Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Wescott Tablets & SRIA/McGD Witch War

by David Griffin

For a Free and Independent Golden Dawn ...
Stop the Racist SRIA!

ATTENTION: The documents quoted in this article are 100% genuine. Despite cover-up efforts, this can still be verified in numerous places on the internet, including here, and here. I have recently published evidence linking Golden Dawn leaders to the anti-Semitic "Order of the Rose and Cross" here. Olen Rush, defending the culprits, claims documents in this article are fake - taken from an Illuminati site. Rush now accuses me of racism - merely for outing his involvement with Golden Dawn leaders listed as Grand Officers on the official website of the anti-Semitic "Order of the Rose and Cross," including Rush's own publishers!

In episode 6 of The Golden Dawn Saga, The Dark Hand REVEALED, I exposed how the dark hand of the racist SRIA has for decades been pulling the strings of their McGoldenDawn® marionettes to stir strife in the Golden Dawn community in their quest to completely control and dominate the Golden Dawn. Far from the stodgy little research groups that people believe the SRIA and its offshoots are, these are racists who discriminate against Jews, Pagans, and Muslims, and who have been trying to steal the Golden Dawn nearly from its inception. This all becomes obvious when you look at who in the GD community belongs to the various tentacle orders of SRIA, which reads like a Who's Who of McGoldenDawn reconstructionists. 

But why exactly does SRIA hate the Alpha Omega so much?

To begin with, as Imperator of the AO, I am Pagan, and the bigoted "Trinitarian Christians only" SRIA can tolerate neither Jews, Pagans nor Muslims in their midst. Moreover, unlike SRIA, we in the AO admit and advance initiates of both genders on an equal basis.

In the AO, we certainly do not discriminate against Christians either. In fact, esoteric Christian mysteries are an important aspect of the Golden Dawn. What the SRIA can not stand though, is that we do not discriminate against Jews, Pagans, or Muslims the way they do. This, the Anti-Semitic SRIA hates with a passion.

Racist SRIA Supreme Magus John Paternoster

Moreover, unlike the SRIA and their McGD® franchises, the Alpha Omega does not interfere in the private lives of our members and does not prohibit them from joining whatever other orders or what not they like. We believe that all women and all men are created equal, with an equal possibility of spiritual evolution. We believe, however, that this evolution must be conquered though great discipline in spiritual practice.

Our order therefore, as has always been the case in traditional Initiatic societies, is not democratic, but is structured as a hierarchical meritocracy, wherein each individual is advanced exclusively according to individual merit. Unlike the racist SRIA, the Alpha Omega does not discriminate against any individual on the basis of religion, race, gender, sexual or political preferences.

Finally, the SRIA hates most of all because the Alpha Omega foiled SRIA's secret grand design of many years, to sieze control the Golden Dawn using the Golden Dawn trademark, held and licensed by the Supreme Maga of SRIA in America. AO has equal right to license others due to our settlement agreement with the other party. This means that the AO is the only thing preventing SRIA from controlling the Golden Dawn with the GD trademark.

Even McGoldenDawn Chief Nick Farrell publicly admitted that SRIA is a racist organization. Following the SRIA-ORC schism in 2007, McFarrell wrote on alt.magick:

Racist SRIA/ORC Puppet, Nick Farrell
"ORCs policy on admission is considerably wider than the SRIA in that it is open to all races and sexes. The ORC was originally formed by a group of people who felt that SRIA was too conservative." 
- Nick Farrell
Nick Farrell, in fact, defended the Grand Officers of the ORC (Order of the Rose and Cross), a schismatic offshoot of SRIA) on thier website when it first opened, together with the present Supreme Maga of the SRIA (America) her Metropolitan College SRIA husband, and racist SRIA/ORC Frater, R.A. Gilbert as well.

There was a huge scandal on the internet when news broke that all three of these were GRAND OFFICERS of this new, racist and Anti-Semitic "Christians only" order, and all three of their names were immediately "sanitized" from the ORC website (note that the list of officers was merely truncated and the offices removed from the site instead of other persons placed in the above referenced offices). Also removed was racist R.A. Gilbert, who had originally sponsored the husband when he joined Metropolitan College of SRIA. 

Thus you can see that it is not at all certain that the Supreme Maga of SRIA (America) is telling the truth on her website, and that SRIA (America) does not secretly share the racist and bigoted views (and discriminatory practices) of SRIA (Anglia) and quietly discriminate racially and religiously once inside SRIA (America) as do the other SRIA orders her husband belongs to in Canada and England. She was, after all, listed as a GRAND OFFICER on the initial website of the racist ORC, together with her husband who additionally belonged to the racist SRIA (Anglia) and anti-semetic SRIC (Canada).

Moreover, there are indications that ORC is even more fanatically bigoted than SRIA, despite Nick Farrell's trying to whitewash them. Firstly, there is the ORC objection that the SRIA was not "Christian" enough for them. This at least indicates a certain extreme right wing Fundamentalism. More damning, however, is the conclusion of R.A. Gilbert's paper originally listed on the ORC website, entitled "Golden Dawn or Gotterdammerung"

Note that the ORC has attempted to sanitize this article from its website as well, but have been sloppy. Although the .pdf is no longer available on their server, the link to it still remains on the articles page, as follows:

Despite this attempt by the Order of the Rose and Cross to remove evidence of anti-Semitism from their website, Gilbert's full article can still be downloaded from the original version of the ORC website from the Internet Archive here. Using his OR+C order name, Frater I.D.V.A, Anti-Semite R.A. Gilbert wrote:

SRIA/ORC Anti-Semite, R.A. Gilbert
"How can we best preserve the Western Hermetic Tradition for the future? I truly believe that initiatic Orders analogous to the Golden Dawn are still needed and that their role is crucial in preserving our specifically western esoteric spirituality. We must also recognise that the Tradition which represents that spirituality FACES REAL THREATS, both from the growth of RELIGIOUS INDIFFERENCE and from the determined efforts of its SPIRITUAL ENEMIES to capitalise on such indifference, and to undermine the tradition by perverting its ethos and substituting darker and avowedly anti-Christian goals. If we are true to our Rosicrucian principles then we must recognise and strive against those THREATS."     
- R.A. Gilbert

Another Anti-Semetic Tract
talking about "threats" from "spiritual enemies"
with "anti-Christian goals."

It is obvious, that Gilbert is here espousing an Anti-Semetic "Christans only" view of Rosicrucianism. Gilbert makes direct reference to some mysterious "anti-Christian" (read Jewish? Pagan? Muslim?) THREAT. Such paranoid declarations are highly reminiscent of other Anti-Semetic tracts like the infamous "Protocols of the Elders of Zion."

It is understandable that Nick Farrell, the SRIA (America) Supreme Maga, and her husband are now desperately trying to distance themselves from the racism and bigotry of SRIA (Anglia) and its offshoots like SRIC in Canada, SRIS in Scotland, and SRICF in America, just like they tried in 2007 to cover up their involvement in in the racist ORC once they were outed as GRAND OFFICERS, since Anti-Semetism is completely incompatable with Golden Dawn Qabalah, and racism is the absolute antithesis of the humanitarian Hermeticism of the Golden Dawn. 

Moreover, due to his defense of the religiously bigoted, "Christian only" ORC, Nick Farrell's recent denial of Christian Fundamentalism sounds empty. Furthermore, in light of the above evidence, SRIA (America)'s claim on their website of racial and religious tolerance sounds like a mere cover story, just like having their Supreme Maga sanitized from the ORC website once she was discovered as a GRAND OFFICER of that bigoted and anti-semetic organisation.

SRIA (America)
The NSDAP German NAZI Party ...
... also used red, white and black colors ...
... together with a cross motif.

The whole hubub about Mathers vs. Wescott and who was the real genius behind the Golden Dawn, also arises from the SRIA Witch Hunt to destroy the Alpha Omega. Since Mathers founded the AO, SRIA and McGD spin doctors are trying to destroy the memory of Mathers with books like the latest political polemic masquerading as "history," written by racist SRIA/ORC apologist, Nick Farrell.

Alpha Omega Founder S.L. MacGregor Mathers

Of course SRIA wants to destroy the memory of Mathers and to promote Wescott as the real genius behind the GD. This is part and parcel of the SRIA/McGoldenDawn® Witch Hunt against the AO.

This goes far to explain the recent publication of the so-called "Wescott" Tablets by the Supreme Maga of the SRIA in America. It is noteworthy that T.F. as will be shown below, confirms that these Tablets were released for publication directly by the SRIA. Unsurprisingly, SRIA racist, R.A. Gilbert has trafficked in Golden Dawn documents like these for decades, and has on more than one occasion provided Golden Dawn documents for profanation by the Supreme Maga of SRIA (America) and her husband. This has all along been intended, of course, to promote the SRIA controlled, McGD reconstructionist faction against traditional Golden Dawn orders like the AO.

