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Secret Chiefs UNVEILED (Part I): On the True Nature of the Secret Chiefs

by Sincerus Renatus

by David Griffin
To begin with, I would like to welcome VH Frater Sincerus Renatus back to the Golden Dawn blog. For readers unfamiliar with Sincerus Renatus, he is Golden Dawn Imperator for Scandinavia and author of the excellent Gyllene Gryningen blog. I would like to recommend Sincerus Renatus' newest article, Part II of a thorough book review of Nick Farrell's historical novel about the life of S.L. MacGregor Mathers, King Over The Water, that you can read over on Gyllene Gryningen here. You can also read the first part of this detailed review here.

One of the greatest controversies in today's Golden Dawn community regards the true nature of the Secret Chiefs of the Golden Dawn's Third Order. On this question, there are primarily two camps. The order I lead, the Alpha Omega, knows the Secret Chiefs as a real, physical order in Continental Europe who are the source of origin of the original Golden Dawn. We know this to be true because even today they continuously provide the Golden Dawn community with vast quantities of supplemental, traditional Golden Dawn teachings and spiritual practices that go far beyond well known, published Golden Dawn material.

We have repeatedly made this primary source evidence available to the entire Golden Dawn community for inspection on numerous occasions (for example here and here). You can read testimonials from members of the Golden Dawn community who have actually inspected these teaching materials here. Thus continuing claims by leaders of other Golden Dawn orders that there is "no proof" of the physical existence of the Secret Chiefs today, boil down to mere political posturing.

On the other side of the question we have leaders of the SRIA and their agents in the Golden Dawn community. SRIA leaders are desperate to prevent the existence of the physical Secret Chiefs from becoming widely known and accepted in the Golden Dawn community, as this directly contradicts their own claim to themselves be the Third Order and source of origin of the Golden Dawn.

SRIA leaders (including SRIA Grand Archivist, Robert Gilbert) and their agents in the Golden Dawn community are by no means objective on this question, since the entire program of SRIA leadership to co opt and control the Golden Dawn stands or falls with the physical existence of the actual Secret Chiefs of the Golden Dawn's Third Order.

The primary exponents of the SRIA position on the Secret Chiefs are Robert Gilbert (SRIA Grand Archivist) and Nick Farrell. In service of the SRIA agenda, Nick Farrell argues that Mathers' Secret Chiefs were never physical people, but exclusively astral entities. To support this position, Farrell argues that Mathers thought that his primary contact with the Secret Chiefs, Frater Lux E Tenebris, was merely the archangel Raphael.

There are several problems with this thesis. First and foremost, the notion of the Secret Chiefs as "Inner Plane Contacts" and the notion of the Secret Chiefs as physical people are not mutually exclusive. Although Nick Farrell argues that his thesis disproves the physical existence of Mathers' Secret Chiefs, that is not the case at all.

The primary source evidence, which Sincerus Renatus presents in the article below, shows that Mathers claims to have been in contact with his Secret Chiefs both astrally and in person, and that the notion of the Secret Chiefs as physical persons was generally accepted by various Adepts even following the G.D. schism of 1903, including founders of rival Golden Dawn offshoot orders, A.E. Waite and R.W. Felkin, who counted among Mathers' greatest critics.

A second problem with Mr. Farrell's thesis arises due to Mr. Farrell's questionable research methods. This was recently made clear during the Internet discussion resumed below. In Farrell's biography of S.L. MacGregor Mathers in his Introduction to Commentaries on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls, Farrell writes that Mathers "developed the Second Order and its teachings by Inner Plane communication with an entity Mathers believed was the archangel Raphael and used the magical name Lux e Tenebris."

As I have pointed out many times in the past, for example here, Farrell's entire thesis does not prove that Lux E Tenebris was not a real person, whose physical existence has been supported by peer reviewed academic scholarship now for years. I quote from page 159, "William Blake e William Butler Yeats," by Arianna Antonielli in the peer reviewed Biblioteca di Studi di Filologia Moderna (2009: Library of Studies in Modern Philology, Florence University Press, p. 159):
"Nel 1891, Mathers viene chiamato a Parigi da un emissario dei misteriosi Capi Segreti del terzo ordine, a lui noto soltanto come Frater Lux E Tenebris. Guardiano delle tradizioni misteriche dei Sumeri, dei Caldei e degli Egiziani, Frater Lux E Tenebris deposita nelle mani di Mathers le chiavi per accedere a quella sapienza antica e segreta. Una volta a Londra, Mathers ha tutto ciò di cui necessita per fondare, nel 1892, l’Ordine Interno o Secondo della Golden Dawn: una società prettamente rosacruciana chiamata infatti ‘RR+AC’, Roseae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis."
English translation:
"In 1891, Mathers was called to Paris by a mysterious emissary of the Secret Chiefs of the Third Order, known to him only as Frater Lux E Tenebris. Guardian of the mystery traditions of the Sumerians, the Babylonians and Egyptians, Frater Lux E Tenebris deposited in Mathers' hands the keys to access this ancient and secret wisdom. Once in London, Mathers has everything he needs to found in 1892, the Inner or Second Order of the Golden Dawn a purely Rosicrucian society called  the 'RR + AC ', Roseae Rubeae et Aureae Cross. "  
Nick Farrell replied:
"An article in Italian peer reviewed by Italians who know nothing about the Golden Dawn for example is pretty much a chocolate teapot when it comes to "proof" of an idea. A peer reviewed journal also is always trumped by a primary source."
-Nick Farrell 
Mr. Farrell's above attempt to casually dismiss the entire history and protocol of academic discourse, peer review, and publication in respected academic journals merely underscores the weaknesses of Mr. Farrell's entire research methodology. When challenged to produce this alleged "primary source material," Farrell then replied:
"For those who want to know the public source for the the primary document which says Raphael was LeT it was printed in the Golden Dawn Scrapbook by Bob Gilbert. I know people have difficulty reading and claim I have made this quote up but it is on pages 37-39."
- Nick Farrell
I am rather astonished by the gaping holes in Mr. Farrell's research methods dramatised in the above statement. First of all, Robert Gilbert, as Grand Archivist of the SRIA, represents one faction in this debate, and thus The Golden Dawn Scrapbook is by no means any sort of impartial or objective source. Moreover, Gilbert's Scrapbook has not been vetted by any sort of academic peer review. Scrapbook must therefore be considered as a suspect and unreliable secondary source.

Let us move on to examine the alleged "reproduced primary source" in the picture below of p. 37 of Gilbert's unvetted text:

Clearly the above does not contain any reproduction of any primary source as Mr. Farrell erroneously claims it does. Scrapbook contains only SRIA archivist Gilbert quoting (in an unvetted book) from an unreferenced and unverifiable source. In other words, not only has Mr. Farrell failed to provide any primary source material to support his thesis, but he apparently does not even understand the difference between primary and secondary sources.

Thus we see how both Mr. Farrell's thesis as well as his research methods are fatally flawed. Even if Mr. Farrell were to be correct that in 1888 Mathers saw the Archangel Raphael as Frater Lux E Tenebris (a thesis Mr. Farrell has so far completely failed to support) there nonetheless remain quite substantial problems, as follow:
  1. Mathers (in primary sources) claimed to be in contact with the Secret Chiefs both astrally and physically, so the two notions are not in any way mutually exclusive.
  2. Even if Mathers saw Frater Lux E Tenebris as the Archangel Raphael in 1888, this is long before Mathers (in primary sources) claimed to have established physical contact with the Secret Chiefs in Paris in 1891.
  3. As will be documented by Frater Sincerus Renatus below, both Robert Felkin and A.E. Waite saw the Secret Chiefs very much as physical beings immediately following the 1903 schism.
In addition to the evidence for Mathers understanding of the Secret Chiefs a physical persons, we also have both Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune confirming Mathers' recounting of having met with the Secret Chiefs physically in the Bois de Boulogne in Pagis (Crowley Confessions, Chapter 20, Fortune, Cerenonial Magic Unveiled)
[Mathers] announced to the most advanced adepts that he had himself made the Magical Link with the Secret Chiefs; and, at an interview with three of them in the Bois de Boulogne, had been confirmed in the supreme and sole authority as the Visible Head of the Order.
- Aleister Crowley
With this said, I am pleased to introduce to you, Part I of Sincerus Renatus well researched study of of historical evidence On the True Nature of the Secret Chiefs.

On the True Nature of the Secret Chiefs

by Sincerus Renatus

The question about the true nature of the so called "Third Order" and its mysterious "Secret Chiefs" has been a long standing, and sometimes heated, debate since the inception of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. This debate still continues today, and just recently has been the focus of attention on several Golden Dawn related fora and blogs. The main question about "them", i.e. the Secret Chiefs, has always been of their true nature - are they real persons in the flesh or are they some kind of "masters" on the inner planes? This essay will try to give a tentative answer to this question, one that probably will not end the debate and certainly not satisfy all persons asking questions about "them".

I believe it would be of high interest if we searched back in time to seek out what the general or accepted opinion were about the Secret Chiefs in the past, not just limiting the presentation to our current popular views. I will not however be satisfied with limiting my historical and geographical perspective to the Golden Dawn and its inception in England, but will try to delve deeper into the layers of history, to 18th Century Germany. I believe the answers of how we should regard this delicate question somehow must be related to or illuminated by the very roots of these concepts

It's not at all uncommon today to read about claims held by numerous occult organizations and fraternities that they possess a communication with "Secret Chiefs" of some sorts, or the Third Order even. Looking at the web page of Servants of the Light (S.O.L.), as an example, one can read about this said organization as a "fully contacted Mystery School". This of course means contacted by Secret Chiefs. Knowing the history of this Order and its origins in Dion Fortune's Society of the Inner Light, one easily can construe that this refers to "astral contacts" with some sort of "guides" or "guardians". I also know from an old member of both the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and a former high ranking member of S.O.L. (with personal communication with Dolores Aschcroft-Nowicki, the current leader of S.O.L.) that the highest teachings belonging to their "Third Grade" were solely being received by so called "channeled" sources, i.e. from an astral origin.

