Friday, March 22, 2013

An Interfaith Pow Wow of Earth-Based Traditions?

by Golden Dawn Imperator
David Griffin
Live! from Diné Bikéyah

This week, my wife Leslie and I are finishing the Arizona leg of the 2013 Golden Dawn World Tour. You can read about the Golden Dawn World Tour HERE. In Arizona, we brought traditional Golden Dawn initiation and "Ritual Magick 101" instruction to aspiring Magicians from around the Salt River Valley surrounding Phoenix.

Leslie and I were not about to leave Arizona without paying proper respects to the Hopi and Diné peoples on Hopi land and the Navajo Nation (Diné Bikéyah). As practitioners of a Pagan, Earth-based Magick and tradition, Leslie and I have admiration and deep respect for the traditional ways of Native Americans as we do for all Earth-based traditions and religions.

Young Diné Fancy Dancer

Regular readers of the Golden Dawn blog may recall our report from our earlier visit to the Diné people last Summer at the Inter-Tribal Pow Wow they hosted in Bluff, Utah. You can read about the experiences we had at this awe inspiring and spiritually uplifting inter-tribal gathering of Native American peoples HERE.

PowWow Navajo Nation Fair 2012

While visiting Hopi lands and Diné Bikéyah, Leslie and I have been meeting with old friends and discussing the possibility of arranging an interfaith gathering of practitioners of Earth-based traditions from around the world.

We have discussed this idea with practitioners of several Native American ways, as well as several Pagan traditions. So far, we have encountered a general openness to the idea of greater dialogue between Earth-based faiths, yet only cautious optimism about the feasibility of such an interfaith gathering.

Leslie and I are therefore taking a leap into the void - in the humble aspiration we might help make this dream become manifest reality, by 
  1. Setting a concrete date, and by
  2. Offering the land surrounding Isis Mother Temple of the Alpha Omega as a possible venue for such a gathering. 
We believe 2016 may be a realistic time frame to organize such a gathering, so we are beginning now to send forth cautious feelers towards manifesting an interfaith gathering of Earth-based traditions.

This is one small way the Alpha Omega is trying to help the spiritual evolution of human kind.

P.S: You are also cordially invited to attend the International Gathering of Golden Dawn Magicians we are hosting at the Alpha Omega's Isis Mother Temple near Las Vegas, Nevada in just two weeks. There will be Magicians from around the world, good food, initiation, and plenty of freshly released, traditional Golden Dawn Magick from the Secret Chiefs. You can find complete details HERE and HERE.

Yá'át'ééh! -from Diné Bikéyah,

Leslie and D..J. McQuade Griffin

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