Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Golden Dawn Saga: Episode 4: "Mirackle"

by David Griffin

Serving as Imperator of the world's largest Golden Dawn order is not at all an easy job. Not only does defense of the order's reputation fall on your shoulders, but it also paints a target on your back.

In the old West, being fast on the draw was both a blessing and a curse. The problem was, there was always some young punk out to make a name for himself by showing he was even faster.

A fast and famous Wand of Power in the hands of a Golden Dawn Imperator creates very much the same problem. During my twenty years as Imperator, in the HOGD and AO we have had our share of magical attacks.

But before McGoldenDawn® franchise owners and their anonymous trolls start screaming "paranoia" and calling me names again, let me tell you what I mean. The truth about magical attacks on our order has been documented over and over again over the years, mostly whenever people got fed up and left Robert Zink's EOGD. Bob Zink is documented having using his entire order to attack us magically for years.

People have apologised decades later to me for doing Zink's dirty work. One man confessed  with tears in his eyes how he had spied on me at Zink's behest, following me from the Los Angeles hotel where I stayed on tour.

Then there is the story of the infamous Watermelon caper, where Zink and his members baptised a watermelon with my name, then hacked it to bits with swords.

To be frank, I remained mostly undisturbed by all this nonsense, as my attackers have been mostly a bunch of magical lightweights. These guys weren't able to get anywhere near me with their black magic due to our order's sophisticated and exhaustive magical defences.

For security reasons, I can't go into specifics, but part of our magical defences are like an electrified fence. Our defences are so automatic and formidable that only a fool with a death wish would be dumb enough to attack our order. In fact, we can usually tell who tell who attacked us just by observing whose life implodes around them.

The last person who decided to self destruct on our order's defenses was Robert Zink. We all know what happenned to Sideshow Bob.

The whole picture changed though, during the recent International Conclave of Golden Dawn Adepti at Isis-Hathor Mother Temple here in the Nevada desert. One morning, GH Frater DeDI and I decided to take a ride together to the store with the top down in "Mirakcle," my trusty Jaguar XKR. It was a beautiful morning. The desert sun was already warming the fertile sands exploding with wildflowers in the last week of Winter.

DeDI and I only get to see each other once in a blue moon, since I live in Nevada and DeDI lives on the other coast. Yet here we were, two of the  three chiefs of the Alpha Omega, cruising along in Mirackle, top down, Mick Jagger crooning on the radio, our hair blowing in the warm desert breeze.

We had just pulled out onto the interstate. Mirackle's engine was purring like a kitten at 70 mph. Suddenly, I saw something floating through the air towards us, like a leaf on the warm desert breeze.

Instantly, beauty turned to menace, and fascination to seel resolve. This was no leaf! This was a truck wheel on a deadly trajectory for our windshield - impact due in a matter of seconds. 

It looked like this - only higher in the air!

There was no time to outrun it on the highway, even for Mirackle. I put metal to the floor, engaged XKR Turbo - and reigned Mirackle full throttle onto the brush filled desert plain.

Mirakle clawed deeply into the sand, billowing dust behind us, as the plummetting missle hammered into the road where we had been but a split second before.

I reigned Mirackle in and - with lion like grace, she came around to an elegant stop on the sage drenched sands.

We had safely dodged the missile!

A Fate Narrowly Escaped!

A lesser car would have surely have been the death of us all, but Mirackle had saved the day. GH Frater DeDI and I came out without a scratch. Mirackle would need a good washing, but she pulled through unscathed as well.

Was this all sheer coincidence?

To suggest otherwise, would surely unleash another army of McGoldenDawn® franchise owners and thier anonymous trolls - accusing me of everything from paranoia to hunting for conspiracies under matresses.

But still - what are the odds of a near fatal accident with two Golden Dawn Chiefs - who almost never see each other - sitting together in one car?

What if this were not mere coincidence, after all?

Well - if it was a magical attack, I can tell you it didn't come from any of the limp-wand-wannabe-mes who keep calling me names on the Internet.

It would take a black magician of a whole different caliber to get this close without imploding on our order's magical defenses. In 20 years as Golden Dawn Imperator, I have never come so close to death.

Anyone good enough to toss a truck wheel at me on the Interstate has a dark hand worthy of respct!

So what was it? Coincidence?

Or has a new magical player taken the field?

Well, assuming you are still out there, somewhere in the shadows...  Whatever you are... Whoever you are... 

Or however it is you call yourself - Moriarty? Voldemort? Black Brother? Sith?

Whatever - Just be advised...

This time you caught the Adepts of the Rosy Cross by surprise - and nearly took out two of our GH Chiefs.

But our magical defenses, quick reactions, and Mirakle's Jaguar pounce together saved our lives.

Next time you will no longer have the element of surprise.

We will be waiting for you - like Jedi Masters and Knights of the Old Republic - we Adepts of the Rosy Cross and Secret Chiefs of the Golden Dawn...

Vigilant - standing tall - shoulder to shoulder - together we shall hold the line...

In that place where Darkness may not pass - and Shadows flee away!

To be continued ...

Sunset Over The Nevada Desert


  1. I have no idea what the odds are of this happening---but I will admit curiosity. I wonder if there is an insurance table for this (they seem to have insurance tables for everything else).

  2. The best information I could find was that there was a flying truck tire every four and a half days in Ottawa Canada during the early 2000s. I will admit that the information is not terribly helpful.

  3. So, what you are saying, partner, is that the Black Hats may not be from around these here parts.

    It is good that you are adept at driving. Flying ROTAs of death are to be avoided at all costs.

  4. Seems awfully suspicious that anyone could just blow through your defenses like that. They're tight, and not entirely based on GD theory and practice. You've woven in stuff from other traditions that enhance its effectiveness against the kinds of magic people in Western cultures would have access to. Hints of hoodoo and brujeria, or at least curanderia. And... something from norse paganism? I don't know what that is, but it's cold. Like black ice.

    No, this isn't sussing out, David. You're at an international convention of AO magicians, and all the Chiefs are gathered together, you and DeDi go out for a drive, and almost get killed...

    You sure it wasn't an inside job? Would have been a convenient time for a usurper to take advantage of the shock of your death to unite the other Orders under their leadership.

    I'd look at your list of potential successors, and see who would be best able to take over if you and DeDi were gone.

    Then I'd look at anyone insisting too much that it had to come from an outside source.

    1. @ Rufus.. i think you have a good point. I work in security, and often the risks are from inside jobs.. those closest to the mantle.

  5. "If those who spoke badly of me knew what I thought of them, they'd say a lot worse!"
    Sacha guitry

  6. Maybe it was "Saint Nick."

  7. It's a comic text and I doubt anyone should have so much power to cause an accident in a truck to the point of making a tire flying off just in time that Golden Dawn Imperator decided to go through this stretch of road.
    I think the biggest psychic defense that an adept can achieve on an enemy is to declare him incompetent and effectively show the public where the enemy is incompetent. That alone greatly reduces their power over us.
    Do not ever give up banning your / our enemies of their havens of fame and fortune. There will be a flying tire that will cause such an impression other than that his car was in good condition and you seem to be a pretty smart driver.

  8. If you don't know the story of Milarepa you might wish to check it out. He used a lot of black magic around 900 AD in the Himalayas. It worked. He was never charged with any crime, because he did it with magick. He still regretted it later and went on to bigger and better things. The Buddhists love this story and its a cultural classic. I learned it about 4 months ago.

  9. Paranoia? No.
    Coincidence? No
    Magical attack from other groups? No.
    Magical attack from inside? No.

    It was just "carma".