This is not an uncommon notion at all. Like I said, most occult societies claim this kind of inner plane contacts. Dion Fortune was a prominent psychic and claims to have received her own contacts with astral masters prior to her expulsion from the Rosicrucian Order of the Alpha et Omega (the legitimate continuation of the original Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn). She often used techniques common with spiritualism, i.e. putting herself into a passive state of receptivity, while guarded by her members in the place of working, and receiving channeled messages. The New Age community has been privy to this kind of practices and the New Age bookshelves are filled with channeled communications, one more fanciful than the other. Reading this kind of literature readily shows that mediums often fall into the trap of self-deception and self-delusion, common in nature to the so called "regression therapies".

These notions of astral or inner plane "contacts" actually stems from Theosophy, Blavatsky's eastern school of occultism, not Golden Dawn per se. There however seems to be some contradictions about the nature of "them", called Mahatmas ("Elder Brothers") by Blavatsky herself, of which she had contact with two bearing the names of Koot Hoomi and Morya. On one hand she claimed to have had communications with these Masters through written letters (of which some were preserved) but on the other in time the notion of "ascended masters" started to creep in. Alice Bailey claimed an inner contact which bears similar qualities to so called "automatic writing".

Many early Golden Dawn Adepts, including its Chiefs (i.e. S.L. MacGregor Mathers and William Wynn Westcott), were members of Blavatsky's Theosophical Society. Westcott and Mathers knew her personally. Dr. Robert Felkin and his wife, both leaders of the schismatic Stella Matutina, were both inspired by Theosophy and Alice Bailey. According to some scholars, for example Patrick J. Zalewski and Tony Fuller, this is evidenced in some of the written material of the later Stella Matutina Whare Ra Temple, as well as its oral teachings. It is also a fact that Felkin later, after the schism with MacGregor Mathers in 1900, claimed to have received an inner plane communication with the "Sun Masters" and a Third Order, but later also with a inner plane teacher called Ara Ben Shemesh. All this is reminiscent of the Mahatmas of Theosophy, which has nothing at all to do with how things originally were perceived in the Golden Dawn.

It should be noted right away that the Golden Dawn from its very inception in 1888 always has been very clear in its opinions about these kind of practices. This kind of passive mediumship is severely condemned as potentially dangerous for the human spirit. The Golden Dawn tradition has always scorned passive mediumship and idealized active seership as the only true alternative for a Magician. Reading the original application form of the Golden Dawn makes this position crystal clear:
The Chiefs of the Order do not care to accept as Candidates any persons accustomed to submit themselves as Mediums to the Experiments of Hypnotism, Mesmerism, or Spiritualism; or who habitually allow themselves to fall into a completely Passive condition of Will; also they disapprove of the methods made use of as a rule in such Experiments.
A quotation of the original Neophyte Obligation from 1888 echoes these sentiments quite evidently:
I will not suffer myself to be hypnotized, or mesmerized, nor will I place myself in such a passive state that any uninitiated person, power, or being may cause me to lose control of my thoughts, words or actions.
Putting oneself into such state of mediumistic receptivity, as in the case of "channeling" communications, is a outright breech of obligation as a initiate of the Golden Dawn. There is no way of coming around this fact. Dion Fortune's method was and is not compatible with the Golden Dawn, nor are any of the New Age methods of channeling and communication with entities. Period.

There has, though, been circulating a popular myth about the reception of the Second Order (R.R. et A.C.) material - ritual and curriculum - that S.L. MacGregor Mathers (who were the Chief of the Golden Dawn and the later Alpha et Omega) and his wife undertook to use these kind of methods, i.e. channeling. It is said that Moina Mathers sat in a passively state while her husband invoked the Secret Chiefs and held any dangerous forces at bay during these sessions. Reading the quotations above makes these myths nothing but urban legends of the occult community; I just cannot accept this as a fact. I will return to this couple later, looking at their communication with the Secret Chiefs from a completely different angle.

Paul Foster Case

There is also the middle position, the one that claims both physical and astral contacts with the Third Order. One of the most known examples of this third or "middle" position is Paul Foster Case (1884-1954) and his organization Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.). Cases views about the Third Order is important as he is a well regarded and renown occult teacher which still inspire many students of the Golden Dawn (as he did me). Case follows the general traditional view of his definition of the Secret Chiefs and the Third Order, namely that:

The Third Order corresponds to the Supernal Triad upon the Tree of Life glyph, i.e. the 8=3 Grade of Magister Templi (Master of the Temple) which corresponds to Binah on the Tree of Life, the 9=2 Grade of Magus (Magician) which corresponds to Chokmah, and lastly the 10=1 Grade of Ipsissimus (He who is most himself) which corresponds to the highest Sephirah Kether.

This also directly relates to the "Second" and "First" Orders; the 1=10 Grade of Zelator (Junior) corresponding to Malkuth, the 2=9 Grade of Theoricus (Theorician) to Yesod, the 3=8 Grade of Practicus (Practician) to Hod and the 4=7 Grade of Philosophus (Philosopher) to Netzach, together constituting the First or Outer Order, while the Second and Inner Order consisting of the 5=6 Grade of Adeptus Minor (Lesser Adept) corresponding to Tiphareth, the 6=5 Grade of Adeptus Major (Major Adept) to Geburah and lastly the 7=4 Grade of Adeptus Exemptus (Liberated Adept) to Chesed.

These three Orders has always been regarded as separate and the higher directly responsible for and governing the nearest lower. Furthermore, while the First and Second Orders are liable to reformations in regular intervals, the Third Order is said to be unchangeable and untouched by the currents of modernity and history; their teachings are of the eternal.

Paul F. Case states that those that have attained to these highest grades "are, in some instances disincarnate personalities awaiting favorable opportunity for entrance into incarnation". These sort of Secret Chiefs - reminiscent of the "ascended masters" theory of Theosophy - are not obligated to incarnate into physical life. They however often take physical appearance "whenever need arises for strong, illuminated, spiritual leadership of humanity". In this kind of "highly exalted" Third Order (also by Case called "Inner School") members doesn't necessarily enter life being born as children, according to Case, but instead are able to "clothe their higher bodies with physical matter" by sole will force. He however ends his descriptions saying that one has to understand that "not all members of the Third Order are persons whose normal habitat is the higher spiritual plane. The greater number are men and women who came into earth-life in the usual way, by physical birth". They, claims Case, are however able to "maintain physical existence for many years beyond the ordinary span of human life".

So on one hand we have the notion of the Secret Chiefs being exalted spiritual entities of highest standing, almost angelic, and on the other "normal" people with normal bodies which however has achieved mastery over their physical vehicles in exceeding the normal span of life, i.e. somehow attained the "Elixir of Life" or "Philosopher's Stone". There are obviously alchemical connotations to these notions.

The personal story of P.F. Case and his "secret chief" of the Third Order - the Master R. - is quite a fascinating one to read. On one hand he claimed to have received "the Book of Tokens" from him through the ouija board (as well as some contents of his lessons) together with Michael Whitty (a high ranking Chief of the Alpha et Omega in U.S.A. in the early 1920's) but on the other hand he clearly states in his correspondence lessons of the B.O.T.A. that he later also met Master R. (which by some have been interpreted as Rococzy, i.e the Comte de Saint-Germain himself) in the flesh. According to The Adytum News the following took place:
One day the phone rang, and much to his surprise the same voice which had been inwardly instructing him in his researches for many years spoke to him on the phone. It was the Master R. who had come personally to New York for the purpose of preparing Paul Case to begin the next incarnation of the Qabalistic Way of Return. After three weeks of personal instruction with the Master R., Builders of the Adytum was formed.
This phone conversation was supposed to have happened in the summer of 1921 but allegedly Paul Foster Case later met the Master R. in person at the Hotel Roosevelt in New York, supposedly over a dinner in its fashionable restaurant. Thus Case states in his B.O.T.A. lessons and also that "they" (i.e. the secret chiefs) live a full life in our world, i.e. that they doesn't scorn the benefits of material life as one could expect them to do. Prior to this physical contact Case claimed to have had a regular contact on the inner planes for several years. Besides residing to the crude method of the ouija board Case also heard a inner voice which directed him in his studies, even prior to his initiation into the Alpha et Omega.

Over time he was able to identify his source, at least this was what he believed, i.e. the Master R. We must however remember that Case were influenced by the theories of Alice Bailey (the head of the Theosophical Society) and that his wife Harriet Case were the secretary of Bailey. According to Tony DeLuce (the current preceptor of the Fraternity of the Hidden Light - a heir to the tradition of P.F. Case) Case probably were inspired by Bailey in believing his "mystery voice" to be Master R., as she were writing a book on the subject, antedating the New Age admiration of Comte de Saint-Germain and his channeled "messages". So here again we have the foreign notions from Theosophy obstructing the faculties of discrimination of the Golden Dawn Adepti. In his lessons Case often states that any student through meditation is able to receive a contact with this "inner school" on the inner planes, this body of highly advanced Adepts which he calls the "true and invisible Rosicrucian Order".

So, we can conclude that much of the origins of these non-traditional notions about the Third Order can be traced through a direct influence from the Theosophic (i.e. Alice Bailey's) notions of the Mahatmas and not necessarily ones gained through the experiences in the Golden Dawn (i.e. under the influences of MacGregor Mathers and his wife). But the power of resistance of any reasoned arguments against this prevailing current and historical phenomenon of inner plane contacts within the Golden Dawn community cannot solely be explained by simply blaming the theosophists; we must also seek an explanation for this phenomenon within the Golden Dawn itself.

