Friday, January 24, 2014

Core Golden Dawn 5: Ideas, Concepts, and Theories

with Alpha Omega Imperator
David Griffin

Lesson Five:

"What are the core Golden Dawn ...
... ideas, concepts, or theories?"

As previously mentioned, the fundamental precepts are to "become more than human" and to awaken the Divine Spark that lies dormant in every human being.

Theories revolving around these precepts affirm that every human being is unto his or herself a small God, slumbering and without knowledge that he or she is different than what they believe themselves to be or that which society has said about them. This theory thus carries us back to the ancient maxim of the mysteries, which remains actual until today ...

"Know Thyself!"

... because in knowing the truth about yourself, you will know the entire Universe!

This maxim alone explains the theory or group of theories of the Magic of the Golden Dawn. It is the fundamental maxim from which arise the following corollaries:
  • 1) Human being - You do not know yourself.
  • 2) If you knew yourself, you would discover yourself to be much more than you believe you are.
  • 3) The order codifies and transmits precisely the techniques that were given in ancient times by the ancient priesthoods and mystery schools.
  • 4) Your life is a dream and the techniques of the order, well practiced, can reawaken you to the truth of what you truly are, etc.

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  1. Not having undergone training yet, I can only speculate on the following... but it seems to me that it would therefore be very wise for the aspiring magician in training also to be in psychotherapy at the same time, especially in traditions of so-called "depth-oriented psychologies" (Jung, Reich, Freud, Adler... etc.), both to aid in self-knowledge and to deal especially (I would guess) with power complexes that must come with the process.

    Of course, that could be a two-edged sword, since those same therapies would tend to interpret the LVX energy in purely psychologistic ways.

    Nonetheless, it would seem to me that a "Rosicrucian depth psychology," one that takes into account what the depth psychologies have achieved, but honors the actual claims of the our tradition, would be valuable. But maybe that's already been done and I just haven't bumped into it yet.