This is also the case with the recent profanation of part 4 of the Mathers' rescension of the AO's 6=5 ritual. T.F. of SRIA is personally responsible, in fact, for the profanation of this secret AO ritual, recently published by the Grand Maga of SRIA America. To inflict maximum damage on the Alpha Omega with this attack, T.F. leaked only the fourth point of the ritual, thus enabling Nick Farrell to falsely claim Mathers had eliminated all magic from the order and had taken the Alpha Omega in a purely Masonic direction.

I must admit that I find these tablets, putatively from Wescott, quite fascinating (having seen colour pictures of them I have done some "decoding work" myself), especially when applied to the Sphere of Sensation model. The colour scales fit the traditional Hodos Chamelionis formula. Nonetheless, I feel they fail to add anything of real substance or value to the Golden Dawn MAGICAL system. At the very least, no one has yet demonstrated to my satisfaction how, from a magical point of view, these tablets contribute so greatly to the magical tech of the Golden Dawn, as to justify all the exaggerated hype about them from SRIA and McGD spin doctors.

What is tragic to observe is how these so-called "Wescott" Tablets are being used as a weapon against S.L. MacGregor Mathers, trying to forge the idea that it was Westcott (a Supreme Magus of SRIA) who was the real "genius" behind the magical system of the RR et AC, and not MacGregor Mathers (a student of Lux e Tenebris, ambassador of the Secret Chiefs of the Third Order)

SRIA Supreme Magus W. Wynn Wescott

Wescott was definitely not this alleged genius. Even if Westcott actually was the original creator of these Tablets (which is not at all established, despite the loud wailing of SRIA and McGD spin doctors), he simply used two models that MacGregor Mathers had already presented (as revealed from his Third Order contact L.e.T.), the 'Book of the Concourse of the Forces' and 'Hodos Chamelionis'.

Regarding the dubious SRIA-McGD claim that Wescott created these tablets, SRIA researcher T.F. wrote on Oct 30 2011:
"From the historical perspective a small note of caution. There is actually no evidence at all that Westcott produced them. They are usually termed the' Westcott Tablets' simply because they were found amongst a number of interesting GD items at the SRIA, London (and were rescued from being thrown out by a certain astute person)... We cannot conclude that Mathers (or someone else) had no part in producing these. Moreover, it may be useful to ponder the date when Westcott left the GD and his declaration that he laid no propriety claim to the work of the Second Order, which he acknowledged to be that of Mathers..." 
- T.F.
Westcott's creative input (if he truly was the genius behind said Tablets) was but to fuse the two documents together in a workable and interesting format. The alleged genius of Wescott was, at best, but to extrapolate on portions of the material transmitted through MacGregor Mathers, albeit a good extrapolation. Westcott was a great scholar, we must give him credit for that. But this does not make him, by any stretch of the imagination, the true "genius" of the R.R. et A.C. as claimed by McGD franchises and thier SRIA masters. Westcott himself even claimed in a private letter that the Golden Dawn (i.e. the Outer Order) was "his" while the R.R. et A.C. (the Inner Order) was "MacGregor Mathers".

Touting Wescott while denigrating Mathers is merely a new line of attack designed to create the illusion of the SRIA as the crown (or source) of the Golden Dawn, something that the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega vehemently opposes. This stong and open opposition of ours, this standing up in defence of our order, is frequently mischaracterized by McGD Inquisitors and their SRIA masters as agression from our side. It is not. It is, however, a firm determinaton to cure the Golden Dawn community of the plague of leprosy the McGoldenDawn franchise lobby has infected the GD community with for two decades on behalf of their SRIA puppet masters.

The inappropriate deification of Wescott in books like the recent one on the "Wescott" tablets, combined with the attempted character assassination of Mathers and the AO in the pseudo-historical political tract recently published by Nick Farrell, is just another attempt by SRIA to manipulate and stir strife in the Golden Dawn community. SRIA tried to steal the Golden Dawn's legitimate Rosicruican heritage since the beginning of the order in 1888, as I have previously proven here. SRIA has been using their McGD puppets to attack the AO and me personally on the Internet for nearly two decades now. 

So why is SRIA doing this?

The real reason the McGD puppets and their SRIA masters are so desperate is they have already published all the GD magick they have. They are therefore desperately trying to create the illusion they have more GD material than they really do, by publishing anything at all SRIA can find still laying around collecting dust. That they are reaching the bottom of the barrell is clear from all of the fluff that was published along with the "Wescott" Tablets.

The true motive for the Grand Maga of SRIA (America) to profane the so-called "Wescott" tablets, as well as part 4 of the AO's 6=5 ritual, becomes readily apparent in the conclusion of her book where she writes:
"By now it should be obvious that we have not found an end to the teachings of the traditional Golden Dawn system. I personally do not believe that such an end is anywhere within sight, even within my own lifetime. Wescott's tablets continue to provide us with proof that the Order's system, as originally intended, is more balanced, more advanced, more holistic in its composition than is apparent to those who want to reform it. Like an iceburg with 90% of its mass hidden beneath the water's surface..." 
- SRIA Supreme Maga in America
This, of course, is utter poppycock.

The claim that SRIA is still sitting on 90% of the Golden Dawn's complete magical system is utter malarkey. In reality, the reason why SRIA and their McGD puppets are trying desperately to sell a cheap illusion of "The Great and Mighty Maga of OZ" (just ignore that woman behind the curtain), is because they are magically bankrupt already at this point, with nothing left of any real magical importance to publish. They have painted themselves into a corner, leaving themselves with nothing spiritual remaining sacred and unprofaned. And they are feeling UTTERLY DESPERATE about this.

For Centuries SRIA has tried to steal the Golden Dawn. In recent decades, their puppets even wrote on Wikipedia the Golden Dawn was created by SRIA. In short, SRIA is desperately trying to sell the illusion that SRIA is the Third Order of the Golden Dawn. Well, it looks like the McGoldenDawn have found themselves a racist Third Order substitute, by selling their souls to the racist SRIA. But the SRIA certainly is not the true Third of the Golden Dawn.

The True Face of SRIA

The other reason McGD marionettes and their SRIA puppet masters are so desperate now, is because the original owners of the Golden Dawn have reappeared again - the TRUE Third Order.

And the true Third Order has now proven their legitimacy beyond any doubt, by transmitting the rest of the Second Order magick to the Alpha Omega that Mathers never received because they no longer trusted him following Crowley's profanation of the rest of the GD material. As proof of the truth of this, the AO recently invited representatives of the entire GD community to experience these superior Second Order teachings and magick of the R.R. et A.C. at our Conclave of the Adepti, held in Nevada, March 9-19, 2012. All who attended concur about the validity of the material and the authenticity of the Third Order, including the Adepts from other GD orders than our own.

How can the McGD puppets, or even their SRIA masters, possibly compete with the true Third Order of the Golden Dawn? They simply can not...

...Because they do not have any traditional Golden Dawn magic or teachings for anything above the (5=6) Adeptus Minor level that Crowley and Regardie published, and anyone can buy for $5 in a used books heap.

This is the real reason why the SRIA is trying desperately to sell the LIE that 90% of all Golden Dawn material still remains hidden in their archives.

 I repeat:


And since this lie blew up in their faces, together with their publishing part of our 6=5 ritual, and together with Nick Farrell's attack on the foundations of our order...

The McGD marionettes and the Dark Hand of their SRIA masters have in recent weeks relaunched an all out Witch Hunt of defamation against the AO again, in one last, desperate attempt to destroy our order.

To the Dark Hand of SRIA I say:
"You will ultimately fail in your quest to control the Golden Dawn. The Golden Dawn does not belong to you. It has never belonged to you. The Golden Dawn was created by the physical Third Order - who are QABALISTS of CONTINENTAL EUROPE...
...And not RACISTS of ENGLAND. 
The TRUE Third Order created the Golden Dawn as a reformulation of ancient Egyptian mysteries, clothed primarily in Qabalistic, Christian, and Rosicrucian symbols.  
Qabala has no place in your SRIA Anti-Semetic rules or your racist Rosicrucian views." 
- David Griffin

Let us recall the Golden Dawn is an order with deep Qabalistic roots. Already in the first knowledge lecture, Golden Dawn initiates are presented with the Hebrew alphabet. The entire grade structure is based on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. In fact, Qabalah informs nearly aspect of the structure, rites and magick of the Golden Dawn.

How could the Anti-Semitic SRIA possibly even pretend to be the Golden Dawn's Third Order, when these bigots and racists discriminate against all but Trinitarian Christians.

The notion is absurd.


