Tuesday, February 11, 2014

21st Century Magick

by Alpha Omega Imperator
David Griffin

Anders Jarle Johansen recently wrote, over on Alpha Omega's new Facebook group, some kind words complimenting my character and leadership. I jokingly told him he should ask leaders of other Golden Dawn orders which GD order he should join, tell them he likes me, and then sit back and watch the fireworks!

Anders then replied:
"Interesting that when people run out of arguments in a discussion, they tend to go ad hominem on the opponent. In my view, that is not very constructive for a community that could otherwise thrive. And I believe it will, now that this becomes apparent through the discussion involving Desiree F. that has recently come to light. I for one, have made my decision about which order is the one for me. The AO with you at the helm."
Last weekend, when Desiree F. asked about the differences between various GD orders and said she had a favorably impression of me, the Facebook fireworks were as predictable the reaction to this article will be. Like always whenever I point out an uncomfortable truth, I will again be falsely accused of "attacking" other orders. Whether or not this means they will call me names again, this problem in the Golden Dawn community still needs addressing,

Today's spiritual aspirants have a wide diversity of Golden Dawn orders to choose from. The problem is most Golden Dawn orders fail to give the public any real information about what makes them unique. Instead, a whole group of GD orders still rely exclusively on "ad hominem" attacks on me to differentiate themselves.

The Alpha Omega, on the other hand, has worked hard and long to establish our UNIQUE mission, curriculum, and methods that set us apart from the undifferentiated Golden Dawn herd.

1. Our Mission

The Alpha Omega decided early on to make our primary mission "to make Magicians."  Astonishingly, some Golden Dawn leaders have chided me on Facebook because the Apha Omega's mission is so clearly defined. But every organisation has a mission and a public purpose. Why do leaders of esoteric orders think that having no purpose for their members is positive? Maybe their mission is to sell books? I can’t presume to know their intent, but they should share it once and for all and remove speculation.

2. Our Curriculum 

a. We in the Alpha Omega started already in 1999 to improve our curriculum to bring it more in line with our mission to make Magicians. Whereas the herd of Golden Dawn orders even today make students until the Inner Order to give them any real Ritual Magick instruction, the Alpha Omega teaches Ritual Magick immediately from day one. Why make aspiring Magicians wait 4 or 5 years with no real training?

b. We next added a vast amount of traditional Hermetic Magick and Alchemy to our curriculum that even today you find exclusively in the Alpha Omega.

3. Our Methods

a. We set out early on to improve our teaching methods and continue to strive to do so even today. In 2002 we opened our long distance training program and membership website, adopting the structure of an on-line university.12 year later, we remain the only Golden Dawn order to offer anything like this.

4. Continuing Improvement

Even today, the Alpha Omega continues to strive to improve both our CURRICULUM and our METHODS. We have come a long way since 2002 when we first opened Magickal training in our on-line academy, but the methods of on-line universities have evolved light years over the last decade as well. This is why we have a professional academic team working round the clock to once again revamp our curriculum to incorporate the latest breakthroughs in on-line education. The Neophyte grade of this new curriculum is already in beta-testing and will be ready for order wide release in 2014. We are very excited about this.

5. Our Spiritual Technology

Over the past two decades, many Golden Dawn orders have secretly introduced MYSTICAL spiritual methods into their teachings, like those of A.E. Waite's, Fellowship of the Rosy Cross. The ALPHA OMEGA, remaining true to our mission to make Magicians, continues to focus entirely on MAGICKAL spiritual technology.

Over the past year, the Alpha Omega has educated the public regarding the completely diverse and diametrically opposed spiritual methodologies employed by MAGICK vs. MYSTICISM. Some GD orders are mad as hornets about this, because they were trying to pass of MYSTICAL spiritual technology for MAGICK.

There is no reason why every Golden Dawn order should not to be transparent about what sort of spiritual technology they teach. There is room in the Golden Dawn community for a diverse set of orders, each with its own unique mission.

