Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Covert Slavery & Ultimate Freedom

by Golden Dawn Imperator
David Griffin
In my recent article, "Are Successful Magicians "Hucksters?“ here, I made the following surprise announcement:
"When I turned 60 this year, I took a magickal decision to retire from my Muggle job as a tour guide to devote myself not just half the year - but henceforth the WHOLE year - to empowering people with the Magick of Light  and facilitating their spiritual awakening.
Does this make me a huckster? No. But it will further prove my Magickal ability once it manifests.“
Reaction on the Blogosphere was quick and boisterous ...

Nick Farrell wrote:
"They might have disdain for it, but how many occultists don't have a day job? The Kybalion is nothing to do with magic or occultism. It is new thought from the 19th century (a precursor to the new age movement) . If anyone expects real magicians to work along those bogus beliefs then it is not surprising. But there are similar concepts that a magician has to be benign, loving and saint-like."
Frater Barrabbas commented on his Talking About Ritual Magick blog here:
"The state of occult students has always been a poor return on any investment. More people drop out or never amount to anything than those who actually do have something of value to contribute on their own... 
What I don't see is a drying up of inspirational resources. The old guard of Regardie, Knight, Gray and even Grant has been replaced by a new generation. Change is occurring, and that's about all we can say is happening. Only time will judge as to which pathway and what teachers will establish the lasting legacy for the future." 
Morgan Eckstein wrote:
"A lot of people look sideways at my muggle job--erotica writing."

Aaron Leitch on his Ananael  blog wrote here in the article entitled „Is Public Occultism Fading Out?":
"In the beginning, I helped every single person that wrote to me – both laypersons who needed magickal help and seekers asking for guidance.  I even guided a couple of people through their own attempts at the Abramelin Rite.  (And, O’boy, was that a bad idea!)  But, very quickly, I found myself overwhelmed.  Between email, internet forums, and social media sites like Facebook, I was receiving more requests than I could possibly answer.Not only that, but I also discovered 99% of the people I was trying to help valued my teachings exactly as much as they had paid for them (in dollars or personal effort):  zero…Some have suggested that it is not magick that is fading away, so much as popular interest in Golden Dawn-style ceremonial.  And that is true to a large extent. “Western Mystery” (read Ceremonial Magick) conferences hardly ever happen these days, and if they do they are small and informal.  (You may remember the SOMA conference in Texas that didn’t happen.)  My current Ceremonial Magick 101 class does not have a single ceremonial magician in it."
Scott Stenwick on his Augoeides blog in an article entitled "Regarding Muggle Jobs“ here wrote:
"For a true magician, magick is part of everything, so in that sense there's no such thing as a "muggle job." I use magick to solve difficult technical problems at work, to deal with political and interpersonal issues, and to make sure the best opportunities come my way. I'm not going to stop writing any time soon because I love writing, but barring some incredibly unlikely sequence of events I'll never be able to live off it. And you know what? I'm okay with that."
Over on his Hermeticulture blog, in an article entitled: "Muggle Jobs' and the Prosperity Theology of Occultism,“ Spencer M. Graves wrote here:
"If anything, I would tend to argue that trying to make a living from one's magic runs the risk of severely detracting from one's magical work...
"Moreover, while I certainly don't think it's vulgar or inappropriate for a person to make money in the esoteric field from writing, teaching classes, performing services, or what have you, when you try to turn that into a full-time venture it necessarily means that the focus is no longer primarily on the quality and intrinsic value of the material being offered.  You've got to sell something to pay the bills, which means that money takes the front seat.  And when that happens, when spirituality becomes commodified--that's when things take a turn for the vulgar.  Frankly, I trust a magician who has a day job a lot more than one whose livelihood depends on selling me something.“
Perhaps I have not been clear. Let me explain. When I speak derisively of "Muggle Jobs", I speak derisively of our entire civilisation and the economic system that has enslaved mankind. The below video sums this up pretty well.

What the producers of the video do not show is that the way out of this mess is not by changing the system. The way out is spiritual.

How? "Know Thyself"!
  • Remember who you truly are.
  • Awaken to your Solar Self
    In reality, you are an immortal Divine being of pure starfire who has fallen in vibration - from the universe inside light - to a material vibration where you became embodied in a meat suit.  Stories of fallen angels refer to the esoteric truth of your fall into planetary reality from the stars. Like Angles rising to heaven on wings of fire,  we can ascend to to the stars with our light suits.
      You are more than you know. Your present sense of self - Who you experience yourself to be - is an illusion created by your identification with thoughts, feelings, and sensory perceptions. Disidentify from these things and you peel back onion-like layers of illusion until you can be your true Self that lies beyond. As you remember, you will also recall your abilities, awakening into consciousness on a multiverse of inner planes that exist beyond the physical.

      Not everyone is ready for the spiritual awakening. Many will likely just keep reincarnating endlessly on this planet. I will not incarnate here again.  Life on Earth is becoming less and less free. The environment is a disaster. I don't want any part what will likely happen.

      Ultimate freedom exists in our light bodies inside the stars.

      You don't have to remain forever on this slave planet.

      Ascend with me as I rise from this cocoon of flesh triumphant on wings of starfire!

      Cast off the chains of matter and of death ...

      Awaken to your Spiritual Solar Self!

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      1. Wouldn't refusing to return be the same as the mystics who are criticized for doing nothing to help humanity (ie - "becoming a star" or "retreating from society"). According to Luria it is the tsaddik's (tsaddik is the same idea as bodhisattva in Buddhism) job to help others ascend. This is especially critical with the idea of soul roots. The root can't be whole or complete until all the sparks have ascended to their place and it is the job of others sharing the same root to help all to ascend. Every soul root (even the highest roots) have sparks that include all people.

        "But now, in these latter generations, the Shekhinah has already descended to its feet, and also the souls that are in this generation are in the aspect of feet [of His Shi’ur Komah]. And because in the beginning all the souls were exiled there with the Shekhinah, therefore those primary supernal souls that already ascended and were then corrected, descend in order to guide and to leave even these lowest souls, so that they may achieve their tikkun”- Sha'ar ha-Gilgulim