Thursday, March 10, 2016

MagickAll 2016 Live World-Wide Broadcast!

Dear reader,

I apologise if you who were uable to attend my recent webinar on "Demons and the Golden Dawn" as our present webinar room holds only 100 and filled up minutes after opening the classroom. Many people whose connection dropped were unable to get back in as there was a waiting list.

Clearly, we need to find a larger electronic venue. I am therefore going to try something really innovative by broadcasting the lectures of Magickall 2016 via livestream directly to our Golden Dawn YouTube channel.

This means that even if you can't make it to Nevada to participate live in MagickAll 2016, you can still catch the livestream on our YouTube channel here.

You can find out how to attend the MagickAll 2016 gathering in person over on the official event Facebook page here.

I will publish the lecture schedule here closer to the event dates.

In abundance, power, and truth,
David Griffin

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