Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nick Farrell's Cash Cow - Golden Dawn Publishing Business as Usual

Nick Farrell has profited handsomely over the years publishing Golden Dawn books that profane unpublished Golden Dawn materials (Mathers Last Secret) or defame Golden Dawn founders (King Over the Water). Mr. Farrell surprised the esoteric community last week, renouncing forever the Golden Dawn, yet attacking the Golden Dawn egregore in the process, while dragging the members of his MOAA order along with him, whether they liked it or not. You can read more about this HERE.

"MOAA continues to be ...
 ... a traditional magic order ...
... but is not ... 
...a traditional Golden Dawn order."

One would think one could simply take Mr. Farrell at his word.

But wait!

Not even a week has passed since that announcement before Mr. Golden Dawn NOT published yet another vanity press Golden Dawn book!

The book is called "Beyond the Sun – The Secret Teachings of the Missing Golden Dawn Order." You can find it HERE.

What should any reasonable person believe - Mr. Farrell's words quitting the Golden Dawn or his continuing Golden Dawn publishing business.

Does something not smell a bit peculiar here?


  1. Ave G.H Fr L.e.S

    Even though I agree with you - I have brought a copy of Nick's book, simply because I tend to buy every GD book I can get my hands on.

    1. :-) I am certain Nick will get a lot of sales due to this article. Oh well. Even Mr. Golden Dawn NOT needs to eat too!

    2. Well once it's out of course one gets hold of it. What's in question is why it was written and published in the first place. It is in any case difficult to attribute a positive motivation to someone publishing such things just as he is leaving the GD. It gives the impression of a "parting shot" if not something worse...

  2. With this publication it's evident the double moral and double standards of Mr Farrell; just one week ago, he said that he and his Order were out of the Golden Dawn, but as we all know, he still uses the rites and symbolism, and now a new book; therefore it is evident who is using the Golden Dawn as a business here.

  3. Yea there is a ton of stuff that i could say about this topic but I think everybody else has already made the point very clear so i will follow Hapocrates and keep my details silent LOL. It is very clear what Nicholas is doing no matter what he makes claim to . I do LOVE the books cover though . I love the Horus image as you will see in my personal temple for the 1000POL project when i send it in . sorry that was off topic but had to throw that in ;-) . I am definitely not judging the book by its cover though bcuz i wont be buying it . In my opinion it would be a waste of time reading ANOTHER of his THEORY books. I would much rather absorb PRACTICAL knowledge and actually PRACTICE /DO magick to build up my connection to HGA and grow spiritually. Sending love and light from Baltimore, MD area to you all.
    L.E.e.I / Silverhawk

  4. I think Nick has taken it too far and some individuals on the 'other side of the fence' are afraid to say hes taking it too far. Frankly I think the book was published to pay for his holiday shopping!

  5. Instead of the conjecture, why not simply ask the man?
    "Coalfire" aka Fra. Ahk-Kha