  1. Excellent post. Yep. It's absurd. A lot (um, ALL) of what I've seen happening online in the past 11 years is starting to add up, and I wish it didn't because it paints such an ugly picture. As a Christian and as a practitioner of this system I'm absolutely appalled, and I really do wish I was surprised. Just my take on things, but it really seems to me that fundamentalism is synonymous with the disease of religious mentality. Christianity as a whole is soooo plagued by this. Really don't need any more groups making it worse. There are already plenty as is.

  2. Fundamentalists seem to be really good at four things.
    1) Making their professed faith look like something completely different than what it's truly about.
    2)Ignoring some of the more basic, fundamental (haha) teachings of said faith. 3) Self-denial about 1 and 2.
    4)Giving EVERYONE else a headache with their materialist, purely religious motivations.

    Hopefully this particular headache will be gone SOON. :-)

  3. A point to make here...

    SRIAmerica Supreme Maga writes:

    "Wescott's tablets continue to provide us with proof that the Order's system, as originally intended, is more balanced, more advanced, more holistic in its composition than is apparent to those who want to reform it."

    This is such a key point here.

    When a branch is cut off from the root of the Tree, and no longer receives direct nourishment then inevitably it decays and eventually dies.

    One may perfectly preserve the branch and leaves and even the lovely flowers, but no matter how beautiful these relics are, they will always lack LIFE.

    This is the problem with all these dusty tomes.

    They may once have been the living Truth, the vibrant Lineage, and just as a cut rose may smell wonderfully for many days after its stem has been severed, so the beauty that remains in the original materials may still be savored today.

    But they do not grow - and they do not Live.

  4. Well, well, well... if it looks like a racist bigot, and it talks like a racist bigot... then...

    How on EARTH would it construct an Order based on Qabbalah!!! HA!

    This so hits the nail on the head of that silly argument for the origins of GD's Third Order. This argument is itself based on the ignorant belief that a Third Order is somehow JUST a repository of unpublished documents.

    OH but LOOK, that's what SRIA is like - so it MUST have been them!

    SRIA don't even DO any Magic from what I have heard - though I am no expert on their various National manifestations.

    I have been at a few of Gilbert's talks. When he comes in, Magic leaves the stage. The best one was when a prominent Druid sat in the audience and SNORED rather loudly, and continuously, for the whole talk. It was perfect social commentary on the man who wanted to turn GD into a museum piece!

    Let's call it like it is: McGD puppets sold their souls to racist SRIA/ORC bigots, and their birthright for a mess of moldy old documents with no Egregore.

    1. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Magic is a gift that easily can be lost. Most "magicians" in our post-modern era amounts to nothing more than New Age pop psycholgicians and Star Wars pop mystics.


  5. A very excellent treatment of the subject matter, which shines light, at last, into some very dark places.

    The Line of Eld must be held.

  6. Joseph Spinmaster Max at McMorgan's site recently stated that the SRIA is reacting to the truth that has been recently revealed, as expounded upon in this article, by being absolutely silent.

    If I had someone like Spinmaster Max speaking for me, well, I, too, could probably stand back and act as if I were taking the high road by being silent.

    Spinmaster Max is quite the wordsmith. Spinmaster, as a moniker, is most fitting.

  7. Olen Rush today wrote: "Continuing with the concept of sharing while others tout lies and never share a thing."
    Here we see the latest strategy of the anti-semetic SRIA bigots and their McGD puppets in their ongoing persecution of the religiously tolerant Qabalists of the Alpha et Omega. The DIRECT attacks by the McGD arms of the SRIA octopus have been neutralised by A+O Adepts, republishing the attacks here and exposing the foul stench of religious persecution for what it truely is.
    The SRIA racists have therefore changed tactics and the McGD blogs are publishing good factual articles, trying in passive agressive mode again to falsely paint A+O as the agressor.
    This is a classic strategem used by Christian racists for centuries to persecute those outslde their bigoted creed. This is nothing new.The McGD puppets of SRIA proudly profane the secrets and mysteries that are sacred to others, then stand there smugly proclaiming they are but benefactors of mankind. This strategy has been ruthlessly persued by the Vatican for centuries, but of course the mysteries they profane are always those of OTHERS and never their OWN.
    If the Fundamentalist SRIA bigots are such benefactors of mankind, then why do they not publish their OWN Christian esoteric mysteries, like they have profaned the mysteries of the Alpha et Omega?
    Thus we see, hiding behind the smug and smiling face of these false "benefactors," the secret sneer of the Christian Crusader bent on conquering Jerusalem.
    And as for the absurd claim that we members of A+O tout only lies and do not share anything with others, perhaps Frater Rush should read more the blog of our GH Frater SR, or should have come to our recent Conclave of Golden Dawn Adepts, where we shared more with the GD community than the SRIA racists have done in all their history.
    Why did you not come, by the way, Olen Rush. Did your SRIA masters refuse to pay your ticket? How much are they paying you anyway to attack our order? Just tell me how much, and we will make you a better offer. And stop you WILL, one way or another, and since I am here, you know EXACTLY what this means. There will be no further warnings.

    1. I have observed two things in this current witch hunt on the traditionalists:

      1. Notice how suddenly Olen, Morgan and Deanna start to talk about occult colour scales. They are like a flock of birds or fish changing directions together in an instant.

      2. Notice also how Olen threatened to publish the Asiatic Brethren corpus just to "prove" how the A.O. has been wrong in equating the G.D. Qabalah with that of the A.B. Is there even a limit to what the reconstructionist are able to stoop down to?


    2. Of course the McGD puppets all in cahoots dancing on the strings of their SRIA puppetmasters. Did you just notice now?

  8. I particularly like the observation that just like the Catholic Church in the Burning Times there is this fake "Moral High Ground" taken - of "Look How Sharing We Are" - while profaning secrets of rival Traditions and lighting flames. We can all do without that kind of sharing.

    Never do they publish their OWN secrets. They just "share" those relating to Egregorae that DON'T share their bigotry.

  9. An anonymous SRIA troll just tried to publish a bottomless sack of defamation. Only one point of it is worth addressing. This racist Fundie troll just wrote:

    "I recall you claim an initiatory lineage from SRIA High Council member the late Desmond Bourke."

    And so, what is your point?

    Desmond Bourke was also a Druid and did not exhibit the typical bigotry of the anti-semitic SRIA. Moreover, the Golden Dawn lineages transmitted by Desmond Bourke never belonged to the SRIA, as much as you wish that they did, although Bourke was indeed an SRIA member.

    I also know that you tried to force Bourke to recant before he passed away to deny that he ever had any GD lineage to begin with. You also gave that silly letter to Pat Zalewksi who attacked our order with it for years, lying about its contents. But even here, Desmoond Bourke outsmarted you, recanting about lineages of an order completely unrelated to the Golden Dawn!

    I also know that you SRIA racists were scheeming to get your hands on the Bourke GD lineages and that you wanted to use those lineages as well as the GD trademark to control the entire Golden Dawn. I also know you are absolutely furious that the AO now has both lineages and trademarks and remains completely free of your control!

    Sorry, guys, but thanks to the Alpha Omega, you guys will never succeed in dominating the Golden Dawn, either though lineages or through the trademark. With the help and protection of the Third Order we have defeated your scheming at every turn.

    We have defeated you on the lineage front. We have defeated you on the trademark front. Thanks to our order, you have no excllusive control over anything. We can charter anyone we like and we can give trademark licenses to anyone we like. We have defeated your evil plan for GD domination at every turn.

    You tried to defeat us by profaning our rituals and publishing our mysteries. The Third Order merely gave us more GD material that you ever dreamed of and helped us to reform our rituals.

    You tried to rewrite our history using Nick Farrell as a pawn. How did that work for you?

    Now all you have left is continue to attack our order on the Internet using your McGolden Dawn puppets. Not even that is working out for you either though. Your game is exposed. I have dragged you out of the shadows and into the light where everyone can see who the real connivers are.

    So why not just give up interfering in the Golden Dawn, which is not yours and never was - and go back to playing your little racist "Christians only" games in your own castle, for a change, and leave the Golden Dawn community alone?

  10. @ The SRIA Troll

    PS: Even if Mr. Hevia and I were to die in a mysterious "accident" like nearly happened during the recent International Conclave of Golden Dawn Adepti - not even this would help you in your quest to control the Golden Dawn. Legal structures and lines of succession have already been established, so that the order's strucure, lineages, and trademarks would remain exactly as they are now. Thus, not even our mysterious and untimely passing would further your evil schemes.

  11. Carete Fratres et Sorores,

    Nemseis here, with the latest news from the SRIA & McGoldenDawn® Witch Hunt against the members of the Alpha Omega.

    I have some tasty morsels to bring you today, as the McGoldenDawn® puppets and their racist SRIA masters have been busy bees.