I have unfortunately come to the conclusion that much of the blame is to be found in a particular technique in the Golden Dawn called "Scrying and travelling in the Spirit Vision". Although it - contrary to spiritualistic techniques - is an active form of seer ship and clairvoyance there still exists many dangers of self-delusion embedded in its performance. As a part of these visionary experiences the magician meets astral entities, which gives him or her information of that particular plane. The greatest dangers to the soul is the flattering tendencies of these entities and their oftentimes deceptive nature. There exists certain safety measures against this kind of ego-inflation, but there are no guarantees against delusions of grandeur in the wake of these kind of astral experiences.

Francis X. King devoted an entire chapter in his Ritual magic in England to the "astral junkies" of the Stella Matutina, whose Adepti supposedly took these techniques to the extremes. Remember that is was the Chief of Stella Matutina or R.W. Felkin - who together with his wife also were much influenced by Theosophy's Alice Bailey and Rudolf Steiner - which institutionalized the tradition of astral Third Order contacts in the Golden Dawn tradition. So, it's my belief that it is the combining of Theosophical philosophy of ascended masters with the techniques of "astral projection" which must be held responsible for creating this mess of astral Secret Chiefs. This is but one good example of the dangers of cross-pollination between foreign traditions - between the traditions of the west and the far east.

A.E. Waite

So now, having gone through the later derivatives of the Golden Dawn current, we are ready to seek out the prevailing opinions about the Third Order and its Secret Chiefs in the historical Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. 

R.W. Felkin

There is lots of information to be gained in the work of A.E. Waite called Ordo R.R. et A.C which deals with the testimonies of Dr. Robert Felkin (Finem Respice). Let me now quote some pertinent and abridged sections of it, correcting some typos [with my comments within brackets]:
Dec. 15th 1906. Mathers sent 5=6 grade from France, obtained partly by his wife's clairvoyance.

February 19th 1910. SR [A.E. Waite] said that DDCF [MacGregor Mathers] had long since ceased to have any connection with 3rd order so his knowledge of no value.

June 10, 1910. DDCF claims to have 3rd order material but FR [Felkin] doesn't believe this, nor that DDCF has met 3rd order people in the flesh (whereas FR claims to have).

October 14th 1910. In Germany, FR met Fraulein Anna Sprengel, c 65, supposedly niece of original and a patient of FR (treated at a distance). FR thinks Anna Sprengel may be name used by different people not related for occult reasons (one at a time). QLs [Mrs. Felkin's] presence stopped FR meeting 3rd Order people. But he did, allegedly, meet some mysterious people.

News from 3rd order is: Old retired London clergyman belongs to conclave in question. FR has his name and address. Another name and address were given him, but he is to wait until approached by this person.

FR thought 3rd Order was magical which SR believed did not make far Divine Union.

December 12, 1910. T[eosophical] Soc[iety] people [in Amsterdam] & 3rd order object to SR revising rituals, because they feel nothing Rosicrucian should be printed (nor had been on their part). Original GD cipher In Brit.Mus. 5=6 ritual sent to DDCF by Belgian doctor at Liege. Order [i.e. "original" pre 1888 G.D.] now carried on under another name, unknown to FR. Woodford's mss including address of SDA [Anna Sprengel] were Ros. not GD; orig. GD had no German connection. 3rd order works Outer Temple in Germany on GD & Sephirotic lines. Thus SDA neither did nor could licence a temple. Story of how DDCF got 5=6 ritual told independently by DDCF to SA [W.W. Westcott] and by SA to FR.

December 23, 1910. FR affirms...German 3rd Order....have severed links with DDCF. Position is: DDCF alleges links with a 3rd Order but he lied; FR has succeeded in his links, but perhaps the two 3rd orders are not the same? SDA's grade of 7=4 should have been, on 1777 ritual basis. FR says there are several German external temples; the Second order begins with a ritual corresponding to 5=6, it has six steps or degrees. In 3rd Order is nothing beyond 8=3. The 5=6 used by DDCF is not correct. FR does not know how original GD people got cipher or how it came to be in B[ritish] M[useum]. They have no 2nd or 3rd order. 5=6 sent to DDCF by Dr. Thiessen of Liege who died in 1909.
FR has heard From London 3rd Order person − meeting difficult, person lives in a "distant part of London". Now FR says DDCF not in original GD but SA was − if true, SA has lied to FR and SR. If FR has found original GD society in London then Amsterdam Theosophists are telling truth. No 3rd Order in America but in Germany at Nuremberg and somewhere near the source of Danube.

July 31, 1911. Now in Constantinople [Nevill Meakin] will get 1st degree of German Ros. initiation from the 3rd order at end of August. SA didn't know identity of "English clergyman" referred to before − suggested it may be Aryabartha; thus story seems to be apocryphal. FR trying to get written statement from his 3rd Order that DDCF was never connected with them − they hedge.

Sept.15, 1911. EOL [Meakin] at Grade corresponding to Tiphereth. System is ascent of Tree by Middle Pillar− Grades are Malkuth, Yesod and Tiphereth.

Following grades are Daath & Kether or (if direct line abandoned) Geburah & Chesed. The rituals have become more Masonic and are removing those things leading to lower Magia, thus paralleling changes made in England by SR. Due to the same pressures 3rd Order aim at reducing ritual. EOL has met Steiner & trusts him but says he veils things. There was a leakage in 1777. EOL told of old Passwords etc.

Addenda: They regard English order as derived from external Temple. DDCF had mss.

Sept. 25th 1911. German brotherhood does not wish for jurisdiction over English temples. Words "Rosy Cross" come from Rosa and Tau, which is Provencal for rose, or they were Ros−Taw, i.e. Dew of the Rose.

The one Head Lodge meets when required in various places. Inner Grade people start temples in various countries − numbers are largely German but also French, English, Danish, Austrian, Italian & Russian. ....third [degree] like Tiphereth using our implements, fourth something like Geburah apparently involved coming out of a tomb. They divide Annie Bessant's 33 degrees into 9 because 33 was a blunder for 3x3=9. EOL says...they have Zelator equal to Malkuth (he thinks) and Theoricus, Practicus & Philosophus are put together in No.2 as a portal to no.3 − all very muddled. Their promised teaching is a kind of marriage of occultism & Mysticism. 3rd grade has no vault but mise−en−scene provided astrally; ritual was in a small chamber but EOL was hoodwinked and moved about often so had no idea of size.

Sept.26, 1911.
 Germans say SDA story (i.e. Woodford & SA) true but will send no more warrants as they have been lost. They recognise I[sis]−U[rania] which is in FRs hands.

Nothing ever went from Germany to DDCF.

Since no connection between German brotherhood and Cipher mss. SDA had no power to warrant a Temple working non−German order degrees.

Oct 9, 1911. Conditions (preparation for Entrance) must be met before anyone can enter German Brotherhood. Four of FR's put up for entrance into German Br[oderhood]. Must join the single Head Lodge − no subscriptions mentioned. Meets twice a year, lately at Genoa soon at Prague.

October 12, 1911. The German Br.[others] has reps. in various countries who bring postulants to Head Lodge.

November 10 1911. German fraternity only 10 or 11 years old. Prob. connects with ancient organisations. as do English Temples. Has no early archives. The probationary practices produce equilibrium; Tattwas used in Germany but not (he thinks) Enochian system. Colour systems used. EOL sure that German 3rd degree is our 5=6 in some form. He spoke or the tomb (and thus 6=5) but may have meant the vault...

Germans have old...temporal passwords at solstices not Equinoxes. Fraternity connected with ES [Esoteric Section] of Theos.Soc. and thus with Co−masonry, but this unofficial. Members may be in both. Theos.[Soc.] connection has led to stressing of Eastern ideas, this now discouraged.

November 13, 1911. EOL....thinks....[Tarot attributions in German Order]....differ from ours. Fraternity called Rosy and Golden Cross; Steiner is a member but EOL doesn't agree with all he says. Word of the Order is Ros−Tau; sign similar to first part of Adeptus minor ritual of 1777. Their first degree has word alluding to Fire like 1777 word of Zelator and Fire pillar is shown. 2nd degree (water) shows water pillar, thus pillars are separated − which would be wrong in our symbolism. Death symbol, in 3rd degree, − how can this fit Tiphereth? But they may not use Sephirotic system. No alchemical activity. Last reformation was 1900 so Steiner may be behind it all.

November 24, 1911. FR agreed that Steiner prob. at the back, even poss. a Chief. FR agreed that Sephirotic system seemed absent. Germans have grades equal to 8=3 and 9=2 but not 10=1 (in 1777, still recog., 9 is Magus). Germans have 3 processes, each a triad with occult interpretation of Craft [i.e. Masonic] signs, attributions to centres in the body. Thus 3x3 (=9) processes, the 33 of Scottish Rite being a confusion of this.

December 14, 1911. Germans told FR that DDCF worked up ciphers and began GD with the Hermetic. Soc. Papus being a member.

April 26, 1912. Dr. Thiessen had supported SDA's action over GD, but FR doesn't know how he got in touch with DDCF.

June 11, 1912. FR brought letter from SA with copy of cipher letter from Liege adept to SA. Cipher was GD, signature was Lux ex Tenebris. Letter said SA shouldn't fear as DDCF was cut off from communication, no date or address but SA says he has dated envelope. SR said this went against German claim that DDCF had never had dealings with them. FR said Liege Doctor acted on his own. Letter dated about time of first split in GD.

August 1st, 1912. Germans also say....DDCF went to Paris, got mss. from Arsenal for 5=6 and worked it up with Vestigia by aid of clairvoyance. DDCF saw "Secret Symbols" in Arsenal. Thiessen gave DDCF only obligation upon the + 10. Thiessen allegedly wrote to DDCF first.