There are many people whose spiritual nature is primarily Mystical. Such individuals will find the most suitable training in A.E. Waite's Fellowship of the Rosy Cross, as revived inside the Secret College of SRIA. There are other individuals well suited for orders whose mission and teachings are geared to make Mystic-Magicians. Others still, are destined to become Magicians. Such individuals will find no better or more thorough training anywhere else than in the Alpha Omega.

6. Our Leadership

The only thing I really object to is when GD leaders try to pass off Mystical spiritual technology as Magick, or use defamation as a marketing tool rather of clearly stating their mission and public purpose. Spiritual aspirants deserve real leadership. They do not deserve evasiveness and fear-mongering.

So what makes the AΩ so unique?

What is it REALLY that distinguishes the Alpha Omega from the swarm of other Golden Dawn orders?

It is our MISSION, our METHODS, and our CURRICULUM that together give the AΩ our unique excellence.

Does this mean that the Alpha Omega the only "real" Golden Dawn order - or that we have any sort of monopoly on truth?

Of course not.

We do remain, however, until today the only Golden Dawn order with a clearly defined MISSION and that offers the public all the advantages of METHODS of modern, on-line Universities.

We are also very proud of our unique and ever-improving CURRICULUM.

So when it comes to YOUR spiritual development ...

What do YOU want?

Victorian teaching methods and an antiquated curriculum?

Or the excellence of the Alpha Omega?

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  1. Nick Farrell today described the above article as "long and rambling political crap about how wonderful your group is, and how terrible everyone else is."

    Well, that is one way to see it. Reasonable people, however, recall that this entire discussion arose from serious aspirants asking about the differences between Golden Dawn orders so that they can make an informed decision about the training of which order is most suitable for them.

    When seen in this proper context, the above article is certainly not the sort of "our order is better than yours" nonsense that Mr. Farrell is misrepresenting it as. What it is - is exactly what the public is asking for - a clear statement of what differentiates the Alpha Omega from other Golden Dawn orders - as well as what our mission and public purpose is.

    One still wonders what the mission and public purpose of Mr. Farrell's MOAA is - as well as what distinguishes MOAA from other orders. Sooner or later Mr. Farrell is going to have to provide this information to the public. The leaders of the other Golden Dawn orders are going to have to provide the public with this as well.

    Mr. Farrell recently even chided me on Facebook because the Apha Omega's mission is so clearly defined. But every organization has a mission and a public purpose. Why do leaders of esoteric orders think that having no purpose for their members is positive? Maybe their mission is to sell books? I can’t presume to know their intent, but they should share it once and for all and remove speculation.

    No doubt, they will now claim that by pointing this out I am "attacking other orders" or "attacking Mr. Farrell, as this is the way they have typically responded in the past when they don't know what else to say. It is clear to any reasonable person, however, that I am not attacking anyone with the above article and that I am not playing any sort of "our order is better than yours" schoolyard games either.

    What I AM doing is providing the public concrete information that the public and has a right to know has been asking for for a long time. It is high time that Mr. Farrell and the others do the same as well. The public has a right to make informed decisions about their spiritual training.

    Why all the evasiveness? Why not just remove all doubt and speculation once and for all instead with some straight and simple answers? The public, after all, has a right to know - especially when it comes to something as important as trusting someone with their spiritual development.

  2. It is the clarity of vision that is part of the attraction of the AO compared to other orders, in my opinion.

  3. I am glad that this discussion is taking place on this forum for that great reason. The reason of finding out the purpose of the organization and the authenticity of its teachings, because truly I am interested in learning this science. One thing that has me stumped is first their are no physical temples in my area, second online GD schools seem to be suspect. I would like to know Mr. David Griffin does your order accept online members and what web address are you operating under?

  4. Just curious. Why should groups that are not public be required to state anything?

  5. @ Anonymous. They should not need to say anything. unless of course they want new members. Then they do have an obligation to be forthcoming to the aspirant. By the way, aspirants have been putting together a wonderful list of questions to ask any order they might want to join. You can see the list at https://www.facebook.com/groups/hermeticorderofthegoldendawn/261856070648180/