Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Donald Michael Kraig's Fight For Life: Please Donate to Help With Crushing Health Care Costs

Carete Fratres et Sorores of the Golden Dawn,

Today Holly Allender Kraig published the following urgent appeal on her Facebook wall:
"Donald Michael Kraig has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. It's an aggressive form of cancer that has moved to his liver. He's doing everything possible to heal and put this into to remission.
Many, many of you around the world have sent healing energies, magick and prayers. They are all appreciated and felt.
In order to help offset the bills, we're asking your help to raise funds for his medical bills.
Every donation helps! We have a few goodies to give away at specific levels of donations. But they're in limited quantities! So act fast before they run out!"
I do not think there are many in today's magickal community whose lives have not been touched by the writings of Donald Michael Kraig. 

In the Golden Dawn community, the outpouring of love and magickal healing in response to Frater Kraig's illness has been impressive. Old grudges have been set aside, and with them the terrible polarization that for decades has hobbled the Golden Dawn has all but vanished.

Many outside our community still judge the Golden Dawn by the flame wars and legal battles of the past. They do not see the spirit of fraternity that is the true essence of the living Golden Dawn.

Do sisters and brothers quarrel at times when growing up in any family? Of course. But at the end of the day, family bonds always triumph over any petty scuffles.

May the Golden Dawn be judged not by the folly of the past, but for the fraternity and love that unites us today, as we embrace together a shining future with the Golden Dawn as a force for spiritual truth and liberation in the 21st Century.

I urge you, Golden Dawn brothers and sisters - no matter what order you belong to - whether adept, initiate, self-initiate, or solitary practitioner ...

... to reach down into your hearts to pull forth even more love and magickal will for the healing of our stricken brother, Donald Michael Kraig ...

.. and to reach down into your pocketbooks and help his family bear the terrible burden of crushing health care costs.

David Griffin
Chief Adept, Alpha Omega

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  1. The fundraising drive is now up to $6,110 in only two days. The response of love and charity from our community is impressive and massive. We are far from the goal of $15,000 yet still. I urge you, to see it in your heart to give whatever you can, no matter how small the amount. Please use the link above to help the family of Donald Michael Kraig with crushing health care costs. Please donate now.