Monday, December 28, 2015

Occultists Claim "Magick is NOT Real!" Scathing Attack on Griffin & McQuade

Fellow Magician,

Earlier today, anonymous naysayers wrote a scathing article on an occult paparazzi blog attacking Leslie McQuade and I.

Basically, they said the binding spell, which hundreds of Magicians and Witches worldwide took part in on Dec 21, had no effect on Daesh - and I am being delusional by claiming articles I posted (which were written AFTER the spell, showing serious damage to Daesh) had very rational and non-magical explanations.

No doubt there are non-magical explanations for ALL the damage Daesh sustained after we cast our binding spell and directed the damage Daesh does back on them.

What experienced Magician can't come up with perfectly non-magical explanations for ALL their spells?

What skeptic can't deny the power of Magick and miracle if they want to?

Funny enough, the naysayers point out the damage to Daesh was the result of Russian fighter jets and a vastly overwhelming force at the city of Rahmadi.

I'm not sure what they'd like to see to prove the spell worked!

Perhaps if a ray of magical energy blazed out of my eyes like Superman, then down from the sky and tied itself around all of the Daesh terrorists and leaders, then transmogrified like in a Harry Potter movie into ropes and chains to keep them from doing anymore harm...

Perhaps then the naysayers would be satisfied.

Here's the truth: Magick is REAL.

It's not a coincidence that those news stories came out mere days after hundreds of magicians banded together and raised our power to keep Daesh from hurting anyone else.

It was the manifestation of our united will into this world. 

It was confirmation that what we did - worked!

And making fun of Leslie and I for pointing out how much power YOU raised, and congratulating YOU, our fellow magician, for making a positive change in the world with your magick…

Well it's just ignorant and inexcusable.

It was shocking that they started picking apart Leslie's spell, which she created to help others who needed some guidelines.

Neither one of us wanted to impose OUR Magickal systems on anyone, so the spell was very, very generic, which isn't to say it isn’t powerful, just that it wasn't designed using only one tradition. 

Some people used Leslie's spell, others used their own. Didn't matter, the intent and result was the same, Daesh got pummeled by Russian jets and Iraqi forces.

Oh yea, that's another thing the occult paparazzi claimed...

… because much of the damage done to Daesh was done by Russian jets, and Daesh doesn’t have a air force, then that couldn't have been a result of the massive, worldwide cooperative spell we cast. 

Clearly, the only way murder can come back on the murderers in a binding spell, is by killing them in EXACTLY, PRECISELY the same way they murdered.

It's really rather sad on their part.  I wouldn’t even mention it except that they are making light of the good YOU have done for the world by raising YOUR magickal will with all the other magicians around the world.

Remember, Magick is real. We can make a difference.  

You are empowered, and we thank you for helping to end the murderous thugs who tried to steal the name of the Goddess Isis.

Our magickal will has just begun to manifest - and Daesh will find each time they hurt someone it will come back on them in spades!

In Abundance, Power, and Truth,
David Griffin 

PS.  Remember to watch the free videos Leslie and I will be posting in the next few weeks about Spellworking and how you can work spells to manifest your dreams. 

And thank you again for fighting Daesh with us!


  1. We didn't get credit for sinking the Armada, or turning Hitler twords Russia either

  2. The concept of an Anansi Daemon is powerful enough to move even a single prayer into the objective will of any time period now or in the future so be careful to acknowledge that any event in your life is apart of this "binding"