    What a shame they dont just post here, so I wouldn't have to send so much chasing their slimy backsides down. I guess they think that their propaganda is more effective spread across half a dozen McGoldenDawn blogs.

    But no matter, gentle reader. You can count on The Golden Dawn Blog to be your one stop shop where you can read all the latest news in the Golden Dawn community. Even if it is a lot of work chasing down all the slime that these puppets write, I will keep you informed here on the Nemesis daily round-up!

  12. From Olen Rush blog:

    Deanna Bonds Apr 20, 2012 09:04 AM
    You must be coming very close to exposing some connections since they are attacking you so hard.
    That is a great picture of you. I wish you well in recovering from the injuries.

    1. The Spinmaster Max Magic Mirror frequently works with Deanna too. The McGD trolls of the SRIA are attacking the AO so hard preciesly the connections between them have been exposed.

    2. Yes. The more frightened they became, the more they turned to this mirror-logic of denial...

  13. Deanna BondsApr 20, 2012 02:12 PM
    BTW: I got accused of an abusive comment when I asked on the 'bad blog'...

    1. There goes the magic morror again. Deanna has been calling people abusive for standing up to her bullying on her blog!

    2. Yes. She doesn't want to own her own abusiveness though.

  14. Anita Hoener Apr 22, 2012 09:20 AM
    It isn't abusive, Deanna - it is acutely embarassing to them... Not posting a picture is not proof that I don't exist and is just another of their countless red herrings.

    1. Wow! The magic mirror is batting 1000 today! Anita Hoener proved on Amazon that she is the absolute MASTER of red herrings and diversionary tactics. You know, either these people are very good at coordinating their lines of attack and diversion or they are all the same person using sock puppets. My guess is the former, all being coordinated behind the scenes by "He Who Must Not Be Named."

    2. I feel sure of that. I analyzed the information flow and there was quite a lag between the particular lines of attack evolved between me and Anita, and the appearance of that spread of memes elsewhere. It is not one person. This is hard to fake.

  15. Deanna BondsApr 22, 2012 09:59 AM
    ...I agree Anita. I don't think we have been introduced but apparently we are the two female members of an order that doesn't allow women. How did we not run into each other at the secret meetings ;P Nice to meet you.

    1. The SRIA America does apparently allow women. Note how the conflate themselve with SRIA Anglia when it suits them, yet are quick to distinguish between the two when it embarrasses them.

    2. Yes!
      Every time...

      We may need to remind them of the real issues again - they are attempting to submerge the damaging facts this way... with FLUFF.

  16. From Morgan Eckstein's blog

    Deanna Bonds said...
    I suggested on that blog that Aletheia and Nemesis be held to the same standard. Apparently that is called being abusive. They refused the post and then made a comment I was being abusive.
    One day I may get the hang of social interaction.

    1. Deanna, you are always good for a laugh. You are the worst censor by far on the internet when it comes to your blog. It was YOU who called me abusive merely for calling you on your bullying.

      The magic mirror is amazing today. Everything they say about us, is actually true about them. Amazing!

  17. April 20, 2012 4:43 PM
    Joseph Max said...
    The OSOGD has exactly the same policy on privacy. We are open source with our rituals, methods, philosophy, curriculum, exams, training courses, papers and public events, but a member's privacy is jealously protected. They're welcome to "out" themselves, but no one else will.
    Actually, the number of our members who blog, post to forums, etc. I can count on one hand. Most, frankly, don't care about it. If we few gluttons for on-line punishment didn't tell these other members about all the nonsense that goes on in cyberspace, they wouldn't even know.
    You know, it's difficult to even explain to "others" about all the political yammering in the GD online world. It's always difficult to explain crazy, I guess.

  18. April 20, 2012 4:43 PM
    Joseph Max said...
    The OSOGD has exactly the same policy on privacy. We are open source with our rituals, methods, philosophy, curriculum, exams, training courses, papers and public events, but a member's privacy is jealously protected. They're welcome to "out" themselves, but no one else will.
    Actually, the number of our members who blog, post to forums, etc. I can count on one hand. Most, frankly, don't care about it. If we few gluttons for on-line punishment didn't tell these other members about all the nonsense that goes on in cyberspace, they wouldn't even know.
    You know, it's difficult to even explain to "others" about all the political yammering in the GD online world. It's always difficult to explain crazy, I guess.

  19. Joseph Max said...
    It's become quite clear that the "Golden Dawn leader" in question has mounted this entire campaign for the express purpose of tarring another Golden Dawn Order that he is expressly forbidden by legal contract to defame in public, nor allowed to mention the names of the leaders of that other Order. So instead he goes after them obliquely by defaming the other Order they both are leaders of also.

    Of course, he's left more than enough pointers to indicate who he's talking about, which is the point.

    Like Nick Farrell, one prominent member of this latter Order recently published the original 6=5 ritual by the old Alpha et Omega Order of Mathers. The "leader", I'm quite certain, has been beside himself with anger and frustration for not being able to vent his spleen upon her as he has done, shall we say, so "unelegantly" on Mr. Farrell.

    So now he's spun a gloriously paranoid conspiracy theory based on not very much but insinuation, innuendo, a tortured chain of inference without evidence, one anecdote offered without specifics, and most of all, driven by his all-abiding and eternal enmity toward these Golden Dawn leaders he considers his rivals, for thwarting his plans of establishing a world-wide monopoly on anything with the words "Golden Dawn" in it.

    In the interests of full disclosure, I had some small part in the thwarting of those plans. And also, I will disclose that the leaders of the targeted Golden Dawn Order are my personal friends, and I am honored by their friendship. They are wonderful, caring, loving people who have devoted "their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor" to preserving and building the Golden Dawn movement. They do The Great Work quietly, devotedly, with never a trace of animosity or enmity toward any other persons following the Golden Dawn path, regardless of differences in belief, religion or practice. (With the exception, of course, of the aforementioned "leader".)

    My prediction is this: this "backdoor" campaign of slurring and defiling the Golden Dawn Order of my friends will fail, and fail miserably. What the aforementioned "leader" is actually showing is his desperation. There will be no exodus of friends and associates from the Golden Dawn Order he has backhandedly attacked. The only real result of it all is to show the world, in the words of the Bard, that he is:

    "...but a walking shadow, a poor player,
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
    And then is heard no more. It is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing."

    1. My goodness, the magic mirror is working amazingly well. Take everything Max says and put it in the mirror and, voila, you have truth!
      In fact, it was the other party (Max's boss) who was admonished by the court for using back doors to defame our order. The court records are easily checkable on Scribed, despite the nonsense from Spinmaster Max.
      Then Mas goes on to use diversionary tactic #4:
      "You guys are just paranoid"

      This is aimed at denial of our legitimate rights both to defend ourselves and to have equable access to other basic rights, even to the right to free speech! It is often used alongside the “why don’t you just be more ‘spiritual’ and ignore it” argument. Typically after that one has failed to gain traction. It is an accusation without real content, and invites the reader to project content into it in an effort to grasp what on earth it really MEANS. This is one of an entire class of desperate rhetorical ploys without content, and they all reduce to: “There is no smoke without fire” in this case claiming that if a bunch of noisy ignoramuses are CALLING you paranoid, well then, mustn’t there be something in that? In short, this is gutter press level jibes that reflect VERY poorly on the originators. Of course paranoia is a devastating mental illness and it is the act of a low life to use this kind of slur, as should be clear to any decent human being.

      It is not paranoid to defend your rights against open attack; It is not paranoid to answer spiteful puppets who CLAIMED to be separate individuals who “just happened to get on well with each other”, and then turned out to be legal licensees of ONE entity, with an ultimate SRIA “Third Order”(!) full of bigotry; It is not paranoid to call out the bullies on their decades long campaign against us, and that is a matter of public record and Court Proceedings. Those who would deny this are mere liars. We are calling it like it is. Accusation of paranoia is both absurd and transparently desperate.

    2. I repeat what I said when refuting this Mirror Max tract earlier. The last paragraph informs us of the desperation in their camp.

      In particular where he says, "My prediction is this: this "backdoor" campaign of slurring and defiling the Golden Dawn Order of my friends will fail" we should indeed note that this is what HE has been doing as a McGD BACK DOOR for the SRIA puppets. He makes that Prediction to cover his actual insecurity.

      He is desperately worried that the back door campaign is now becoming SO blown, that he will no longer be able to blame it on us. After all, they ALL claimed NEUTRALITY - saying they were acting against us as individuals!
      In short, they LIED.

      Once more as a reminder: You guys STARTED this one, but we are finishing it. YOU published the McFarrell Polemic, which even Max admits is an attack on The Source of OUR Tradition.

      YOU launched your back door puppets at us when we defended ourselves against your scurrilous attacks.

      Remember those words, or I may have to keep spoon feeding them to you.

