Sunday, October 11, 2015

Rufus Opus Loses It: Sour Grapes Sighted on "Head For the Red"

Magick teachers across the web lost it this week. First Frater Barrabbas pitched a fit attacking Golden Dawn leaders here. (Here is my reply).

It turns out Frater Barrabbas isn't alone. Over on his Head For the Red blog, Rufus Opus lost it today as well, with this:

"Did anything good ever come out of Pahrump? ...
Nope! - Rufus Opus

This is transparent to anyone in the Magickal community, since our order (the European headquartered Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn) has its American Mother Temple in Pahrump, Nevada.

"Why are these "Spiritual leaders" acting like food fighting fifth graders?"
To begin with, where other orders don't, we teach you Magick from DAY ONE. Our order doesn't leave you hanging where the Magick Israel Regardie published leaves off either.

But why all these sour grapes from Magick teachers outside the Golden Dawn?

They know that they are no competition at all for us. We just finished ungrading our Magickal training program, which now includes:

  • G.D. magick beyond anything Israel Regardie published
  • 24 live webinars per year
  • 21st centurty teaching methods
  • A completely fresh look and web design.

"We give our students such thorough training and great value, other Magick teachers are pulling their hair out!"
See for yourself what the fuss is about here!

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undergraduate level Magical training program.


  1. That's not even the dude's real hair, you great fraud.


  2. Fraud?!

    That's hilarious coming from "Mr. Rufus 'for $125 I will conjure the spirit ‚Bune' to help you sell your property' Opus."

    Hey, Mt. Everest Widows Peak! Why don’t you invoke the spirit „Rogaine“ and conjure yourself up some hair, huh?

    Let me give you some good advice. Don't quit your day job.


    Go sit over there in the corner with the rest of the bald guys.

    What's the deal with all these sniveling whiners lately, anyway?

    :-) - David Griffin

    1. I"m not even a member of the GD but respect you enough not to criticize you and your Order. You are right <r. Griffin, that was a childish attack.

  3. From both Rufus Opus (whose writings I enjoy( I even purchased the modern goetic grimoire!) and you Mr. Griffin. I still enjoy the work of Rufus Opus. I do not know of any good innovative modern golden dawn writers! Last one was Christopher s. Hyatt
    If you wanna force him into a label cage

  4. Agreed on how pathetic and uneducated Rufus comment was, I was considering buying his Seven Spheres and now I'm enrolling for Golden Dawn he needs to grow up!