Thursday, March 31, 2016

EXPOSED: Eminem's Golden Dawn Secret! - Revealed by David Griffin

by David Griffin

If you have been around the magickal community for any length of time, you know already how fed up I am with rumors attacking the Golden Dawn - deliberately mixing us up with the Illuminati.

It seems that this garbage is never ending. This week, the latest in the stream of malicious gossip attacking our order comes from people surrounding rap star Eminem.

Cory Scott wrote on Facebook:
"David Griffin, care to comment on the fact that the golden dawn's founder's great great grandson completely denounces witchcraft? Macgregor Mathers' great great grandson, marshall bruce mathers III. he's pretty famous, maybe you know him by his alias Eminem"

When I challenged Cory on this, he quoted to me Debbie Nelson's book, My Son Marshall, Setting the Record Straight on My Life as Eminem's Mother:

"He'd grown up hearing stories of a book about the black arts, apparently detailing the Mathers's links to witchcraft. We discovered a creepy British occultist called Samuel Liddel MacGregor Mathers, who'd founded the order of the Golden Dawn. He was an early mentor of the hedonistic witch Aleister Crowley. Bruce loved that. He was crazy about heavy metal music, and Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page lived in Crowley's Scottish mansion. Now when Bruce bared his teeth at me and pretended to be a warlock, I was really frightened."
I am not sure where this rumor comes from, but it looks like Eminem is setting up another Illulminati hoax at the Golden Dawn's expense the way that wannabe pop star Ciara did recently.

If you don't know about Illuminati rumor attacks on the Golden Dawn yet, this episode of our show Magick 101 is a must:

Anyway, this latest Golden Dawn rumor surrounding yet another pop star is unsurprising.  This latest rumor is probably just another cheap publicity stunt at the Golden Dawn's expense. Like Ciara before him, Eminem has not in the past been above floating Illuminati rumors.

Let's get back to reality. Look. I hate to break it to you, Cory, but Moina and SL MacGregor Mathers never had any children! There was a niece - and Moina does have surviving relatives - one of whom I am in contact with - but they never had any kids!


This Eminem Golden Dawn rumor is by no means the first time that someone falsely claims to be a direct descendant of Golden Dawn founder, SL MacGregor Mathers either.

For example, New Age flim flam artist, Gunni Gudnasson on his "Modern Mystery School" website HERE claims lineage all the way back to Jesus Christ and Adam. He also claims he was initiated into the Golden Dawn as a "Ypssissimus" by MacGregor Mathers long lost grandson: "Harold Mathers."

Oh, I forgot to mention that Gudnasson's website also once claimed that Gudni is the personal martial arts trainer of the Dalai Lama's bodyguards!

Sorry folks, I hate to break it to you, as fun as rumors like these are ...


  1. I am for once glad somebody is setting the truth straight.To put these people in there place.Its high time people understand the truth about Golden Dawn from some one who truly knows. Thank you

  2. Desde hace tiempo, existe un virus a nivel social, con un interés y objetivo destructivo, una teoría conspiranoica, en la que: Cristianos, Masones, Kabalistas, Ordenes Mágicas y Rosacruces, a todos ellos se les vincula a los Iluminati y se les asocia al mundo oscuro y generador de la actual sociedad de consumo y sus atrocidades. Esta calumnia magistral, documentada con videos, citas, fotos, simbolos y música hipnótica se progaga como la peste acusando a unos y otros, usando como pruebas tan solo Symbología y gestos..Quien queda fuera de esta acusación fanática?....Lo interesante es que ataca a todo aquello que hace al hombre libre, creador,lúcido y sabio...A quien le molestan los Magos, Liberados, etc?

  3. What I don't understand is why ? What's the agenda on taking pop shots at the Golden Dawn ?

  4. Thank for calling out the Modern Mystery School and Gudni Gudnason

  5. Thank you for calling out the Modern Mystery School/Gudni Gudnason and their BS, those guys take soo much money from people, and tell so many lies about occult teachings, it's ridiculous! I could go on for hours about the whole thing and how much BS it is if anyone wants to talk or is sucked in by their BS, ping me i'll show you the truth :D

  6. Would the real Bloodline to the founders of the hermetic order of the golden dawn please stand up lmfao

  7. and btw david griffin is 100% correct read the sword of wisdom Colquhoun Ithell. It's the only place to get any facts on SL MacGreggor Mathers life he never had sex with his wife not once even when his students rebeled against him they could not call him a hypocrite he was equally as hard on himself as he was his students

  8. Yes great. Despite this, you now have an even more inconvenient fact. The obvious account that the two men look nearly identical in appearance hahahah