  20. APRIL 19, 2012 6:35 PM
    Frater A.M. said...
    Bravo Morgan, shamefully these same folks are disgracing the Shoah memorial Rites by attempting to use emotional bait and switch tactics on the very eve of such events. Maybe because certain folks in SRIA actually have access to the extant corpus of the GD... covering the Truth, seems the active strategy.

    1. Now THIS is really funny. AM is merely repeating the myth of the SRIA as the source of the GD that this article just debunked, as well as the nonsense about SRIA having 90% of the GD corpus still under wraps. You guys are REALLY getting desperate now!

    2. He was out of ammo. He is waiting for an airdrop from McGD Control, but the lines have been down all morning and SRIA Command haven't authorized it yet.

      If ammo is old AO manuscripts to attempt to hurt us with - he will have a long, LONG wait!

  21. APRIL 19, 2012 6:38 PM
    zirdo said...
    I can't for the life of me understand how his posse tolerate the shrill narcissism. It's got be like living with a remote controlled toothache

    1. What can you say to such a meaningless "ad hominem" attack, except that it means nothing?

    2. Actually it sounds a lot like Anita's style - so either it is her, or someone who has been tutored by her.

  22. APRIL 19, 2012 10:26 PM
    Joseph Max said...
    David Griffin’s writings are all about one thing: David Griffin. The purpose of the rest of the Golden Dawn community is to give David Griffin the opportunity to show what an innovative and superior magician and leader David Griffin is, since David Griffin was chosen to fill the role of David Griffin by Secret Chiefs™®© that only David Griffins can talk to. Other Golden Dawn leaders don’t show the proper respect for David Griffin’s wisdom and insight simply because they are insanely jealous of David Griffin's undeniable David Griffin-osity, and so, with sadness, regret, and immense regard for David Griffin, David Griffin must condemn these errant leaders, so that the non-David Griffins of the world can be free to stand in awe of David Griffin’s intellect, magical powers, sexual prowess and all-around awesome David Griffin-ness.

    1. Spinmaster Max here combines his old "talking point" that there is no SRIA/McGD Witch Hunt, only one lone madman David Griffin. Well, since there are so many of us around now from the AO, that won't work any long, so MAxie tries to reformulate the same silly attack.
      What shines through this post is Max's DESPERATION as well as that of his SRIA masters. They are terrified of the true Third Order because they simply can not compete with them. They are even more desperate because the AO foiled thir plans to control the GD community using GD lineage and trademarks.
      Max is the best Spinmaster SRIA/McGD has, but all you have to do is read between the lines and his underlying fears are actually quite transparent!

    2. How very true. This particular attack is getting so rote now... I think every one of them has used it to death. Max at least gives it fresh spin in the above, but his serve falls short of the net. Game Over!

      Actually about a quarter of the above post was just one person's name - is the Spinmaster getting a tad target fixated perhaps!

      I will privately predict Max's next play! Ha ha!

  23. APRIL 19, 2012 11:36 PM
    Frater A.M. said...
    Most generally when a person boasts of fast cars or large trucks or big golden wands they are trying to compensate for lacking something else...

    1. Another meaningless "ad hominem." How very spritual of you, AM. This speaks volumes about your real level of spiritual development.

  24. APRIL 20, 2012 2:32 AM
    Deanna Bonds said...
    @Joseph I think you said his name too many times. He is like Beetlejuice, that will cause him to appear.

    His latest blog posts are so crazy I don't think they need any type of response. They speak for themselves. Although it is definitely a backdoor attack that he has been ordered not to do by a judge.

    I put link to the [He Who Must Not Be Mentiones]'s Societas Rosicruciana in America site in my blog list of links to show support during these 'Red Scare' times.

    1. Here we go again. It was the other party (HE Who Must Not Be Mentionied) that was warned by the judge not to use back doors to disparage our order (like Deanna and Max!)
      The remark about our order being "Crazy" might mean something when applied to Bonds in the magic mirror. Everything else she has said about us has applied to her prefectly!

    2. Deanna is trying her best to promote the McGD agenda. She really isn't yet jaded enough to carry it through effectively. One day she may get there - maybe a few years inside the McGD will be enough to knock off the rough edges. For now, she only does one thing well: Transparency.

  25. APRIL 20, 2012 7:38 AM
    Rebsie Fairholm said...
    I am a little disappointed to find that after all these weeks of build-up, spouted off with the tormented finesse of the cheesiest commercial novelist, the Dark Hand of Evil™ apparently belongs to the British branch of the SRIA.

    The Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia is long established and well respected here in the UK. They are especially renowned for their exceptional library. And yet, it seems, all this time this bunch of depraved librarians has been plotting to destroy the Golden Dawn (presumably in revenge for some unforgiveable past sin, like Mathers taking out a book and not bringing it back on time). This campaign has integrated seamlessly with their ongoing persecution of Pagans, Jews, Thelemites and other non-librarians. So much so, they've been able to keep this evil conspiracy entirely secret. If you go to their website, as linked to by the "GD leader", you might see only an innocent group of book-cherishing Rosicrucians and Freemasons ... but if you view it through your special library barcode scanner specs (available only to trademark-bearing adepts) you will see all the raging deluded hate-filled and self-obsessed filth revealed on this apparently innocent website. Additionally, the site is packed with cunningly hidden anti-GD propaganda and secret curses encoded in the form of Dewey decimals. Be very afraid.

    I fear I'm already lost, however. I've known John Paternoster, the gentleman whose photo appears on the "GD leader"'s blog post, for many years and I've always found him to be a thoroughly kind and charming man of the utmost integrity. I had no idea I was being secretly persecuted for being a Pagan and a non-librarian.

    1. Thank you for your character reference or John Paternoster and of the genteel SRIA. Would you mind telling them to go home ans leave our order alone now. They have lost their silly quest to control the GD. The GD does not belong to them.

    2. I wonder if the poster is of the same race and social class as Paternoster?

      I have personally known a few really racist nutters who were otherwise very charming. Even a few who were English Gentlemen of the Old School - and seemed relatively liberal minded until immigration and matters of Class or Religion came up.

      Maybe the poster should apply to JOIN the SRIA and then inform them about professing the Pagan Faith. We would be happy to post up the report of how that turns out for them!

  26. APRIL 21, 2012 4:23 AM
    Joseph Max said...
    And everybody notice how the SRIA is reacting to all of this?


    That's how it's done, people.

    PS: "Red scare" is a perfect analogy, Deanna. It's like an episode of McCarthyism.

    "I hold in my hand a list of Golden Dawners who are card carrying members of the Communist Party, ooops, I mean the SRIA."

    "Are you, or have you ever been, a member of the SRIA?"

    I'll say to them what Joseph Welch said to McCarthy:

    "Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"

    1. Yeah, sure Joe, the SRIA has been silent, like the troll in the post just above here with the glowing character reference and the anonymous one that Frater Griffin refuted at the top of this comments section.
      The McCarthyism accusation is actually kind of cool. Finally a sign of creativity in defamation from McGD/SRIA team Inquisition. The way things are going, you may even end up with coach Peregrin's job, Max

    2. Ha ha ha! Max the Funnyman. COOL! This is fun - we may indeed see some creative spark at last.

      So far most of their best lines were taken from our Amazon posts and either adopted wholesale or reversed.

      I guess it was taking them time to fully brief Team Inquisition.

      Thanks for the above - its a giggle.

  27. APRIL 21, 2012 5:53 AM
    Joseph Max said...
    My Godz, no sooner do I post a comment about the similarities of this to McCarthyism, than I find ol' Nemesis actually using the "card-carrying member" line, claiming everybody who says anything they don't like are "card carrying members of the SRIA". Man, you just can't make this shit up.

    Well, I'm not in the SRIA, they're a little to steeped in Christian mysticism for my taste, but now I'm considering it!

    But wait a minute, doesn't that statement kind of negate their entire argument about the SRIAm not admitting Jews, Pagans, Thelemites, etc.? If we're all "card carrying members", then they DO admit Jews, Pagans, Thelemites, etc.

    Oh, I get it! We're all secretly born-again Baptist fundamentalists! What a clever game we've been playing. That makes perfect sense!

    No wait, it doesn't.

    1. Sorry, Joe, no more points for creativity. You already used the McCarthy slur. Now it has achieved propaganda "talking point" status.
      BTW, you are the one who told us you can be Pagan and still join the SRIA, as long as you have your nose up the backside of (He Who Can Not Be Named)

    2. Here's the old "I'm too stupid to really follow your argument" tactic again. I think Maxie must be past his bedtime.

      Silly child.

      Do try and keep up with us. Shall we repost the whole thing here for you? Did you forget what was actually written?

      Of course you didn't!

