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Jorge Hevia III - G.H. Praemonstrator D.e.D.I. - In Memorium

Jorge Hevia Esq. III
 G.H. Praemonstrator D.e.D.I.
There are few Adepts who choose the magickal motto of one of their illustrious Golden Dawn predecessors. Our beloved Praemonstrator in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (AΩ) was so deeply inspired by the Irish Poet and Golden Dawn Adept, W.B. Yeats, that Jorge chose to revive Yeats' motto as his own. One of G.H. Frater D.e.D.I.'s happiest moments near the end of his life was participating in the 5=6 (Adeptus Minor) initiation of the Adpet destined to carry the torch of the Golden Dawn back to Ireland.

2012 International Conclave of R.R. et A.C. Adepti
G.H. Frater D.e.D.I. (Jorge Hevia) [left]
with the incomng Hierophant of the Dublin Temple [center]
and G.H. Imperator L.e.S (David Griffin) [right]

Although not a famous poet like his predecessor, G.H. Frater D.e.D.I. will nonetheless also go down in Golden Dawn history due to his tireless efforts to protect the Golden Dawn tradition. Despite defamation and propaganda spread on attack blogs, through his tireless efforts, Jorge protected the entire Golden Dawn community, single handedly preventing an international trademark monopoly by any one group or order.

G.H. Frater D.e.D.I. was a fine Adept who climbed the initiatic mountain to heights that few achieve. He was regularly initiated into the 7=4 Grade of Adeptus Exemptus in 2004.

Descending from Spanish nobility, Jorge Hevia was always the perfect gentleman, and an inspiration to all who knew him.

Jorge was fond of saying that as a healthy Cuban male, like his Father before him he loved his cigarettes as much as his Scotch. In the end, this tradition of bravado would lead to his death. Already at the 2012 International Conclave of Golden Dawn Adepti, D.e.D.I. did not appear to be well. In November, 2012, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer and given an estimated life span of 12 months. Even in his last weeks, Jorge fought to legally protect the order he loved, until his strength gave out and he could no longer continue.

Jorge struggled to protect the order even after his death. Fearing his passing would unleash a barrage of lawsuits seeking to bankrupt the order, Jorge forbid me to announce his passing until the order was prepared to defend itself legally without him.

Our beloved Praemonstrator passed into the invisible on December 10, 2012. Respecting his wishes, a private Requiem was held by his closest friends around the world on December 21, 2013. If esoteric traditions have have Guardian Angels, the 21st Century Golden Dawn's was Jorge Hevia. In the 21st Century, he continues to protect the order from the invisible.

2007 International Golden Dawn Conclave
G.H. Praemonstrator D.e.D.I. [left] and G.H. Imperator L.e.S. [right]
Jorge Hevia III Esq. and David Griffin

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  1. I spent some quality time with Jorge at Conclave in Nevada. He had an entertaining dry wit and it was always a joy to be in his company as we toured around the Mojave desert and took pictures. We shared the special connection of W. B. Yeats and had many an interesting conversation. He had a good heart and a fine mind and of course, a gentleman to the core. Until we meet again, my friend and Brother, may the Love and Light of the Infinite heal and comfort you while you sojourn in the Realms of Light. L.V.X. V.H. Fra. I.M.S.X. Dublin Temple.