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Egyptian Isinian Mysteries: The Subtle Bodies and the Four Worlds

by Alpha Omega Imperator
David Griffin
On the Golden Dawn Forum (HERE), Jordan recently asked:
"Hello all, I am a novice and beginning student of comparative theology. I have been studying alchemy lately and read somewhere that all of the metals referenced in alchemical text are actually metaphors for different types of subtle bodies. Such as:
 (Lead represents the material body)
(Quicksilver represents the etheric body)
(Gold represents the solar body)
(Silver represents the ??????? body)
Can anyone enlighten me on this or is this a secret I have to be initiated into the group to find out?"
Dear Jordan,

I have both a short answer and a long one. The short answer is:

Lead (Saturn) is the metal corresponding to the physical body, ruled by Saturn/Chronos, Lord of Time 
Silver (Moon) is the metal corresponding to the lunar body, fully active in the world of dreams - ruled by the Moon. 
Quicksilver (Mercury) is the mental body and the realm of ideas. 
Gold (Sun) is the Solar Body, the body active in the stellar realm, the universe inside light.
Thus we can understand how the Rosicrucian Magic of the Golden Dawn works first with the energies of the Elements on our planet, then evolves out through the planets of our solar system to the stars.

As for the long answer, let us first recall that although the Alpha Omega remains a traditional Golden Dawn order. The AO also operates a separate, purely Egyptian section.

For those educated in Kemetic tradition who may assert the below is incomplete, note that what I give is extremely simplified. Human kind and the universe should always be considered as single being, containing within itself the four elements that compose everything. I give below the simplest terms without going into detail into the explanation of the elements of the composition of the soul/universe, known to the Egyptians as the Ba, Sheut, Khaibit, etc. Additional information and practices are available to A.Ω. members.

1. The Sekhu or Khat - "The Body that Devours." (Physical Body of Saturnian Body (ruled by time) The Sekhu or Khat is the physical Body that lives and dies, eats, devours, renews, reproduces, etc. It is a sensitive and dense body containing meat, bones, corneous tissue, etc. It is also matter that it is created, serves its function, then transforms. It is physical matter that we can touch and see and perceive with ours five senses. 
Color: Black
Element: Earth
Characteristics: Stimuli, such hunger, thirst, sleepiness, concupiscence. Physical sensations (warm; cold, pain, pleasure, fatigue, vigor, etc.) 

2. The Ka - "The Body that Feels" (Astral Body, Lunar Body) The Ka is a subtle body composed of magnetism and vital energy. The Ka derives from the Sekhu or Khat like the Moon reflects the light of the Sun. The Ka is a more subtle body emanating from first and constituting its denser sensibility – nerves, nerve centers, the brain, etc. In the created world, the Ka is also magnetic and electrical energy. Subtle matter, magnetism and electricity, odic force, also called Astral Light. 
Element: Water
Color: Green
Characteristics: Sensory impressions; instincts, conscience, moral pain, feelings and passions (fear, courage, euphoria, depression, insecurity, love, hatred; goodness; badness, etc.). Sense of order or tendency to disorder. Desires; aspirations; attachments, etc.

3. The Ba - "The Body that Thinks." (Mental Body, Mercurial Body) The Ba is a more complete individuality emanating from the preceding two bodies. The Ba is mentality or the Mental body, winged at both the head and feet. The Ba is the constituent part of the human being most in contact with the Divine. The Ba is the most subtle, or thinking aspect of the human being.
The Ba represents the directing principle of the Universe and of matter. Today we may better understand this considering Quantum physics and Quantum mind. The Ba represents the subtle forces underlying universal creation.
Element: Air
Color: Light Blue
Characteristics: Intelligence and will, intuition, thought, creation, spiritual love, neutrality, truth, directing and willed concrete ideas, sense of freedom, premonition and precognition, dominion over the Astral body and thus over the physical body as well. 

4. The Akh, Khu, or Sahu - "The Body of Light" or "Divine Spark" (Solar Body, also called Diving Genius in the Golden Dawn). The Akh, Khu, or Sahu represents Divine individuality, which manifest in the human being by virtue of the Ba, which in its turn manifests through the Ka, and this through the Sekhu or Khat. The Akh, Khu, or Sahu participates in universal life, unique and eternal. It is the source of vitality, both physical and spiritual. It is the light of eternal consciousness, beyond space and time. 
Element: Fire
Color: Brilliant Red
Characteristics: There is not point in listing characteristics of the Akh. This must be lived through experience as it is beyond mind and intellect. I add only the following quote from the Adept Fulcanelli: 
"As long as fire exists, matter will not cease in its arduous ascent towards the integral purity; passing solid form (earth) to liquid form (water), and then to the gaseous state (air) and then to a radiant state (fire). As long a fire shall exist, human beings will be able to exercise their industrious activity on the things that surround them and, thanks to this wonderful igneous instrument, will be able to submit them to their own will, to mold them, to subject them their own purposes. As long a fire shall endure, human beings shall be human beings in will be directed relationship with the Divine - and the creature shall better know its Creator."

Let us recall, in conclusion, that the above Egyptian model exists only to better and more concretely understand the human Soul. It does not mean that this division literally exists in human beings. Who asserts this acts like a child who believes in fairy tales, for these four bodies completely interpenetrate one another and every cell of the physical human body contains the other three bodies not only within each cell, but also within each molecule and every atom. 

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  1. David,
    Thank you for your response. As well as seeking further guidance on the answer. I am very fascinated with your order; not only because of your lineage, but because your answers are straight and to the point. I appreciate your insight.

  2. This is magnificently simple yet nuanced.This describes in symbolic style what various philosophers and psychoanalysts have tried to describe in hundreds and hundreds of pages over hundreds of years.

  3. Care Frater David. This is very interesting. There are many models describing this, and this was a very clear and concise model for breaking it down. Thank you!
    Frater M.P.