      If you keep this up though, I WILL repost it, and keep going through it with you line by line... until you DO get it.

      This one isn't going away - no matter how you spin it.

  28. On Aaron Leitch's blog:

    Aaron Leitch blog:


    You are more than welcome to post here and discuss the topics at hand. Whether or not I agree with your theories and ideas is certainly not an issue. In fact, your pointing out that “R+” could very well be an angel other than Raphael is a good example of fine scholarly debate. However, claims to having “proof” that “real” human Secret Chiefs exist and are in communication with you or your Order are inappropriate. If true, it is a mystery to be guarded by your Order and not brought up in public at all. It would be the height of disrespect for me to demand you share that proof, so let’s leave that kind of thing for other blogs.

    This, of course, goes for everyone. I will trim away any further posts that make metnion of such things. I do not wish to pry into what is oathbound within anyone’s Order or Temple anymore than I will tolerate someone prying into mine.

    On the other hand, you are free to debate whether or not Mathers and the original G.D. were in contact with human Secret Chiefs. (I am of the opinion that they were not, and were being guided by the same spiritual Chiefs we have been discussing here. Such as the angel “R+” – who I do believe to have been Raphael.)


    April 17, 2012 at 1:46 am

    1. This was already answered elsewhere, but thanks for the opportunity to add a few more words and emphasize what I said there.

      Aaron censored this point of view by removing it from the discourse on his blog.

      Why? Because there is no good answer to our position. The holders of his leash, sorry license, do not want us to repeat our point of view on any of THEIR blogs - and yes, they do have threat of license withdrawal at their disposal to keep the happy bloggers in line.

      In a nutshell - we have a valid Third Order, and they have a bunch of SRIA bigots.

      We can consistently prove the Genius of our Third Order - they have a bunch of moldy old manuscripts with NO oral tradition to support them.

      We have a FULL Second Order Corpus that leads to the Portal of the Third Order, they have incomplete and ill-understood guesswork.

      Of course they don't want any of this demonstrated, and certainly not on one of their McGD Propaganda Channels.

      So what are they to do?
      What CAN they do really?

      For now it is:
      Character Assassination
      Spin, lies and innuendo...

      So no surprises there then!

    2. The argument of the McGD puppets no longer holds water that there is "no proof" that the Third Order exists. Plenty of proof was just provided at the Internatinoal Conclave of the Adepti and the nay sayers like Aaron Leitch were even invited. It is not our fault that he was too stupid or to arrogant to show up. What can you do if some people prefer to bury their head in the sand and scream "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!"

  29. One thing comes to mind when I think of Raphael being the same name as a physical person Mathers knew as a Chief, Perhaps Raphael was indeed the re-mediator between the secret chief and Mathers, if we take into consideration that by religious dogma or doctrine that the angels were striped of the ability to manifest physical human form after the fall.
    Mathers says( know by the motto), as by representation of a messenger perhaps. Take into consideration that the Angels have little authority over human fate or choice and you can see that this maybe the situation indeed. Raphael is a servant of the God principle not the ruler or chief. Initiates of higher caliber evoke Raphael and other Angels in the seat of the God principle and are not under the rule of those they summon with Divine providence.

    Regards, Jerrud

  30. On Dean Wilson's blog:

    Rebsie Fairholm said...
    Many thanks for the review and for the kind words about Skylight.

    I'm glad Nick is getting some extra sales as a result of that outpouring of deranged hysteria.

    1. Anyone who uses that description to disparage a defense against a polemic attacking our Founders and defaming AO, while dishonestly painting itself as a balanced history, is no better than any other McGD muppet.

  31. APRIL 20, 2012 9:09 AM

    Adam Smith said...
    Great article Dean. Especially timely. For those currently in Orders that have been disillusioned by the recent internet wackiness, it gives hope. For those outside of Orders, thinking it is irrelevant, or a dead system, it makes a strong Apologetic.

  32. Deanna Bond's Blog:

    • Deanna BondsApr 20, 2012 03:17 PM
    Wait, am I working for SRIA or Elvis. Long live the king.

    • zirdoApr 20, 2012 04:18 PM
    you'll have to move the meetings to a nuclear sub under the polar ice pack

    1. Here we have Diversion no. 4 again "You guys are paranoid or crazy!"

      This is aimed at denial of our legitimate rights both to defend ourselves and to have equable access to other basic rights, even to the right to free speech! It is often used alongside the “why don’t you just be more ‘spiritual’ and ignore it” argument. Typically after that one has failed to gain traction. It is an accusation without real content, and invites the reader to project content into it in an effort to grasp what on earth it really MEANS. This is one of an entire class of desperate rhetorical ploys without content, and they all reduce to: “There is no smoke without fire” in this case claiming that if a bunch of noisy ignoramuses are CALLING you paranoid, well then, mustn’t there be something in that? In short, this is gutter press level jibes that reflect VERY poorly on the originators. Of course paranoia is a devastating mental illness and it is the act of a low life to use this kind of slur, as should be clear to any decent human being.

      It is not paranoid to defend your rights against open attack; It is not paranoid to answer spiteful puppets who CLAIMED to be separate individuals who “just happened to get on well with each other”, and then turned out to be legal licensees of ONE entity, with an ultimate SRIA “Third Order”(!) full of bigotry; It is not paranoid to call out the bullies on their decades long campaign against us, and that is a matter of public record and Court Proceedings. Those who would deny this are mere liars. We are calling it like it is. Accusation of paranoia is both absurd and transparently desperate.

  33. Joseph MaxApr 20, 2012 07:34 PM
    I just don't understand what they think endgame is supposed to be. They can't walk this all back any time soon.

    So long as they continue to act like pompous twits, the internet is chock full of people who will poke at them. Maybe they think by going balls-to-the-wall nuclear meltdown at every provocation, they will just make everyone shy away, like seeing a homeless tourette's victim shambling down the sidewalk toward you, spewing out profanities and picking invisible spiders out of his beard. It's easier just to walk to the other side of the street than have to dodge the incoherent screaming and flecks of spit.

    Well, it's worked for the Scientologists, I guess.

    But what it won't do is dissuade any of the writers and journalists who still have more old A+O papers from publishing them.

    1. Even the most lovely Rose dies when it is cut off from the root.

      We abhor the profanation of the materials, as we have explained at length, and we will always take a stand in the matter.

      The worst of it is that, in the end, publication just causes the materials to be of less value to everyone.

      The response of the Third Order is simply to provide us with new Live materials.

      The attacks are tedious. Annoying even.

      But Haters will hate, and profaners will profane.

      The Order has been around this cycle often enough to know how to deal with it.

    2. Hold up the Mirror and watch Max talking about his fears and himself. It would be nice to see him use a different joke than the silly one about spiders in beards he has used over and over for 20 years. Max, you need some new material, Dude. You jokes are getting as musty as your socks!

  34. Frater NApr 21, 2012 12:21 AM

    According to their web page, the end game is to be THE source of classical Golden Dawn. "We believe the real deal is important because your time and money is too important to waste."

    This is why it is important to make sure everyone knows who the pretenders are and where one will find the one and only GD order continuing the lineage and original mission of the order.

    That's fair enough isn't it?

    The main problem is the time it takes outing all the pretenders and showing the world why they are not able to measure up. Nail one down and a few more pop up. Anyone up for a game of Whack-a-mole?

    Time that could be spent developing a reputation for being one of the finest Orders working the Tradition.

    An Order with Initiates who are civil, cordial and fraternal in their interactions with one another, sincere seekers and any other interested parties.

    An Order whose reputation will precede them, by being one of the most valued contributors to the Western Mystery Tradition.

    An Order whose blog is a fount of inspiration, teaching, and new insights into the Tradition and its disciplines. Perhaps it could even offer commentary on trends in society as seen through the lenses of Tarot, Qabalah, Alchemy and Magic.

    An Order whose main intent is to foster the unfolding of those who find inspiration therein and whose every action is in alignment with that intent and is carried out with Wisdom and Understanding.

    Make it so, Number One.

    1. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is the outer order of the Rosiucrucian Order of Alpha et Omega. We do not claim any exclusivity as a traditional Hermetic or Roscicrucian order. We are nonetheless today distinguished, however, as the only Golden Dawn order remaining under the protection, guidance and supervision of those who our founder, the great mage S.L. MacGregor Mathers, called the "Secret Chiefs of the Third Order."

      Unlike other Golden Dawn orders, the Alpha Omega understand the Secret Chiefs not as mere angels or "astral masters" that can be but the mere fruit of the fantasy of spiritual exaltation. Instead we, know the Secret Chiefs as the flesh and bone guardrians and stewards of the traditional Egyptian, Hermetic, and Rosciruican mysteries, who have for many Centuries provided spiritual technogy to traditional initiates seeking spiritually evolve into something "more than human." In the AO, we know the Third Order as a phyisical and traditional esoteric society located in Continental Europe, which made physical contact with Kenneth MacKenzie in Austria in 1852, S.L. MacGregor Mathers in Paris in 1891and David Griffin in Paris in 2002, transmitting the traditional mysteries, magic, and alchemy of the Golden Dawn.

