Friday, May 9, 2014

Another Hoax Attack on the Golden Dawn Community

I thought I had seen everything already in the 20 year old Golden Dawn flame war. Now, however, it is obvious that SOMEONE is desperately trying to start another Golden Dawn legal war.

First the American GD trademark was invoked to Facebook requesting that the Facebook Page and Group of the HOGD/AO would be disabled for trademark infringement.

The American GD trademark owner quickly put out a statement that the takedown request was an impersonation.

Today I learned that I am also now being impersonated in yet ANOTHER takedown hoax, this time directed at the Watcher website.

It has at this juncture become quite clear that there is an outside party attempting to set the European and USA GD trademark owners at one anothers throats again

Well, I have news for you. IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

Whoever you are who keeps impersonating everyone and trying to get stuff taken down ... 

... No one is falling for it. 

It was not me who filed this latest takedown request - and the American trademark owner has also stated clearly that it was not them who made the Facebook takedown request either.

Impersonators be forewarned: Sooner or later we will find out who you are who is so desperately trying to stir strife in the Golden Dawn community.

Meanwhile, noone one is being fooled by you.

Golden Dawn Imperator
          David Griffin


  1. Is there any hope of a new HOGD/AO Facebook page? The previous ones were invaluable for those of us who are serious about learning magick -- which is not something I can say about every FB page purportedly dedicated to the magick of the Golden Dawn....

  2. Pleae see the new article by our social media director.