August 13, 1912. FR will try to find intermediary between Thiessen and DDCF − postmark on envelope to SA is Liege Station so could have been sent while passing through.
Comments: The "original" Golden Dawn probably was a group somehow connected with Kenneth MacKenzie's old "Society of Eight" or Fratres Lucis (see below). Dr. Thiessen is the identity of Mather's Secret Chief Lux e Tenebris, which he claimed to have met at Paris in 1891. According to this information above he was the source of the 5=6, which confirms Mathers' original claims. The "Secret Chiefs" that Felkin and Meakin met were obviously Rudolf Steiner's group. The reference to Annie Bessant's 33 degrees deals with the fact that she operated irregular Co-Masonic lodges from the French Le droit Humane, which allowed women to become members, obviously working the Scottish 33 degrees system.Bessant was also the current leader of the Theosophical Society, with which Steiner gradually distanced himself eventually leading to his schism and the following creation of Anthroposophy.

The rivalry with Mathers is quite evident on Felkin's part; he wants to bee the sole representative of the Third Order, which he in his gullibility believes to be genuine, while Mather's is not - or at least severed. It is also evident that the legend of Moina Mathers receiving instructions on the inner planes has its origins here; but now she uses her clairvoyant gifts which, contrary to mediumship, is an active form of seership. I however believe this to be a blind, and I will return to this fact later, but let us conclude from the start that it is quite evident from this paper of Waite's that the belief in physical Secret Chiefs was prevailing in the original Order at the turn of the century - at least a physical contact with the Third Order was the ideal if not the norm. This document also clearly states that both Mathers and Felkin lived up to this norm in their respective physical communications with persons that they believed to be Secret Chiefs in the flesh.

It is also interesting to note that the degrees of Steiner's group follows the Middle Pillar, i.e. 1st degree corresponding to Malkuth, 2nd to Yesod, 3rd to Tiphareth, and the rest following in ascending order from Geburah and onwards. This is reminiscent of how one modern group has synthesized the G.D. with the Misraïm Rite, i.e. Sam Robinson's Hermetic Order of the Nascent Dawn. Evidently Steiner's group were working with the Misraïm or Memphis-Misraïm system; we know that Steiner worked the system of O.T.O. at one time with the group called Mystica Aeterna based in Berlin. So, at one point in the history of Stella Matutina it almost merged with and nearly became a English branch of the German Memphis-Misraïm Rite. Fortunately enough, Steiner later founded the Anthroposophical Society and altogether left the O.T.O. in 1914. At that time, with Steiner distancing himself from occult ritualistic societies, Felikin started to again solely rely upon his astral contact Ara Ben Shemesh and seems to have dropped his vain search for the Third Order in the flesh. It is also reasonable to assume that Theosphical notions were inherited to Stella Matutina through Steiner. We know that Anthroposophy was integrated into some of the English Temples, prominently the long standing Hermes Temple. Personally i don't find this thought of a merge between the O.T.O. and the G.D. at all flattering.

Francis X. King gives a good account of Felkin's dealings with Steiner in his Ritual Magic in England, as does Ellic Howe in his The Magicians of the Golden Dawn. The curious reader may find more information in these works. It is well to remember that we are dealing here with a person (i.e. Felkin) who believes myths to be historical facts, even to the point of searching out the "actual" tomb (i.e. the "original" vault) of Christian Rosenkreutz. Felkin for a time even believed in the possibility of a second coming of Fra. C.R.C. (Christian Rosenkreutz), seemingly encouraged by Steiner.

There's no point in delving into the delusions of Felkin and machinations of Steiner any further, besides the fact that he (as did Paul Foster Case) regarded communication with the Secret Chiefs possible on both the inner and physical planes. Felkin also claimed to have been initiated at Germany in 1912 - into the equivalent of 8=3 and his wife into the equivalent of 7=4 Grades - something that Steiner himself always denied. Later the Stella Matutina made it possible for everyone to enter into the Third Order giving out the nominal grades of 8=3 and 9=2 even, i.e. effectively diluting the very meaning of a "Third Order". Felkin even developed a scheme of a fourth, fifth and sixth Order, the last one corresponding directly with Christian Rosenkreutz! Oh my!

And now we come to the point in our research when we finally must turn our attention to the connections between the Secret Chiefs and the original founders of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, i.e. William Wynn Westcott and Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers. I will not however delve into the myth which Westcott created when he forged the mail correspondence with Freulein Sprengle (which became "Anna" Sprengle through Felkin's supposed contact with her "niece" - see quotations above - which happened to hold the name of Anna Sprengle), or Sapiens Dominabitur Astris. May I instead recommend reading The Magicians of the Golden Dawn by Ellic Howe, which gives a detailed account of Westcott's fraudulent behavior. The mythos that he created is however interesting as it shows the prevailing thoughts and notions about the nature of the Third Order in the Golden Dawn at that time; it was supposed to consist of a continental source of origin which operated groups of people or Temples even (i.e. Licht, Liebe, Leben No. 1) and surely enough had physical incarnated humans in their membership roll.

Soon MacGregor Mathers claimed his own contact with the Third Order through its envoy Lux ex Tenebris (Dr. Thiessen), which he received while at Paris in 1891. He was given the Adeptus Minor 5=6 Ritual, and the teachings which followed it, prior to his return back to England for the establishment of his new Second Order (R.R. et A.C.). While doing this he also immediately seized control over the entire Order. Would he'd been able to do this - i.e. usurping the throne of Westcott - had he not have substantial material to prove his claims? Not very likely. The rest is history. One year later MacGregor Mathers and his wife Moina moved to Paris to settle permanently, never to return to England. According to Moina in her preface to her husband's The Kabbalah Unveiled in July, 1926, they did this because “he was told by his Occult teachers to transfer his centre to Paris, where my husband and I lived for the rest of his life.”

This action is a clear evidence of the fact that Mathers claimed a physical contact with the Third Order, the continental source of origin of the Golden Dawn. If the nature of Mathers communication were solely an inner or astral one, like Felkin's early contact with his Third Order and his "Sun Masters", he surely wouldn't have had to move to Paris to "come closer" to his teachers; on the inner the rules of time and space are different and clearly makes it redundant. However, in the wake of some uneasiness from certain London Theorici Adepti Minori Mathers felt compelled to send a manifesto, reestablishing his unquestioned authority over England. I will cite it in full as it mainly revolves around the Secret Chiefs and the qualities found in Mathers who finally were chosen to be its representative:

S.L. MacGregor Mathers
The Manifesto of G.H. Frater Deo Duce Comite Ferro 7° = 4°,Adeptus Exemptus, Chief Adept and Ambassador of those Secret and Unknown Magi who are the concealed Rulers of the Wisdom of the True Rosicrucian Magic of Light:
The Theorici Adepti Minores of the Order R R et A C
Notice: This Manifesto is to be placed in the hands of each Theoricus Adeptus Minor upon his or her attainment of that Grade. After he or she has carefully read the same; he or she must send a written Statement of voluntary submission in all points regarding the Orders of the GD in the Outer andthe RR et AC to G.H. Frater Deo Duce Comite Ferro before being permitted to receive any further instruction. Unless he or she is prepared to do this, he or she must either Resign from the Order, or elect to remain a Zelator Adeptus Minor only. And he or she hereby undertakes to refrain from stirring up any strife or schism hereon in the First and Second Orders.
It is necessary that you who have now attained the Grade of Theoricus Adeptus Minor after having passed through the numerous examinations on the Secret Knowledge of the Zelator Adeptus Minor Grade of the Second Order should now understand how that wonderful system of Occult Wisdom has been obtained for you.
Prior to the establishment of the Vault of the Adepts in Britannia (the First Order of the GD in the Outer being therein actively working) it was found absolutely andimperatively necessary that there should be some eminent Member especially chosen to act as the link between the Secret Chiefs and the more external forms of the Order. It was requisite that such Member should be me, who, while having the necessary and peculiar educational basis of critical and profound Occult Archaeological Knowledge should at the same time not only be ready and willing to devote himself in every sense to a blind and unreasoning obedience to those Secret Chiefs: - to pledge himself for the fidelity of those to whom this Wisdom was to be communicated: - to be one who would shrink neither from danger physical, astral, or spiritual, from privation or hardship, nor from terrible personal and psychic responsibility; one who, while receiving for transmission the Hidden Wisdom of the Rosy Cross, should be willing to pledge himself under the severest penalties possible, that the Order should be worked in conformity with the principles laid down by those Secret Chiefs not only for the present time but in the future also: - and who should further possess an Iron Will unable to be broken by any unsought opposition that might arise in the carrying out of these duties: - he must further pledge himself to obey in everything the commands of the aforesaid Secret Chiefs'perinde ac cadaver' body and soul without question and without argument whether their commands related to: - Magical Action in the External World; or to Psychic Action in other Worlds or planes, whether Angelic, Spiritual, or Demonic; or to the Inner Administration of the Order to which so tremendous a Knowledge was to be communicated; and that he must further be prepared to abide in any country; to undertake any journey at a moment's notice, or to confront the chances of death, pestilence or elemental upheaval, if called upon in the course of fulfilling their demands to do so; that he would further undertake, whatever might occur, never to lose faith in the Chiefs of the Order, and to keep his body in such a condition of physical health and especially of vital energy, that the ordinary chances of corporal illness and exhaustion should not be permitted to become any bar to his constant efforts and exertions: - all this and yet further conditions were insisted upon as the only pledges under which this Divine Wisdom was to be permitted to be given out: - and these had to be confirmed by the most terribleObligations.
I, MacGregor Mathers, 'S Rioghail Mo Dhream 5 ° = 6°, Deo Duce Comite Ferro 7° = 4°, was the Frater selected for this Work: whom you know as the Chief Adept of the Second Order under the title of Deo Duce Comite Ferro which I had taken upon me.
At my urgent request Soror Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum [i.e. Moina Mathers] was allowed to be associated with me in this labour, but only on condition of pledging herself in the same manner, though in a less degree.
With all this it was insisted that I, the aforesaid Frater, and in a less degree the aforesaid Soror were to be held responsible for any action undertaken thro' misapprehension of the instructions of the Chiefs, no matter in what manner those Instructions were to be conveyed.
That yet further it must not be expected that these pledgesshould confer upon me any right to expect abnormal material support or assistance. The conditions in question, being only those on which I was to be allowed so great an honour as to be the Recipient of the Knowledge for transmission to the Order; and also that in all this my obedience was not to be the passive one of an unreasoning Machine, but the active one of the intelligent and voluntary Ministrant of the Magic of the Eternal Gods.
These preliminary conditions having been solemnly undertaken by us; then, and only then was I able to proceed to the attainment of the Knowledge of the full 5° = 6° Ritual and of the Obligation thereof; and the establishment of the Vault of the Adepts; my quitting England being a necessary preliminary thereto.
The working of the Second Order having been thus initiated I was enabled to proceed to the acquirement of the Wisdom of the Zelator Adeptus Minor Grade for transmission to you: - a work, the enormous strain and labour of which it is impossible for me to exaggerate. For, you must not think that the obtaining of this Knowledge of the Second Order for you has been merely and simply the somewhat commonplace labour of translating a heap of unclassified MSS ready placed in my hands for that purpose. This might indeed be difficult and fatiguing, but it would be the merest child's play compared with the Herculean task that I have been called upon to execute.
Concerning the Secret Chiefs of the Order, to whom I make reference and from whom I have received the Wisdom of the Second Order which I have communicated to you, I can tell you nothing.
I do not even know their earthly names.
I know them only by certain secret mottoes.
I have but very rarely seen them in the physical body; and on such rare occasions the rendezvous was made astrally by them at the time and place which had been astrally appointed beforehand.
For my part I believe them to be human and living upon this earth; but possessing terrible superhuman powers.
When such rendezvous has been in a much frequented place, there has been nothing in their personal appearance and dress to mark them out as differing in any way from ordinary people except the appearance and sensation of transcendent health and physical vigour (whether they seemed persons in youth or age) which was their invariable accompaniment; in other words, the physical appearance which the possession of the Elixir of Life has traditionally supposed to confer! 
On the other hand, when the rendezvous has been in a place free from easy access by the Outer World they have usually been in symbolic robes and insignia.But my physical intercourse with them on these rare occasions, has shewn me how difficult it is for a mortal, even though advanced in Occultism, to support the actual presence of an Adept in the Physical Body; and such meetings have never been granted to my own personal request, but only by their own special appointment; and usually only for some reason of special importance.I do not mean that in such rare cases of physical converse with them that the effect produced on me was that intense physical exhaustion which follows depletion by magnetism; but, on the contrary, the sensation was that of being in contact with so terrible a force that I can only compare it to the continued effect of that usually experienced momentarily by a person close to whom a flash of lightning passes during a violent storm; coupled with a difficulty in respiration similar to the half-strangling effect produced by ether; and if such was the result produced in one, as tested as I have been in practical Occult Work, I cannot conceive a much less advanced Initiate being able to support such a strain even for five minutes, without Death ensuing.Almost the whole of the Second Order Knowledge has been obtained by me from them in various ways; by clairvoyance, by Astral projection on their part and on mine-by the table, by the ring and disc, at times by a direct Voice audible to my external ear, and that of Vestigia, at times copied from books brought before me, I know not how, and which disappeared from my vision when the transcription was finished, at times by appointment Astrally at a certain place, till then unknown to me; and appointments made in the same manner and kept in the same manner as in the case of those rare occasions when I have met them by appointment in the physical body.
The strain of such labour has been, as you can conceive, enormous; in especial the obtaining of the Z ritual, which I thought would have killed me, or Vestigia or both, the nerve prostration after each reception being terrible from the strain of testing the correctness of every passage thus communicated; the nerve prostration alluded to being at times accompanied by profuse cold perspiration; and by severe loss of blood from the nose, mouth, and occasionally the ears.
You know the extreme and sustained attention and critical judgment requisite to obtain any reliable and truthful answer through the Table or the Ring and the Disc. Add to all this Ceremonies of Evocation, almost constant strife with opposing Demonic Forces endeavouring to stop the delivery and reception of the Wisdom; and the necessity of keeping the mind exalted towards the Higher Self; while at the same time exercising the critical Archaeological Knowledge and having to make the many references necessary to detect any misapprehension of meanings of passages in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Chaldaic, Egyptian and what not; and you will only then have a faint idea of what my struggles have been. The only one among you who has known the fearful difficulties I have had to contend with, has been Sapere Aude [Westcott] and he has therefore well known that such work could not be done in a hurry and rapidly like mere mechanical transcription, or even like ordinary original composition.
But unless the Chiefs are willing to give me the Knowledge, I cannot obtain it for you: - neither will I give it to you unless I know that the Order is being worked conformably with their wishes and instructions.
What I discountenance and will check and punish whenever I find it in the Order is any attempt to criticise and interfere with the private life of Members of the Order; neither will I give the Wisdom of the Gods to those who endeavour to use itas a means of justifying intolerance, inter meddling, and malicious self conceit. The private Life of a Person is a matter between himself or herself, and his, or her God; and no person who has taken the obligation of 5° = 6°, and studied the same can be ignorant of its clauses and penalties.
The Temples of the Order are places for the performance of Sacred Ceremonies, and the petty criticisms and uncharitableness of social clubs and drawing rooms, should be rigidly banished from them. To invoke carelessly and inadequately the Divine White Brilliance and the Forms of the Eternal Gods while permitting your mind and lower personality to be filled with uncharitableness; towards your neighbour, self righteous pride, and trivial social considerations, is an abominable blasphemy; it is that taking the Name of God in vain which is a most pernicious sin; for by so doing you cannot touch the God, but instead and in his semblance arouse the Evil Antithesis.
This, I know, has been a sin among you during the last twelve months; and be sure that this must bring its reaction; and there is no surer road to this error than the encouragement of the feeling of the Pharisee: ‘God, I thank thee that am not as other men are’. Such a formula, whether expressed or implied, means at once separation from that God who is universal.
Of what use are the Second Order Centres, if they are not places where the Gods and the Angelic Forces are invoked in Spirit and Truth; and where Mystic Powers have their abode, and where petty social gossip can find no place.
It is possible for you to be word perfect in all the knowledge of the Zelator Adeptus Minor Grade and to know all its Ceremonies by rote; and yet unless you can really andprofoundly grasp their inner meaning, an uninitiated person who has a strong will, faith, reverence, self sacrifice, and perseverance, may be more truly a Magician than you.
Finally, the reading of this Manifesto will have made you comprehend the enormous amount of time and energy necessary to obtain the Wisdom of the Second Order. To this must be added the considerable amount of labour connected with the Order - my own work in the outer world - and with all this the imperative necessity of keeping my physical health and vital energy always up to full pitch; and at times having had the extra disadvantage of being compelled to earn my own living in the world.
I therefore expect you to aid me to the best of your ability by carrying out my wishes regarding the management of the Order and by abstaining to the utmost of your power from putting any extra hindrance in my way.
I have considered it advisable that you should have both had in your possession and carefully studied the whole knowledge of the Zelator Adeptus Minor Grade before receiving this Manifesto.
S. L. MacGregor Mathers. 'S Rioghail Mo Dhream
Deo Duce Comite Ferro 7° = 4°
87 Rue Mozart, Auteuil, Paris
October 29th, 1896
This letter clearly states that the Secret Chiefs are real persons living incarnated lives, but at the same time that they oftentimes communicate through non-physical channels, i.e. astrally. 


Don't miss Part II of The Secret Chiefs Unveiled HERE.


  1. The title states "Scecret Cheifs Unveiled"

    Erm so who are they then?

  2. It also states "Part One"... so maybe you will find out more in later pieces...

  3. Anonymous:

    Nobody in their right mind will tell you names; this is reserved for those who they want to be in contact with, and not to mere satisfy someone's curiosity.

    One thing is to make this announcement to the public, and another thing is to please an "anonymous" troll.

  4. Fellas, it was a legit question, well I thought it was anyway, calling me names isn't very nice. Fair call on the identity thing but that was all you needed to say.

  5. Fair enough comment. Try to put youself in Frater VLs shoes though. Imagine how members of the Alpha Omega must feel being constantly attacked by anonymous trolls on anonymous blogs for two decades. Is it not understandable that some of our members might get a bit prickly when someone anonymous shows up making what appears to be the sort of sarcastic remarks the anonymous attackers are infamous for?

  6. This morning Mitzy's anonymous attack page has disappeared from cyberspace this morning.

    Poof. Gone.

    It looks like the SRIA sock puppets, especially the ones who make money selling books, are finally waking up to the fact that they have been sawing off the branch they have been sitting on all along.

    Think about it.

    1. Many SRIA sock puppets love to make money selling books on the Golden Dawn.

    2. There is a very limited market for books on the Golden Dawn.

    3. Since the Alpha Omega is the world's largest Golden Dawn order, writing books attacking the A.O. merely pisses off the largest part of the market for Golden Dawn books.

    It really doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. I am surprised it took these guys so long to get it, but I for one am glad they did.

    No offense to the wonderful people who contributed to the Commentaries on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls book, but I for one will not be buying it.

    Why not? Two reasons.

