Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Golden Dawn Saga: Episode 15: Conclusion

by Golden Dawn Imperator
David Griffin

When I first set out to write the Golden Dawn Saga, many months ago, I knew I was entering into a dark and mysterious world, where no one could see what lay ahead. What I witnessed during the ensuing months changed my life forever.

I have always been a bit of an adventurer of the Spirit - an explorer of the Soul. But together with the positive side of the heroic aspect of my nature, there still remained dark corners for me to uncover. 

Now, at the end of this Saga, I have learned that I am no longer a restless lad of 20, ready to risk everything along the way in my spiritual quest. 

Having been displaced from my home due to this Saga last Summer and forced into hiding by death threats was a sobering experience. It taught me just how much I love both my wife and my son, and that putting them in harm's way is simply not worth it. Watching them suffer because of the revelatons of the Saga was just too hard to bear.

Some may think me cowardly for giving priority to the safety of those I love. 

This is the choice I have made though, and I am sure it is the right one.

So, gentle reader, the Golden Dawn Saga comes to an end with but a sigh in the happy knowledge that my family is safe once again.

And what the most important lesson I learned along this journey?

Are some things not best left in dark corners where no light shines ...

... and some things left unsaid?

The End.


  1. The Magus has the social duty to free brothers and disciples.This dark world was shaken when you had the courage to make it lighter. Following the steps of your predecessors your assume the duty of defending the Truth. How could you live without doing this? You gonna be remember after your death as a good man. Do not fear, and be you. Nobody has the courage to the face in public and challenge in such a technical and pure academical manner as you did...

  2. Do these publications really change something?
    The biggest rumour they made is among the ones described.
    People have truth before their eyes but prefer not to see it. One may try to change people's thoughtlessness but it takes all the time one has.
    It's difficult to leave bad side since it doesn't want to leave you.
    Will and courage for everyone.
    It's your choice how you spend your life.

    It was good to get know who is really involved, despite I know, that they are many it's undoubtable. Now imagine what is their intention of cooperation and what it gives and /or takes them that they hold to it.
    You may compare the system of values promoted and you have an answer.

    Soror FDKJR

  3. You have a child? Wow, Congrats Mr Griffin.

  4. Congratulations for your achievements! We are your brothers on the path...

  5. We are with you

  6. I don't know what is going on David.. ?!

    but thank you for everything and for all your kind help and support over the past decade.

    should there by anyway I can help you, ask.

  7. ithat is a conclusion indeed i will get back on the debate after a second lecture promess

  8. Thank you for your courage. Sad to see the terrible lengths others will go to, to protect their secrets. Blessings

  9. This is not a fight that one man will ever win. It has been fought for decades, and it will continue. You are not the first to have damaged the established Black Lodges and you will not be the last to decide that the needs of family must be respected. You are making the right choice.

    If even 10% of this information ever saw the light of day, there would be irreparable damage to institutions FAR beyond the confines of the Esoteric Orders. Yet more and more IS leaking out...

    One by one down the generations, honest warriors of true heart are picking up the gauntlet, and those who may only remain on the battlefield for a limited time are still chipping away at the enemy - and every bit builds to a mighty sea of change.

    Those who have the eyes to see, will see this change happening and know how they should assist... so much of this fight is in fact fully visible in the political realm.


  10. The inner workings of serious Lodges do indeed have far ranging effects, especially in the countries where they are located. Where the LVX is brought through powerfully, EVERYONE benefits, and those who have cut themselves off from it are reminded of that in a painfully sobering fashion.

    It should not then be surprising that such positive social changes as would upset corrupt power structures result in a kick-back from the counter-initiatic realm. Nor is this to be feared in any way - in one sense it confirms for the Adepti that their Work is taking root.

    Going public with any of this is always a dangerous move. In this case the Imperator of HOGD had the courage to act and to take the risks involved. That he has now placed the safety of his family first in no way diminishes what he has made possible for those who will follow after him. The cat is firmly out of the bag.

    What had been spoken of only privately down generations of Adepti in an unbroken chain, has now been revealed for the entire community. This piece of the Occult Jigsaw may not currently fit your unfolding meditation, but at least now you will be able to recognize it when you do need it.

    If nothing else, then tuck it away until 6=5 beckons.