      Hermetic doctrine teaches that the entire Universe is ONE, and that we are all but cells in the body ot the Universe. As such we believe in the brotherhood and sisterhood not only of all women and men, but of all created things. We therefore hold all religions in reverence, as individual manifestations of a single underlying perennial truth.

      We believe that human ilfe on Earth is but the catapillar stage of a higher, energetic form of life we are evolving towards as human beings.

      We believe that all women and all men are created equal, with an equal possibility of spiritual evolution. We believe, however, that this evolution must be conquered though great discipline in spiritual practice. Our order therefore, as has always been the case in traditional initiatic societies, is not democratic in its structure, but rather is structured as a hierarchical meritocracy
      wherein each individual is advanced without fear or favor according to their merits."

  35. Joseph MaxApr 21, 2012 04:40 AM
    There already is a GD Order like that: [He Who Must Not Be Mentioned's order]. I guess that why they must be eliminated?

    I keep bringing up the example of AMORC. There are several anti-AMORC books in print and several anti-AMORC websites, with some really vile shit, like "I was a prisoner in San Jose!" AMORC doesn't give a damn. They ignore it all. I honestly and sincerely advised David that they do likewise, which fell on deaf ears. Show the world by example that all the vile things detractors say are untrue. But it's either that or maintain this never-ending rage-gasm, and they've made the stupid choice, IMHO.

    1. Mirror Max is at it again!

      "There already is a GD Order like that: [He Who Must Not Be Mentioned's order]. I guess that why they must be eliminated?"

      Sigh. He is getting as repetitive as Anita. WHO exactly is trying to do the ELIMINATING here?

      Do you guys understand plain English? Let's try this again:


      Did you grasp that, or was it a few grades above your reading age?

      Publish dishonest political tracts attacking our Founders, with defamatory intent, and yes, we WILL defend.

      One great result that has come out of this for the whole Occult World is that all of you are now very publicly OUT. Everyone now knows that you were hiding your true affiliation with the OTHER GD - the one with SRIA bigots for a "Third Order"(!)

      Why were you so despicably dishonest about it? We here all proudly proclaim that we are part of the Alpha et Omega. Our agenda is in the open... yes, we are Open Source about OUR agenda - you were all entirely closed about yours.

      Why skulk about pretending to be "objective" and "outside" the dispute. Is your affiliation SO embarrassing? Is that it? Is it that you were worried that one day the whole thing might come out?

      Well, we should not be surprising now would it? After all your association with bigots for your Masters does tarnish you beyond any hope of recovery!

    2. Oh so honest, oh so sincere... let's replace what you said with what you intended:

      "Please don't escalate this to where I can see it going, or it will hurt the whole community" ...

      Ahhhhm, yes, that would be YOUR community, of McGD puppets and their SRIA Masters.

      You "advised" us in the hope that we would not cast light on YOUR affiliations.

      Well, you were offered an olive branch, and you preferred the dusty tomes of your "personal friends" in SRIA. Too bad.

  36. zirdoApr 20, 2012 05:17 PM
    It seems Diamond Dave thrives on the sturm und drang of permanent apocalypse but historic allies have decamped.

    • Deanna BondsApr 20, 2012 05:19 PM
    I'm not sure what you mean. Which historic allies have decamped?

    • Deanna BondsApr 20, 2012 05:30 PM
    If either of them posted here, I apologize but I don't remember them. I do wish them both the very best though.

    • Morgan EcksteinApr 20, 2012 09:34 PM
    Those of us in the greater community are not supposed to know about people who have chosen to move onto other (perhaps greener)pastures.

    • Deanna BondsApr 21, 2012 04:12 AM
    Zirdo, I deleted the comment with the names in it to comply with what Morgan says. Please don't take offense I had to remove the comment, it wasn't anything personal.

    • zirdoApr 21, 2012 07:40 AM
    Probably best

    1. Historical allies that have decamped? Oh, she is talking Vic Sabljic the traitor who now runs an online journal for "He who can not be named."
      Vic was bribed away to them about 7 years ago with a ticket into into the SRIA in Canada.
      Good riddance to anyone so stupid as to fall for that. Tnen again, Vic was never the brightest crayon in the box. He committed initiatic suicide for a box of CrackerJacks.

  37. • Deanna BondsApr 21, 2012 04:48 AM
    This morning I'm wondering if I should pursue the wholesale lifting of large chunks of this blog to be posted on another site. The copyright violation should be addressed. Anyone know any good lawyers that work for cheap? :)

    1. @Deanna - Oh, court?

      You really haven't the faintest, have you?

      You see, before you went all silly and started calling people names, there was still some room to think it was possible to develop a debate with you.

      These days its mainly just a pity really.

      Please take my advice and get yourself educated on the actual structures of logical argument and perhaps we can move away from this silly childishness that you seem to have become trapped in.

      I know you have to be compliant and do as you are told, but you could hide it a little bit better, and retain a little more dignity, if you did develop some of your own arguments and actually addressed the issues at hand.

    2. Hey, Deanna. Bring it on. Our Praemonstrator Ordinis would love nothing more than to destroy you in court the way he did "He Who Must Not Be Named" who is still eating dog food trying to pay off his legal bills.

  38. Thank you for the daily round up. Must have hit some nerves with the recent revelations of the SRIA McGD takeover attempt. It is also interesting to see how interconnected this is among the McGDites. This is nothing other than organized hate.

    1. It is also thereby organized fear. The back-door attack method has LONG been used by "they who must not be named" and it is a real problem for them that we have exposed them doing it AGAIN.

      We can even see the evidence for this in Spinmaster MirrorMax's otherwise peculiar argument that he was just trying to promote peace, by getting us to give up on defending ourselves. (Huh?)

      That is a piece of creative ass-covering before the fight.

      They brought in some heavier guns, but this one wanted to write some variety of get out clause for himself. He knows how this may all play out. He ain't dumb. Dishonest, but not dumb.

  39. So much immature nonsense and tedious ad-hominem attacks from Fr AM, Deanna, JosephMax, Anita, Zirdo and the happy clappy kindergarten gang.

    Here is a page on how to construct an actual logical argument.

    Perhaps it will help…

  40. How un-original.

    Once again we see Joseph Max, FrNAPr and others pontificating about how we as an order should be behaving.

    We are so bored with these repeated cyclical pot shots. (And sorry no, silence is not the answer.)

    So here we go again…

    You ask: "Why can’t you just act in a more “spiritual” way, and ignore attacks on you. You should be above such things."

    This is often spoken by those who are doing the attacking, while claiming not to be really acting against us. It is often used to generate an opportunity for repetition of whatever shopping list of talking points is in vogue.

    It is particularly pernicious when used this way by sources within the GD community because if the attack were from the outside of our community, and not part of an orchestrated campaign cloaking itself as “just individuals” then it would have merit in some circumstances.

    However, the notion that it is more “spiritual” to simply ignore an attacker is itself bogus. This is an attempt to undermine the nature of the Office of Imperator.

    Evil must be countered. One way or another. It will not in fact go away if it is unopposed. Far from it - it loves to hide in the shadows!

    If we consider the case of Gandhi, his particular methods were in no way based in ignoring the attacker. They were a direct spiritual confrontation, done through non-violence, his spiritual Path.

  41. @Deanna - If only you were displaying some of the characteristics of a Wizard and if only you were educated enough to actually properly engage in a Duel...

    I've posted a link to some basic Rhetoric theory so that you can catch up.

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I think that Deanna has just a big empty mouth and arguments without foundation. She doesn't even belong to an Order and what she is doing is just taking sides with the McGolden Inepts.

      (This was supposed to be an edit of my comment, but there's no option to do it, just Reply or Delete).

  43. Tonight Olen Rush published a couple of pages from an old Gold and Rosencross tract, the guys that the SRIA modeled there racism on.

    Anita Hoener commented:

    Very interesting and quite in line with other things I have seen and/or translated in the past. Thanks for sharing this!

    I don't see any hate tirades there but that wasn't what it was all about anyway, despite what certain fools are trying to suggest.

    1. I wonder what's Olen's point in publishing the Gold und Rosenkreutz document? What is he trying to accomplish with this? That the Golden Rosicrucians were Christians? What's so sensational with that? If you read the Fama and Confessio, you will find ample evidence of the Christian focus in the mysteries of 17th and 18th Century Rosicrucianism. But were they of the same Trinitarian Christian faith as the S.R.I.A.? I doubt it.

