viewpoint is fostered ...
by the Golden Dawn System of Magic?"

The viewpoint fostered through the Golden Dawn system of Magic is that Divinity slumbers within every woman and every man, and that an influx of light, given first from the initiations then from the practices, can reawaken a new life with operative reality rather than merely based on faith.

The viewpoint of the GD Magical system is that every woman and every man can reach this objective in that they possess all of the necessary requisites to arrive at their eternal aspect. Last but not least, the GD Magical system raises human dignity through cooperation with divine intelligences commonly referred to as Angels, etc., re-granting the magician his or her their original dignity lost in the descent into gross matter, losing thereby the memory and sense of his or her true nature.

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  1. It is this aspect of the Golden Dawn that I find the most life-giving and sustaining but also the most psychologically challenging. I think this is because I come from a Christian tradition with a strong dose of mysticism, a mysticism which emphasizes both one's utter dependency on God and being passively responsive to God. Though there are, in fact, intimations of the Golden Dawn view in some Christian traditions, those elements were never emphasized. The idea that one can actively claim the divine spark within or the idea that that divine spark is not just a philosophical fact but a dynamic factor which can be activated and claimed... such things were never even mentioned, let alone emphasized. I often feel a part of me has to dispute another part of me as I work through this discrepancy...