Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Santeria Personal Temple (1,000 Points of Light Personal Temples Initiative)

An Individual Practitioner of Ritual Magic and reader recently of this blog, "si" wrote:
Dear David Griffin, 
I've just an the email with a picture. In the picture, I'm not sure if you can see it that well because the light from the window came in a bit on the photo. I did edit it to try and enhance it.  
She is a Deity that originated in Mexico; La Santa Muerte. There is a lot of speculation about her because she has gained a lot of fame through the Drug Cartels and she is not recognized in the Catholic Church. As a follower I can say she is not bad. Although, you risk consequences if you do not carry out your part in petitions.
She is a protector. 
A lot of times she is seen with an Owl, Libra Scales and a Scythe. She usually comes with prepared goodies on the bottom of her statue and there are lots of oils and herbal baths that you can do with her. There are cleansings you can do. Each ritual is different. In the photo of my altar, there is some herbs, a mineral and granulated incense sprinkled at the bottom of her along with a neat little picture I've drawn for her.  
To the right is a clear resin pyramid with her in it, it also has some goodies sprinkled in there. She accepts her followers as they are. She only ask that you remain faithful to her. I'm not sure if you've heard of her, but if you have any questions about her feel free to ask me. I do some meditation, I've learned how to astral project and I have "popped" my pineal gland. 
I have questions about that. Maybe you have answers? I feel great though, I've noticed changes with my vision and hearing and I'm drawn closer to nature. I don't really consider myself a certain type. If I need to do something, I try and research as much as I can and do whatever I need to do to get whatever it is I'm wanting done, done. And Thank You for answering my question. 

The same Individual Practitioner then wrote a few days later:
Dear David Griffin. 
I hope the picture did not startle any emotions towards me. I am not a bad person, neither is the deity.
Dear "si",

Thank you for sending in a photo of your personal temple. Your desire to become a Magician shines through in your letters to me. Our 1,000 Points of Light Initiative is not at all limited to Golden Dawn style Personal Temples or to would be Golden Dawn Magicians. Our 1,000 Points of Light initiative is our way of reaching our to ALL Magicians of ALL traditions, trying to help you grow in your magical practice.

Why is the Alpha Omega reaching out to practitioners of all Magical traditions?

"Because in the Alpha Omega...
... We Make Magicians!"

No your picture did not startle me, nor do I have any negative judgement about it either. I must admit straight away though, that I know almost nothing about Santeria. I am, however, quite familiar with Golden Dawn Ritual Magic, which you indicated to me in a private letter that you would also like to learn. Let me first give you a bit of advice about the Golden Dawn system, and how to practice it safely and effectively, without the need to abandon the magical practice you already have.

First off, it is important, once you begin to practice Golden Dawn magic, that you set up a separate altar for G.D. magic. Set it up somewhere else in the house than where your present altar is housed. 

I suggest this not because I have any negative opinion of Santeria, but because the Golden Dawn has its own unique magical "egregore." An "egregore" is an occult concept representing a "thought form" or "collective group mind", an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people. Each magical egregore has its own set of God Forms as well as rites, practices, etc.

Thus, if you wish to practice the Ritual Magic of both Santeria and the Golden Dawn, it is important that you keep them strictly separate. Setting up separate altars in separate places is one way to do this. Another way is to always practice the rites of of each system separately, and not to  ever mix them.

Although I do not practice Santeria, I do practice two separate magical systems regularly myself. In addition to the Golden Dawn, I am also an initiate of "del Bosco Sacro" Italian Pagan clan and therefore practice also the Shamanic Magic of the tradition of the Sacred Forest of Nemi.

I find no difficulty in my practice of these two distinct magical traditions, but I always keep them strictly separate from one another in my practice.

Why practice the Golden Dawn's Magic of Light?

"To become a Golden Dawn Magician!"

On the Golden Dawn side, I would strongly suggest that you come to the Ritual Magic Webinar I will be teaching on October 27 at 12:00 PDT. I can answer other questions for you there. I would also recommend you to keep a close eye on The Golden Dawn Blog between now and the Webinar as I have yet another announcement to make for the "1,000 Points of Light" that will be quite useful for Independent Golden Dawn practitioners like yourself.

On the Santeria side, I can not really advise you as I am not an initiate or practitioner of that magical system. I would strongly recommend, however, that if you want to continue to practice that system, that you find a qualified teacher and do not just grope along in the dark on your own. I am not sure where you live, but many cities in the USA have "botanicas" for practitioners of Santeria. I have little doubt that you can learn a great deal about that tradition by visiting "botanicas" and getting guidance as well as ritual supplies.


Imperator David Griffin
HOGD, AO, 33, 90, 96


... Making Magicians - Since 1888!


  1. Thank you for the photo si. I see some similarities in the altars that have been submitted and wonder, is the underlying symbolism identical? Despite having separate egregores, is the goal identical? Also, I have seen altars that are permanent fixtures and those that are not. Why is this?

  2. I am full of afterthoughts. The reason I chose to ask the questions here is because, eventhough I am aware of googling, this may prevent me from searching for an answer that appears to conform to my preconceptions. For example, the movie Airplane. It's funny now, but it was funny then, too.


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