      However, that is moot. The Reformation of 1888 took away the emphasis on the purely Christian perspective and introduced a more Egyptian perspective, already introduced by Cagliostro in the late 18th Century and his Egyptian Rite.

      Considering that Olen has accused the Golden Rosicrucians of being racist antisemitic in their outlook, it is interesting to see how easily he turns his coat at the directions of his Secret Chiefs in the S.R.I.A.


  44. Isn't Anita always really great for comic relief? This is a perfect note to end on.

    Ant that's it for the SRIA/McGD Witch Hunt round up for today. Be sure to come back tomorrow for the next round-up. With the racist SRIA and their McGD puppets getting so utterly desperate now the SRIA has been dragged out into the light and can no longer manipulate from the shadows, I have no doubt that the McGD trolls will provide us with hours and hours of hate filled entertainment in days to come.

  45. Yes, it is very interesting how when Spinmaster Max has something to say for his "silent" SRIA McGD Borg alliance, he can say it, using the most foul examples and comparisons and personal attacks. Yet, when those from the HOGD/A+O stand true and defend themselves from an orchestrated campaign to invalidate the orders' existence, well then we are somehow less evolved and less spititually mature.

    Ha! Spinmaster Max needs to look in the mirror. Now, not only is he speaking for his "silent" SRIA masters in a most foul manner, while saying those defending themselves should be quiet, he also has stooped to insulting and making fun of the mentally ill.

    Such double standards reflects upon the credibility of their position, which is not looking too good right now.

  46. Here is the latest SRIA/McGoldenDawn Witch Hunt round up for April 23, 2012. It is relatively silent there. It seems that the McGoldenDawn Inquisitors have become demoralized by our Adepts' vigorous defense of our order. Now that they see their smear campaign has blown up in their faces, I predict they will pick up their toys and go home relatively quickly now.

    1. They will if they are wise - but will their Chiefs let them, or will they wave threats of yanking their licenses?

      Really, let them go and dream their Reconstructionist dreams of whatever McGD Heaven they aspire to, and leave us to continue on our AO Tradition Way. We will not tolerate their back-door SRIA sponsored aggression - but we in fact have no personal interest in this beyond defending our Lineage.

      They are the ones who want to remove the only legal alternative to their fantasies of GD hegemony - this latest in a history of their back door smear campaigns was in the pipeline before the McFarrell POLEMIC was even published!

      Once again, they have failed. They will always fail. Time they just got with the program... and left us in peace!

  47. First off today, Wiccan Elder Frater Barrabbas today wrote a beautiful piece in support of our struggle to defend our order against the racist SRIA and their McGoldenDawn puppets, at:

    Barrabbas writes:

    There has been quite a bit of hubbub on the Golden Dawn blogosphere, which seems to be typical of what has been occurring there as of late. The HOGD and A+O organizations are fighting a furious battle against obviously regressive reconstructive forces, which have been characterized by them as the McGoldenDawn. It brings to my mind the image of a kind of demented Ronald McGoldenDawn mindlessly and happily plugging his wares, along with the whole cohort of cartoon-like characters representing the varieties of fast-food occultism. We have been warned about this temptingly easy and cheap meal. It may temporarily fill you up, but in the long run, it will kill you with all sorts of industrial level diseases and malnutrition. I think that is a useful analogy about the current state of affairs. The additional revelation that the organization of SRIA (Societas Rosicruciana In Anglia, or the Soc Rose) is the godfather-like puppet master behind this conspiracy seems to make complete sense to me. Although, it also seems like a pathetically contrived conspiracy, since such a push against the A+O is doomed to failure. Also, those who are behind it don’t seem to be very intelligent or gifted.

    1. It is nice to see that the Pagan community has not been taken in by the McGD clowns and their racist SRIA masters. Leave it to witches to know a Witch Hunt when they see one. They have been dealing with Fundamentalist Christians for centuries!

    2. Exactly. Seen it ALL before... and it always begins with the establishing of an Orthodoxy from which to escalate the Witch Hunt. That is the SRIA Grand Plan, and it always has been.

  48. Leave it to Carpetbagger Bonds to come up with the first snipe of the day"

    Deanna Bonds wrote:
    Apparently one way to make your blog look popular and active is to go around to all the other blogs and gather up the comments on them and post them to your own blog. Really gets your comment count up. Someone is really wanting to be the center of attention, practically pathological.

    1. @Deanna - Another ad hominem that does nothing to further any aspect of the debate.

      Did you not see the helpful educative link that was posted for you yesterday?

      It was all about how to make a rational argument and how not to fall into logical fallacies.

      Have a look at the comment count look at the ratios and realize how silly you just made yourself look.

      What about some actual debate about something relevant?

      One would start to think you had nothing much meaningful to say, and are just posting for the sake of posting....

      Maybe it is what you have been ordered to do, but really, it doesn't become you at all.

  49. Deanna Bonds wrote:
    Apr 22, 2012 04:02 PM
    David Griffin, you do not have my permission to use large sections of my blog on your site. Please remove all the stolen content.

    1. Our Praemostrator, Jorge Hevia, would welcome the opportunity to answer any complaint you would like to file, and to file counterclaims against you for libel.

      Please do file a frivolous copyright suit against our order. We would actually like to help you with this. You can serve me through Mr. Hevia. His address is on all of the documents from recent litigation on Scribed, just so you know exactly where you can serve us. Thank you for your compliance.

    2. @Deanna

      Oh Deanna, don’t you have teachers to turn to?

      Don’t you think it’s odd that you should be receiving your education from one of those people who you are so set on disparaging.

      Anyway, no matter. I will help you with this one too.

      The applicable concept is called “Fair Use”.

      If you have any questions on the matter, you can always come to us for more help.

  50. LOL. You guys are sooooo silly. As we have said all along" LEAVE US ALONE AND WE WILL LEAVE YOU ALONE.

    As long as you continue to attack us, we will cross-post everything and refute it here and on the HOGD/AO Yahoo forum.

    Give it up guys. Your silly Witch Hunt has failed. You are acting like horse's asses and we are showing the whole world by dragging the cckroaches our into the light.

    As for making our blog look popular, we don't need to, with 22,000 page views over the last month, you McGD trolls are outclassed in every way. Add to that the 10,000 members of our Yahoo forum and you get the picture of how bic our megaphone really is. We can easily expose you, so you might as well give up and take your Witch Hunt home.

  51. i'm trying to find solid evidence of this witch hunt you claim to be the target of but see nothing even hinting that it is real except in your minds. can you post links please? otherwise, i'm going to assume that you're the overly paranoid mudslingers that you seem to be. Thanks.

  52. @ Anonymous

    Dude, are you blind or are you a sock puppet of Joseph Max? For starters, read the comments in this blog and the previous article. Then read Nick Farrell's latest book. Then look a the thousands of posts on Joseph Max and Pat Zalewski's forum attacking our order. Then look at all of the attacks on alt.magick all the way back to 1994. If you still don't see it, you must be smokin' crack.

  53. ATTENTION: The documents quoted in this article are 100% genuine. Despite cover-up efforts, this can still be verified in numerous places on the internet, including here, here, and here. Olen Rush, defending the culprits, claims documents in this article are fake - taken from an Illuminati site. Rush now accuses me of racism - merely for outing his involvement withGolden Dawn leaders listed as Grand Officers on the official website of the anti-Semitic "Order of the Rose and Cross," including Rush's own publishers!

    Anticipating this silly attack, I recently published additional proof of involvement of ORC agents in the Golden Dawn community here.!

  54. Olen Rush,
    How dare you call me anyone's sock puppet? My identity is none of your business. I am VH Frater D.A. and I live in Europe. That is already more than you need to know.
    You, Olen, are the one who is a puppet of anti-Semites, not me. You are the one who keeps defending the anti-Semite Manifesto of the OR+C, just because your publisher is listed as their Grand Officer. And I do not believe at all your lie that she is not paying you for your articles. Why else would you defend these racists?
    How long will you do on defending these ORC anti-Semites?. Our Imperator even gave you links proving that the rants really did come from them and not the Illumati sites where your links don't even work.
    More importantly, how dare you accuse me of not being Jewish? Do you think you are the only Jew in the world? In this case, you are the one behaving like a true anti-Semite.
    My Aunt spent 3 years in Auschwitz. How dare you defile her memory with such rubbish?
    Just tell me how much your publisher is paying you for your articles, for you to attack Jews and defend anti-Semites. Just tell me how much and I will pay you more.
    Der Golem

    1. Has no one noticed the strict identity protocols that has in place?

      If we were all David Griffin we could not possibly post our reviews and our comments at

      It simply cannot be done. You need name, verifiable address, credit card. You need to have bought things…

      Come on. Get a grip.

      We Adepts and initiates of AO have simply taken a stand.