    1. It was edited and published by an author who wrote two books attacking the A.O. and its founder, Mathers.

    2. It has been hyped as the proceeds going to the legal fund whose only purpose has ever been to attack the A.O. in court.

    A.O. members have a huge power by voting with their wallets. By refusing to buy books written, edited, or published by individuals who attack the A.O. in their writings, such individuals suffer for such nonsense in the place that they love most, their wallets.

    The SRIA Sock Puppet Community
    "We Make MONEY"

  7. Another SRIA Sock Puppet just wrote:

    "Just because someone practices a system or tradition, they are not automatically part of the community of the tradition. Now that is fine, and they may still be a great Masonic ritualist or great magician or whatever."

    1. What a wierd secular way of defining community. I will never understand the whole SRIA, Christians only, sectarian community thing.

  8. Pat Zalewksi wrote:


    The Secret Chiefs debate (as in real people and not astral waifs) in the GD has
    risen again and this time it is couched in academic rigor. If you want to apply
    those standards then this is what you have to go through. For a basic assessment
    the first thing is to produce textual evidence that Mathers:

    (1) Contacted those whom he considered Secret Chiefs and that means letters and
    diary notes of Mathers accepting this and then adopting this construct as a GD
    and AO Third Order. You will need not only copies of letters written to the SC's
    but also their replies, and this is just the starting point. Having someone turn
    up on the doorstep claiming though oral tradition of their order to be a SC will
    not cut the mustard and this is only the first stage of the process.

    (2) The next step is to find out any evidence that this was accepted by Brodie
    Inness or other Chiefs of the AO after Mathers death using the same
    investigation as in (1).

    (3) The third part is to investigate the Order that claimed (and their
    continuity) this and the individual people in them.

    (4) This step in the prelims is to find out what Mathers got from whom and how
    it was applied to the GD.

    (5) This concerns oral tradition only and if an individual is relying on this
    alone then there is whole series of levels tests that this must pass. In cases
    like this would not be able to stand totally on its own merit and would have to
    be strongly supported with credited documentation as a frame of reference. In
    short, if you claim something from an academic standpoint then you have to
    prove it- by taking it out of the realm of speculation.

    Bear in mind that this is a first step only. Now none of the above has been
    presented so far in any detail, and the claim that the caliber of the teachings
    shows them to be Third Order is ridiculous and would never be accepted in
    academic circles and is speculative and not factual – by academic standards.

    I would not hold your breath waiting for this, as once this material has been
    presented then it has to tested to see if it genuine, and after that published
    in a peer reviewed magazine. Then you wait for the critiques to come in, which
    will give you a broad enough brush to see if it is generally accepted or not.
    There have been numerous academic historical articles that have been published
    in peer reviewed journals that have been ridiculed by peers and essentially sent
    the article to Coventry - to use an English turn of phrase. So publication in
    peer reviewed magazines is only the first step of a long evaluation process.

    I know there are a few of us on this forum with History Degrees to Doctorates on
    the subject, and if they want to chime in and add to the above process please
    feel free.


    1. Hi Pat,

      Please quite trying to change the subject. The reason why this debate is coming up over and over is because Nick Farrell has been running around from book to book claiming that the Secret Chiefs are just the Archangel Raphael and denying that Mathers saw them as both Astral and Physical beings.

      FARRELL said that he had primary source evidence that in the end just turned out to be his word and Gilberts.

      David Griffin

    2. Dear Pat Z.,

      I would appreciate it if in the future, when you demand certain types of academic standards be followed, that you first apply those standards to your own work. I see none of the rigor you demand of us applied to your work. I think this is a classic case of seeing the mote in your neighbor's eye, while ignoring
      the plank in your own.

      Leslie McQuade

    3. Pat Zalewski keeps trying to measure oil with a yardstick. How many inches of oil are there in a barrell?

      We are discussing the Secret Chiefs of a MAGICAL order.

      We are not talking about a "HISTORICAL" ORDER OF THE GOLDEN DAWN. The GD is not "historical". It is "magical."

      We are talking about a spiritual tradition. In a magical order what matters is spiritual development through magic.

      When it comes to the Secret Chiefs, Zalewksi keeps playing games by dismissing any and all magical and initiatic proof, and setting the yardstick for "proof" as purely historical.

      The historical yardstick should definitely be applied to a book like Farrell's "King Over the Water" because it claims to be academic history.

      That yardstick has no relevance to the teachings of the Secret Chiefs though.

      As my mama used to say "The proof is in the pudding!" and the Secret Chiefs have provided LOTS of pudding.

      They have provided supplemental, traditional Golden Dawn teachings and spiritual practices for each and every grade of the Golden Dawn.

      Want to know more? Read here what others have said who have inspected all of the new magic from the Secret Chiefs:


      Pat keeps playing these silly games because:

      1. He has not magic to offer his students other than what is published - only his own made up intellectual analysis.

      2. As far as proof, Pat has been invited TWICE to inspect the evidence for himself. He has not as that would bankrupt his self-invented intellectual inventions Pat calls second order material.

      In short, Pat Zalewski is heavily invested in the notion that the Secret Chiefs do not exist. Their very existence negates Pats entire "lets make up the Golden Dawn" project.

    4. Of course Pat Zalewksi will just ignore these replies and continue saying that there is "no proof" that the Secret Chiefs exist while refusing to examine the magical evidence!

      After all, what else can he do?

      Admit that his entire approach to the Golden Dawn is mistaken and spiritually pretty worthless?

  9. Let us recall that is is not our order that wrote a fictional piece about the
    life of MacGregor Mathers and tried to pass it off as an academic historical study.

    It is Nick Farrell who did this. Therefore, the best place to begin is for Nick Farrell to meet all of the criteria that Zalewski lists above. He does not. Not at all. Although he tries to pass his work off as a "history" of the Alpha Omega and MacGregor Mathers, it is not.

    "King over the Water" is a political schrift with a very specific agenda written in the form of a piece of historical fiction. It has no peer review and has not been academically vetted. It is self-published because no regular publisher would accept it for publication.

    Its narrative repeatedly attacks the AO and Mathers - obviously the political agenda is to gain business advantage in the Golden Dawn community through defamation.

  10. Pat Zalewski here has taken this question out of its proper context and into an entirely different field. He wants to study academically THAT WHICH CANNOT BE STUDIED ACADEMICALLY, i.e. the existence of the Secret Chiefs and their Secret Collage. He wants to listen to recordings of conversations between the Secret Chiefs and the Chief Adept, or if that isn't possible at least letters written coming from them. He will never be satisfied in this respect as MacGregor Mathers was clear about that he communicated with them in person, either in the physical or astrally. It wasn't like they kept minutes from their meetings and

    Instruction from the Third Order is always orally conferred. You only have your own notes and whatever you are able to remember in your head to to rely on, something that must never come to the knowledge of the profane and in particular fall into the hands of academic scholars. Never. Period.

    That was also the supposed intention of all the proceedings in esoteric Orders such as that of the Golden Dawn and the Alpha Omega. All personal notes were supposed to be returned on command and at least after the death of the initiate.

    None of the G.D. or A.O. corpus was supposed to fall into the hands of academic scholars. In a similar manner, initiates shouldn't substitute their status as initiates with that of being academic scholars, as Nick Farrell and others of his post-modernist generation has succumbed to.
    (continued below)

    1. The moment that the G.D. and A.O. curriculum became published it was a grave error; something that was never supposed to happen. The Golden Dawn is not as Freemasonry or any of their bodies, including the S.R.I.A. Freemasonry (including the S.R.I.A.) represents a EXOTERIC initiatory tradition. Historical research thus comes naturally within their own circles and most jurisdictions have research lodges. Freemasonry doesn't represent a secret organization although their rituals are supposed to be.

      The Golden Dawn and Alpha Omega once represented a ESOTERIC initiatory tradition. The Order itself was supposed to be SECRET and all initiates prohibited to even mention its existence. The existence of the G.D. and A.O. was made semi-public (as with the Gold und Rosenkreutz) because they needed to attract members, but beyond some ambiguous notes and references in occult magazines and publications, nobody was supposed to know what the words "Golden Dawn" or "Alpha Omega" represented. The moment that Aleister Crowley, and soon afterwards Israel Regardie, profaned the G.D.material, it became a EXOTERIC tradition, to be treated as any Freemasonic body.

      The greatest irony of all is that Nick Farrell, who makes a dichotomy between "magical" Golden Dawn and "freemasonic" Golden Dawn, in falling in line with profaners such as Crowley and Regardie, is making the Golden Dawn even more Freemasonic, open to academic scrutiny. It seems as that his Order, the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea, for all practical purposes is acting as an SRIA research lodge. Why doesn't all of this surprise me, knowing that the Freemasonic research society of the S.R.I.A. is the acting "Third Order" of the post-modernist "Golden Dawn Community"? Their own collage of the Adepti are making the Golden Dawn more and more EXOTERIC by the month with their various
      publications, pushing it into Freemasonry in the process.

      Returning to the main issue here raised by Pat Zalewski. It was never a question about proving or disproving the existance of the Secret Chiefs, either in the flesh or the popular post-modernist view of angelic Secret Chiefs who can be channeled into any willing medium. The question which we are debating is whether MacGregor Mathers, Westcott or Brodie-Innes belived in physical Secret Chiefs or astral ditto, or both. As the Golden Dawn in the Outer and the R.R. et A.C. (at least to the level of Th.A.M.) since the last Century has been turned into a Freemasonic and exoteric Order, at least that can be researched with a basic level of academic rigour.

      However, all ESOTERIC levels of the system, i.e. beyond the 5=6 and especially the true nature beyond the 8=3, CANNOT and WILL NEVER BE. Pat Zalewski damn well knows that, which makes his gambit look ridiculus, regardless if he is just playing his usual game of irony or if all of this simply expresses his ignorance.

