Wednesday, February 12, 2014

MAGICKALL - Spring Gathering of Traditions - 2014 Schedule

April 5-13, 2014 - Mojave Desert near Las Vegas, NV
2014 Schedule
Are you a ...
Magickal Witch?
Golden Dawn Magician?
Magickal Feri?
Pagan Magician?
Magickal Shaman?
Thelemic Magician?
Or a Magician of any other stripe or flavor?

No matter what Magickal tradition you practice, you will not want to miss the 2014 MAGICKALL Spring gathering of traditions - the world's first week long gathering of Magickians from a host of diverse traditions.

In 2012, AΩ Isis Temple began our yearly Spring festivals with the International Conclave of Golden Dawn Adepts. In 2013, we opened our doors to outer order Golden Dawn initiates, self-initiates and solitary practitioners of Golden Dawn Magick. Magicians came from all across the world - including Australia, Sweden, Germany, England, France, Cameroon, Mexico, and from across the USA.

This Spring we open our doors even wider - and YOU too are invited - no matter what sort of Magick you practice.


Adjacent to AΩ Isis Temple, at the foot of Shadow Mountain, lay over 200 acres of pristine desert perfect for Spring camping. Here in the Mojave desert, temperatures are quite pleasant already in April. So bring your camping gear or - even better - your RV. There are hotels nearby, but it is not at all the same as immersing yourself in desert nature.

We will provide portable restrooms, a camp shower, and a camp kitchen for those who need it. You are  also welcome in our oversized 24/7 hot tub (sky clad only in the tub, but clothes are required everywhere else).

Here is the present gathering schedule:

Every Day/Night

Golden Dawn Dojo - Ritual Magick 101
with Golden Dawn Imperator David Griffin

Shamanic Practice
with AΩ HPS Leslie McQuade Griffin
Drum and Dance Circle
Daily Lectures

Hermetic Magick and Alchemy
Golden Dawn Imperator David Griffin


Over the Hedge:
The Magick of Faery Traditions
HPS Vicki Claire - Grove of the Sacred Spring
Opening The Gates of Godhood
E.A. Koetting

Fire Circle Alchemy:
A Ritual of Transmutation
Vegas Vortex - Abigail and Jeff McBride


The Influence of the Golden Dawn 
on British Traditional Witchcraft
Alexandrian HP Frater Barrabbas
Principles of Thelemic Magick
Las Vegas Thelemites

Desert Plants and Potions
AΩ HPS Leslie McQuade Griffin

The History of Magick
Dr. Candace Kant
Dean of Students - Cherry Hill Pagan Seminary

Nightly Rituals

Grand Enthronement of Isis
Alpha Omega - with AΩ HPS Leslie McQuade Griffin
and Golden Dawn Imperator David Griffin

Through the Sidhe Mound:
A Journey to the World of Faery
HPS Vicki Clair HPS Vicki Claire
Grove of the Sacred Spring

Corrupting the Sacred Flame
E.A. Koetting

Dark Enchantment Ritual Dance
Scarlet Marie

Alchemical Fire Circle
Vegas Vortex
Abigail and Jeff McBride


Mass of the Goddess
Order of the Gnostic Star
HP Frater Barrabbas and AΩ HPS Leslie McQuade Griffin


Thelemic Magick Demonstration
Las Vegas Thelemites

Moina and S.L. MacGregor Mathers'
The Rites of Isis*
Alpha Omega - with AΩ HPS Leslie McQuade Griffin 
and Golden Dawn Imperator David Griffin

Initiation in the Golden Dawn
0=0 Neophyte Grade
(Private Ritual - Alpha Omega Membership or Approved Application Required)
Grand Closing Ritual
Desert Moon Circle

*The great Mages Moina and S.L. MacGregor Mathers originally performed the Alpha Omega's "Rites of Isis" on the stage of the Theatre Bodiniere in Paris in March, 1899. This year, the Alpha Omega is proud to revive the Mathers' "Rites of Isis" in public performance.

Optional Local Sightseeing

Las Vegas
Tecopa Hot Springs
Death Valley National Park
Grand Canyon National Park


This is a drug-free, child-free*, glass-free, "leave no trace" gathering. The desert should look even better after you leave than it does now (*No minors allowed at the gathering due to 24/7 sky clad hot tub. No nudity allowed except in hot tub area though.)


$60 recommended donation to Isis Temple for the week long gathering. Cash upon arrival preferred.

Getting Here

For those coming from overseas or out of town, best arrive into Las Vegas McCarran International Airport on 4/5 and depart 4/13. We will send directions from LAS to AΩ Isis Temple closer to the date of the gathering.

You are advised to pre-book airport transfers (about $30 per person) from Las Vegas airport to the gathering grounds well in advance at  (775) 751-1111.

PLEASE NOTE: The views of traditions presenting at MagickAll are not necessarily those of the Alpha Omega. Participation in any ritual or lecture is completely voluntary. Attendees are welcome to participate in as many or as few lectures and ritual demonstrations as they like. The mission of MagickAll is to foster tolerance, patience, and understanding between religious faiths and Magickal traditions.


  1. You have all these people coming and the costs is only $60? Are there additional costs for the workshops?

    1. There is no charge for the MagickAll gathering. We are organising this as a gift of love to the International Magickal and local Las Vegas Pagan communities. Unlike many areas of the USA, Las Vegas until now has been missing a local Pagan festival like Heartland, etc. We love our community and aim to fill this gap with MagickAll.

      $60 is a recommended donation. We believe that we will be able to cover our costs like this. Of course, any additional donations would be gratefully accepted.


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