Saturday, October 13, 2012

A London, UK Personal Temple (1,000 Points of Light Personal Temples Initiative)

Here is a photo of a Personal Temple recently sent to us from London, UK:

Thank you for sharing!

The Alpha Omega invites YOU as well to put your temple on the map by either commenting here or mailing us. Even better, send us a photo of your Personal Temple, to share with other Independent Practitioners around the world. We are all enriched by such sharing.

Here is what another of our readers recently wrote about the 1,000 Points of Light initiative:
"Thank you Alpha et Omega for this wonderful initiative. Finally, self-initiates can look forward to support. I can't wait for the Webinar" - Ralph Brooks, London, UK
Be sure not to miss the FREE! Ritual Magic Webinars in English, beginning on October 27 at 12:00 PM PDT in the chat room of the Golden Dawn Blog. I will personally host the Webinar, and will be available to answer your questions about your Independent Practice of Ritual Magic, offer tips, corrections, etc.

Imperator David Griffin
HOGD, AO, 33, 90, 96


  1. Nice personal temple, congratulations!

    Thank you for share with us, the A.O. community.


  2. The Lamen is sometimes published with two of the Planetary Letters switched - is this an intentional blind or just copying of some earlier publication error? (I'm speaking of Kaph - Jupiter and Tau - Saturn.)

    The written reason for these Planet attributions is that they follow the "Exaltations" but this is wrong. In fact they follow the Rulerships as much as possible... interesting that this happens to slot them into the overall color scheme so nicely! Perhaps there is some disagreement on the right Planets for Indigo and Violet.)

    One of the odd ones out is Resh - Sol, using the NIGHT Rulership of Cancer... but that Resh Petal ends right next to Teth - Leo... and it is a Petal that only touches two of the Zodiac Petals, whereas others touch three in some cases (only Tau, Resh and Beth are shown touching just two Zodiac Petals.)

    Is it possible that there is another blind here? Maybe that Petal should extend into Teth? Or maybe there is another significance, since this is the ONLY place where the boundary between two Planet Petals exactly lines up with that between two Zodiac Petals, and this is then Sun in Cancer, or Summer Solstice.

    We might expect to find something strange with Gimel - Luna, since Cancer is the standard Rulerhip, and that is taken by Sol.

    Here the Zodiac Petals touched are Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn. There is neither Exaltation nor Rulership of Luna in any of these. However, there is a less well known use of the Luna Node as Exalted Ruler in Sagittarius, who otherwise has none.

    Clearly the descriptions written in books are not telling the whole story, and this is compounded by errors or blinds.

    Is there anything that can be said about this openly, or is the full explanation under seal of oath?


  3. Hello there never been to any order, but I do recognize the oto as a black lodge, and gd as a order of light. I despise Crowley works because he underminded dees work, and sadly not one person from any order touches heptarchia in quintis, either no one really knows or is trying to hide the great kings so they can't do good. Maybe the land of dees will have some respect for this work if it can finally be revealed at least the good side, I'm not sure if anybody has checked this web page in a while, email or leave a comment for me to see thou shalt not lie. Take the p in exarp, a in hcoma, the r in exarp, a in exarp,o in hcoma, a in nanta, and n in nanta.


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