      Those of you who are interested in debating S.L. MacGregor Mathers beliefs and disbeliefs concerning the Secret Chiefs are welcome to join with me in my review of Nick Frarrell's biography 'King over the Water', which I finished off today with the Second and last Part.

      The first part is here:

      The last part is here:

      In Licht, Leben und Liebe,

  11. Let's put this all back in its proper context. Pat and Nick have been running around for years claiming that they have primary source evidence that Mathers said that the Secret Chiefs do not exist and that the SC are only the Archangels, notably Raphael.

    This last week they finally were forced to try to to back up that highly speculative claim by actually producing the alleged "primary source" evidence.

    It turned out that they are now once again caught in a fib about their sources. The alleged "primary source"evidence at this juncture turns out to be nothing more thatn hearsay - an allegation made by the SRIA archivist (how "objective" is that) completely without any substantiating reference in a book that itself remains academically unvetted and without any legitimate peer review.

    Deeply embarrassed by being caught lying about sources (again), Zalewksi is trying to change the subject by demanding academic proof of the existence of the Secret Chiefs.

    Note that this is not the first time Zalewksi has been caught lying about source material. For years, he claimed that he had a letter from Desmond Bourke where Bourke said that he had no Golden Dawn lineage to transmit.

    When challenged on this, after many years and much evasiveness, Zalewksi finally published the alleged letter.

    Guess what? The letter said nothing at all of the sort Zalewksi claimed it did!

    Therefore, the time has come for both Zalewski and Farrell to produce REAL primary source evidence about their, "Mathers' Secret Chiefs were not physical, but only the archangel Raphael" theory.

    We have produced statements by Mathers himself saying that the Secret Chiefs are
    both physical AND astral.

    Zalewksi and Farrell have produced nothing but hot air.

    Either publish the letter where Mathers says that the physical Secret Chiefs do not exist, or quit wasting everyone's time with endless sacks of hot air and transparent diversionary tactics.

    Time to put up or shut up. Where's the proof, Nick and Pat?

    David Griffin

    1. PS: It is actually rather humorous to witness Pat Zalewski invoking academic protocol, because whenever this own theories are challenged, Pat always ignores all of the rules of academic protocol and either

      1. Personally attacks the critic, or
      2. Tries to change the subject, as in the present instance

      What Zalewski never does is to answer scholarly objections in a scholarly manner. In fact Pat never answers objections and neither does Farrell. They only either personally attack the critic (we this week witnessed Farrell even attacking the whole of italian academia rather than actually answer a peer reviewed scholarly objection published in an esteemed academic journal) or they change the subject and go on repeating their theories over and over, propaganda style, in as many venues as possible.

      How can Zalewksi invoke academic protocol with a straight face, when both he and Farrell have only ever answered scholarly objections with ad hominem, diversion, and propaganda-like repitition.

      Sadly, this is what their "research" methods usually boil down to.

      David Griffin

  12. On Sun Apr 20, 2008 1:31 pm, Pat Zalewski wrote:

    "Secret Chiefs in the flesh is one such area which was carry over from Blavatsky and others that Mathers adopted." - Pat Zalewski

    1. Hold on a minute.

      In 2012, both Pat Zalewski and Nick Farrell now claim instead that there is no evidence that Mathers ever saw his Secret Chiefs as physical people, and that for Mathers the Secret Chiefs were just the Archangel Raphael.

      Instead the above proves that Pat Zalewski knows and accepts that Mathers considered the Secret Chiefs as both physical beings and astral beings and keeps flip-flopping to whatever he thinks is convenient at the time.

      Now that is what I call academic rigor!

      So who should we believe? The new Farrell and Zalewski or the old Zalewksi?

      These guys will say anything that they think may help their agenda to debunk the Secret Chiefs now that the SC have showed up in the Golden Dawn community.

      One thing is certain. Both Zalewski and Farrell are utterly OBSESSED with trying to debunk the entire notion of Secret Chiefs and utterly TERRIFIED by their arrival.

      Farrell has written no less than three books for this purpose and there have been 872 posts on Pat Zalewski's forum about Secret Chiefs for the same purpose!

      These guys terrified by the Secret Cheifs that they refuse to examine the evidence the Secret Chiefs have given the Golden Dawn community, just so they can go on pretending non exists.

  13. On Sat Sep 27, 2008 4:24 pm Pat Zalewksi wrote:

    "One of the big debates in the GD is do you go down the road of the Secret Chiefs (which I never have) or the road mysticism...
    Bob Gilbert also did some good work in that area as well...Mysticism eliminates the Secret Chiefs..."

  14. Well. There you have it. On the one side of the Secret Chiefs debate you have the Magicians of the Alpha Omega and the physical Secret Chiefs, and on the other side you have the Mystics aligned with Bob Gilbert and the other SRIA leaders who have been posing as the Third Order and trying to take over the Golden Dawn.

    Sadly for Goldylocks though, the three bears have come back to reclaim their rightful home.

    No wonder Farrell, Zalewksi, and Gilbert are so terrified and desperate.

    Makes what's going on crystal clear!

  15. Pat Zalewski wrote on Sun Sep 14, 2008 11:28 pm

    "People can believe whatever they want as to the Secret Chiefs. Its a doorway that opens to a slippery slope which theology comes into it in
    a big way. If this is the case then you can never be pulled up for abuse of power because the chiefs ... channel them."

  16. Hmm. Here we have Pat Zalewksi warning of the dangers of Nick Farrell chanelling his archangel Secret Chief!



  17. Pat Zalewski wrote on Fri Oct 17, 2008 2:45 am:

    "There has been some discussion over the years of Saint Germaine in
    association with GD secret Chiefs."

  18. St. Germaine now? I thought Pat and Nick were channelling the Archangel Raphael!

    And now they are channelling St. Germaine instead?





  19. Pat Zalewski wrote on Jun 30, 2009 8:44 pm :

    "Mathers also doubled back on what he said about meeting them, the secret chiefs or Third Order initiates in the flesh..."

  20. There Pat goes again admitting that Mathers claimed he met the Secret Chiefs in the flesh. And now both Zalewski and Farrell claim that Mathers never said this, but believed that the Secret Chiefs were not physical, but just the archangel Raphael!

    So who do we believe? The new Zalewksi? Or the old Zalewski?



    You have got to love this guy!

  21. Pat Zalewski wrote on Fri Jul 10, 2009 5:08 pm:

    "Once you knock the secret Chief element out of the GD box then you have man made grade structure which allow us to develop the structure we have. I think that part of the backlog in GD development has been the adherence to the Mathers insistance of guidance ... That has opened the door for every nut to claim contact "

  22. Oh, you mean like the way Nick Farrell and you channell your archangel Raphael Secret Chief?

    Oh wait! Let me get this straight.

    It is only Farrell that channells Raphael. You channell St. Germaine, right?



    - Nemesis

  23. Pat Zalewski wrote on Mon Jul 13, 2009 1:53 pm

    "Lately I have lampooned the secret Chiefs concept because some, groups are placing people, either real or imagined, in a combined role prophet and angel."

  24. Thanks for telling us how you really feel about you and Farrell channelling the angel Raphael, Pat!

    Or was it St. Germaine like you said in your other post?



    - Nemesis

  25. Pat Zalewski wrote on Mon Feb 14, 2011 4:33 pm :

    "The GD does have some very strong spiritual components as part of its makeup and is does not need channellers waiting for people to obey them. Pay careful attention to the parameters of what the secret chiefs represents in
    GD orders and see how wide and narrow they get and see how their control is suddenly played down. What we do not need is a another cult with secret chiefs ruling it for sexual gratification"


  26. Thank you, Mr. Zalewski, for pointing out the danger of the whole channelling mess created by Nick Farrell's theory about the Secret Chiefs exclusively as astral entities!

    This truly does open up the door to all kinds of insane abuse of power, including sexual abuse. Farrell's Raphael channelling theory is truly dangerous!

    - Nemesis

  27. Pat Zalewski wrote on Sun Jul 12, 2009 1:07 pm

    --- Jason Blackburn wrote:
    > ... the secret chiefs do exist and there order does teach methods for contact ad it is through Trance mediumship

    "Bullshit -you are in fairyland and have delusions."


  28. Oh, in other words, by extension of your same logic you are saying that both Nick Farrell and "you are in Fairyland and have delusions" with your channelling your angel Raphael Secret Chief!



  29. Pat Zalewski wrote on Sat Feb 12, 2011 4:33 pm :

    "Pop onto the blog at http://fraterbarrabbas.blogspot.com/.
    The good frater maintains that no secret chiefs equals no magick and that to refuse their existence is turning ones back on help when offered (by their channeler perhaps0."


  30. Thank you for telling us how you felt even in 2011 about channelling astral Secret Chiefs.

    So do we believe the new Zalewski or the old Zalewski?



  31. Pat Zalewski wrote on Thu Jul 9, 2009 1:51 pm:

    "Secret chiefs turned up whom he [Mathers] claimed to have seen in the flesh..."


  32. But both you and Farrell now claim that Mathers never said this, but that the Secret Chiefs are just archangel Raphael that you guys channell!

    Or is it St. Germaine you guys are channelling this week like you said in your other post?



  33. Pat Zalewski wrote on Mon Jul 13, 2009 6:26 am |

    "When you look at the old Order it is extremely complex. Westcott said he was in touch with the secret chiefs and Mathers said he lied and he was in touch with the secret Chiefs (Howe pp.210-211.) sound familiar? They were not lost though as Felkin had found them [physically] by 1906 (Howe p.256)."

  34. Oh, so you said in 2009 again Mathers and Felkin did claim to meet the Secret Chiefs physically after all, unlike what you and Farrell argue to the contrary today!



  35. Nick Farrell wrote on Tue Jul 26, 2011 11:08 pm |

    "The idea of secret chiefs in the flesh dishing out information is an allegory to finding the Invisible Order the real Rosicrucian order which is an allegory for our tradition."

  36. Wait a minute. Now you claim that it is an allegory for the Archangel Raphael.

    It turns out Farrell is a flip-flopper too!



  37. Nick Farrell wrote on Mon May 23, 2011 12:29 pm |

    "There is a lot that Francis King will have to answer for in the afterlife...
    astral masters and Steiner within the [Stella Matutina] is one of them."

  38. There is even more that Nick Farrell himself will have to answer for in the afterlife...
    Secret Chief Astral Master Raphael within the Golden Dawn is one of them!

  39. Pat Zalewski wrote on Wed Jul 6, 2011 12:16 am |

    "Okay this stops now. No more posts of this ilk, or we end up like another forum we know of, where imagined states become reality - like Secret Chiefs."

  40. Oh. You mean like channelling Astral Master Secret Chiefs St. Germaine and Archangel Rahpael like Nick Farrell and you advocate today!

    Yep. I could not agree more. What you guys are advocating today is bound to lead to some crazy shit.

    Like you said on Mon Feb 14, 2011 4:33 pm :

    "The GD ... does not need channellers waiting for people to obey them...
    What we do not need is a another cult with secret chiefs ruling it for sexual gratification" - Pat Zalewski



  41. Pat Zalewski wrote on Fri Nov 11, 2011 4:21 am |

    Subject: Raphael
    "I have a zero tolerance for secret chiefs and for those that support leaders that claim them. They are pandering to their so called leaders fantasies....
    If you have a leader that appears all well and good but sups with angelic beings or supports those that do then get rid of them as they will give heart ache later.


  42. So much for Nick Farrell's Astral Master Secret Chief Archangel Raphael fantasy, as well as Zalewski and Farrell both channelling him



  43. Pat Zalewski wrote on Wed Dec 28, 2011 3:27 pm

    "When you ... open the door to astral ascended masters, you knock away the checks and balances within the system itself and open the door for it to be a religion, or something allied to it. ... We have seen enough crackpots channeling Mathers and secret chiefs all over the show and
    we do not need any more."

  44. And now instead we have crakpots channelling Nick Farrell's Astral Master Secret Chief Raphael instead of Mathers.

    Thank you, Mr. Zalewski, for putting this Astral Master Secret Chief Raphael crap back in its proper perspective.



  45. Pat Zalewski wrote on Thu Jul 28, 2011 6:15 am

    "Frankly many of us are sick of this secret chief nonsense which is frankly a wank for some sort of astral legitimacy that cannot be checked in the physical world. You want to control a temple and promise the keys to the kingdom then channel a secret chief (or more than one)."


  46. Thank you, Pat Zalewski, for telling us how you REALLY feel about Nick Farrell channelling his Astral Master Secret Chief Archangel Raphael!



  47. Oh my Goddess! I have just been promoted by one blogger to a one woman community organizing a community wide boycott, just because I (one person) refuse to buy something that smells fishy!

    Oooh. Beware the great and powerful Nemesis!

    Not only have I become a one woman walking boycott, but I am now accused even of being a member of HOGD AO.

    Let me clarify this. I am actually a member of Bast Temple of BIORC in Denver. Unlike certain cats I know, I don't happen to like the smell of fish though.

    1. Yeah. I saw that.

      For the record, the Alpha Omega does not interfere in the private life of our members in any way. They are free to do as they like, including to go where they like or buy what they like.

      This is quite clear in our order's manifesto that you can read here:


      By the way, just to bring the discussion back to reality. There is no boycott of anything. As a matter of fact, I actually recommended people to buy what is now allegedly being boycotting.

      This seems to be "let's invent false stories about the Alpha Omega" week for some people.

      David Griffin
      Imperator HOGD/AO

  48. Yeah. I saw that.

    For the record, the Alpha Omega does not interfere in the private life of our members in any way. They are free to do as they like, including to go where they like or buy what they like.

    This is quite clear in our order's manifesto that you can read here:


    By the way, just to bring the discussion back to reality. There is no HOGD/AO boycott of anything.

    As a matter of fact, I actually recommended people to buy what now people are making up rumors about nonexistant "HOGD/AO boycotts."

    This seems to be "let's invent false stories about the Alpha Omega" week for some people.

    David Griffin
    Imperator HOGD/AO

  49. Enough proof of the ridiculous flip flopping, back & forth, making one statement, then later making another completely contradictory statement, demanding rigid academic research of anything our Order states, but not applying that protocol to their own "theories", and so on, has already been pointed out by Nemesis and L.e.S., among others. The fact is, such academic research is neither plausible, nor at all apprpriate for a MAGICAL Order and the VERY secret nature of the physical Secret Chiefs of which this post is about, and I believe that point has been thoroughly made in Sincerus Renatus' article already, with valid and inarguable primary source proof, & with further logical points made already in the comments section. Asking for further proof about something that is not at all academic in nature is not only pointless and inappropriate, but just plain silly. If "certain" people want to continue arguing & denying the existence of the physical Secret Chiefs, it seems, at this point, that no amount of logic or even primary source proof will convince them otherwise. It is quite clear, in my opinion, that this "theory" is something that they need to hold on to in order to justify much of their teachings and years of their own "Third Order's" (SRIA) propaganda in order to not only discount the real Secret Chiefs & A.O., but also to not have to admit their own hypocrisy as far as their continued refernence to their "astral" contacts with Archangel Raphael, St. Germain, or whoever it is that they are claming to be channeling their own material from, as this clearly contradicts their own statements about "the dangers of channeling astral masters", and the power it gives to whoever is receiving the information, and the "abuse" it leads to. The real proof, considering the oral tradition of the passing of knowledge from the Secret Chiefs to the Order, has been stated, commented on, and testified about on several occasions already. And thats not all either. The critics have been invited on several occasions to examine this material for themselves, & make their own informed decisions on its legitimacy & power, as well as it's place in the Golden Dawn, yet they have continually refused to do so. There can only be one reason why this would be: it would discount much of their own material & theory, & force them to admit that they have been not only needlessly attacking us, but indeed only truly hurting themselves by passing on the oppurtunity to receive this knowledge for their own members benefit, & instead simply offering the same tired old arguments that they have been for years now. As I stated after the 2013 International Festival of G.D. Magicians, along with many of my fellow A.O. fraters & sorors, those of us who were actually there to examine & work with the newly released material from the Chiefs are the most valid & powerful prood of its authenticity & validity. Clearly this is simply just an attempt to take the attention off of "touchy & uncomfortable" questions which were posed to them recently, along with the exposing of the corruption of their puppetmasters and exclusionary tactics that have been recently brought to light. And not for nothing, as actually addressing these issues would expose so much hypocrisy & really, sheer hunger for control of the so called "G.D. Community", among other issues. How can they say on one hand that any Order with astral masters being channeled through its leaders is SO dangerous, yet continue to do it anyway through their Raphael/St. Germain "chiefs". And at the same time they say in one sentence something that clearly shows that historically, the original G.D. beleived in its physical Third Order, and in another sentence that there is no historical proof that there ever was physical chiefs?

  50. All of this while they demand rigid academic research on the matter as it relates to the A.O., but have no problem passing off astral masters to their own members and Orders, without any such research at all. As I said earlier, this rigid academia they speak of, has no place in a purely MAGICAL order with physical Secret Chiefs who we will NOT expose, for obvious reasons, even if we could. As with Mathers, the contact made is not decided by anyone but the Chiefs, and even if our Imperator knew any of their real names, who in their right mind would even consider it proper at ALL to disclose such information! We are very lucky to have reestablished contact, & will certainly not put that Sacred Source of ageless wisdom out publically! This is simply common sense. Besides, even if he wanted to, do you really think the Chiefs would allow for such things to occur? And what do you think would happen to our Imperator if he did disclose such information? Nothing good, I'll tell you that much! I have been one of the very lucky and honored few to receive this new material, & I promise you (I have no reason to lie here folks) that it is VERY profoundly powerful Magick that came from an ancient source, there is simply NO WAY anyone could have just made this up. Again, had you showed up when invited, you would know this firsthand, but since you repeatedly deny the Olive Branch that has been extended to you, you really have no place speaking on it at all. It all boils down to power and politics for "ceratin" people in the "accepted & rightful" G.D. community, and shows no sign of changing anytime soon. I could go on & on, but there is just too much to even speak about, & it should be quite obvious by now just how hypocritical & ridiculous the arguments & issues being constantly offered by these people really are. Enough said. I would LOVE to see a G.D. community truly free of politics and dogma, but I just don't see these people coming to their senses anytime soon. It seems quite clear to me that many of these "Adepts" have not gone through the alchemical processes & changes necessary to be TRUE Adepts, regardless of title.
    Fraternally in LVX,
    Frater A.T.L.V.

  51. We need to worry more about enlightening people on what holy really is. I have spoke to meany people and most thing that it is okay to have sex as much as you want if you are inlove, but this is false true holiness is to respect the gift of creation and only have intercourse to create new life and care for the being, to respect all life even the lesser life forms (and know even knowing sperm creates billions of new cells it is not okay to spead them they die in the body and more is created. If that was the case we would not stop for one second to try and appease the creaters. The wish for us to attend the bigger life forms as the ones chosen will tend to the cells. All life will be created. But to get back on track holiness is fading (less then one % of the earth is truly holy and the world will only get worse if we do not make a rar

  52. After reading Parts I & II I have a better understanding of why you are doing these expose's. It is a matter of oath as well as personal reasons. Blessings on this journey.